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Best 40-inch smart TV 2020: Buying Guide

In buying guide to the best smart 40-inch TV we will analyze in detail all the key information that a user aware absolutely must know before you make your purchase.

The smart TV 40 inches is a highly demanded device, because its dimensions make it suitable for any medium-sized environment.

On the market there are different makes and models of this size and then, before you buy one, it is natural to ask what are the best 40-inch smart TV currently on the market.

What are they and what are they

Best 40-Inch Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

Smart TVs are televisions that have a Wi-Fi connectivity and an operating system that provide more functionality than traditional TV that we used to know.

Compared to traditional television, on those smart you can download applications – just like those of the smartphone or tablet – that enrich the user experience.

So you can start with a simple touch Netflix or Amazon Prime videos, but you should continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

Comparative table of the best Smart TV 40 ”

This table compares the users’ most interesting products interested in devices that fall within the 40-43 inch range. We’ll want to use it to identify at a glance the latest trends and best in their class.

How to choose the best TV 40 Inches

Best 40-Inch Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

Size and inches

To understand if the smart TV 40 inches is the right to be placed in your own home, you need to think in centimeters. Considering the screen of 40 “equipment has a diagonal of 100 cm, the ideal distance between the TV and the eye of the beholder is 2.5 meters.

Smart 40-inch are versatile because they can be placed in the bedroom or living room, environments where it is common to respect the recommended distance.

The choice of TV also will depend on the design of the frame and the device itself, which could increase or decrease the actual space; For this reason, it is very important to take good measures of the space available and compare it with those of the smart TVs to be purchased.

Often retailers assimilate the size 40 “to 43”, because the screen is wider by a few centimeters and lends itself very well to be fixed in medium-sized environments, especially in 4K versions, in which the image resolution is more accurate and detailed.

Resolution and HDR

The resolution is one of the fundamental elements to be evaluated in the selection process of the best smart TV 40 inches.

The reason is simple: the resolution is the number of pixels, which are considered both in horizontal and vertical direction, which are present in the screen, and from this illuminated. The greater the number of pixels, the better the quality of the images, which are clearer and sharper.

The Full HD resolution, an acronym for High Definition, with 1920 x 1020 pixels, simply indicated with a p, is the most known and good quality index. The images are reproduced to the smallest detail, even during live programming.

The latest technology Ultra HD has four times the pixels than Full HD and that is why we are called 4K; thanks to the many contents that support it and the gradual decrease in selling prices of equipment, the spread of smart TV 40 inch Ultra HD is increasing.

An upgrade of 4K technology consists of the HDR system, borrowed from the world of photography. The acronym stands for High Dynamic Range terms and refers to the range ideal dynamic between the human eye and the images that are even more realistic, assuming that your eyes only implementing a limited range of colors.

The HDR technology optimizes brightness, color and shape of the images on the screen to offer it at a higher level than what the human eye would perceive it.

The cost of a smart TV 40 inches HDR is, to date, higher than without this additional service models, although the gradual spread helps to lower the sale price.

flat or curved screen: differences and which prefer

For several years are available TVs with curved screens, alongside the “traditional” flat screen.

The first question that arises concerns such additional features such form may be made. In reality, the arcuate screen does not confer any added value to the quality of vision of the images, but is only an alternative, in terms of aesthetic taste, to that plate.

Among the buyers of the smart TV 40 inches with curved screen, some argue that it ensures a much higher quality of images, even though in all probability it comes to subjective views, which have never been reflected in terms of technical standpoint.

In fact, the only difference between the two displays is the viewing angle, which is the ability to notice a sharp image on the basis of our position relative to the screen. Obviously, those with the curved screen ensure a greater radius than the plate.

The element which imparts higher quality to the TV is not the shape of the screen, but its structure. The LED screens have replaced the LCD, and the latest generation can display excellent blacks and precise contours, namely, the OLED screens, but not all manufacturers support.

