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Best headphones noise canceling 2020: Buying Guide

Inside this guide you will find out how to choose the best noise canceling headphones of 2020.

Listen to music without being disturbed by environmental noise is possible, wearing a pair of noise canceling headphones, thanks to a particular operating system, are in fact able to delete sounds from outside.

In the following suggestions, you will find a guide to know all the information about this special type of headphones and choose the most suitable to you.

What are they and what are they

Best Headphones Noise Canceling 2020: Buying Guide

The noise canceling headphones are equipped with a special active noise cancellation technology and permit, as well, only to hear what is playing inside the headphones, without allowing interference from common sounds in the environment where you are.

Very effective on constant noise and the low constant frequency (from, for example, by means of transport), the new generation of noise canceling headphones, thanks to digital technology, are also capable of filtering to perfection the irregular sounds, eliminating any external sound interference.

How do they work

Best Headphones Noise Canceling 2020: Buying Guide

The mechanism at the basis of the system is quite simple: is produced by superimposing a sound wave to that of the sound is not wanted, so as to reduce or cancel it altogether.

This technology, referred to as “active noise canceling system”, definition often abbreviated with the acronym ANC, uses an electronic circuit and a microphone which pick up the sound wave of environmental noise, and generating a destructive interference, are unable to feel any sound outside the one being played in the headphones.

The versatility of this type of headphones also consists in the opportunity to independently manage the noise cancellation, which means that you can use the headset by activating the function when needed or disabling it in environments where it is superfluous.

Comparative table of the best headphones with noise reduction

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How to choose the best noise canceling headphones

The market offers a wide variety of headphones with noise reduction and for that reason it is not simple to navigate and therefore choose the ideal product for those who are the needs of every day.

If you read on you you’ll discover brief insights essential for those who have to buy a new model and needs information.

of the noise reduction Performance

The noise canceling headphones are in different formats, with different characteristics that impact and, indeed, focus on the ability to neutralize the ambient noise.

A first distinction is between headphones “open” and “closed”: the first, lighter and more comfortable to wear, offer a clearer internal sound reproduction. Those “closed”, conversely, they are more insulating, but also heavier; Also, in the sound, the bass tend to be more pronounced.

A second classification distinguishes the headphones “on ear” those “over ear”. The first rest directly on the ear, are less insulation but more manageable.

More common format “over-ear” (or “around-ear”), which completely surrounds the ear and provides excellent insulation, erasing almost all external sounds, even the most strong.

It detects also the year of production: the technology of the most modern devices is different than older systems, which were restricted to neutralize the lowest tones and they were not very efficient in erasing those higher and more acute. The evolution of the active cancellation system has ensured that the newer models are able to eliminate all noise, constant or not, in the environment.

Technical features

In very intuitive, the most effective system you have to evaluate the audio quality and performance of noise canceling headphones you want to buy it … try them. And this especially because the sounds are perceived by each of us differently.

However, there are some objective parameters that allow you to evaluate the accuracy in the sound heard.

The frequency response is the range of frequencies that the headphones are able to reproduce. Keep in mind that the human ear perceives an average of from 20 to 20 thousand Hertz, but this measurement varies depending on the personal sensitivity and age.

Most commercially headphones are capable of reproducing these measures but, if you want a higher sound quality, you may want to try a couple of the larger answer: the most sophisticated models can also get to cover a spectrum of frequencies ranging from 5 to 40 thousand Hertz.

The extension of the frequency response is also conditioned by the presence or less of the power cord; vice versa, the transmission in Bluetooth it usually leads to a reduction, which limits the acoustic performance.

The “driver” is the speaker contained within each pavilion and is composed of a metal resistance and a cone that allows the diffusion of sound waves, whose diameter is particularly important: in fact, a wider area of ​​propagation of sound waves increases the quality of the sound and this is especially true for low tones, which, having longer sound wave, require a greater surface area to spread.

