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Best eBook Reader 2020: Buying Guide

Within this buyer’s guide to the best ebook reader you can discover all the information you need before you choose one that suits you and your needs.

Following an exhaustive guide on the features and on everything there is to know who is preparing for the first time to use an e-book or if you already own it, expand knowledge about the latest news of this useful technological object.

What is it and what is it

Best Ebook Reader 2020: Buying Guide

An e-book is simply a digital book that is a file that replaces the standard paper product or assists him in publishing sales.

To read the e-book needs an electronic book reader that is a device that encodes the text of the file and allows it to read similarly to a traditional paper book.

The power and simplicity of this product is mainly in the ability to upload a large number of texts on the reader (eBook reader) and can carry no weight also added hundreds of books, magazines and newspapers.

Nell’accezione the original eBook readers were designed exclusively for reading texts and began to draw up a technology called e-ink screens ie they were able to return text images only in shades of gray.

How does it work

Best Ebook Reader 2020: Buying Guide

As we have said before, the eBook is in effect a book through the computer was made available through digital and then a specific program.

The devices can be equipped with such software may be different: PC, PDA, tablet, ebook reader, and how many devices the technology will be able to invent to read digital texts.

The e-reader e-ink was studied because it can satisfy your user in emulating reading through the screen and a dedicated technology printing on paper by returning the pleasant and relaxing aspect that can give the reading a book in print.

The peculiarity is to be found in the screen, and in what is technically named “electronic ink” and the choice of the manufacturer of this device will not be backlit for their product does not cause eyestrain when reading reproducing the feel of the printed paper.

Basically how it works: a computer or a tablet was equipped with a pseudo lamp that illuminates the screen allowing the reader to see the characters on the screen; This choice, however, has the defect of eye strain as a beam of light directly affects the eye.

The electronic ink screen instead behaves exactly the opposite: the screen in this case does not emit light and therefore requires an environmental light source, whether natural or artificial, to illuminate and to allow the display of text as normally happens when we keep between our hands a real book.

Comparative table of the best ebook reader

Within this chart you can compare at a glance the best ebook reader for your needs.

How to choose the best ebook reader

Best Ebook Reader 2020: Buying Guide

To answer this question should be good to know the different options in the areas of:

These aspects in various combinations provide a device that will have to be as flexible as possible to the user’s needs and use that will do.

Screen and visual quality

As we have widely said main screen function of an eBook reader is to simulate the printed paper from one side and to allow extended use without straining the view to the other player.

The choice of the screen e-ink or even said digital ink has revolutionized the same concept of the screen and lighting: the idea was to create a digital product that resembles as much as possible to the printed paper thus renouncing to the backlight used by tablet or other portable devices in favor of quality and ease of reading.

The latest technologies used in the latest generation eBook reader is the Pearl E-ink and paper.

The first can be safely considered as an evolution of the E-ink display. From a strictly technical standpoint little change from the previous year, shows a significant improvement as regards the readability of the texts in the first version the background was dark with some speckle, the Pearl technology instead returns a lighter and less stained better drawing background quality in characters that are easier to read.

A further refinement and absolute latest digital ink technology is available with the E-Ink Paper. With darker blacks and one more white background And the reader equipping screens with technology Paper are 50% more contrast and a higher reflectivity that confirms a sense of image text cleanup unmatched.

Worthy of note and particularly suitable for a niche use the e-reader with LCD screen. If for those looking for reading a piece of literature or a narrative of the Book of E-Ink choice is forced, reading comic books or manga makes unrewarding experience to the absolute lack of color so if your passion is the story drew the choice must be characterized by a screen capable of restoring the color and excitement without any doubt the more appropriate is to LCD.

Looking to the future comes from the Chalmers University of Technology who seems to have devised a flexible material able to reproduce the colors of a normal LCD screen that will allow you to view images and high resolution texts.

Resolution and density of the text

A mention of the resolution and density of the text. So far we have talked about what features and what are the properties that must have an e-book reader. Obviously it is essential sharpness and resolution of text.

More we will have a high number of PPI (dots per inch) and the texts that we will see will be comparable with the same traditionally printed. So the higher the number of PPI and higher screen definition and consequently the image of text.

Useful to take into consideration the “change-page” system that can be run through a touch on the screen likewise through a book or through a dedicated key inserted into the device body.

Inches and sizes

When speaking of the screen size of a portable device must always evaluate two considerations: the adequacy of the dimensions must ensure on the one hand the ease of transport across a clear view of the contents without particularly eye strain.

Consider these two essential characteristics of the producers of the best E-Book Reader have opted for a smaller two standard 6-inch up to a maximum of 8 inches thus keeping unchanged the size of a portable book though decreasing much weight.

