Best Air Purifiers 2020: Buying Guide

Best air purifiers 2020: Buying Guide

Within this page you will find the best air purifiers as well as a real guide to choose the best model in so many features that we will discover together.

Inside a house, an office or any other environment in which you perform normal daily activities of a human being is of paramount importance to ensure the highest possible level of livability and healthy air.

Air quality, in fact, is essential in human hygiene standpoint, and this applies, of course, for both adults and children. That’s why back a very useful device such as the air purifier, able to drive back the polluting particles and unpleasant odors in the environment.

What is it and what is it

Best Air Purifiers 2020: Buying Guide

Example of an air purifier

An air purifier is generally no more than a working device to electrical energy and are able to filter the air in the environment in which the device itself is placed.

Its main function, as you can guess from the name of the device, is precisely to ensure activity air filtering that takes into account not only the ability to remove odors, but also to eliminate any bacteria present in the ‘ environment concerned.

The size of an air purifier may vary from model to model and brand to brand, but a common factor between the individual devices is portability, which allows users to move from one environment to another purifiers throughout ease.

How does it work

Best Air Purifiers 2020: Buying Guide

How does an air purifier

We analyze in more detail the operation of an air purifier.

Beyond the issues relating to the characteristics of the individual brands, a generic purifier is characterized primarily by the presence of a fan, the suction air environment specially assigned collocation.

The sucked air is passed inside a filter aimed at the capture of the bacteria or of the polluting particles, and it is at this juncture that the air itself enjoys the purification process. After being purified, the cleaned particles are released into the environment again raising the level of healthiness of the same, also taking into account the possibility of connecting to the same purifiers equipment such as ionizers, (HEPA filters used for filtering fine dust) and lamps ultraviolet.

How to choose an air purifier

Now that you found out more information on air purifiers, we can discover in detail what are the features and the main features that should have the best models to consider when buying.

As you read you will learn various topics such as the purification system, fuel consumption and performance of such devices, the best functionality and required maintenance.

Purification System

Best Air Purifiers 2020: Buying Guide

We deepen further aspects related to the operation of air purifiers, starting from the purification system.

The system in question holds an absolute importance from the point of view of the air filtering, because it determines the qualitative result of the purification of environmental particles operations. The system can accommodate in its interior different types of filters, and among these are the aforementioned ionizer.

The ionizer is a small device which, mounted inside the implantation of a purifier, is able to emit a certain amount of tension in order to ionize the molecules that make up the air. The process of ionization, therefore, does not load such that electricity molecules, allowing at the same time to produce more fresh air compared to that input.

Another particularly useful type of filter for air purification is the so-called “HEPA” filter. The device is known to be one of the many absolute filters able to boast filtering efficiency equal up to 99.995%. A similar value is achieved through a system of filter sheets consist of microfibers combined in different layers, able to retain exceptional effectiveness with the polluting particles (only those solid).

Continuing the examination of different filters present within the purification system of the air purifier, it is worth mentioning the active carbon filters, operating through the presence of activated carbon can absorb on its porous surface pollutant particles of a current, dust filters and cold catalyst, capable of reducing to a minimum the polluting emissions of the air purifier.

Performance and fuel consumption

Best Air Purifiers 2020: Buying Guide

Now we come to the issues relating to performance and fuel consumption of the air purifiers according to the flow.

The consumption of an air purifier vary depending on the technology and functionality hosted within the purification system. In addition, particular importance is also assigned to the energy class of the single device, factor can greatly affect the final consumption of the appliance in use.

In general, consumption of purifiers are fairly modest, never exceeding 100 watts, the average consumption expressed by the devices of this type is approximately 40-50 watts, but it is not uncommon to find able purifiers on the market to express a lower power to 30 watts.

Features smart and allergies

Best Air Purifiers 2020: Buying Guide

From the functionality perspective, the purifiers are able to offer users performance variables depending on the technologies they hosted.

Firstly, modern purifiers have a whole series of useful smart functions to take advantage of the digital commands of the apparatus, so as to set them in an autonomous way according to the needs.

Another function hosted in the purifiers is that offered by the air quality sensors, not necessarily present in all models currently on the market.

Beyond the classic filters, it is worth highlighting also the existence of some professional cleaners designed specifically for those suffering from allergies, built with specific filters and delegated to certain environmental filtering particles according to the needs of allergy sufferers users.

Maintenance and filter change

With regard to maintenance, air purifiers require firstly a rather frequent replacement of the purification system filters.

Because of their function, in fact, the filters are particularly subject to wear, and to ensure a correct and constant use of the apparatus is good to provide for the parts whenever you feel a decrease in performance by the purifier itself. More rarely, it is necessary to replace the electric battery, which is able to provide a prolonged and sustained performance over time.

In the case in which it possesses a certain practicality from the point of view of technical maintenance, the operations in question can be carried out in total autonomy and without having to resort to the intervention of a technician. Otherwise, it is good to require the work of a skilled maintainer in operations of this type.

Best Air Purifiers

Let’s find out the list of the best air purifiers updated in May 2020:

Now you’ve read a lot of information is the time to find out what are the best air purifiers on the market. If you read on you will be able to identify the best models on the market, which we easily divided into three distinct price points.

the low-end air purifiers (maximum 80 €)

The air purifier Levoit weblog is definitely one of the most suitable if you want to use a device that is first and foremost safe. It, in fact, is 100% healthy: does not produce any percentage of Ozone, while including the anion mode and the UVC light function.

