Best Humidifier Environments 2020: Buying Guide

Best humidifier environments 2020: Buying Guide

The buyer’s guide to the best humidifier for rooms will help you step by step in choosing the ideal device for your home. If you read on you you will find all the information you will need when choosing the perfect product to buy.

The more modern approach to the climate in the apartments facing the small disadvantages, in particular the fact that more and more air is treated through air conditioning systems, partly losing the moisture necessary to create a healthy environment.

Humidifiers are used to restore optimal levels and allow a comfortable life. If you are looking for a good humidifier can improve the air quality in your apartment, you can discover all there is to know about these devices.

What is it and what is it

Best Humidifier Environments 2020: Buying Guide

A humidifier TaoTronics brand environment.

A humidifier is a system that restores the physiological humidity levels inside our apartments. In particular it is used in the case of air conditioning systems, which for their technological peculiarities tend to make it dry.

It is an intelligent device that can be integrated into a home automation system and which restores the optimal level of relative humidity with a 21 degree temperature was expected to reach between 40% and 60%. A humidifier for environments provides to atomize, with various systems a certain amount of water present in its tank, in order to assure not to risk dryness of mucous membranes and unpleasant sensations.

How does it work

Best Humidifier Environments 2020: Buying Guide

A humidifier according to environment.

Humidifiers are used for a long time, even if the older versions are simply ceramic evaporators, which are hooked to the radiators and have a passive behavior towards moisture levels. Simply the air contained in the tank evaporates according to the heat emitted by the heating.

The problem with these old humidifiers is that you can not make optimum control and therefore often are not very useful. The modern humidifiers are equipped with a system of sensors that can also be connected to the home automation network and which allows to adjust their efficiency according to the actual need.

The water is atomized in the air in various ways, but the 3 most common are boiling, ultrasonic and evaporation. These technologies allow to introduce controlled levels of relative humidity in an environment and each offer different advantages.

Comparative table of the best environments for humidifier

How to choose the best humidifier for rooms

Choosing the best humidifier for rooms according to their homes is simple, but only if you really know the field in which these devices operate. If you read on you you will discover the Buyer’s Guide which will make you fully aware of the product you’re going to buy.

Type of Humidifier

As already mentioned above, there are three types of humidifiers. Let’s find out the main differences, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages.

Best Humidifier Environments 2020: Buying Guide

A humidifier to boiling environment.

The first type that is hot, it is quite simple in its operation: the water contained inside the tank is at a high temperature range, namely up to boiling temperature and produces a continuous flow of steam.

It is particularly well suited to wet environments for persons with cough and cold so it is ideal for example to follow in areas where there are children, who are affected particularly the conditioned climate.

In addition to keeping hydrated mucous membranes it has a slightly sfiammante effect, if there are respiratory problems related to seasonal ills.

In the tank these humidifiers you can also add a few drops of essential oils to soothe a little ‘cold symptoms. The main drawback, however, is the cost of management, because they have a high energy consumption compared to the yield, in terms of vapor pressure.

Best Humidifier Environments 2020: Buying Guide

An environment ultrasonic humidifier.

The second solution is constituted by a cold ultrasonic humidifiers. Inside the tank is a device which generates high frequency sound waves that atomize the water present inside, without raising the temperature and convey it to a pressure effect outside.

The main difference compared to those hot is that the emitted humidity temperature is about the environment, so even if placement in a bedroom of a child there is no risk if the ‘ humidifier be overthrown, because the water that comes out is cold.

Again you can add essences and oils in the tank, to help alleviate a little ‘cold symptoms.

According to some, however, the fact that the evaporation takes place through the use of ultrasound could introduce a component of noise pollution in the environment. This phenomenon would be particularly influential on sleep of children who, having more sensitive ears, they could try a little ‘discomfort in some cases.

Best Humidifier Environments 2020: Buying Guide

Humidifier evaporation.

The humidifier evaporation operates at cold and exploits the combination of several principles, including the capillarity and the ability to induce the passage of water vapor using a forced ventilation system. The water is introduced into a porous grid on the move and is dispersed by turbulent flow.

This type of humidifier is usually used in environments quite large because for technological issues are considerable sized objects when compared with other models.