Connectivity and ports

The smart TV is designed to connect to the network and other devices; for this reason it is essential that a good quality appliance has at least 2 USB inputs and at least 1/2 HDMI ports, are essential for connecting simultaneously a game console and a device for watching streaming content.

In addition, since a TV specially created to connect to the Internet, the smart TV must have an Ethernet input (optional), and of course Wi-Fi, to connect the ‘appliance directly to the modem home router.

How many more are the ports on the computer, the more the smart TV will be suitable for a versatile and convenient use without having to remove and replace the cables; Moreover, the presence of a SCART socket, as it may seem outdated, very gratifying for content lovers in VHS or old style console.

audio Quality

As for the audio system of the smart TV 40 “, it seems that more and more slim design of the equipment does not contribute to improve its performance.

In this regard, the opinions are not unanimous: some claim that technological improvements has not followed the same path of the video, and who, instead, believes that this is due to the need of other devices development, dedicated to those who want a refined sound quality, faithful, providing high performance.

The soundbar (sound bar literally) and home theater speaker system is specially designed to ensure an enveloping sound incredibly crisp highs and deep bass.

Their positioning in strategic corners of a room allows you to enjoy a surround sound effect and movies or live music.

Operating system

Smart TV does not have all the same operating system. Some models, in fact, use the Android, just like with other devices, particularly tablets and smartphones.

Other brands, however, have developed customized systems, which have the disadvantage of allowing a job a little ‘more limited.

As for the Sony brand, it uses the Android system is almost 100%. The compatibility or otherwise of operating systems affects not just the operation of the smart TV, which can work with screen readers like Google Home and others.

Samsung uses the Tyzen system, which turns out to be versatile and an excellent compromise between the other operating systems; as far as Panasonic, the system used is MyHome.

The following are some very useful insights, especially for all those who plan to extend even further the capabilities of the TV.

Functionality and considerations for gaming

The smart 40-inch is very well used by the gaming enthusiasts who are very satisfactory connect their console unit.

Thanks to digital platforms subscription you can play even without a console, choosing from a selection of games suppliers. However, if the use of this screen is exclusively oriented to the game on the Playstation and Xbox, then it is better to opt for a gaming monitor.

Price and budget

Prices of smart 40-inch TV can be very different from each other; the main difference is the brand and the presence of Full HD, 4K, or HDR.

It is especially this aspect that shifts the balance and how the price of two similar devices apparently present scissors also very relevant.

To get an idea of ​​the average amount to be spent to bring home a smart TV brand and good performance, about 250-400 euro are required to purchase a product, choosing between the brand LG, Samsung and Philips.

Amazon offers a wide variety of smart TV 40 “high performance and provide excellent value for money.

Thanks to the photos to 360 degrees, the ability to zoom in on details and extensive descriptions and detailed, potential buyers can learn all the aspects necessary for a smart TV, finding the product that best suits your needs.

If you read on you will discover the best models on the market for every price range, from cheap ones until you get to the top of the range.

Ranking of Smart TV 40 “sold more

The following is a ranking of the 10 TV 40 “most sold on Amazon. League table updated in real time.

Best 40-Inch Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide
Best 40-Inch Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide
Best 40-Inch Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

Reviews of the best Smart TV 40 ”

This is the list of the best smart TV 40 inch in 2020, updated from April:


The smart TV Hisense H40BE5000 is a production model of 2019, with the screen of 90.4 x 56.9 cm but rather low weight (just 9 pounds), elegant and linear design, which rests on two simple lower supports.

One of the most obvious advantages of the product is undoubtedly attributable to the quality of the color, which appears sharp and extremely realistic, kept even in the smallest details, while remaining natural and without artificiality of any kind.

Thanks to the “Master Pro” system, considered the real brains of the TV, the image quality depends on a sophisticated technological innovation manager made a vivid and sharp.

Using a high-contrast panel, the TV allows to perfectly appreciate the depth of the field, which is essential in the light-shadow conditions.

Further the innovative technology Frame Compensation is able to reduce the wake of the image movements, an extremely advantageous feature for watching sports, movies or games.

