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Best internal hard drives in 2020: Buying Guide

Choosing the best internal hard drives is not a simple thing, especially if you have some computer skills. For this reason, in this page you can find a buyers’ guide who will accompany you to choose the device to fit your needs.

The internal hard disk, also known as HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is a key component of the computer and its job is to keep files and programs. Some of its features, such as its size or write speed, can really make a difference.

Understanding how best internal hard disk of course depends on your personal needs and some very important aspects.

What is it and what is it

Best Internal Hard Drives In 2020: Buying Guide

The internal hard drive is a hardware element placed in an electronic device for which it acts as a repository. Unlike external hard disk, this device is assembled with the whole structure and allows you to have the memory of what you want.

Nowadays the HDD is used in many electronic devices, from computers to smartphones, from TVs to video games. Its storage capacity is large and heterogeneous, being able to include photographs, videos, games, software or audio.

In addition there are also the HDD SSDs, or Solid State Drive, ie solid hard disk. The difference between these two types is that they operate with archiving using flash memories, while HDDs are working with physical archiving.

Differences Hard Disk and SSD

Best Internal Hard Drives In 2020: Buying Guide

HDD and SDD have significant differences. The former are constituted by a disk or more, together with heads and an axis. While the axis turns, the heads read and record the contents.

More precisely, the rotation of the discs goes to move the axis that unites them and this procedure allows the same heads to rest on the discs recording or reproducing. Since the registration is obtained write data, while playback allows a good visibility.

With regard to the SSD they do not exist instead furniture elements and the data are stored in a nonvolatile memory. As there are no mechanical elements, the contents are stored via microchip, by means of flash memories connected to each other.

In place of heads present in the HDD, in this case you will have a processor capable of performing the processes of writing and reading. This solution has the great advantage of going to increase the efficiency and not incurring mechanical failure.

Comparative table of the best internal hard drives

This table will help you compare the best models chosen according to a particular label: economic, chosen from Amazon, recommended to us and so on.

How to choose the best internal hard disk

Interface and standard

The interface is what allows communication between the internal hard disk, and the device within which it is inserted. It is therefore an essential element for the proper functioning.

The interface systems have their standardization, in order to avoid problems in terms of data portability and compatibility.

The most common standards are undoubtedly:

The interface choice thus depends on the type of internal architecture of the target device and is a criterion of choice of paramount importance.

Dimensions of the hard disk

This variable is crucial especially when you think of buying an internal hard drive to integrate into an existing device. This is because there are various sizes and shapes such as to require precision in the choice.

The size of a hard disk are generally equal to 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches.

The format 3.5 “is much more widespread in the world in desktop models, where there are specially crafted slot. The size is 2.54 x 1.47 x 10.16 cm. The hard disk 3.5 “are usually considered faster and offer more space available, but at the same time they also need to supply effected by means of a dedicated external power supply.

The devices 2.5 “are mainly found in laptops or games consoles. Recently, with the integration of SSD, the 2.5-inch hard disk drives have also been integrated on the fixed computer. The 2.5 “formats are considered more lenses, but their power is tied to the cable that transfers data, so they are essentially those which are transported with more simplicity. Their size is 0.95 x 1 x 6.98 cm.


Capacity is a factor to be taken into consideration. It is not correct to bet directly on the largest capacity available, because even this variable is determined by the use to which it is destined.

There are on the hard disk internal market of different sizes:

write speed and read data

This variable depends on how fast the drive head manages to reach the correct position.

To calculate the speed of a hard disk is necessary to go to calculate RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) or revolutions per minute. This value indicates how many rotations manages to make the record in the space of a minute.

The noise and the amount of heat released during operation are points to be taken into consideration, which are connected at the same speed.

The standards used to classify the products currently on the market are different: the most common are the 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM, while in the professional field (and therefore more expensive and more difficult to find) there are 10,000 RPM and 15,000 RPM which are generally used in NAS server for advanced purposes.


The cache, also called buffer, is partly linked to the speed factor.

It is a special type of built-in memory, hard disk used to store data used most recently with the aim of making immediate use.