The main advantages are the fact that it can handle higher volumes is the moisture is introduced cold, which inhibits the formation of mold, for example, both inside the humidifier that in areas near to the installation point.

The big disadvantage compared to other solutions, beyond the dimensions it is the consumption, because there are motors movement and of course the background noise, that no matter how low it is still maintained presente.Questo, however, true for large models.

Autonomy and performance

The various models have autonomy linked to the type of power supply of the power system and the size of the tank. On average with a humidifier to a boil it has a very high consumption, due to the fact that resistances are used to generate the heat necessary for the evaporation, with an average power of around 400 watts.

The hot humidifiers guarantee with a 4-liter tank between 12 and 15 hours of idling service. similar performance is obtained with the ultrasonic humidifiers, but the main difference, with the same tank, is in consumption, because there is head between 30W and 40W.

Finally, those evaporation the power depends on the size. For smaller models 50W or 60W are common, but you can get to very high powers in the case of high to humidify rooms cubing systems that require more powerful engines.

Capabilities and Features

If you’re going to choose a good humidifier setting is very useful to know the features and performance, especially in terms of integrability in your home automation control network.

Almost all models, even the older ones, are equipped with a timer. This allows you to keep relative humidity levels, saving energy, because you keep the humidifier turned on only for the time needed.

An essential component to guide your choice is the presence of the adjustment of the moisture content, which is essential in order to live an environment optimized to suit your needs. Thanks to the intelligent interfaces will be able to adjust the switching on or off the humidifier to the achievement of the optimal thresholds, acting in particular from the point of view of emission power or the steam pressure.

Very often this component works together with a sensor that checks the moisture present, in order to use your humidifier on an ongoing basis according to your optimal program.

Some models also have available control for night mode, so you can choose the most appropriate level during the day, where you are moving more and less affected by moisture of any disadvantages, which overnight. Having an excess of moisture continued during sleep is not an optimal resting condition. With this system you can then decide to manage the device even during the night.

By consulting the technical specifications of your humidifier I could find out if it is compatible or not with the use of essential oils. Some models require to be loaded exclusively with distilled water and because of their structure does not tolerate the presence of oils or other contaminants, which would put at risk the integrity of the sprinkler system.

This is especially true in the case in which it exploits the capillarity of a given material. In some cases also the evaporative humidifiers, however, allow the use of oils but require a replacement of the most frequent filter.


Like any common use device, the humidifier also needs a certain degree of maintenance depending on the type and model. In general in a humidifier you must be provided to sanitize the reservoir with a certain frequency, to prevent it from forming on the inside of mold or bacteria colonies.

In the case of hot humidifiers it may also be necessary to clean the limestone that accumulates, often risking to clog the nozzles especially in the case that the water used is not perfectly demineralized.

With regard to the evaporative humidifiers, periodically you will need to replace the system of capillary filters, both because in the long run they wear out and get ruined due to mineral salts present in the water or of oils, both because they can accommodate bacterial colonies.

Depending on the model the filter can be disinfected several times before replacing it, and with very few exceptions there are no compatible components for major brands and you have to necessarily take the originals.

Best environment humidifiers

Ultrasonic Humidifier Environment TaoTronics

Among the best moisturizers for the environment Ultrasound stands out TaoTronics, a highly accurate model that can provide all interessatila chance to use them in a very quick and easy.

The TaoTronics, in fact, proved to be one of those humidifiers that can be used with great effectiveness and flexibility. Not surprisingly, nowadays it is used successfully by a large range of different people who take advantage because of his immense and indisputable effectiveness. With this modifier you can set the humidity level and make sure that happens vaporization.

The operation is 100% silent, not feeling anything. However, after the tank is filled with water, necessary to close the knob. Also, whenever you have to change the water before it becomes necessary to empty the water present at the base. All this adds a built-in timer, the anion mode, the LED display and rolling stock spout 360 °.

Ultrasonic Humidifier Environment TaoTronics, Air Purifier, Large Capacity 4L, LED Display, …

Ultrasonic Humidifier Ionizer – 1 BY ONE

The model One by One is extremely quiet, so much so that even we often forget to have him in the room. This makes it one of those devices that are well adapted to a wide range of different needs and nowadays represent the top of the mid-market. In addition to ensuring the full, total and complete silence, it avoids everything about odor, air dry, cracked skin and so on.