The “Clean Sound” system provides a professional audio technology, for a net sound, clear and clean, without interference of any kind.

HISENSE H40BE5000 TV LED HD, Natural Colour Enhancer, Clean Sound, Motion Picture Enhancer, Tuner…

Samsung UE43RU7450UXZT Smart TV 4K Ultra HD 43″

The distinctiveness of this appliance Samsung UE43RU7450UXZT is attributable to its sophisticated technology HDR (High Dynamic Range), able to expand the interval between light and dark areas, in order to offer a vast range of hues and also in the scenes visual details less bright.

Images appear with absolute clarity with hard to reach quality standards, thanks to the technical UHD (resolution up to 4 times higher than the FHD models), responsible for the most realistic vision.

You can arrange with precision all cables inside the base in such a manner that are not visible as content into the compartment.

Well-kept as ever, the aesthetic appearance of the TV is characterized by the absolute thinness of the screen on which the frame can hardly be seen.

The function “One Remote Control” focuses each operation in a single remote control, which allows to make it even easier to control.

Bixby is the voice assistant always available for any request that goes beyond the normal device management and that is a novelty of great interest.

There will also be links to Google and Alexa Assistant to integrate the television with the home technology organization.

Samsung UE43RU7450UXZT Smart TV 4K Ultra HD 43″, Wi-Fi DVB-T2CS2, 3840 x 2160 Pixels, Argento, 2019…

Akai AKTV410TS Televisore Led Full HD 40″

Reliability, functionality and precision are the conditions that distinguish the Japanese Akai firm that, with this TV has managed to produce a device with a great quality / price ratio.

The 40-inch LED screen provides a clear and wide vision, with a well-defined contrast and color tones that do not have anything artificial.

Belonging to the energy efficiency class of A +, the TV does not affect particularly on consumption and is placed in a great energy band.

The display LCD / LED is equipped with a very good resolution and audio performance is very effective for the tried and tested system Dolby Digital.

The unit has a very low weight (about 7 pounds) and a sober and linear appearance which is well adapted to be suspended on the wall or resting on furnishing accessories.

The TV, according to the company’s mission Akai, is therefore able to combine a good yield with a cost within the reach of all.

Sharp Aquos LC-40BF5E-40″

Designed with the specific aim of offering real cinematic experiences, this device is equipped with sophisticated sound systems that make it one of the best performing in this sense: it is the True DTS Surround system, which creates a virtual surround perfected.

Large images should be supported by a great sound and is precisely for this reason that the TV is able to satisfy the most demanding audience, they expect to experience intense emotions.

The quality of the images is confirmation of an excellent standard for the presence of the Active Motion 100 or 200 system that allows to appreciate every single detail during the movement, thanks to the creation of additional frames that use LCD panels at high speed.

The model is distinguished by the ability to appreciate precisely the depth of field and realistic color reproduction, very natural.

The television can be connected to digital video and audio devices, such as consoles of all kinds, decoders, and Blu-Ray players, as well as personal USB sticks or external hard drive to listen to music with a high-quality reproduction.

It is in the complex of a product placed in a mid-range of cost, however, it characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio.


Thanks to technology “Scene Recognition”, this unit is able to optimize not only the image quality, but also that of sound, depending on the type of program that is being followed.

Using advanced algorithms, the system recognizes any content, automatically adjusting both the visual appearance is that of noise, helping to create excellent results that meet quality standards.

It is a real form of artificial intelligence that HISENSE exploited in the production of this TV, which also stands for halved loading times connected to a fluid menus and easily approachable.

Changing channels is accomplished very quickly and, through the App “Remote Now,” is the opportunity to use your smartphone or tablet as a real remote control to access various content much faster.

In terms of color rendering and image, the product confirms excellent choice for iperealismo of hues, natural and precise, able to make sharp images.

Thanks to the “Depth Enhancer” technology, the TV is able to analyze images by adjusting later autonomously dynamic contrast, to smooth out any discoloration.

