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Best canister vacuum cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

Within this guide to buying the best canister vacuum cleaner you can find all the information you need to choose the perfect model for your needs.

Being able to remove dust and dirt effectively in every part of the house is certainly the dream of all. Sometimes it takes powerful tools capable of cleaning excellently.

Where there comes a normal vacuum cleaner, you can opt for a canister vacuum cleaner, an indispensable tool to have in the house. But what exactly is a canister vacuum cleaner, and what use is he?

We’ll try to do some ‘clarity about, explaining in detail what it is, how to make the best, how to choose the best model for your needs and which models you can find on the market.

What are they and what are they

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

First we must clarify that the canister vacuum cleaner has nothing to do with normal vacuum cleaners, it mite ones, nor automatic ones, steam or those robots.

They are more compact vacuum cleaner or similar to those defined by the powerful, and are identified most often as an industrial vacuum cleaner.

The main feature of the anti-rust is their power, making them ideal tools to suck anything and clean where dirt is harder to remove. It is an appliance that greatly facilitates the cleaning operations, be it large areas, whether it be to clean cars or the interior of our house.

The substantial difference that runs between a aspiratutto bin and a normal vacuum cleaner is that the first is used for the cleaning of large surfaces, such as the removal of sawdust or leaves, while the second is great for normal daily cleaning, then to remove residual dirt and dust from the various types of flooring.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner canister

We come to the point: how to choose a canister vacuum cleaner? Although the web is full of devices to be purchased, it is not easy to find the right model on the first try and for this you can continue reading to you a good idea of ​​the features that you look for.

The different types

There are different types of aspiratutto bins, each useful for specific functions. Knowing the different types can better help in choosing the product more useful to your needs.

So let’s see what are the major differences that distinguish the classical model, the aspiracenere, the dry and wet vacuum cleaners, and multifunction.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

The vacuum cleaner bin is characterized by its little compact size, and a very capacious collection tank. It is equipped with a telescopic tube for the collection of dirt, and a rather powerful engine with which aspire.

This makes it possible to take away without much difficulty all the dirt accumulated, and entering it in the collecting chamber where dust and other microscopic residues are routed towards the appropriate filters, present inside the machine. In this way, the bins aspiratutto put back into the fresh air, filtered and cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with small wheels that allow you to move around more.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

It is used mainly by those who have a fireplace, and the need to clean the ash that forms. It is equipped with special filters for retaining the microparticles, and mechanical components specially designed to avoid damaging the device when the dust is sucked.

It represents the ideal tool for vacuuming dust and ashes, and put so definitely by shovel and bucket.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

It is a particular type of bin capable of removing both dust that residues of dirt, both liquids. They represent perfectly the concept of the vacuum cleaner, as they are able to remove anything without exceptions. Just turn on the device and pass it on the indicated area, aspire anything has no distinctions.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

It represents the best of the category, as it can really be used in all situations.

It can suck up dust and large amounts of dust, and if necessary can also be used as aspiracenere for your fireplace or wood stove, and then not to forget the useful function for the cleaning liquid from the residue.

It is a recommended product but in the end the people who are used to big cleaning, which requires a tool with great power and suitable for every situation.

Size, shape and weight

The size of a canister vacuum cleaner is perhaps the biggest limitation of this product. Generally the dimensions are quite generous, almost cumbersome and unwieldy, especially when they begin to fill up, becoming even heavier.

Power and consumption

In order to calculate the power of a vacuum cleaner bin it is sufficient to consider the fact that the engine is more powerful and the greater will be the suction power and scope.

This, however, does not coincide with the power in watts generated from the appliance, in fact the suction power may differ greatly from the first, which in any case can present dispersions. We must therefore pay attention to the label provided by the manufacturer, indicating the two different powers.

We must also consider the fact that the most powerful vacuum cleaner, and the greater the consumption of electricity. Some models are capable of developing a power of 2300Watt, generating consumption not indifferent.

Fortunately, there are also the latest generation of models able to limit this consumption, through the use of specially designed systems.

A good aspitratutto is usually accompanied by a range of accessories, useful for different tasks, depending on the situation. Generally the supplied accessories include the suction tube, which can be fixed or telescopic, brushes, different types of nozzles in order to achieve any space, even those closer, replacement filters, and much more.

Ranking of the best selling anti-rust

The following ranking shows the best-selling anti-rust in Italy on Amazon.

Best canister vacuum cleaner

Below you will find the best vacuum cleaner bins: we have selected the best selling products on Amazon to offer a general overview and informed purchase.

Lavorwash Jocker 1400 S

This vacuum cleaner bin is labeled as Amazon’s Choice, or as the best product in the category.

It’s cheap, powerful and enjoys the first delivery in a day. Over 80% of customers who own this product have left a review of between 5 and 4 stars on Amazon. Deepening the reviews, no complains suction problems, power or other various kinds of errors. A super recommended inexpensive product.

Technical features:

Lavorwash JOCKER 1400 S – Vacuum (1400 W, suction drum, Dry and wet, 20 L, 75 …

Karcher WD Solid-Liquid Suction 3

The Karcher WD 3 is the vacuum tank top seller on Amazon IT. More than 541 positive reviews, and answer 262 questions with an offer of 37% makes it a best buy in its class.

Despite the product is an entry-level, ie belonging to the low-price range, is equipped with technical characteristics and capabilities designed and usually included in more expensive models.

The “parking” function and the “blower” allow you to take a break in complete safety, while the special “cartridge” filter allows to suck both the dirty liquid than solid.

LAVORWASH 8.243.0024 KOMBO 4 IN 1

This vacuum cleaner bin is multifunctional: aspiracenere, cleaners, VACUUM and blowing. It is especially suitable for those with a fireplace: the suction function allows you to carefully clean barbecues, stoves and fireplaces.

It comes with a range of extra accessories: flexible steel tube 1.5 mt with lance, hose extension rig. m.0,45 Ø 35, a brush for dust and liquid, a flat nozzle Ø 35, a flex 1,5 mt tube, a sponge filter and one in nylon.

Technical features:

Black+Decker BXVC20PTE

Who would not trust the prestigious brand Black + Decker? This device is a powerful vacuum for solids and liquids, which is sold with 7 accessories and a socket for power tools.

It is a multifunction bin capable of aspirating solids and liquids as well as a powerful blower to remove dirt from irregular outer surfaces.

The seven accessories included in the package are a floor brush with soft bristles and a one crevice nozzle, several suction tubes and extensions and two filters.

Black + Decker BXVC20PTE aspirator Solids and liquids (1200 W, 20 l)

Canister vacuum cleaner bagless

These are special types of vacuum cleaners that work without the use of special bags collect dirt. They have in fact a compartment where it is conveyed all the dirt collected from the ground. Once full magazine can be disassembled, opened and cleaned.

The bagless vacuum cleaner bins are equipped with special filters that collect the microparticles, and for this reason are subject to a constant maintenance that simply regards the removal and replacement of such filters.

There are models in tow, and then fitted with wheels to facilitate the movement, and can be flush or without.

Bin professional aspiratutto

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