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Best Baby Monitor 2020: Buying Guide

You would need to buy a baby monitor, but you can not find the right product for your individual needs? If you read on you will discover the best of 2020 baby monitor to buy for your son or your daughter!

What is it and what is a baby monitor

A baby monitor function

Best Baby Monitor 2020: Buying Guide

Perhaps, it is not exaggeration to call the baby monitor a “third eye”, a device that goes far beyond just the camera, allowing parents to never lose sight of their child.

At any point of the house may be, it can be observed while sleeping, bustles around the cot or explores the surrounding environment. While little is alone, Mom and Dad can easily devote to housewives chores, leaving aside anxiety and worries.

On the one hand, in short, it is a tool that allows adults to get away safely; secondly, a valuable aid, which allows the latter to not give up their privacy, keeping under control the situation.

Comparative table of the best baby monitor

This table compares the best baby monitors on the market: discover the offers best deals directly from Amazon!


Availand Follow Baby Monitor

Chicco Baby Monitor Smart 260

Baby Monitor Philips Avent

160 g19 x 6 x 15 cm ; 299 g


160 g19 x 6 x 15 cm ; 299 g

Availand Follow Baby Monitor

Chicco Baby Monitor Smart 260

Baby Monitor Philips Avent

How it works: Instructions for Use

The principle that governs the operation of the baby monitor is very simple and reflects, in general, that of the old two-way radios or walkie talkies. Of course, the devices currently on the market are often very sophisticated and a comparison between them and their ancient ancestors would look really ungenerous. Yet, it is sufficient that a first baby monitor is placed near the infant and a second area where you place those who have to care for it.

It is almost superfluous – although duty – to remember that the products in question, whatever they are, should be quality, given the important role they are called to fulfill. Secondly, because the operation is optimal, the distance between the one and the other should not be excessive (on this aspect will be discussed later).

Some baby monitors cheer the baby, playing familiar tunes suitable to his age, so as to reassure him if it were needed. Others are equipped with lighting, to allow the mother to not lose sight of “the Special observed” even the night.

The most technologically advanced devices even have functions with respect to which only a few years ago, it would be left speechless. Consider, for example, those with cameras equipped with special sensors, able to orient themselves and to follow the movements of the baby.

How to choose a baby monitor

Choosing a baby monitor to buy is not simple: read on you will find all the features and functionality to be evaluated at the time of purchase.

Type of baby monitor

The difference between baby monitor: audio, video and audio-video. Orienting for added security?

When you are about to purchase a baby monitor, the first question that parents are having to face is the following: with video or not?

In the second case, it is even inaccurate to speak of baby monitors, but simple intercom or two-way radios. In fact, the only information collection channel, would be represented hearing. The degree of safety, however, in a conspicuous decrease compared to the same product in the most current version.

The intercom, then, could only allow the child to speak (and to those who listen only to hear the voice) or by leveraging the bi-directional, also spread the word of who is entertaining (and controlling …). It is clear that the latter is the preferred mode, as it allows loved ones to reassure him with a few simple words.

major shortcomings also presents the device equipped with video only. Despite being visible the child’s silhouette, in fact, it is often not possible to grasp the movements. If the small, for example, is positioned with their backs towards the monitor, you will not be able to observe the face, nor to understand if, optionally, is bringing objects to the mouth.

For a variety of reasons, at this point perfectly understandable, the best option – provided you have an amount that allows the purchase – is the latest generation baby monitor, features both audio and video. Even so, the possibilities are numerous: the market, there are video devices with one or two directions, for a start.

This means, concretely, that the parent can only observe the child or, alternatively, to show off (which generally helps to not scare him, especially upon waking). As for the audio-video mode, that is the argument already made in connection with the Night Vision and camera rotation, thanks to infrared technology and special sensors that detect movement.

Communications and surveillance

Before you buy a baby monitor, it is good that the buyer carefully consider the characteristics of the environment in which it will be installed. In other words, it is important that takes into account the size of their own home and the way in which they are arranged local (the number of floors, and so forth).