For example, a headset equipped with a 50 mm drivers provide a bass reproduction better than a model with a 35 mm driver: Keep in mind these data, at the time of choice, because the sensitivity of headphones relatively low tones affect the overall quality the reproduced sound. The standard models of headphones noise canceling mountain average of 40 mm diameter driver, while those from 50 mm will be able to find only in high-end products.

Another data provided in the speaker correlation is one that fits the headphone sensitivity, expressed in decibels and indicates the maximum volume reproduced. On average, the noise canceling headphones have a sensitivity of 90-110 dB, and if you consider that a vacuum cleaner has a noise level of 80 dB, you can get an idea of ​​the benefits that an integrated noise cancellation system can offer, in listening level.

The impedance, finally, relates to the “cleansing” and the clarity of sound: it is a value expressed in ohms and represents the resistance that meets when the sound passes through the “driver” and, in practice, it is “filtered” and spread from the speaker with the right frequencies. The higher the resistance that meets the sound, the better its quality.

The average impedance of noise canceling headphones most widespread on the market is equal to 32 ohms and provides a good clearness. I advise you not drop below this parameter or risk speakers deliver mediocre considering that professional models and the higher end have impedance levels that can exceed 150 Ohm.

By contrast, there is to say that the higher the impedance, the lower will be the playback volume because the resistance, filtering the sound, also affects the overall volume, reducing it. To overcome this drawback, some models are integrated with an additional amplifier.

With cable, bluetooth or radio

Virtually all models of noise canceling headphones on the market are wireless and are powered via a battery; almost all use the Bluetooth protocol to connect to the “source” device, which is a smart phone, a PC, a tablet or TV. Here the best bluetooth headsets.

The same applies to the presence of the microphone, which is necessary to enable the cancellation system activates and indispensable in a type of headphones designed for mobility. In some models you will find that this feature is called “Ambient Sound” and represents an increase of sounds that allows you to have greater personal perception.

Although most of the noise canceling headphones do not involve the use of power cables, you can find some model that is provided, particularly suitable for use on the road (for example, by air, to connect to the connectors), or to connect with a particular device, such as a player or a stereo. In almost all cases, however, the cable is detachable, while also providing wireless use.

Related to the absence of cable is also the factor that relates to the commands: generally the physical buttons present in the noise canceling headphones are positioned on pavilions, also to facilitate the management of the reproduction; especially in the most technologically advanced models, the commands are often in “touch”.

More rare and less widespread a type of noise canceling headphones which works in radio transmission, or by connecting, without wires, to a transmitter base. Designed especially for home use, if you want to connect for example to a stereo or TV, normally this headphone does not have phone capability, but only playback.

Battery life

The newly developed batteries provide considerable autonomy and a charging time rather quickly, which still varies in different types of connectivity, or in models dual use option with / without cable.

Normally, the batteries of corded models, compared with greater autonomy, have longer to recharge.

Design is materials

As for the structural aspects, the noise canceling headphones are mostly designed to meet the comfort together with versatility. The models “over-ear”, completely enclosing the ear in the pavilion, are rather bulky, and their average weight, which stood at 200/250 g, makes them uncomfortable, especially prolonged use.

For this, both the pavilions that the bow almost always are carefully lined and padded, the dual purpose of favoring user convenience and to improve its acoustic isolation capabilities.

Important also to evaluate the adaptability of the headset, then check that the headband is adjustable, that the pavilions both tilting or swivel, in such a manner as to assume an inclination that naturally adapts to the face and head of the person who uses it.

Profit for the function of the built-in commands: more numerous are the options provided, the higher will be the cuff performance, because in addition to that of the noise cancellation, which gives them connotation, can also be managed in an optimal manner other additional features which increase the level quality of the product.

Designed and created for mobility, noise canceling headphones may be supplied with accessories useful for the transport and storage case: more or less rigid boxes that allow you to carry them around or put them in your suitcase without fear of finding them damaged.

They may have a foldable form on themselves, thus being more practical and less bulky: as an alternative to headphones, Bluetooth headsets are also available with integrated active noise cancellation function, which can significantly facilitate the use in motion and that have a high autonomy thanks to the rechargeable battery contained in the pouch.

