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Best fryer Air 2020: Buying Guide

Within this page you can see a real buyer’s guide of the best air fryer on the market today.

Later, you’ll find useful information and details on the basis of any other model on the market, you will find the technical characteristics of each one so as to have a broad overview on the appliance that you must purchase to meet your every need.

When you’re at the stove in the kitchen, in fact, it is necessary that you take into account the use of machinery and devices that allow you to cook in a genuine way, safeguarding the health and why not, trying to obtain significant savings compared to margins’ use of a conventional fryer.

What is it and what is it

Best Fryer Air 2020: Buying Guide

The air fryer is a modern appliance very useful in the kitchen and is able to cook food using the circulating hot air within a cooking chamber well sealed.

Innovative and great technical potential, is able to act like a traditional fryer, offering to those who daily use the opportunity to cook food in a completely healthy, than is normally the case using a classic fryer.

Since it does not require oil to fry the foods that you want to cook, it is the high point of technological innovation that does not stop its growth, leading many consumers, especially those that are particularly fans of the latest trends, to make the best use modern products which ensure reliability, the maximum performance and, at the same time, a guaranteed safety.

How does it work

Best Fryer Air 2020: Buying Guide

Since the air fryer requires no oil for frying foods in the right way, this appliance allows all those who use it on a daily basis to benefit from an economic return to be reckoned with.

Using a classic deep fryer, in fact, to cook food it takes gas to heat the pan, olive oil, extra virgin olive or vegetable oil and possibly the detergent and then wash as it is soiled. Rather than use a traditional fryer is preferable to a food processor.

With the air fryer you can forget a good part of this spending, since it is able to function simply by exploiting the air circulating in the chamber, making crunchy foods outside and soft inside absolutely.

A simple and intuitive menu, the vast majority of cases placed on the front of the body, can be used by everyone in the full benefit.

Thus, foods not considered to be one hundred percent healthy like French fries, cutlets, breaded eggplant, meatballs, etc can be eaten in peace.

Ranking of the best selling air fryer

Best Fryer Air 2020: Buying Guide
Best Fryer Air 2020: Buying Guide
Best Fryer Air 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose an air fryer

Shape and size

The fryers to currently commercially available air have shaped and fairly small in size, just to give a chance to those who use them several times a week, of being able to place inside your kitchen, while not giving up huge amounts of space.

Best, then, they have a fine design to the smallest detail (even the eye wants its part), but above all they have a rather elongated shape, ideal for use where better you see fit with minimal effort by the family cook.

The classic basket that in the classical fryers plugs directly into the oil, in the case of hot air fryer, is embedded inside the appliance, so as to save more space you have available in the kitchen.


Before buying an air fryer suitable for any type of requirement, it is good to evaluate different parameters.

One of these is, without doubt, one relating to the basket loading mode in which cook food.

Ascertained the commercial availability of different models of appliances of this type, it is possible to choose between two types of fryers that are equipped with horizontal or vertical loading mode.

Seen that the horizontal loading provides for the extraction of the basket (usually from the front part of the device), a fryer equipped with vertical loading can be perfect if you want to save even more space within the kitchen.

The basket is, in this case, removable vertically, so as to ensure a footprint practically nil by the appliance as a whole.


Most of the hot air fryers have a large display, thanks to which those who use it can verify the various cooking mode based on the food present inside the drum.

Using a very high temperature to ensure a uniform cooking to the food, the appliance has a knob, through which you set different functionalities.

Thus, the cooking of french fries, ribs, meatballs, eggplant breaded, fried anchovies and so on and so forth, can be fully tuned before the fryer starts to do his duty.

In the last exit models, you can also set special features such as automatic shutdown and timer.


The power of the fryer can be a subjective fact, but also indicative of the consumption of electric energy that is necessary to properly feed the appliance.

Generally, it is possible to buy fryers that exploit a maximum power of 1400 Watt or greater than that in any case guarantee reliability, safety and guarantees the operation of each part of the instrument mechanics.

In light of its findings, it can be said that the finally to modern air fryer is capable of functioning in the same manner of an electric oven, using the same power and similar technical characteristics.

Convenience and cleanliness

An innovative design, shape and dimensions that fit perfectly to every type of context sufficient to define a hot air fryer as a real practical and simple appliance to clean.

You can place the machine where it is considered appropriate, being very versatile and easy to use.