Once the space available within the cache was limited, while nowadays can easily reach, in more advanced models, including the 256 MB.

Ranking of hard disks Bestsellers

This is a real-time updated standings supplied directly from Amazon and lists the internal hard disk Bestsellers:

Best Internal Hard Drives In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Internal Hard Drives In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Internal Hard Drives In 2020: Buying Guide

Reviews of the best internal hard drives

These are the best internal hard drives of 2020:

ST1000DM010 Seagate 1 TB HDD, 64 MB SATA III 3.5-Gray

Among the various options on the market, this product Seagate can easily match your requirements.

In fact, thanks to a compact and attractive design, this drive meets all the requirements, confirming its technical performance even in case of excessive stress.

Whatever your need, in fact, this type of hard disk is suitable for any occasion: whether, in fact, of having to install it to store the video surveillance footage, or to expand the memory of your PC, this option has a versatility not indifferent, making it a solution for the needs of a wide range of customers.

Thanks to its silent technology and its 1000 GB of memory, this model finds its place in what are the options available on the market. The article has a total weight of 400 grams, for a total of 5.3 wattage.

The hard drive, overall, performs its work without sacrificing what are the essential trappings of efficiency and functionality; thanks to its silent operation, then, this component is not going to affect much on overall computer, ensuring operability not overly invasive.

However, it should consider this option, despite its validity, is definitely suited to a more domestic use. It could prove an ideal solution for those who are looking for a high-performance hard drive.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB internal HDD – 3.5 inch SATA 6Gb / s 7200 rpm, 64 MB cache, to …

WD WD10EZEX Blu Hard Disk Desktop da 1 TB, 7200 RPM

As always, the Western Digital delivery to the market of high-end products, the quality of which is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers slice.

If you are looking for a compact, where technology and functionality blend together, creating a series of products which have become more and live up to the demands of the market, then this option license plate Western Digital can be an interesting solution. Thanks to a total capacity of 1000 GB, and at a weight of 440 grams, this hard disk looks like an interesting combination of technical and aesthetic performance.

Its performance, in fact, fit in a manner faithful to those which are the stresses of the case, ensuring a continuous support to the computer, or to the appropriate tool. Even so, the 7400 RPM guarantee quiet work.

Despite then there are the most efficient solutions, this option is confirmed to be of excellent quality, thus placing itself as an attractive alternative compared to hard disk by the higher cost.

In this case, we are dealing with a hard drive that definitely does its job in an interesting way, but it can not exceed certain limits. As in the previous case, in fact, this storage medium is confirmed to be definitely better as regards a more limited use, then remembering its limitations if you want to use in the most demanding environments.

Hard disk interno Seagate ST2000LM015 Barracuda 2TB

With this hard drive, he raises the bar. Until now, in fact, they were presented options, while giving up the regular and necessary technological trappings, offer a positive experience, and to take all those which are the necessary measures to ensure at once of good quality technical performance, without giving up price-wise.

With this option, in fact, every space problem is finally solved, thanks to its 2000 GB of memory. Thanks to the big storage units, this Seagate offers the ability to store huge amounts of data, confirming also perfect for those who have special requirements, such as the installation of the game data, reaching more and more capacity exorbitant.

With a total weight of 100 grams, you can use this product according to your needs: its large total of 2.5 ”, makes sure that it is easily adaptable to both stationary PCs to laptops.

The technological components of this hard disk, also cooperate together to provide excellent reading performance, thus allowing to be able to load quickly file.

Do not forget to not go beyond too much from the context for which it was designed, thus avoiding subjecting the hard disk to a not inconsiderable operating stress: although, in fact, the remarkable efficiency, it may be risky to use it in contexts too far away from the use domestic, with the risk of bringing the hard disk to an important damage to the individual components.

ST2000LM015 Seagate Barracuda 2TB, 6.4 cm (2.5 inches), Hard Disk, 7 mm, 128 MB cache, SATA 6 …

Western Digital WD Blue 3TB WD30EZRZ

The name Western Digital back to talk to himself, this time with an external hard drive whose capacity reaches 3 TB, which ranks as an indispensable tool for a variety of applications, both on desktop computer and portable use.

