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Best keyboards for Smart TV 2020: Buying Guide

This buying guide to the best keyboards for smart TV is a discussion that will take you to choose the device to fit your needs.

If you read on you you will discover all the insights necessary to learn more about these products, as well as a series of reviews and rankings to identify at a glance the best models.

Introduction and Overview

In recent years the way we watch television has changed hand in hand to the concept of TV. Thanks to the internet, smart TV has almost become a substitute for the tablet or smartphone, it also has become smart TV enabling access to unlimited content.

Do you own a smart TV and want to use it to its full functionality without using the remote?

The ability to use applications on the TV leads to the necessity of having to connect the device until a few years ago were unthinkable for a TV, for example, the wireless keyboard with built-in mouse, allowing you to move freely between applications without going crazy with directional arrows on the remote control.

It is very advanced devices that combine the management of a PC to a television.

What is it and what is it

A keyboard for smart TV is a wireless pointing device, so no need to make cabling or have dangling cables, allowing you to move between applications and programs on the display in a simple and convenient in order to personalize even more the ‘ viewing experience or play, and to better manage the next-generation TV.

These keyboards generally have a range of 10 meters, so you can also use them while sitting on the couch.

Besides, some models also have the shutdown commands or volume handling and moving channels functioning as a real remote control.

How does it work

A keyboard for smart TV works through a wireless connection via Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, connecting, allowing you to use the TV as a smartphone browsing through applications to watch content or play games.

Keyboards for smart TV’s best-selling

This list represents the 10 keyboards for smart TV’s best-selling:

How to choose the best keyboard for smart tv

Now that you know what this device and how it works, it’s time to read some depth that will help you filter out the models you need.

Wireless connectivity or Bluetooth

The keypads for smart tv work with two types of wireless connectivity: Bluetooth or radio frequency, both types have a radius of about 10 meters.

Those radiofrequency are equipped with a receiver which is inserted into the USB port of the TV, then to connect the receiver and the keyboard just turn on this press and, if provided, the button or switch.

This type of keyboards function with connectivity to 2.4 GHz, which may have limited compatibility with different devices, they are also subject to interference from other electronic devices that are on the 2.4 GHz band.

The Blutetooth keyboards instead work using the connectivity of the TV from the settings panel. Generally keyboards of this kind it is compatible with most models of Smart TV market. The keyboards with Bluetooth technology do not need external receivers to operate.

As for compatibility, RF keyboards can not be used on all Smart TV for compatibility. The Bluetooth keyboard, connect via the integrated Bluetooth module in TVs, but this mode of communication is different from that normally used by Bluetooth audio devices, so there is always a smart TV is compatible with this type of keyboard; for example the LG brand TVs do not support Bluetooth connectivity.

So before any purchase is realized ensure if the devices are compatible.

A keyboard, provided that it has established compatibility, can be connected to any Smart TV in your house. When paired, you can use it to browse the web, move between applications or use it for gaming experiences.

extra functionality

Before choosing the new keyboard is good to also evaluate a number of extra quality that could improve functionality.

Some keyboards are also equipped with the classic remote control commands, such as changing the channel or volume management, as well as not having to switch to remote control keyboard constantly.

You can also assess the backlight: if you usually watch TV in the dark would be comfortable buying a keyboard with backlit keys system.

As for the power, however, some would work with simple alkaline batteries AA / AAA, while others can be equipped with rechargeable batteries, such as those of phones.

The latter are more comfortable because there is the risk of not can use them if by chance you find yourself without any batteries, but of course it is good to choose according to their needs.

Dimensions and design

The keyboards are not all the same and also differ in size.

There are the standard, for instance those which are normally used for computers, mini and those more appropriate for Smart TV that do not necessarily need to be supported for use.

It is also necessary to evaluate the ergonomics, many keyboards are made with a particular form to wave to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome or incurring other kind of joint problems related to excessive use.

The layout differs according to the models: the layout is the arrangement of keys on the keyboard, usually the most common is the QWERTY, though there are keyboards with German layout, that is, QWERTZ, or French, AZERTY. So before purchasing make sure that the keyboard has the layout you prefer.

Of course, in Italy we are all accustomed to typing on the classic QWERTY keyboard, and then find yourself facing a keyboard with letters move could make its use very difficult.

The keyboard has not only the keys have keyboards for smart TVs often have a trackpad, a tracking system that works like a mouse, this system is very easy to navigate both on the web, via television, that of moving between applications themselves without having to use the arrow keys on the remote.

Some keyboards, finally, they may also have the controls for the media control for audio and video.

How to check if a keyboard is compatible with my TV

Generally you need to check the settings in the manual provided various Smart TV models.

