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Best Microwave 2020: Buying Guide

The buyer’s guide to the best microwave will help you choose the best product for you: read more to find out all the information you need before purchasing.

The microwave, the 1946 invention by the company Raytheon, has now taken over the course of these 70-odd years, a recurring role in the kitchens of many, because of its versatile capabilities and time savings in performing their duties.

By now the market really puts many models for sale and choose the one that best suits your needs, possibly choosing the one with a good quality / price ratio, is not at all easy, and you need to understand how we can better target the choice.

What is it and what is it

Best Microwave 2020: Buying Guide

Example of a microwave

First: What is a microwave?

The other tool is but a small device capable of emitting radio waves (microwaves, in fact) to heat food inside. Featuring low power consumption and high efficiency, rather, the microwave oven is often used to defrost food, cook or riscaldarne other things designed specifically for microwave cooking.

Although it can not replace a conventional domestic oven, mainly because of its size and for the operation on which it is based, the microwave oven is often necessary to quickly heat a pre-cooked meal, or avoid kindle the stove to warm milk or other liquids.

How does it work

Best Microwave 2020: Buying Guide

How does a microwave – Source: Guidaconsumatore

The microwave operation is probably a bit ‘scary for some. In fact, the waves that are generated within a microwave, interact with the molecules of the foods placed inside, which alternating between positive and negative charges, are activated, heating precisely what is put inside the oven.

Because of its ability to generate radio waves and run through the electromagnetic field, it is often thought that the radiation of a microwave ruined the food, radiates.

However this false belief is totally unfounded, as the food is being bombarded with radio waves, but does not calculate the fact that only the said radiation “ionizing”, high power, can alternate the molecular structures in a manner beyond the atomic , which of course is not possible with a microwave waves.

Comparative table of the best microwave

Use the following comparison table to choose the best microwave oven for your needs, or keep reading to see the ranking of the most purchased on Amazon.

Ranking of the best microwave ovens

Best Microwave 2020: Buying Guide
Best Microwave 2020: Buying Guide
Best Microwave 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose a microwave

Methods of cooking

The microwave can play different types of cooking: grill, microwave and grill, static firing, ventilation and steam.

These types of cooking are not all available in every model, and it is good to note that, although it is often preferable to a traditional oven, with certain cooking methods, is still possible to cook dishes such as fish, usually meat or vegetables to do the oven, provided you comply with some simple criteria.

Because of its operation, in fact, the microwave tends to cook from the inside out, often resulting in excessive cooking food inside them and they remain “raw” outside. Some precautions to ensure that this is avoided are place food on a flat plate, cover with a lid or other to keep moisture and thus allow to obtain a more uniform cooking.

Never, in any case, you can put metal in the microwave, as they bounce over the waves and to be risky for the same oven, do not cook food inside.

The presence of the grill is great to ensure the famous “crispness” of certain foods, while the possibility of set-ventilated or static means that sweets and other panificati could take advantage of these cooking methods.


Each microwave oven model has many configurable programs. In addition to those with precise timing, it is possible to have the heating classic mode, less intense and suitable for heating only, for example, the lunch leftovers or thawing, for the food.

Some of the more advanced models can be directed where the microwaves hit the most, so you have even cooking methods very similar to a furnace: up and down, but most inevitably will tend to cook more at the center of the turntable, and less at the edges .

Functionality and Ease of Use

The ease of use of a microwave oven is an essential quality of these devices. Often just a pressed button twice to warm faster water or milk for twenty seconds, another button to open before the door and stop cooking in advance and, in general, the display helps enormously in every action undertaken.

A further issue concerns the scope safety: the safety lock is a device that, unless it is first the right button, makes it impossible to open the microwave, with consequent release of waves outside the appliance. In addition, some systems often prevent ignition or intervene immediately to stop the cooking when inside proved unsuitable materials. The acoustic signals warn of everything and often the display shows the writing of what’s wrong.

A microwave is so much easier, so you do not require special knowledge in using it.

Design, materials and sizes

Although there are European regulations on the minimum quality of the exterior materials of a microwave oven, often it is necessary to properly evaluate the quality of a model bill. Many of the cheaper ovens tend, for example, in the use of materials or macchiabili easily able to deform with prolonged use.

Similarly, the inner life of the components can be easily reduced if they are used shoddy metals or unappealing systems. You must always understand what is the size suitable for their purposes: the minimum possible is 17-18 liters, while the maximum possible is 25-26 liters.

The sizes vary quite a lot and touched the half meter wide for the larger furnaces. Essential to understand so that it is adaptable to the available space and, most importantly, that more food is placed inside an oven, the longer it takes to cook it all.

The design is certainly another important aspect to consider, with some models able to foster the monochrome and minimalism, now current in vogue for years, or more classic color gouache and pastel, in vibrant shades to color the kitchen possibly making the colorful environment of the room.