In the absence of obstacles – outside a building, where the signal is not obstructed by doors and walls, a baby monitor could cover more or less than three hundred meters, at best. More realistically, discrete models accessible to most pockets allow you to reach the already enviable extent of one hundred and fifty meters.

It is more difficult to estimate the coverage indoors, those for which usually baby monitors are purchased. The reason? The aforementioned presence of dividing walls, different from one another in thickness and quality of the materials that compose them.

The transmission, in each case, it proves much more stable if the signal is analog or digital. In business, however, there are also baby monitors which work by connecting to home wifi. For those who wished to buy them, the price would naturally be higher. Faced with a “dirty” signal, you would have the considerable advantage of being able to control infants when traveling to work or elsewhere (it is less clear, however, to understand how the data subject can take action, if necessary).

Supplies and Accessories

Normally, a baby monitor is made using durable plastic and unbreakable materials. It could not be otherwise, since children come in constant contact with these devices. If the quality is good, the product will also be non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

In business, if they can find examples that run on batteries, more current, but also with both power sources. Is it the solution to be preferred, since it allows you to use the instrument in contexts other than home (on holiday, for example), without any particular difficulty.

These are the best baby monitor 2020

This is the list of the top 2020 baby monitor:

We know that choosing a baby monitor is not so easy: in 2020 there are so many models that you create a big mess before choosing the one truly right for your needs.

This is the DomoticaFull ranking on the best models of this year:

Baby monitor Follow baby di Availand

The baby monitor baby Follow the Availand is the most comprehensive market since it incorporates the “Auto Follow” technology by which you can not lose sight of the child being able to watch from the comfort of the other rooms.

It also has a number of advanced functions such as lullabies on command, the VOX mode, bi-directional communication, Auto-Scan, very useful for monitoring children and more rooms, etc.

This is certainly a very complete baby monitor, useful for control of the child not only during the first few months of life, but also during the first years.

Read the full review, or discover the offer on Amazon:

Best Baby Monitor 2020: Buying Guide

Availand Follow Baby – Baby monitor with motorized camera: automatically follows the movement …

Alternatively you can opt for these baby monitor:

You need a dedicated baby monitor?

Your child needs constant attention, but it is also true that it can not be physically present in the same room for all hours of the day. That’s what the baby monitor. Initially they born as devices able to listen to an audio track to the parent, monitoring well, even from room to room, the child’s condition.

Here are the most bought on Amazon

Best Baby Monitor 2020: Buying Guide

See offer at Amazon

With the progress of technology, these small intercoms have become a certain level of technological products, since they are equipped with cameras, microphones numerous and various settings for the remote control via the best known smartphone.

However, to date the best baby monitor correspond to real home security cameras, so we can say that the best products are for example the Nest. This company has distinguished itself with the competition especially for the technologies applied to its products: color shots, night vision and more.

From a point of view purely related to image quality, night vision is essential to monitor and watch the baby sleep in another room. So, the first parameter to be considered for the purchase of the baby monitor is definitely the quality of the shots: most of the monitor resumes to 720p, although we recommend a slightly better view then to 1080p.

And baby monitor brand

Many new parents are wondering what is the best brand of baby monitor: to rely on well-known brands such as Motorola, Chicco and Avent is definitely a good move. Let’s see in detail the best for each brand.


We start now the products manufactured by the company closer to babies around the world: Chicco.

Best Baby Monitor 2020: Buying Guide

Do not be scared by the name, this is one of the top selling products in its class. It is in fact a product Amazon’s Choice, which is a nomination that Amazon only gives the best products in a category. It features of DECT technology that goes beyond interference with any other device present in the home. Among the main features is impossible not to mention the wide scope of operation, the 10 volume levels can make you perceive the weaker sounds and practical support able to diffuse sound in an excellent manner. For this price there is nothing better.