We have already said that the LG TV does not support Bluetooth connectivity, unless it is not a certificate from LG specific model, but that does not mean you’ll have to give up the use of a keyboard.

Associating a keyboard to a smart TV of this house, in fact, is very simple: simply turn on the TV, connect the receiver of the keyboard to a free USB port, turn on the keyboard and connect them through the key on the handset.

After that it will see a notification on your TV that warns of a HID device connection, which means that the device is connected and configured properly.

If you own a Samsung TV and a keyboard with RF receiver simply connect this to a USB input of the TV, then turning on the keyboard and pressing the TV button and the keyboard will connect regularly associated.

If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, simply set it in pairing mode by following the instructions for the device in your possession.

The brand of my TV is important or not?

Provided there is connectivity on the keyboard and the compatibility of the latter with the smart TV model, the brand is irrelevant.

You just have to make sure, before purchasing the keyboard that your TV supports it.

Reviews best keyboards for smart tv

This is the list of the best keyboards for smart TV:

Logitech K400 Plus Tastiera Wireless per TV

It is a keyboard for compact enough TV, measuring 35x14x2 cm to 467 grams in weight. He touchpad or trackpad, integrated; It requires plug and play installation, inserting the receiver into the USB port and associating the keyboard with your TV or computer.

Powered by AAA alkaline batteries, however, it ensures a longer life due to the power button on and off of the keyboard. The duration, however, varies depending on the use of the device and of impostazioni.Il radius of action of the connection is 10 meters and the keyboard is equipped with multimedia controls, the layout is simple and comfortable with keys, illuminated, volume control that simplify navigation.

The control is facilitated by the lack of space for keyboard and separate mouse, the touchpad is very convenient and measures 3.5 inches.

This keyboard allows full control at Home theater, the touchpad also allows you to surf the web, chat and play in comodita.Funziona with Windows 7, 8, and later and Android 5.0 or later.

Compatible with smart TV Samsung and LG, the touchpad is very responsive, it seems, some say that the battery life is not outstanding as reported.

Best Keyboards For Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard Plus for TV, PC, Home Theater, Multimedia Keys …

AmazonBasics – wireless keyboard with touchpad for Smart TV

This wireless keyboard with touchpad, has QWERTY layout and multimedia keys, to navigate on your Smart TV. Capacity of 10 meters and slim design, weighs 295 grams 37.1 x 12.9 x 37.1 cm.

It is installed with plug and play system via the USB receiver and with a simple configuration will be compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Chrome OS, Mac and Smart TV that have HID technology.

The keyboard is easy to use and the integrated touchpad allows easy navigation while sitting comfortably on the couch, offering uninterrupted performance even in very large rooms. The power is with AAA alkaline batteries and is equipped with the ignition key and off to preserve the charge.

A big flaw, almost paradoxical is that with Amazon Prime video the keyboard is useless to write you must use the remote control.

Among the pro include its small size, the fact that it does not need special configurations and convenient power button is turned off. By contrast has no backlight nor upside feet, it is not suitable for lefties because the touchpad is on the right.

Best Keyboards For Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

AmazonBasics – Tastiera wireless, con touchpad per Smart TV, Layout IT (QWERTY)

QPAU Mini Backlit Keyboard

Mini keyboard with Italian, wireless layout, you connect through the USB interface, is equipped with touchpad, compatible with PC, Pad, Android and Google TV, PS3, Xbox 360, HTPC and IPTV.

The keyboard is backlit and has a sleep mode and automatic wake, it automatically switches to the sleep mode, a sort of stand-by, to save energy and is reactivated by pressing any tasto.Il touch pad has DPI adjustable function, you can adjust the size of the screen as you prefer.

Elegant and petite, weighs only 100 grams and measuring 14 x 9 x 1.6 cm.La battery, lithium ions, is rechargeable.

Its range covers up to 10 meters. Not compatible with smart Panasonic brand TVs.

Its greater comfort is the adjustable backlight, can be used in the dark without the need of having to turn on the light to see the keys.

Best Keyboards For Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

QPAU [Layout Italian] Mini Backlit Keyboard, 2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Wireless …

Rii Mini i8 + Wireless Mini Keyboard for Smart TV

Mini Backlit Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Smart TV, HTPC, Console, Computer with QWERTY layout. The touchpad has adjustable sensitivity with scroll feature page.

The battery is rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB cable, are also present LED indicators for the level of battery charge, for charging and for the signal; the full charging takes about three hours.

The keyboard is backlit LED and the keys are non-slip rubber, also is provided with multimedia keys to better manage the applications.

