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Best intelligent sockets Plug Smart Wifi 2020

Intelligent smart plug sockets with Wifi are some really interesting products that deserve to be explored in every detail. Capable of being totally controlled remotely from our smartphones, these gadgets can really improve our lives and make us save money.

In this article we will discuss the best intelligent smart plug sockets: we will consider the most valuable products, which you can purchase at any time and I will give you a range of reasons to argue my choices.

Short introduction

Best Intelligent Sockets Plug Smart Wifi 2020

The easiest way to make the smart home is to use so-called “smart plugs” which allow you to control small appliances without having to be physically present in a room.

The intelligent electrical outlets are a must-buy: easy to set up and use, incredibly useful for smart bulbs, very cheap and to be used only in need of a smartphone – regardless of the brand or operating system.

The intelligent smart plug sockets equipped with Wi-Fi essentially perform a function: make smart all appliances or any device connected to a conventional electrical outlet. Having tested, tried and read all the relevant information on this particular area, I am able to tell you what are the best taken with smart wifi, which prefer to buy brand, and more.

Ranking of the 10 best smart plug sockets

This is the list of the best smart wifi taken in 2020:

This ranking represents the best smart plug sockets with Wifi that you can buy on, the best e-commerce for purchases of this kind. The order by the ranking is determined directly from Amazon based on the most purchased products, and commented that boast the best price category.

Best Intelligent Sockets Plug Smart Wifi 2020
Best Intelligent Sockets Plug Smart Wifi 2020
Best Intelligent Sockets Plug Smart Wifi 2020
Best Intelligent Sockets Plug Smart Wifi 2020

Amazon Smart Plug (compatibile con Alexa)

The smart socket with Wi-Fi connectivity designed and developed by Amazon is one of the best available on the market. Let’s start off by certification issued directly by the company stating full compatibility with Alexa: So let’s connect this smart plug with Alexa devices and provide any input through our voice.

In addition to the control of the electrical outlet, it is possible to program the turning on and off of lights, appliances such as food processors, coffee machines or any product present in the house. Among the main features I can say the ease of use and the first configuration: a real breeze.

Technical features:

Amazon Smart Plug (smart socket with Wi-Fi connectivity), compatible with Alexa

Energy Monitor Teckin (The sale)

The smart socket smart plug Teckin is the most sold on Amazon, why? This jack is fully compatible with Google Home, Amazon and Alexa IFTTT. If I were trying a cheap product, quality and compatible with many ecosystems, this is the device you were just looking.

Even in this case there is the certification, issued directly from Amazon, which attests to the 100% compatibility with Alexa.

The smart plug Teckin can program the switching on and off of each electronic device present in the home, through the application may monitor the actual power consumption, you can set a timer and much more.

Technical features:

It is available in 2 smart plug-in version, which has 4. For more information click in the box below.

Intelligent Plug Socket WiFi Smart Energy Monitor Plug Compatible with Google Home / Amazon …

Intelligent Plug Socket WiFi Smart Energy Monitor Plug Compatible with Google Home / Amazon …

Electrical outlet Meross MSS210

The smart plug Meross MSS210 is absolutely one of the most economic present on Amazon, but despite this is equipped with a series of features that make it a best-buy in this category. Even in this case, the product is Amazon Certified for use with voice server with Alexa devices.

Relying on Meross products means buying from a leading company founded by real experts who worked for TP-Link, Cisco and Microsoft. The smart plug is controlled by the free (app) Meross, present in both App Store and Google Play.

The remote control, timer programming and compatibility with Alexa and Google make this home truly exceptional intelligent electrical outlet.

Technical features:

Also in this case it is possible to buy the smart plug in various models: the single model without the control of consumption and patterns with two sockets with and without control of consumption. For more information click on the product you want:

Intelligent socket Wifi Smart Plug Plug 16A 3680W Wireless, Timer Function, Compatible with …

Intelligent Access Smart Plug socket 16A 3680W Wireless, Timer Function, Compatible with SmartThings, …

Wifi Wireless Intelligent socket 16A 3680W Plug Smart Energy Monitor, Timer Function, Control App …

TP-Link Hs 100

The TP-LINK HS 100 is one of the best existing smart plug. Here you can find out more information by clicking on the box below, or alternatively read our review.

Sonoff S20

The intelligent electrical outlet Sonoff S20 is one of the best on the market, thanks to the excellent work carried out by the company. You can read our full review of the product>

S20 Smart Wifi Plug Socket with Intelligent Timing Function for Smartphone / Tablet Android and iOS …

How to choose the best smart plug

The question is simple: how do you choose the smart plug perfect for my individual needs? To purchase the perfect device you should consider some features.


Using any product listed and recommended in this page, you can for example turn off a certain lamp regardless of your position. Also consider that the majority of smart plug lets you program the switch on and switch off the device: very useful function for those who have a fairly repetitive routine and want to find a product on / heated to its return home. I’ve had purchased only one to program the power of my coffee machine every day at the same hour, in order to press a button and savor my beautiful cup.

Compatibility and ecosystems

The compatibility of smart plug with other devices already in the home is a very important factor to consider before purchasing. A classic example can be Wi-Fi outlet Aukey, which allows to program and manage the temperature, times and much more, but only if communicates with devices made of the same brand. The same can be applied to TP-Link and so on. This argument is only valid for those who want to have total control of their home: from the management of the thermostat for the air conditioning, the color management of the bulbs in a room; and obviously not for those who want to manage the switching on and off of a single appliance.

voice Control

At this point I want to be as concise as possible, otherwise it would repeat a concept already expressed in the above point. The last point to choose the ideal smart plug concerns the compatibility with the voice control devices. On Amazon you can check the label “Alexa Certified” to tell at a glance that the device is fully compatible with Alexa. In the indications and technical specifications of each product just check compatibility with your system: From Apple to Google.

Number of Outlets

In some cases buying individual intelligent sockets is not convenient, for this you might consider the idea of ​​buying a smart power strip: discover our study.

Smart plug compatible with Alexa

This is the list of smart plug compatible with most Alexa sold on Amazon.

Smart plug compatible with Homekit

If you were wondering what the best smart plug compatible with Homekit, namely a system for the management of home automation made by Apple, then the answer is right in this ranking:

Smart plug compatible with Google Home

The same also applies to the smart plug fully compatible with Google Home and its Google voice assistant Assistant:

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