Best Blu Ray Player 2020: Buying Guide

Best Blu Ray Player 2020: Buying Guide

Despite the advanced streaming Blu Ray players are still an indispensable device in every home. This is because in addition to the traditional function of reproduction, Blu Ray players are turning into smart devices that incorporate features previously unthinkable. Within this page you will find out the buyer’s guide to the best Blu Ray player of 2020.

Choose the right model has become even more important to make sure you bring home a single device capable of covering the features that until now you have entrusted to others. This article will analyze the main features that you will need to pay more attention.

What is it and what is it

Best Blu Ray Player 2020: Buying Guide

Example of a Blu-Ray player

A Blu Ray player is nothing but a device capable of reading the same Blu Ray discs, similar to traditional DVDs but can offer a Full HD and Ultra HD viewing because of its greater capacity. In short, a small object indispensable for all lovers of high-quality vision, for all those who want to transfer home the same emotions of cinema. You should not confuse the blue ray player with your TV Box with Android or Windows PC Mini.

How does it work

Operating a Blu-Ray Player

Best Blu Ray Player 2020: Buying Guide

The playback operation does not differ much from that of a conventional DVD player. Let us dwell on a curiosity: the Blu Ray name comes from the color of the laser used for writing and playback support, which is thus able to store up to 200 GB against 4.7 GB DVD or 700 Mb of a Compact Disc.

This amount of data, of course, allows you to get a view of very high quality, capable of making us appreciate the finer details and to express the color, the lights and shadows with a certain intensity and beauty.

Ranking of the blu ray players sold

This list represents the devices sold on Amazon in Italian: you can click on any device and learn its details and specifications directly on Amazon.

Best Blu Ray Player 2020: Buying Guide
Best Blu Ray Player 2020: Buying Guide
Best Blu Ray Player 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose a Blu Ray player

How can you choose the best Blu Ray? To locate the perfect model according to your budget and your needs, there are some things to consider such as disks and multimedia, audio and video resolution quality, the number and types of ports as well as a long list of features technical: read to deepen every aspect.

Discs and media

Choosing a Blue Ray player is weighted based on many characteristics. If the basic features are the same for each player, the additional ones – the so-called optional – can make a difference.

Among the first things to evaluate is the type of media that the reader is able to read. Even if you’re buying a Blu Ray for viewing specific media, for sure at home you’ll still have the old DVD, original or burned, or even CDs that you want to listen by using the Blu Ray player and the system combined with the television.

Even more important it is to pay attention to the video and audio coding, especially if the player is equipped with input connectors. When you find yourself using the player to view media files downloaded from the Internet, the correct view of these, or the ability to hear the audio will depend entirely supported encoding formats.

As for the video, then, be careful that they are covered at least the most common encodings as Avi, AVCHD, MPEG2, MPEG4. For audio, however, be careful that they are supported both formats for high quality, such as WAV, FLAC and ALAC that those compressed, in particular MP3.

Audio and video quality resolution

The formats of the speech is related to the quality of output both video and audio. It makes sense to equip themselves with sophisticated surround systems then if the player does not support high-quality audio?

same story for the vision. Televisions today allow film performance and the film purchases are available in 4K, or with 4096 pixel resolution for a superb viewing.

However, excellence can only be achieved if all the elements are consistent with each other: the TV must have a good size and support a 4K resolution, the reader must also be compatible with the 4K and have at least the function of upscaling which will allow you to manage different resolutions, adapting even those standard to 4K resolution.

Ports and connectivity

Another feature to consider is the communication with the outside. What are the connections, at a minimum, you should ensure yourself to not find you in the future with a problem?

There is no doubt that much revolves around your personal habits, and that you can do without most of the connectors. In any case, be sure to buy a complete device of the bare minimum, be careful that there is at least HDMI connector and / or the coax to connect to your TV or monitor.

Very useful may also be USB ports. Imagine the convenience of being able to slide off the couch, along with your guests, photos of vacation that you have uploaded to the USB stick. Surely habits will tell you what to watch but it is true that every feature, if present, can be useful in many circumstances.