The design is ergonomic, very small and light, it weighs only 99.8 grams and measures 14.7 x 9.8 x 1.9 cm. It connects to Smart TV with wireless USB receiver.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and with TV BOX Mini PC, Android, Smart TV but also video game console PlayStation 3 – 4 and Xbox One.

You can connect to any Smart TV except Sony who have not Android system, Samsung Series C (UExxCxxxx models – 2010), Samsung Series D (UExxDxxxx models – 2011), Samsung EH Series (UExxEHxxxx models – 2011), Samsung Series ES (UExxES4xxx models, UExxES5xxx, UExxES6xxx – year 2012).

The signal transmission is very powerful, but to improve it even further you should use the supplied cable and place the USB receiver from the front with respect to the location of use.

You have to specify that some version of the YouTube app not support the keyboard, in this case simply connect directly to the site through a browser; also some Android versions do not have the predisposition to configure an external keyboard, if so, just install the External Keyboard Helper Pro application.

VicTsing Tastiera Wireless Smart TV

USB wireless keyboard, black, Italian layout with color, with touchpad compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome and Smart TV. The connection works within a radius of 10 meters, the touchpad is very sensitive to touch and supports multi-touch navigation.

Very compact design, with rubber support that ensures its stability, the keyboard measures 32.7 x 12.3 x 1.8 cm to 372 g in weight.

It is guaranteed for the duration of 5 million clicks, also it supports fast operation thanks to 12 combinations of multimedia shortcuts and hot keys that allow access to all content with a single click.

Powered by two AAA batteries, not included, to ensure energy savings after 90 seconds of inactivity passes in stand-by and may be reactivated with a twist.

It is compatible with all brands of smart TV, it is advisable, before buying, check with the manufacturer of your TV.

Best Keyboards For Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

VicTsing Wireless keyboard Smart TV PC Keyboard Layout Italian Without Wires USB 10M Touchpad No …

Mini backlit keyboard BANFAO

Wireless keyboard with 2.4 GHz USB receiver with compatible touchpad with Android TV Box, IPTV, Smart TV, PC, X-Box, IPTV, HTPC. It is not compatible with Amazon Fire Stick.

Combines keyboard and touch panel with multimedia control keys, the connection is guaranteed for a 15-meter radius.

The power is with lithium ions and the refill lasts a few weeks, equipped with an automatic sleep function which saves energy when not in use.

QWERTY keyboard with backlit RGB three-color, you can choose the combination of preferred color, the design is ergonomic: it weighs 132 grams and measures 20 x 10.5 x 3.1 cm.

It easily connects with USB interface without having to install any drivers. The middle and top touchpad is comfortable for left-handed people, very practical and comfortable.

Best Keyboards For Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

Mini backlit keyboard BANFAO, mini 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with mouse combination …

Rii Mini X1 Wireless

Mini keyboard with Italian layout, with Touchapd, compatible with Smart TV, PC, Console and HTPC. The mouse touchpad scroll feature page and can be rotated 90 ° to be used in portrait or landscape.

The keys are non-slip rubber, the lithium battery is rechargeable through the USB cable, the battery life is guaranteed for 5000 hours, it is also provided with LED indicators for signal, battery level and charging level.

The USB wireless receiver at 2.4 GHz, small and compact design, the product weighs 90.7 g and measures 15.1 x 5.9 x 1.2 cm.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, Mini PC and game consoles such as PlayStation 3 and 4 and Xbox One.

Compatibility is excluded for these models of Smart TV: Sony no Androdi operating system, Samsung Series C (UExxCxxxx models – 2010), Samsung Series D (UExxDxxxx models – 2011), Samsung EH Series (UExxEHxxxx models – 2011) Samsung Series ES (UExxES4xxx models, UExxES5xxx, UExxES6xxx – year 2012).

Conclusions and final considerations

Anyone who buys a Smart TV almost always chooses to use it with the help of a wireless keyboard that makes it better level of interaction. Connecting a TV last generation to a keyboard gives added convenience for internet browsing on your home screen, also write with a keyboard is much more functional than to do it by using the arrow keys on the remote.

Most keyboards can be used for play sessions, making it more interactive and fun gaming. With the use of a keyboard you can take full advantage of the additional options of your smart TV by downloading new applications such as those for social networks, Facebook or Twitter or any other application directly from the TV manufacturer’s site.

As far as prices are concerned there is something for every budget, based on the needs of each. Wireless keyboards have all Ideone to navigation functions on the smart TV, so you can not consider an optional accessory, but their use can improve the use of the TV comfortably on the couch at home by clearing the difficulties they have with a simple remote control, which has a few useful functions for navigation.