Best Applications For Home Automation

Best applications for home automation

Best Applications For Home Automation

Just reviews on products for smart home, this time we speak of the best applications for home automation.

Have you ever seen the home of Mark Zuckerberg? In one of his recent projects, the founder of Facebook has virtually turned his entire house into an automaton, unable even to launch clean shirts with a simple voice command! Absurd, is not it?

Although home automation vision is not exactly the one just described, there are many applications to use for your iOS or Android smartphone that can come in handy, especially if you already know what are the best products for home automation and you have purchased a couple to meet your needs and facilitate some routine tasks.

Just on this page you can find 50 applications you should know if you’re a fan of smart house, or if you have total control of your home using the smartphone.

The order is not accidental, because at the top there is the most ‘open’ application can manage multiple devices, going down gradually until you find the app that can control a single smart product.


The application works with many devices Nest: Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Cam, Dropcam and Nest Protect. Basically it is the number one app to manage the climate in your home, as well as safety. The application sends notifications so you can monitor any suspects.


Kasa helps you to control all connected Tp Link devices, wherever you are, at home or on vacation. You can set the devices so that you turn on and off according to your plans. Great variety and choice of colors. It works incredibly well!


This is the award-winning app. It has a user-friendly, you can control locks, lights, temperatures, and more so you can risparmaire money and feel safe at home. How many times have you happened to leave lights on? Well, no need to worry about such things. Use the app in question to monitor anything.


Cameras, locks and Allerme systems in one application. Among the various possibilities of this app, movie lovers will find very useful the possibility of closing curtains, cushion the lights and watch their favorite films. And once the film the lights will be switched back gently!

Smart Living Home

Another app that helps control a disproportionate number of devices (security cameras, smart thermostats, door and window sensors, smoke detectors, and so on). Send notifications if you forget, for example, an open door. You can also talk with a visitor thanks to cameras that offer two-way audio.

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