It should also pay attention to the demands of audiophiles: before buying a similar model controlled the possible compatibility with a sound bar or home theater, although generally these products are connected directly to the television.

Not really an option is the part dedicated to networking features. Today Blu Ray players are turning into real control connection, which allow you to create a network between the various devices in your home (desktop computers, netbooks, tablets, HD storage, and so on) or to use the main app circulation without the browser.

For this reason it is good to be very careful that the connection is at least guaranteed entrance to cable, and then even that might interest Wi-Fi.

In this way your reader can turn your television into a smart device, if it already was (the famous smart television), allowing you to use apps from Netflix, YouTube, or Chilli, Rakuten TV and all the other dedicated to the vision, and even Spotify.

A final point is some additional features that could come in handy. Are you choosing a reader that allows you to customize and save their own settings?

the default settings designed by the parent are present for the various private home environments? Finally, there is the 3D conversion function that revises movies in 2D? These are other questions to ask yourself before you decide to purchase a model rather than another.

Best Blu Ray players

We have identified and briefly reviewed the best blue ray player to buy. If you read on you will find some of the most promising models for price and technical characteristics divided into various price ranges.

This list represents the best Blu Ray players in 2020 updated May:

Blu Ray Low Range (€ 100 Main)

A Blu Ray player, compact in design, as demonstrated by its dimensions of 27 x 19.5 x 4.3 cm. When you consider the primary objective of enabling its owners to watch on the TV pictures and video files saved on the USB stick, the South Korean home with this article it was able to fulfill it in full.

The image quality is superb: the FULL HD UP-Scaling function causes the DVD signal is five times sharper when compared to the original. What it is wanted, for excellent vision.

The flagship of LG BP250 resides certainly in Simplink. Through a single remote control, in addition to controlling the LG Home Theater System, you can control other devices.

A special mention also for the full merits even HDMI: communication is really high speed, mainly because of the role played by the single cable. The top when it comes to combine HD video recording, and audio tracks.

Ultimately, those looking for a Blu Ray player, marked by a video resolution twice higher than that offered by the standard, nell’LG BP250 find the article that suits your needs.

A Blu Ray player, especially appreciated by those who love the quality of detail in everything we look at, from DVD movies to streaming media: Sony Triluminos ™ Color ensures maximum image clarity and unique intensity colors. Watching favorite movie in 1080p is really the best, because it is appropriate to say, the colors come alive.

The color palette is vibrant and red, for there are very few green and blue so intense. The terrestrial and marine landscapes are reproduced in the most realistic possible.

In reference to the audio quality, Nissan must be acknowledged to have worked very well: the original recording captures all sorts of detail resulting in a realistic and clear surround sound. If this is possible you are due to the Dolby® TrueHD.

The beauty of this Blue Ray player is that it can convert DVD movies, distinguished by their standard definition, in a quality that does not differ much from that of HD.

In short, those who want to test high definition, enjoy the classics in Full HD, you will surely find in the Sony BDP-S1700 ideal article.

Blu Ray Players Average range (between 100 € and 150 €)

A Blu Ray player Compact and well superior design: its black color gives a remarkable visual impact. Its strength is its versatility: since they do not occupy much space, Panasonic DMP-BDT184 can be placed virtually anywhere.

Overall, the quality of video images is acceptable: the UltraHD video playback format is not a common thing to Blu Ray. The upscaling is highly competitive and the same applies to the support the Full HD, 2D and 3D. The Ethernet port, located on the back, ensures easy online navigation.

Even compatibility with many audio formats, deserves special attention. Over all, WMA, MP3, XVID, AVCHD, WMA and MPO.

Panasonic DMP-BDT184 is confirmed as an easy product to use and characterized by a much more dynamic software than propose some competing brands. Although today is pretty much on the Smart TV, Blu Ray player this proves to be very useful for the use of pre-installed applications via Web: Netflix on all.