Through a precise and always careful design to those which are the needs of the market, this hard disk is confirmed to be an active solution to three hundred and sixty degrees, thanks to the possibility to implement it on all operating systems currently in use and in circulation, thus ensuring the maximum of compatibility.

Its versatility, therefore, makes this hard disk a more than adequate solution, meeting to those which are all computing needs; whether it is in fact using it as a tool to save game data, or to improve file reading, or that it should be used as external support in order to save necessary data before performing a formatting, this product Western Digital favors all possible circumstances, not escaping to no use.

Thanks to its structure and its technology, therefore, this hard disk itself as a mid-range solution, the use of which may relate to different fields. However, despite responds in a manner worthy to daily stress, it is advisable to prefer a domestic use, in order to avoid excessive wear of the components.

Seagate, ST4000DM004, to the HDD 4 TB, 3.5 “SATA 6 Gb / s

The Barracuda series still returns to be talked about, this time with what could be defined quietly a maximum weight with regard to the hard disk.

This Seagate Barracuda, in fact, has a capacity of 4000 GB immediacy, then rising to more sophisticated backgrounds and technicians, without being too limited to that which is the home user.

There are more storage limits thanks to this option, which is confirmed to be useful for any type of application.

With a twenty-year history in computing, Seagate is an option to be taken into account, thanks to the safety and efficiency that products of this house offer.

Through a targeted survey, aimed at improving what are the performance of individual products coming on the market, Seagate always offers high-level creations. Even in this case, the Seagate Barracuda offers not indifferent performance, so going to improve what may be the technical performance of your computer.

The high operational performance is also not going to affect on daily operations, ensuring a quiet work and be able to read all the necessary files without creating any kind of inconveniences.

This hard drive, in fact, sits on a kind of medium-high, confirming itself as an indispensable option category for all those who want to combine in a single moment of efficiency and functionality, but without sacrificing the quality / price ratio.

Seagate Technology ST4000DM004 Hdd Interno da 4 Tb, Argento, 4Tb

Western Digital WD Red HDD Interno 6 TB

It ends with another big shot as part of the hard disk with another product branded Western Digital, this time Red series. With a capacity of 6000 GB, each border is pulled down, thus opening the doors to every type of data storage. Not only gaming: thanks to the high technological performance that offers this option, you can use it in different circumstances.

Its design, in fact, takes into account not only the most basic needs, such as domestic, but also takes account of some higher, such as with small businesses. A hard disk, therefore, extending its use to three hundred and sixty degrees, making it ideal for all those who have different needs.

Thanks to a constant work that has as its main aim to monitor the news on the market, in fact, this Hard Disk Western Digital Red interposes itself as an essential mediator between disparate needs, and its resolution.

So, thanks to a compact design with high capacity in terms of memory, and a cure is essential with regard to the design, Western Digital offers a high quality and high performance product, the use of which may rise to the dignity of countless uses, without being necessarily linked to a domestic context and more circumscribed.

internal hard disk Choice by type

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internal hard drive choice for use

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FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an internal hard drive?

The price of a hard drive mainly varies according to the capacity and performance. An entry-level hard disk 1TB has an approximate cost of € 40.00. Wanting to buy a 2 TB model will need to increase the budget to € 60.00 and off-street rising up to reach € 150,00 for the best performing models and 6 TB of storage space.

What is the best brand of internal hard drives?

Brands that operate for many years and can provide excellent products under the technical and performance point of view are: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung and Crucial. Other brands less known to the public are not to be discouraged: very often it comes to start-up fully controlled and managed by companies from international caliber.

What are the differences with a SSD?

The performance differences of reading and writing data are there and feel. An SSD is normal, faster than a hard disk. In buying guide you will find a study and a comparison between the two models.

Conclusions and final considerations

Factors to consider when you decide to purchase an internal hard disk are therefore relatively few in number, but no doubt important and detailed enough.

As often happens, however, we must always remember the use we want to make the object in question.

Aiming at maximum performance when using the device for simple everyday actions will only be a waste of money and potential hard drive. At the same time, if the needs are high you have to take into account spending a bit ‘higher, but can be very rewarding.

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