Best Baby Monitor 2020: Buying Guide

Chicco 00007661000000 Always with You Audio Baby Monitor, 10 livelli di volume, 0m+

This baby monitor includes a practical and convenient camera that allows you to hear and see your baby whenever you want! The excellent design work allows you to use two-way communication in an easy manner and without interference: excellent quality for such a low price. The main features of this product are voice activation, which alerts parents when there are noises in the baby’s room, a night light and a playlist MP3s playable on the sounds to calm the child and temperature sensing to ‘interior of the room. The range of 150 meters is the icing on the cake of a really excellent product, discover now more information:

Chicco 00002567100000 Top Digital Video Baby Monitor, 0m+

This monitor is one of the best babe on the square, despite the low price.

A new mother has Lascato a review on Amazon saying: “Why do not I bought you before?”. This camcorder for the Bean infants boasts the presence of a digital technology that extends the reach to over 150 meters (perfect for dwelling on two floors) and interference are reduced to zero. The activation is automatic and is activated as soon as a noise is detected in the baby’s room. The camera is adjustable and infrared rays is not perfect, but it gets the job done. Find out more information directly on Amazon:


Motorola also became interested in the sector by offering products of all respect, a little ‘as you always used to. This is even dedicated page on Amazon>

This product offers unparalleled reliability, both at the level of security that privacy. Totally free of interference with other appliances present in your home, the Motorola MBP 140 can boast the presence of an ECO technology that reduces battery consumption greatly improving the charging time. It does not have the video industry, but the audio is outstanding. The night light can calm the baby, so it is a product that everyone should buy:

The Motorola MBP 50 boasts the presence of a digital color LCD screen that allows you to keep an eye on your child at any time of day or night. Even at night, given the presence of the very clear night vision. The screen is HD and the size is 5 “. Among the main features is the room temperature sensor, the microphone for talking with the baby at a distance and the ability to tilt and change the camera position. A best buy.

Stakeout or simple view?

We continue with a simple question: tracking, or simple view? Among the best baby of 2020 monitors are the models able to only view in real time what is happening, but there are also products that interface with the platform in the cloud, or with simple SD memory cards, which can save for example, a whole night. We say that to monitor the situation in another room does not need a bailout of the shoot, unless you also want to further protect your home from theft and so on.

On the contrary, there are, however, some features that can really come in handy to improve the quality of your child’s life.

Some products are equipped with special sensors capable of measuring the temperature and the humidity present in a room, capable to automatically send notifications to your phone when a parameter should drop or rise exceeding a certain threshold.

Most security cameras to children who have had the pleasure of trying can be fully controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Just a simple application to manage any parameter.

Should you not have a tablet and you need one can perform these basic functions can try the Amazon Fire.

Two-way audio

How many times just a simple word to reassure your child and return him to sleep gently?

Choose a baby monitor with a two-way audio allows you to communicate remotely, exploiting the potential of these next-generation devices. Think models like Holababy P1 have the night lights and preset sounds that simulate the lullaby and many other soothing sounds.

The risk that accompanies dispositi IoT

We start from the definition IoT: Internet of Things, this word refers to all those products that are constantly connected to the Internet.

In Italy you never heard of hackers who managed to breach modem and home router whatsoever, but because at stake is the safety of our children, I feel compelled to write some notice.

Consider that every device that can connect to the Internet network can be hacked; so even baby monitors. But there are some small tricks that ridocono this risk almost 0%: change the password for your router and your wi-fi. It only also the first time the important thing is to change the default credentials.

And remember: always update the software of the electronic devices that you find to use, since the smartphone until you get to … baby monitors!

Baby Monitor Bestsellers of 2020

The most complete model and we feel we advise is the Availand Follow Baby, here bid on Amazon.

Also, you can find our reviews:

The price

As you will have understood from this page, on the baby monitor price varies according to the characteristics that distinguish the product. The night vision is a feature that increases the price of about € 70,00, as well as the presence or absence of the camera.

If you want a product to control your cheap baby, you should opt for the first model of the grain, a type of phone system that allows you to listen to any noise in the room: this is around 40.00 to 50.00 € .

If you aspire to a top model, with infrared camera and night vision, without interference, and that makes you (so to say ..: D) quiet night’s sleep, then you should consult more expensive solutions around 100.00 to 150 , 00 €.

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