With regard to the cleaning, it all comes down to the extraction of the basket and the washing of each component of the machine in an accurate and precise.

Best fryers air

This is the list of the best fryers air of 2020:

Fryer an economic air (max 60 €)

The hot air fryer Aicok is the most purchased of the economic price range. With over 260 positive reviews and 128 questions answered, we can say without a doubt that this product is the most appreciated by users on Amazon and elsewhere. It is safe due to the closed heating system is easy to use thanks to a handle very comfortable and in place menus on the top and suitable for the whole family thanks to a 3.5 liter capacity. Suitable for the needs of 4-5 people.

Aicok Hot Air Fryer, Fryer without oil, temperature and time Adjustable, Low-oil and …

The Ram 4615 is a compact air fryer that allows you to fry in a healthy way, using only one tablespoon of oil, removing 80% of fat. It is very simple to use: just insert the food, switch on the timer and set the right temperature. Not dirty, it does not emit odors and is easy to clean: the cheapest fryer does not disappoint the market.

Aries 4615 Airy Mini Fryer, Fryer to air without oil, 1000 W, Capacity 2 Liters, Easy to …

The air fryer Airfryer XXL fry, grill, roast and heart of numerous types of dishes. It is available in various versions which differ from the capacity: 3.2 liter, 3.6 liter, 5.2 liter and 12 liters. Overall it’s a great product, safe, easy to use and comes with all the protections against overheating.

Fryer Hot Air Without Oil Airfryer XXL 3.6 Lt Fry cooks roasts so natural and …

With 7 preset programs, cook your favorite dishes will be no problem with Fryer Tidylife Multifunction. It is a device that can replace ovens, microwave, grill, non-stick pans and traditional fryer. Buy a multifunction product like this means risparmaire time and money. Reduces 85% of fats derived from frying food, it is easy to clean and safe for everyday use: a product to buy with your eyes closed!

Tidylife to Air Fryer, Fryer 3.5L Oil Free with 7 Smart Programs Pre-set, …

Air Fryer mid-range (up to 100 €)

The best-selling air fryer is the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL 182020. 1,500 watts of power that are combined with 3.2 liters capacity: easy to use, boasts the presence of numerous features including digital interface and durable parts that can be inserted in the dishwasher. Can grilling, roasting and cook your favorite dishes, but with fewer calories than normal, due to the possibility of reducing the 85% fat. A product to be considered absolutely.

The real selling point of this product is its capacity: 5.5 lt. A capacity of the genre allows you to cook a large chicken; also perfect for parties, family gatherings and situations in which there is to cooking for a large number of people. The 7 preset functions make using this device a real no-brainer, even more so if you take a cue from the many recipes included in the cookbook multilingual in the box. The LCD screen and the guarantee come together to provide a product to be evaluated for purchase.

Innsky Fryer 5.5L hot air 8 Functions Preset + Pause / Resume Function cookbook …

This air fryer 3.2 Digital lt allows a frying healthy, presents 7 cooking preset models and is washable in a dishwasher. It’s quick and easy to use, and capacity is perfect for cooking at one time for the whole family. The Breeze Pro is the brand leader in the home care industry and household appliances: one more reason to consider purchasing this device.

Breeze Pro Fryer to Air-XL 3.2L -Without Oil Hot Air-Touch Display and 7 Programs …

Fryer high-end air (over € 100)

The HD9216 / 80 fryer made by Philips enjoys a patented technology which consists in a hot air turbines inside the cooker for frying, grilling and baking. A high quality product at a fair price. To cook in a healthy, yet tasty, this is the product which meets the needs of all. The innovative design, the timer with temperature control and multi-tasking capabilities make this the best fryer on the market.

The fryer Habor HBCP122ABEU is a high-end product, perfect for all those who wish to buy the best at a fair price. Compared to conventional products on the market, this device is equipped with 1 knob with Touchscren LCD: a rarity for such products. The 5.5 liter family-size capacity, 7 preset functions and high-quality materials and dishwasher safe fryer make this one of the best on the market.

Habor OMORC Fryer to Air 5,5L, 1300g Recipe Italian Thermal Insulation 1800W Fryer …

Air Fryers divided by brand

You want to choose the best air fryer according to the brand? Read on to identify the brand that most prefer and view the top three best-selling models

Philips Air Fryer to

Fryer Air De Longhi

Fryer Silvercrest to air

Fryer Tefal to air

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