Best Juice Extractor 2020: Buying Guide

Best juice extractor 2020: Buying Guide

This guide offers information, tips, comparisons and arguments that will take you to choosing the best juice extractor for you.

Read the article is if you want to enter this appliance in your kitchen, but you have doubts about its usefulness, whether you are already determined to buy it, but you need some clarification.

Eating fruits is very important but nowadays you have less time to stand still somewhere or sitting at the table several minutes to consume.

Comparative table of the best juice extractors

Excellent value for money

Puller Kenwood PureJuice

Cold juice extractor IKICH

Centrifugal and ejector Bagotte

Cold extractor Melchioni Family Vega

Philips Viva Collection HR1888/80

Puller Kenwood PureJuice

Cold juice extractor IKICH

Centrifugal and ejector Bagotte

Cold extractor Melchioni Family Vega

Excellent value for money

Philips Viva Collection HR1888/80

What is it and what is it

Best Juice Extractor 2020: Buying Guide

Thanks extractor of juice, you get all the benefits of the fruit from the comfort of a straw while you’re out, at work or during your favorite entertainment.

Not to be confused with a centrifuge which, unlike the extractor, destroys the fibers and is incredibly noisy.

Its main role is making life easy and avoid wastage of time, in addition to a faster digestion, removing all liquids and substances inside the fruit retaining all its properties.

You can put in all kinds of vegetables in leaves or cut into cubes to the solids, fruit of all kinds in their skins if biological (some skins are not to be made, such as the lemon) and vegetables like tomatoes, to make it a good juice to drink.

How does a juice extractor

Best Juice Extractor 2020: Buying Guide

By placing the fruit, vegetables and vegetables they will be squeezed through the cochlea, a spiral, rotating, will remove the separating juice from the pulp.

Just take a knife and make a lot of cubes, otherwise the extractor will risk of clogged hurting his job, and choose how much pulp to release or not with the juice, thanks to the supplied filters, which will come from one of stremita while a other hole will exit the mass and discarded pulp.

Bestsellers juice extractors

These are the best selling juice extractors on Amazon: Use this chart to identify a pattern and find out more information immediately.

Best Juice Extractor 2020: Buying Guide
Best Juice Extractor 2020: Buying Guide
Best Juice Extractor 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose a juice extractor

Choosing the best juice extractor is not easy: for this read on you will discover the signs and tips are ideal for those who want to buy this appliance.

Shape and size

The size and form of this product can be very varied. Some tower, tall and narrow, while many others are short and wide.

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We must therefore consider the place where we’re going to use them, for example on a stove with little space, because of the upper cabinets, will be better than low and wide.

It ranges from about 50 centimeters in height up to a maximum of about 30 cm in circumference. It should therefore be considered to look good measurements before purchase to not meet then with space problems.

Another little consideration is the input compartment. Some have easier access consists of an opening funnel, very comfortable but obviously a bit ‘more cumbersome.

Performance and Power

The performance and capacity will vary depending on the model. Some have a more powerful engine, with more revolutions per minute, but it does not mean they are better.

In general, with regard to the extractors, it comes to performance in terms of the quantity of product that can work the machine.

More power wants faster and larger quantity, but also a smaller machine always does an excellent job, the only difference is to have a little ‘more time and patience.

Maybe it will be necessary to cut into smaller pieces or wait a few minutes more, but always with good results.

Easy to use

Use un’estrattore is really very easy. Select what you want, cut it into pieces, turn on the extractor, add fruits and vegetables and you’re done.

The liquid extract more or less, depending on the filters and the selected elements, will be ready in a few minutes. Very useful for those who do not want to eat certain types of vegetables especially the children.

The night before, just get everything ready and put them in bottles in the fridge for the next morning, to give children to school instead of industrial products which are at the supermarket or drink during the day, even for physical activity or who She wants to lose weight.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Unlike centrifuges, extractors are much cleaner and easier to clean.

The juice extractor consists of a few simple parts to be cleaned. The base, heavy and external to the extraction process, usually remains clean and a cloth is enough to give one pass at the end of work.

The internal structure is composed, from the container, from the filters and the easily removable and washable cochlea. It is highly recommended to wash immediately after use to avoid unnecessary and complicated fouling seen the ease and washing speed of about 2-3 minutes.

Once in a while, always depending on the number of uses, it would be advisable to leave them to soak in water, lemon and vinegar for a long-lived maintenance. Avoid if you can chemicals that lead all’imbruttimento and wear the internal components.