Panasonic DMP-BDT184 Blu-ray Player, Black

A Blu Ray player who has the care of the design and finishes its distinctiveness. The shiny black plastic case that tends to dark gray satin at the top, where does that leave the keys, is now a classic in which the Japanese company now has accustomed us. The non plus ultra for the entertainment lovers.

The 4k upscaling as well as playing back still images in 4K are worthy of note. To enjoy the best content or even favorite videos from Netflix, just connect it to a mobile device. Returning upscaling, in the case of Panasonic DMP-BDT381, it must be said that this processing technique is very powerful, in that you add millions of pixels to the original images. Result? More consistency and sharper. Much like at the movies. And do not forget that the article has native support not only for Netflix, but also for DLNA, Chili and Miracast.

What about the online streaming? The reproduction is convincing safe: the brightness is great and the same applies to the color and brilliance, contrast and definition.

Those who love the ease of use, can not help but consider this article.

Panasonic DMP-BDT381 Blu-Ray / DVD 3D, 4K upscaling, Wi-Fi Integrated JPEG 4K, Audio Output …

Blu Ray High Range (Over 150 €)

A top model, featuring an HDMI output, an Ethernet port, available for wi-fi and a front entrance UDB, essential in the reproduction of video formats and comini audio, such as FLAC, WAV and DSD . With its slim design, this Blu Ray player fits perfectly to every type of furniture.

As for the multimedia sector, there is no doubt that Sony UBP-X500B ensure good performance. Specifically, the Blu Ray 4K Ultra HD player guarantees rarely found in other first-end models use the experience: brightness and color are excellent. Excellent then conversion from HDR format to SDR: Sony thanks to the algorithm, the image quality is improved as well as the video. And not only on TV do not HDR. Finally, compatibility with numerous media formats, demonstrates the versatility of this valuable article: USB, DSD, Dolby Atmos, Sa-CD and DTS: X.

The “Child Lock”, the ultra fast boot and stand-by car make using Sony UBP-X500B even more enjoyable. Too bad only for the absence of the numeric keypad on the remote control and for the lack of dual HDMI.

A Blu Ray player minimal, but the optimal media playback.

Sony UBP-X500 Lettore Blu-Ray 4K HDR, Hi-Res Audio, USB, Ethernet, Nero

Simplicity, functionality and good performance. These are essentially the characteristics of this valuable Blu Ray. Compact in shape like few models, Sony UBP-X700 features a deliberately minimalist design, especially in terms of construction, where to hide the drawer “thinks” the appropriate door.

Along the same lines of what happens for notebook computers, the power of this Blu Ray is external reader. However, “the game is worth the candle”, because this article is characterized by the SACF player, an excellent streamer in the management of audio formats in high definition and for those videos. Excellent and compatibility Dolby Vision.

You will not get the typical glitzy interfaces of other Blu ray players, but Sony UBP-X700 his job does it well, especially in terms of customization of the home screen: the service access icons used most frequently are automatically collected in ‘ central area.

A good Blu Ray 4k, falling within the “premium” category. The Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD goes to improve detail, placing the viewer / listener in the spotlight

The excellence of design and easy marketability (okay even on a shelf) are certainly points in favor of this Sony article. Missing is the display.

This is a very complete model in use phase: ok, in terms of loading 4k disks, best solutions there are in abundance. However, in terms of picture and sound quality, as well as for speed in loading the app, there are few resources that can compete with the Sony UBP-X800. His strength? Perhaps, it will have to report one, Bluetooth streaming.

The HDR plays a crucial role, because it is able to reveal previously hidden areas, offering excellent in terms of colors, shades and brightness.

Thanks to the support of BT .2020 color spaces, Sony UBP-X800 ensures access to a highly realistic color gamut, especially in bright reds, greens in natural and marine blue.

In terms of performance, the Sony UBP-X800 is about the same as the X700 version, even if you leave preferable to the latter in terms of DVD playback.

Conclusions and final considerations

Within this buyer’s guide to the best blue ray player you could finally find out all the information essential to choose the right model. If I still had doubts do not hesitate to contact us via email, in any case, you may see the product on Amazon and inquire directly to the producer or seller.

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