Obviously the eBook-reader will allow you to carry a considerable number of texts without taking up additional space.

supported formats

As we have frequently stated the ebook is a digital book, and as such it is saved as a file. The most common extensions for reading PDF files, E-PUB, AZV and Mobi.

In any case, the ebook can also be in these formats, less known or owners: BBeB, FB2, HTML, CHM, IMP, DOC, PRC, RTF, RB, LIT or written in plain text.

Most of the reading device is compatible with all formats except exceptions “authoritative”: Amazon Kindle for example, does not allow the opening of E-PUB file.

To all, however, there is no remedy: on the internet you can find the conversion programs can make readable incompatible files to the Kindle such as “Caliber”.

Last consideration should be placed on copyright: some e-Book called DRM can be viewed exclusively on smarcabili specific device through an Internet connection that authorizes its use.


A ebook reader can be equipped with USB ports for the most part mini or micro for data exchange or to recharge the battery of the camera body.

The wireless connectivity is guaranteed on all devices on the market for both upload digital books from specialized sites, both to operate updates useful for the good use of the device. Some products are also available in a version with WiFi and 4G, which requires the presence of the SIM card of the smartphones.

Autonomy and battery

Autonomy and the battery of the best ebook reader is the real strength: with a simple charge is also possible to reach weeks of use, not just a few hours.

Obviously, the battery life can vary greatly depending on the type and size, or by the presence of the backlight based on the data exchange with Wifi or cellular network, but the average length is about three weeks.

Ranking of the 10 best-selling e-book reader

Best Ebook Reader 2020: Buying Guide
Best Ebook Reader 2020: Buying Guide

Reviews of the best ebook reader

This is the list of the best ebook reader for April 2020:

Kindle (10th generation – model 2019)

For some time a winning standard, the Kindle has arrived to the tenth generation and improves performance continuously. It equipped with a large, natural-looking screen, which retains all the feeling of reading on paper.

Now comes with an integrated and adjustable front light, which makes it perfect for reading, both in indoor and outdoor environments, without any limit. The employed technology is advanced, with touch and anti-glare screen, specially designed to allow an easy and clear reading even in bright sunlight.

It is the lower-priced version, but with nothing to envy to those superiors. It has a large memory, 4GB and a good resolution for the image with 167 ppi, allowing you to see clear, crisp characters also distinct in the worst conditions.

It was designed to have a minimum consumption and the battery charge, under ordinary conditions of use. It arrives safely at full capacity in 4 hours with the high-power charger. It features WiFi connection for quick access to documents and the Cloud.

Kindle, now with built-in front light – with special offers – Black

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is one of the flagship products offered by Amazon regarding the reader field. The strengths are the large anti-glare screen 6 “which allows an easy reading, both in the dark than in full daylight, the memory capacity of 8 GB or 32 GB to contain a huge amount of books, but especially the fact that It has been designed to withstand fresh water.

It is a latest generation Kindle, designed to be used anywhere, even to the sea. With a definition of 330 PPI it allows you to easily distinguish the characters without straining the eye, with an impressive reading feeling. The case is designed to be shock proof, ideal for travel situations and holiday, all at a very attractive cost.

With WiFi you can access the cloud to download documents and try new eBook. With a single charge from 3 hours with a proper USB port, you can continue to employ the Kindle quietly for weeks, even in the presence of network connection, which is always possible to disable with a simple touch gesture.

Full review of the Kindle Paperwhite 2019.

Kindle Paperwhite, water resistant, high-resolution screen, 6 “, 8 GB, includes offerings …

Kindle Oasis (10th generation – model 2019)

It is currently the state with regard to the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch screen and a resolution of 300 PPI which allows the E-ink technology to give their best, with crisp and clear characters is an absolute readability.

With physical buttons called “Turn the page” that allow you to hold the device with one hand and continuously read, implements special controls to best fit the environment. It is in fact possible to adjust the brightness and hue of the screen to be easy on the eyes in the dark and do not fear direct sunlight.

It is made in a trial version of water and shockproof, with a memory capacity of 8 GB or 32 GB, WiFi or WiFi access and 4G FREE for be able to download all the e-book you want. Like the other Kindle has a charging time of about 3 hours from a common USB port of a laptop or via the dedicated charger that provide a range of use of many weeks without reduced performance. Read our full review.

Kobo Clara HD

It is a last generation Ebook-reader, with very advanced performance and power consumption minimized. Designed for greater ease of use, it is equipped with a wide and anti-glare screen, able to allow an easy reading and effortlessly, even under considerable ambient light conditions, as well as in the dark.

Implements an E-ink technology of the latest generation which allows to distinguish their own characters as the printed paper, with a 6-inch screen, made of scratch resistant material. With 8 GB of memory has a capacity of a huge storage, even if the high-speed WiFi connection makes it virtually immediate access to the cloud to acquire new material, or to read directly on-line, without the need to fill the memory in advance.

