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Best dryers 2020: Buying Guide

The feeling of wearing clothes just out by a professional, clean and well dried, is priceless. Thanks to the best dryers can achieve a perfect washing even at home, replicating this pleasant sensation.

The washing machines return garments that do not always have the ability to let air dry. Before you can wear them or ironing, you must deprive them of a substantial amount of water: This is provided by the dryers, whose latest models have high quality technical features and capabilities increasingly advanced. We see below how to navigate in the dryer choice that best suits your needs!

What is it and what is it

Best Dryers 2020: Buying Guide

To properly dry a fabric, regardless of the specific type, three factors are required: heat, air movement and low humidity. Only a few months a year in which these conditions occur naturally in our country and in this sense, to really get the clothes dry and free of moisture that could result in mold, the dryers create a mechanism by which hot air and progressive reduction humidity drying loads efficiently and quickly.

All this happens within a rotating metal drum in which the hot and dry air is blown from one side while, rolling around the clothes, is extracted on the other side at the same time wet steam. With the passage of time, the dryers have experienced a gradual and constant evolution, going to reduce two problems that prevented them buying, ie a high cost and tendency to shrink and slowly damaging your clothes.

The modern dryers, although based on the same basic principle, are equipped with devices to return the laundry perfectly dry, even with the care for each single tissue.

How does a dryer

The dryer operation requires a delicate balance of elements: all begins with hot and dry air, which can be generated by ventilation or with a special heat pump. Thanks to the presence of a thermostat, it is possible to control the switching on and off of this heating element to prevent overheating or excessive dryness of the clothes.

The hot air enters into the drum, which is rotated by the motor and, while the drum rotates, the wet clothes are pushed towards the upper part and thus towards the hot air. In the case of domestic dryers, the drum rotates in a direction for about thirty seconds, and then rotate the other way and avoid that the clothes from accumulating. In any case, so that this phase is carried out in the best conditions, we must pay particular attention to not overload the washing, since it would tend to form a tangle, employing much more time to dry.

The outlet air passes through a lint filter which captures dust and scraps to be finally eliminated through a vent. As we shall see below, in some dryers the air of humid waste is condensed and discharged, while the heat contained in it properly reused.

Dryers bestselling: ranking

Best Dryers 2020: Buying Guide
Best Dryers 2020: Buying Guide
Best Dryers 2020: Buying Guide
Best Dryers 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose the best clothes dryer

Technology and Operation

As seen in the previous paragraph, the principle that governs the operation of the dryer is expected that the air is heated and ventilated inside the drum. There are, however, two significant differences in the ways in which a dryer can generate hot air, which result in energy consumption differences.

Another major difference concerns instead the air expulsion: condensing dryers use a capacitor to eliminate the vapor generated during the process and transform it into water, which is stored in a tank to be emptied periodically. In the case of dryers evaporation (or eject) the vapor is pushed out of the house through a tube that emits smoke. Finally, a hybrid type involves cooling the steam through a capacitor, which discharges outside anyway, but the form of water.

Programs and drying cycles

An important component is to be evaluated relative to the number and type of available settings for the various cycles. Among the most common programs are certainly those devoted to cotton, recommended for the heads of daily use; the one reserved for jeans, which provides a very high temperature for a perfect drying of denim in a short time, as well as the specific purpose for the wool, which must be approved by Wollmark consortium and dedicated to dry the wool in a gentle way, preventing the felting.

The traditional programs also include the one for the drying of synthetic garments, at more moderate temperatures, and that for the mixed garments, perfect in order to obtain a uniform result even starting from leaders in different tissues. Dryer high quality can make the difference in a home environment, thanks to special programs considered as the delicate drying, designed for those leaders who have unique applications or prints, the timed drying but mostly dry for softening cycle , which uses the steam issued during the process to naturally soften clothes.

The latter is a particularly appreciated functionality, which goes to reduce a potential undesirable effects of the dryer, ie the excessive dryness of the garments. Finally, among the most important there are special programs for the cabinet cycle, designed for the shirts; the antiallergic cycle; the plush loop, ideal for drying toys that come into contact with the children and then the quilts cycle, present only on the most capacious dryers and fundamental to dry their winter garments.

traditional Functionality and smart

The modern dryer functionality you could divide between traditional and smart, employing a higher technological level. Among the traditional functionality there are considered: the selection of the drying level, the quick-drying, the security setting and finally the adjustment of temperature.

With the evolution of the models have become increasingly common features such as automatic shutdown, which is activated within minutes after the end of the cycle; the progress indicator, which assesses the remaining time; the memory function, which retains the last settings as well as those most frequently used for a truly optimal use; automatic cleaning, which is essential for the security of the lint filter; anti-noise function, which reduces vibration and finally the crease, which allows to obtain clothing that is ready for ironing.

In more modern models, all these settings can be managed and edited through a touch screen display and, increasingly, through a dedicated app even remotely.

Energy saving

The matter related to fuel economy and performance is another of the elements that play an important role in the process of buying a dryer. Through the energy label reading, you may include fuel consumption, noise level and condensation class (if provided), three aspects that define the product’s performance.