The possibility of intervening in the backgrounds allows a maximum depth of the image, even when the outlook could be affected by sudden zooms.

The 4K Ultra HD provides resolution up to 4 times higher than other Full HD TV, confirming a strong point for this product.

Hisense H43BE7000 TV LED Ultra HD 4K, HDR, Dolby DTS, Slim Design, Smart TV VIDAA U3.0 AI, Triple…

LG 43UM7100PLB Smart TV LED 4K

Leveraging the sophisticated performance of the quad-core processor, which remains highly precise and rapid elimination of any distortion, this TV aims lot on the quality of the images, which appear ever more clear and beautiful.

In fact, even those at low resolution are adequately strengthened and reproduced with quality standards as faithful as possible to 4K.

The dynamic adjustment LG technology, rightly considered a point of the entire production strength, optimizes the rendering of details, making them an integral part of the vision.

Thanks to the innovative design of the IPS 4K panel is offered the opportunity to enjoy clear images from any angle, with a great-looking color accuracy, even from an angle of 60 degrees.

The device comes with great aesthetic refinement, also due to the extreme thinness of the frame, almost invisible on the screen.

Assistant Google and Alexa are applicable to the appliance operating system to improve its smart performance, offering the possibility of controlling the operation in any condition.

Not to be overlooked, finally, the range of applicable channels for free via this app exclusively on TVs LG Smart TV in 2019.

Sharp Aquos LC-40UI7352E-40′ Smart TV 4K

One of the features that make this attractive TV for consumers is represented by the extreme variety of colors, reproduce natural and realistic images without any color stretch.

Four times the full HD resolution, the appliance uses the innovative technology “built-in up-scaler” system, which ensures optimal performance.

Thanks to the device “Active Motion 400”, the TV bypasses the problems of image blur, typical of conventional liquid crystal displays, optimizing the performance of movements by creating additional frames.

The ACE ULTRA PRO Engine system manages to improve on the incoming video signal, both to enhance the visual appearance of the graphics is the sound of sounds, resulting in a global operational advantage.

You can connect your TV to your various digital audio and video devices, as well as personal ones (external hard drive, internal hard drive or USB stick), to watch on the big screen their content.

The slim screen is distinguished by an extremely sober design with a frame limited to the minimum that almost disappears on the surface.

By connecting your smart TV to your home network you can watch all your favorite content, from movies to TV series of YouTube videos on a large screen.

The excellent quality / price ratio makes this product an option of great convenience especially taking into account its excellent performance.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a TV 40 ”

The choice of the 40-inch ideal television should be carried out keeping in mind some important parameters such as: the size and inches, the resolution and the presence of HDR technology, the possibility to choose a flat or curved screen, the connectivity and the number of ports , audio quality, the operating system, any functions for gaming and, of course, the final price.

How much are the 40-inch Smart TV?

Generally, the 40-inch Smart have a price, a bit ‘like all technology products in general, varies according to the price range and the features available to the product. In any case an inexpensive TV starts at € 200,00 and can be up to € 300.00 for a medium quality product and more than € 400,00 for a product at the top of the range.

They are suitable for gaming?

Some 40-inch smart TV can be safely used for gaming. Currently, since we are to enter the next-gen consoles, it would be good to prefer the 4K Full HD. An important parameter to be taken into consideration is the input lag of the device. In any case for gaming monitors are recommended due to a frequency of a better update lag globally reduced.

Conclusions and final considerations

Choose a smart TV 40 inches means buying a versatile appliance and enabling use of a diverse range of media content and connect to many devices such as the console for gaming, soundbar to improve the sound quality and other devices.

It is important to assess your budget and expectations, to try to find the right compromise between optimum image resolution, sufficient number of doors, nice design and good performance.

When you consider essential the presence of many HDMI inputs and USB there will be oriented towards a model that has enough; Who pays more attention to the resolution and definitely want to take home a smart TV with HDR resolution must be willing to spend a little ‘more.

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