The LV-H132 model was designed specifically to protect the health of the family. Inside well includes 3 filters: the prefilter, the filter and the activated carbon filter, high efficiency, useful for capturing allergens, smoke, mold, smell, and also the hairs of pets.

The various filters also help to remove the small air contaminants, the size of 0.3 microns. It has a Silent function and filtering the air produces a very low noise, creating a relaxing and quiet environment, without causing any disturbance.

Check out our full review or see the offer on Amazon to find out more information.

Levoit Air Purifier House with HEPA filter, 99.97% filtration effects, Night Light …

Another of extremely efficient air purifier is to Intey, as it filters out chemical fumes, bacteria, dust particles and even pollen. Its filtration efficiency is equal to 99.97%.

The device in question to release negative ions and helps to capture and absorb dust and other potentially harmful substances thus purifying the air. It includes the functionality of UV light, useful to kill the bacteria in it, which in turn also helps to keep the most clean air longer.

The wind has 5 different speeds and it is possible to choose both according to the different air conditions both the requirements of the environment. Obviously, the greater the wind speed, the greater the effectiveness of purification. Among its many advantages also stands a very low noise.

INTEY HEPA Air Purifier – CADR140 m³ / h Air Purifier House with UV Disinfection and …

If you attempt an extremely quiet air purifier becomes difficult to ignore everything about the Partu devices.

These are especially designed to give users the maximum possible silence. Moreover, that model also includes a HEPA filter useful to eliminate even the smallest dirt particles from the air. It acts on the pollen, dust, smoke, dog hairs and jets, bacteria, molds and anything else again.

Not only that: this model is also home to as many as 7 night light mode. The latter is not dazzling and is able to provide users with a feeling of calm and well-being. The color can be chosen according to your mood. The entire purification process is very effective because it takes place in 4 phases and anions purify the air without producing ozone.

Partu Air Purifier HEPA Filter with Activated Carbon Air Filter, Suitable for Home and Office, …

Air purifiers end average (between 80 € and 160 €)

The air purifier 4 in 1 Nobebird houses a basic filter of active carbon honeycomb as well as a HEPA filter high effectiveness.

Not by chance this filter is able to capture nearly 100% of polluting particles. It also has a 4 mode purification also 3 mode timing. Each user can also operate a timer useful for the device to turn on or turn off by itself. Working this device is able to generate high-pressure negative ions, which are useful to kill bacteria in the air and depositing the residual particles.

This generator must be controlled independently from the purifier and is connected to the indicator of the quality dell’ara, which works thanks to a Smart Sensor technology. Once the filter is used for 2000 hours user is provided with a reminder to replace it.

Air Purifier 4 in 1 HEPA Ionizer and Filter, Air Filter Indicator Home with …

The air purifier branded Xiaomi 2S is definitely one of the best as far as design and silence. The style reflects perfectly the general one of many other products in the Chinese company.

It can be placed in any environment without giving too much attention and includes a useful laser sensor for detecting the humidity and the temperature. The same purifier is not only very fast to use, but also extremely effective and well-suited to a large range of large surfaces.

Among its main advantages stands out the control mode and configuration that can be performed directly by means of the special App for smartphone. This application is completely free and can be used both on iOS systems than Android. Among the various air purifiers it is also one of the most compact, with dimensions that are smaller than those of other purifiers: 240 × 240 × 520 mm.

Air purifiers high end (over € 160)

Among the best purifiers around you you can not forget everything about the Electrolux Oxygen EAP150 Collection.

The Electrolux has always stood out because of the huge attention paid to everything that concerns the air purifiers. Not surprisingly, the EAP150 model includes a Pure Source filtration system to less than 3 stages, in order to ensure the emission of clean air to 99.9%.

This device is able to combat pollution by acting at the molecular level, so as to also be effective in the fight against viruses and bacteria, as well as odors and vapors. The complex technology behind this device even helps you capture the pet hair make the house much cleaner. To all this there is also the Silent mode, useful for guaranteeing people a peaceful sleep at night.

Among the best air purifiers on the market also detaches the model Philips AC1215 / 10, able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs. As practice shows, the use of this device helps to reduce suffering for allergic individuals.

In addition it includes the VitaShield IPS technology and a complex system of multiple filters NanoProtect, among which it is necessary to remember the HEPA filter, the activated carbon and the pre-filter with 5 speed settings: Silent, Turbo and 1, 2, 3 . Among its strong sides also detaches the Smart AeraSens sensor, useful to carry out the monitoring of ambient air quality and provide feedback to the people who live there.

Philips Air Purifier AC1215 / 10 with IPS Technology VitalShield and filter Nanoprotect, 50 watts, …

Air purifier for typology

Are you still undecided and do not know what type of air purifier choose? These are the best offers and the best products you can consider:

Professional air purifier

Air purifier for allergies

Air purifier water

Air purifier with HEPA filter

Air purifier by brand

Discover the best air purifiers based on their brand production.

Purificatori d’aria Dyson

Purifikatori d ‘Aria price

Air purifiers Philips

Our reviews

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Conclusions and final considerations

Within this buyer’s guide to the best air purifier could you find out any information regarding this kind of products. From basic operation to the most advanced technical features, now you know exactly how to choose the perfect model for your needs.

Compare hundreds of offers on Amazon and choose the most relevant product to those who are your intentions.

If you have not found what you wanted, then you should read the buying guide to the best ozone generators, excellent for domestic, commercial and industrial.

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