Not coincidentally, it is also one of those devices that are able to humidify any dry place. In addition to having the highest quality, also it includes a long burn. It is one of those devices that have been made of high-grade materials. It does not include any plastic that is not healthy and has a 2.8-liter container that can vaporize at full power for about 10 hours straight. Inside is a filter and a sphere with the charge useful negative ions to clean the air in the room.

Finally, you can not just forget everything that concerns a 7-color lamp and a diffuser of aromas.

1 BY ONE Ultrasonic Humidifier Ionizer 2.8 L, Cold Mist, Silent and 7 LED colors, …

Homasy Humidifiers Environments 2.5 L

Among the best moisturizers for the house you can not forget even for all that concerns the model co Hosay the 2.5 liter tank. The humidifier in question is that cold mist and has a range of well 30 hours. Using it is easy: just add drops of essential oil to the water in the tank, and then press a button.

Everything else will be done by the humidifier itself. Its operation is almost instantaneous, because the water is vaporized very quickly. To all this we add as many as 7 colors mood light as well as a highly functional design, beautiful and functional.

Using this humidifier can set the fog levels (they are 2) or enter sleep mode: either way you can take advantage of good opportunities. If I wanted to, you can also use the automatic shutdown feature.

Homasy Humidifier Environment Children 2.5L, Ultrasonic Humidifier Top Fill, 28dB …

Imetec Living Air HU-100 Compact Humidifier

Looking for a compact humidifier, beautiful and elegant? Then you can not just ignore everything about Imetec Living Ari HU-100. It is a device with a large capacity, capable of operating continuously for 9 hours.

Unlike other similar devices, which emit a lot of steam to time, this accessory is very useful to emit steam continuously. And if I wanted to, you may also adjust the steam output according to your needs and requirements. Among his other peculiarities you can not really forget everything about double insulation tank complete with a security tamper device and a beautiful tray for fragrances and essence. Surely it is a great product for those looking for high quality humidifiers at a good cost.

Philips HU4706 / 11 of Air Humidifier

The Philips HU4706 / 11 humidifier model includes the technological NanoCloud for natural evaporation hygienically much safer. Thanks to this technology, the humidified air contains 99% of bacteria in less thanks to this ultrasound technology.

To all this it also adds increased flexibility thanks to the presence of different modes of operation, including that room and that silent. Unlike other similar devices on the market, this model does not produce nor any white mist, nor does ultrasound. For this is definitely one of those devices that need to evaluate the purchase if you want access to an accessory of extremely high quality.

Suffice it to say, that this device even includes an entire protection system useful just everything related to the air sanitizing. In addition, the system is able to tell people when to replace the filter. The tank is of 1.3 liters and can easily extract to be cleaned or filled.

Philips HU4706 / 11 of Air Humidifier with NanoCloud Technology Natural evaporation, 1.3 L

Philips HU4803 / 01 of Air Humidifier with Technology NanoCloud

Finally among the best moisturizers on the market you can not really forget everything about the model Philips HU4803 / 01. It too includes NanoCloud technology, we can offer very safe toilet natural evaporation. It emits in the air up to 99% of bacteria in less than technologies that rely on ultrasound.

In addition, the humidifier Philips HU4803 / 01 was also inserted an automatic mode of operation with as much of a digital sensor useful just about everything that concerns the air humidity control. In addition, with this device you can even control the various levels of humidity in order to constantly keep the best one for your needs.

It also includes a timer 1-4-8 hours simply to set complete with automatic shutdown at the end of operation.

Philips HU4803 / 01 of Air Humidifier, NanoCloud Technology, Natural evaporation, 2 L, 220 ml / h, …

Ranking of the 10 best-selling humidifiers

Children Humidifier

Humidifier for radiators

Conclusions and final considerations

Moisten an environment is practically indispensable in modern buildings in which the walls of the apartments are not designed to absorb moisture, which is then reintroduced by evaporation, as well as because of the air recirculation systems, that the break down by precipitation .

The three types can be adapted to different uses and one of the key points is in the working temperature and consumption. The first as a matter of security, according to the energy bill costs.

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