Compared to previous models it has changed the power button, now the pressure, instead of the slide. The charging time is around 3 hours with a standard USB port of the laptop or external battery charger, while the range is a few weeks.

Kobo Clara Hd Player E-Book

Kobo Libra H2O

Designed for convenient reading, this e-reader is equipped with an instrument panel for scrolling through pages of buttons, an alternative to using the touch screen. It has been designed to allow reading both vertically and horizontally, for maximum versatility and be used with one or two hands, thanks to its ergonomic grip.

The internal memory of 8 GBB can be expanded via flash, but the high degree of WiFi connectivity allows access to the cloud immediately with no need to add memory to hold more text.

The screen is designed to be scratch-resistant and anti-reflective especially, in such a way as to allow the use of the reader is in dimly lit environments and outside in full sunlight. Thanks to e-ink technology, the fonts are readable as paper, with high definition and less than 7 inches of space for text.

With just three hours to charge via computer USB or external power supply, you can use the reader for several weeks, with no drop in performance and the speed of the text.

Tolino Shine 2 HD

Designed for an audience that wants to always carry their own e-reader without too much trouble, it comes with a high definition screen E-ink technology and paper feeling with 300 ppi for the typeface.

The lighting is integrated and the anti-reflective surface, in such a way as to allow a reading without fatigue both in full sunlight and night in the dark. It has many built-in functions for font management, tracking notes via touch screen and especially a rechargeable battery in a short time, but which provides a range of up to 7 weeks.

Designed for frequent use, it is equipped with a 4Gb memory, suitable for those who prefer not to be distracted from a library too big, but love to immerse themselves in a relaxed and natural reading where better prefer. The reduced memory is however compensated by the speed of access to WiFi networks and thus to the cloud, so you can constantly update the content.

Tolino Shine 2 HD e-book reader

PocketBook Touch HD 3

E-reader that in very advanced 6-inch screen includes the best of technology. It is equipped with intelligent adjustment of color and brightness, to adapt the reading conditions to those of the environment, whether it is of darkness that of full sunlight.

Thanks to the anti-glare touch screen, allows a comfortable scrolling through pages and a very intuitive menu management. It supports 18 formats without conversion of books, 4 images and audio 2, with 16 GB of memory available to hold anything you want to take with you.

With built-in sensor detects the position for vertical and horizontal reading and especially with his IPX7 certification is not afraid bathtubs, beaches and crowded pools. Recharging takes place via the USB connector and if it is used only as e-reader, provides a range of several weeks, regardless of the format of the files stored in memory.

PocketBook InkPad 3 Pro

An e-reader with a huge 7.8 inch screen, which allows a reading like a paper book, thanks to a definition of 300 ppi. Implements E-ink technology for a real paper effect, which translated into performance means that, regardless of environmental conditions, the reading will always optimal, even in the case of direct sunlight.

It equipped with a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, offers smoother reading experience and a page turning smoothly and rendering issues.

It is meant to be waterproof and therefore ideal for use in the pool, as well as on the beach and even in the bath. It allows the reading of more than 19 formats of books, as well as four of images and 3 in relation to audiobooks. It was charged into about 3 hours with a USB socket of a laptop or an external power supply, ensuring several weeks of continuous use as a reader and the ability to engage to WiFi networks to acquire new text.

The internal sensor automatically adjusts the orientation of the rows based on the position of the screen and can be set for both right-handed use that left-handed, with free configuration of the keys.

FAQs and FAQs

The ebook reader is waterproof?

Yes, some ebook readers have IPX7 and IPX8 certified, which guarantee a good water resistance and thus you can use them in the pool, the sea or in the bathtub.

What is the best screen size?

The thumbs of an ebook reader range from 6 “to 8”. Users prefer the devices with at least 7 “, thanks to the response of the market to offer a greater variety of devices that offer a screen e-ink even with 300 PPI.

What are the best brands?

The best companies that have designed, manufactured and marketed the best ebook reader are four: Amazon (with the Kindle series), Kobo, Tolino and Pocketbook.

The e-book reader can be used to read manga and comics?

Yes, some devices are used to read manga and comics. However, at the time of purchase we must consider the format compatibility with the ebook reader.

Are there color ebook reader?

Yes, there are designated ebook reader with LCD display that faithfully reproduce the colors of a picture book, manga and comics.

You need to buy a cover?

Generally it is always advisable to buy a cover for a technological product. When looking for the right cover is important to assess whether the latter will go to undermine the ergonomics of the device, facilitating or disrupting the handle and thus the experience of using the product.

Conclusions and final considerations

I hope this guide will be helpful and can direct to a weighted purchase of your eBook Reader choosing the one that best fits your individual needs.

Like books in general to be a witness to a moment of culture, knowledge or simply relaxing at any time of the day with the added convenience that only a technological object can guarantee.

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