Notwithstanding that the various Bluetooth and wireless connections are those that offer a higher functionality, also the different types of cable are to be assessed with care: those anti entanglement, with predominantly spiral shape, are particularly practical and will simplify you very life every time you want to take your headphones to use them.

Accessories such as an adapter used for connectivity by air and cables of different lengths, for both power and for recharging the battery, are ultimately very useful and allow a more rational and flexible use of your noise canceling headphones.

Ranking of headphones with active noise reduction bestselling

Best Headphones Noise Canceling 2020: Buying Guide
Best Headphones Noise Canceling 2020: Buying Guide
Best Headphones Noise Canceling 2020: Buying Guide

Reviews of the best noise canceling headphones

This is the list of the best headphones with noise canceling 2020:

Sony WH-1000XM3 Cuffie Wireless Over-Ear con HD Noise Cancelling

Sony WH-1000XM3 is a very interesting model headphones, produced by famous Japanese company Sony. They are well made from a structural point of view, very comfortable headphones, read (about 250 grams), with soft ear pavilions, and with specific touch controls on the latter to change song, answer a call, lower / raise volume.

Just the fact of being of wireless headphones is a strong point of this model, thus abandoning the awkward and increasingly less used headphones with wires. You can connect to your device, smartphone or computer via NFC communications, wired or Bluetooth technology. The battery is very large, with an estimated duration of 30 hours and rapid charging in just 10 minutes.

A highlight of Sony WH-1000XM3 is QN1 HD processor, which allows to effectively eliminate all noise and external interference, as well as optimize the sound even at high altitudes, such as when you are traveling on a plane. If you travel often on the latter half due to business / pleasure and like to relax listening to music quality, this model is for you.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Cuffie Wireless, Over-Ear con HD Noise Cancelling, Microfono per Phone-Call, Alexa…

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones II Wireless / Wired

Bose QuietComfort 35 II is among the US company Bose headsets Bestsellers and appreciated worldwide. They are headphones that you can connect to your device either by cable or through wireless with Bluetooth technology.

The quality sound reproduction is excellent, thanks to three levels of noise canceling or reduction of noise and interference from outside. This mechanism does not damage the sound quality in playback. It also has two well structured microphones to isolate the voice, if you want to answer a call and speak directly from the headset.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II can be connected to Virtual Assistants Assistant Amazon Alexa and Google, to ask questions, ask to make a call or simply play music.

They can be purchased on Amazon in three different colors, namely black, silver and pink. The design on the whole is very stylish, comfortable and convenient.

Sony MDR-XB950N1B Cuffie Wireless

Compared to earlier, the Sony MDR-XB950N1B are slightly cheaper price on Amazon. The design of this model is very sporty and modern with a color (black or dark green) very metallic. It should be noted that present some metal elements, for greater resistance to shock and falls.

Overall I am very comfortable and well-padded circular pavilions and two buttons, one to raise and lower the volume of music or calls, and the other to pause a song, skip to the next and so on. They’re obviously wireless headphones can be connected to devices using Bluetooth technology, plus also have NFC.

The highlight of the Sony MDR-XB950B1B is obviously the sound quality, very high and with great relief bass thanks to Extra Bass feature. If you are fond of these musical instruments, these headphones are for you. Moreover, thanks to technology with noise canceling all external noise are greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated, creating a real acoustic insulation.

Energy Headphones BT Travel 7 ANC

The headphones Energy BT Travel Headphones 7 ANC are a lot cheaper than the previous model, a medium-low.

They have a very simple and minimalist design, sold only in classic black color. Nevertheless, they have excellent technical characteristics and are recommended for those who want to listen to music at a good level and without external interference, thanks to the Active Noise Canceling function.

Other interesting aspects of Energy Headphones with active noise reduction are the battery, with a great autonomy of 18 hours and the small buttons present in the outer part of the pavilions, to pause and increase / decrease the volume. Overall, therefore, they are good headphones, even considering the price they have, but lower than those described above.