The duration of the energy label given cycle is important to understand the actual savings in terms of time. In more modern dryers you can go down, in the case of a standard cycle, even at an hour and a half. The energy label also defines consumption: the highest class, which implies lower energy consumption, is the A +++. Best dryers are all between the Class A and A +++.

In the case of small models, a maximum of 5 kg of charge, fuel consumption is reduced further, while the increase of the capacity translates into a greater consumption.


A proper maintenance begins by emptying the fluff filter: this operation is required after each cycle, in order to facilitate the air flow and prevent overheating of the machine. Every year, moreover, it recommends vacuuming deeper into the surrounding area, to remove stubborn debris that may have passed the filter. For more accuracy, you can detach the vent pipe at the rear of the inside and inhale.

Check the exhaust vent outside capacity every six months helps keep monitored throughout the process. While the dryer is in operation, the air should escape easily from the outer vent. If the air flow is weak, make sure that there are no visible residues which obstruct the discharge and, if the do not find a cause, there may be a deep clogging.

Finally, if by the time the clothes bring us longer to dry, you may need to check the lint screen and the vent system from a professional to avoid potential damage also quite serious.

Best dryers January 2020

Beko DRY833CI

The dryer Beko DRY833CI weighs 8 kg and is equipped with a convenient heat pump. Its energy efficiency is very attractive, given the full compliance with class A +++. The noise is limited to only 64 decibels, the sound engine at very low levels and the ability to last for a long period of time. Such a device allows a correct adjustment of the basket moves, with the chance to dry each head in wool with all due care. Each color never loses consistency from dry thanks to a cutting-edge technology, combined with a formula that air conditioning is the leaders with the greatest care.

Candy CS C9LF-S

This dryer has a weight of 9 kg and can be installed in a totally free. It is a device front loading, which dries by means of a condensation system. Punta on lightness and remarkable ease of movement and is characterized by a good relationship between quality and price, with energy efficiency class B. It works by means of an electrical system, with noise emission equal to 68 decibels and the possibility of delayed start up to 9 hours . At its core, it presents a pan from 5 liters capacity, capable of containing a great volume of water without any difficulty. It has, moreover, a filter which serves to collect any lint that are deposited on the cloths.

Candy CS4 H7A1DE-S

Candy is proposed with the dryer CS4 H7A1DE-S equipped with excellent functionality. This model takes up very little space, but can dry up to 7 kilograms of laundry without any difficulty. Interesting the idea of ​​raising the door to minimize any problems that may affect your back, as you can treat woollens at best. The drying cycle can be delayed up to a maximum of 24 hours, while the check-up cycle monitors the performance of the device, in addition to the situation of filters and ventilation and drying equipment. The overall ironing time is halved and energy saving is a reality thanks to a product so well thought out in every single component.

Beko DRX822W

Beko presents a dryer heat pump from the energy class A ++ and the maximum weight of the laundry equal to 8 kilograms. It makes use of modern technology EcoGentle, through which you can keep intact the colors of the clothes. The operation improves in combination with a small plant to air conditioning, combined with a floating basket that does not cause any irritation to the heads inserted inside the appliance. Not bad even noise with a noise which can be anything up to 65 decibels and do not cause any particular trouble. With this dryer, each dress can remain intact even after a laborious cleaning.

Candy CS H10A2DE-S

In this case, we are talking of a dryer from the rather generous size, with the prospect of inserting up to a maximum of 10 kilograms of laundry. Everything goes united to a maximum noise level of 66 decibels and the energy class A ++. The device is very capacious and practical in spite of the extensive measures, with a remarkable ease in the movements. It consumes very little power and allows insertion of the tray for water with a high degree of comfort. How you use it is quite simple for those who are not very accustomed to modern technology, thanks to an intuitive graphical interface. Equipped with a heat pump, the device fulfills all specific requirements and allows the drying of the various garments without particular worries.

Hoover DXW4H7A1TCEX-01

This model designed by Hoover is an excellent compromise between technology and innovation. It allows a proper management of the drying cycle of each garment and makes it dry, sanitized and fragrant. Allows up to a maximum load of 7 kg and its energy efficiency class is A +. The device is comfortable and practical and favors the constant display of the water level. Its shape is very compact and prevents any leakage of water, with the chance to save space without losing anything from the point of view of pure performance. The drying cycle can be delayed up to 23 hours, as well as it is possible to stretch with greater ease without affecting the overall quality of the various garments.

Electrolux EW9HE83S3

From the washing capacity of 8 kilograms, this dryer allows the washing of delicate items with absolute tranquility. It has a system with spinal airflow to make sure that the laundry dries in every single point, with the help of convenient high-precision sensors that do not deform it in any way. You can turn different types of tailor-made programs, depending on the tissue to be dried. On the basis of this parameter, it is also possible to keep under control the adjustment of the drum and the drying temperature. Running through a practical method to heat pump, the washer-dryer has an energy class A +++ and is characterized by a high degree of quietness.

Conclusions and final considerations

While it is not an appliance considered indispensable in many parts of Italy, more and more families are beginning to appreciate the role that the dryer plays in improving domestic life. The potential of the latest models introduced in the market, in fact, allow to obtain a perfectly dry laundry, even in the winter months, and especially respectful of the individual tissue.

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