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As mentioned previously, there are several accessories can match.

The different filters may give a different food processing, giving more or less extract the body, becoming the fruit juice or something more like a smoothie.

There are some vacuum jugs that are used to preserve as long as your juices because, as you know, are oxidized in a couple of days at most. Toothbrushes that will help in the maintenance of some harder vegetables such as carrots, that sometimes they get stuck with some pieces and the toothbrush will help you remove them.

Obviously a peeler will make you very comfortable to rid the skin of fruits and vegetables is not of biological origin.

Best juice extractors

Juice extractors cost (under 60 €)

The Aicook juice extractor is the # 1 best selling model on Amazon. Despite being sold at a much lower price than its competitors, this device offers many features and allows you to enjoy a glass of fresh juice in less than thirty seconds.

You can set three speeds that will be useful to extract the juice from oranges, apples, melons, peaches and so on. Inside the box are included for precision filters, a pitcher for juice, a container for any residue, a handy brush for cleaning the device, the instructions in Italian and a cookbook. Recommended product.

Centrifuges Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor Aicook with 65MM Wide Mouth, the juice box …

The cold stripper Melchioni Family Vega is an inexpensive product that operates at low speed to maintain the nutritional properties of food intact: for this guarantees 30% more juice than a normal spin.

It is simple to use, safe and easy to assemble. Inside the package is included with the extractor, a toothbrush to clean the device, a juice container, a container for any waste and the instruction manual.

The professional centrifuge for fruit and vegetables produced by Bagotte is one of the best devices for low-price range and therefore economic. It has a series of characteristics that make it equal to some more expensive models: for example, the blades are sharp and extract with greater care the juice with less pulp.

It is a very safe product thanks to the double safety lock constituted by an arm which ensures that the covered is always tightly closed during the various operations. The two speeds are designed to maximize both with ‘soft foods’ like a watermelon, both with hard foods such as apple or ginger. A high quality product also represented in design, very stylish and made mainly of stainless steel.

Bagotte Centrifuge Fruits and Vegetables Professional, 600W Juice Extractor Cold to 65MM Mouth …

Strippers midrange juice (between 60 € and 100 €)

This made by Philips Juice Extractor allows you to easily create healthy juices, every single day. This product acts without blades: thanks to technology Gentle Squeezing the juice is separated from the pulp by squeezing.

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The opening allows the insertion of XL with extreme ease fruits and vegetables, in chunks and QuickClean mode ensures a total cleaning of the product in 90 seconds. The anti-drip system not to soil, the overall security of the device and the reliability of an industry leader like Philips puller make this one of the best in its class.

The extractor of juice made from cold Ikich works and works with low speed (64 RPM) for protecting vitamins from damage caused by heat can be thus enjoy a great fresh and homemade juice. Easy to assemble and clean, you can finish the complete cleaning in less than 90 seconds.

IKICH-Extractor Professional Juice Cold, extractor of Fruits and Vegetables Cold 64 …

Extraction of top juice (over € 100)

The extractor Kenwood JMP601SI PureJuice was labeled as Amazon’s Choice and therefore wins the award for best juice extractor. The absence of heat and less oxidation not damage the nutritional meds food, preserving them for a longer period of time.

A natural juice to 100%, a result impossible to achieve with the cheaper devices. This product is equipped with a strainer for juice, a handy drop-saving system, a 1L juice container and a collector for the pulp to 1.3 l.

The Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Juicer uses a low-speed extraction system (45 revolutions / minute) to ensure an extremely high quality juice. The company says: “The vitamins like you’ve never tried.”

This is precisely the strong point of the device, a very slow rotation that does not damage the nutrients of foods. It works well with fruit and vegetables, both fresh and frozen! Quick and easy cleaning, high quality materials and space-saving design.

Cold Juice Extractor

Due to the low number of revolutions of the blades, the cold juice extractors are also very popular due to their ability to keep intact the nutritional properties of the elements.

This is the ranking of the best selling devices:

Recipe for juice extractor

You already have a juice extractor and want to expand your knowledge in the kitchen with a cookbook? These are the products that are right for you:

Conclusions and final considerations

Within this buyer’s guide to the best juice extractor could you finally find out all the information that you will convey to the choice of the perfect product for your needs. If you need further information you can contact the editors of Domoticafull, or the seller on Amazon product.

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