Energy Headphones BT Travel 7 ANC (Active Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth, Control Talk, Foldable,…

Apple AirPods Pro

We’ve all heard of at least once these headphones, created by Apple, the famous US company based in Cupertino. The Apple Pro AirPods differ from all those that we have described here as they are not headphones “over-head”, or with the stick that goes over the head and joins two large pavilions.

They are simple wireless headphone smartphone with a small earphone in the ear and a small splint.

You certainly a very stylish design, comfortable and above all functional, because you can directly activate the headset two specific functions:

Officially, the Apple Pro AirPods only work on Apple devices, like the iPhone, but it’s also possible to couple them using Bluetooth technology Android smartphone. Finally, another strong point of these headphones is the battery, with 24 hours of autonomy for wireless charging and carrying case.

Sony WH-CH700 Cuffie Wireless Over-Ear con Noise Cancelling e Alexa

Even this model, such as the Energy Headphones above, is part of the medium-low range of this sector. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1 technology and also allow you to stay in voice call, thanks to the integrated microphone.

The design is quite compact and sporty, with a steel frame and plastic coating. This brings great resistance to falls and bumps but slightly increases the weight.

The Sony WH-CH700 can be purchased on Amazon in the only black color, and do not have, unlike the others, touch buttons to manage the process more quickly. Very interesting is the battery, which ensures no less than 35 hours of battery life, and the digital external noise reduction, thanks to Ainc one push function.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

We conclude with a wireless headset model high-end. The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 have been released on the market not long ago, specifically last August. Compared to previous models of the line, it makes a number of innovations. E ‘can connect them efficiently with the various Virtual Assistants, including Alexa, Assistant Siri and Google.

The efficiency of the calls are certified by the presence of four microphones. The big news, though, is the insertion of small touch controls on the external parts of the pavilions, where you can stop or restart a song, increase and decrease the volume, skip to the next song and so on.

The design is definitely a strong point of the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700, thanks to a stainless steel headband is very convenient and lightweight and inclined to pavilions, which provide excellent fit and comfort to the ears during extended listening, without any possible hassles or redness.

E ‘can also customize listening with eleven levels of noise reduction, with two choices: to eliminate outside sounds and noises coming, or, conversely, delete sounds from inside and focus on those coming from the outside environment . A very similar to Apple AirPods Pro. The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 also implemented a special and useful function, Bose AR.

It has a browser-like operation, because thanks to sensors integrated in the headset can locate us and give us information on directions to reach the preset location. To conclude, this model has a USB Type-C port for charging, the audio jack of 3.5 mm and a battery with about 20 hours of autonomy.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, Nero (Black), con Alexa integrata

Best noise canceling headphones by brand

Best Sony noise canceling headphones

Best noise canceling Bose headphones

Best Sennheiser noise canceling headphones

FAQs and FAQs

How to spot a good model of headphones with noise canceling?

To choose a headset with active noise cancellation must consider some important parameters, such as: the overall performance of the noise reduction, the main technical characteristics, the presence of cables (bluetooth or radio), the battery life, the design of the product and the materials used.

How much costs a headset with noise canceling?

A headphone having the active noise reduction can have different costs according to the technical characteristics: The base price starts at € 50,00 for the truly entry-level models; from 100,00 € 200,00 € you can buy the cheaper models but generally of good quality and only from 200,00 € to rise, they buy the really good products.

They are compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa?

Certainly, some models like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II or Sony MDR-XB950N1B have an unusual feature: in them is already a voice assistant. More and more devices are compatible with screen readers, such as Pro AirPods that match perfectly with the Apple ecosystem.

Conclusions and final considerations

Deciding to buy a pair of noise canceling headphones may be the idea that revolutionizes the way you listen to music or make any other kind of mobile broadband: the most technologically advanced models are compact and heavy, very functional and versatile and have frequent use refers to different occasions, of course, in relation to the individual’s personal habits.

By visiting the online commerce sites, you can now find various models of noise canceling headphones, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Although it is true that in a physical store you can physically come into contact with the product, by visiting an online site you still have the chance to see and compare different types of noise canceling headphones, plus the opportunity to take a cue from opinions and reviews left by consumers.

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