Best microwaves

This is the list of the best microwave ovens in 2020:

Microwave SPICE SPP043-W

The Spice SPP043-W is a microwave oven designed to simplify the preparation and cooking of food, a practical furnace is quick to help you prepare a tasty dish in no time.

The oven designed by Spice mounts inside six power levels in cooking which comprise five cooking levels added to a rapid thawing program called Defrost Program, the microwave is designed to defrost in a natural way any kind of food. All this is associated with a programmable timer for cooking up to thirty minutes with automatic shut-off function, the microwave then mounts inside a turntable useful for obtaining a uniform cooking of the dish.

Harnessing the speed of microwave cooking is so simple and easy with 700 watts of power which are a guarantee.

Candy CMW2070DW

The proposed Candy microwave is CMW2070DW. With 700 watts, the microwave can cook foods up to 20 liters capacity. With a thawing program, simply activate the Express Start function to thaw also one of only thirty seconds.

Thanks to the handy display each operation is monitored in comfort, easy touch technology allows you to select food weight in the microwave leaving the selection of the cooking time. Candy proposes well 13 cooking programs, also for the protection of smaller exists the Child Lock function which protects the oven from accidental ignition by minors.

There are six levels of baking and the turntable technology for even cooking.

Candy Microwave CMXG20D

With CMXG20D Candy offers a level of cuisine and superior technology. The union of design and practicality of the functions return a unique experience for this microwave oven.

Main function of this model is the Cook-in-app. The ability to monitor their own microwave smartphone and be guided to the use and various cooking processes to be preferred for a particular food are now a reality with this application.

You simply download to your Candy Simply-Fi phone to access a list of simple tips to make the most of the capabilities of this microwave. Cooking and recipes are available to everyone with this app especially for what concerns the enhancement of food being cooked. To all this are associated forty automatic cooking programs and the echo function to activate an energy saving. There are also the basic functions as the rotating plate during cooking.

Microwave Sharp YC-MG51ES

The proposal for the Sharp microwave is based on YC line that includes the MG51ES model. This microwave oven can cook through the grill function, also with a power output of 1450 watts can ensure a powerful and safe cooking.

There are also the most common functions such as the one about the thawing of foods, then you have the option of a quick and safe heating of food with a program dedicated to frozen foods and the turntable for better cooking. The whole is monitored by the display with touch screen technology, thanks to which you can select various cooking and the timer function. The oven has a capacity of 25 liters to allow the cooking of foods even beyond the average, ideal for performing daily operations of thawing, cooking recipes or preparations.

Finally do not lack the security features for small children as the child lock.

Sharp YC-MG51E-S microwave oven and grill, 25 L, 8 programs, Silver / Black

Microwave Grill Candy EGO-G25DCO

With the EGO-G25DCO Candy raises the bar and offers something truly innovative technology and design.

Ego is a unique production in the selection of Candy for its elegant design and simple and its focus is to detail the functions provided. Each element combines to give a premium experience for this microwave / grill that then acquires practical and aesthetic importance in the kitchen.

Every action is designed to be practical and fast, starting from the Express Start function that activates the oven and sends it to the maximum power for the next thirty seconds to which will be added a further thirty seconds each time you will activate the function. A useful way to get a quick and programmable defrosting but also to activate a cooking that requires the right in the short-time power.

Presence of the protective function activated accidentally by children such as child protection that prevents the system to turn oven. At the microwave technology is associated with that of the grill to have a different cooking useful for other types of preparations and recipes, the whole is usable by the electronic display. The furnace has a capacity of 25 liters and an output of 900 watts.

Samsung Microwave Combined

The Samsung microwave proposed in the first instance the Heathy Cooking, careful cooking to health and thus points to the cooking of healthy foods that retain all the beneficial properties that are usually less aggressive or wrong cooking.

This oven provides the user with as many as 15 of the cooking mode can be selected according to the food to be cooked, in addition to what is available in the fermentation mode, with this function it will be possible to obtain yogurt prepared and doughs which require a specific heat for activate the fermentation functions.

Samsung plays this oven with a ceramic treatment to be cleaned easily, then do not miss the turntable functions, parental lock and cooking grill.

Samsung MC28H5015AS Oven Microwave Grill Combined, 28 Liters, SmartOven, 900 W, 1500 W Grill, …

Samsung MG23F301ECW Microwave

With the MG23F301ECW Samsung points to a practical kitchen and professional. There are in fact real preset recipes set to ensure a superior practicality and speed of use. At cooking with microwave technology that is associated with a grill in order to obtain a homogeneous browning of the food.

On this model is included Eco-friendly feature that allows a cooking at reduced power consumption for use with particular care environment. A microwave that is not lacking in anything and that can be a valuable aid to the kitchen every day.

Type of Microwave

There are different types of microwave, these are the most sold models according to each category.

Microwave flush

combined microwave oven

Conclusions and final considerations

In a nutshell, the microwave oven is a tool that, although it can not entirely replace a conventional oven, it can still carry out much of the work of this and have advantages that the traditional method can not have in any way.

As long as you understand that you can not get pizza like it was cooked on a stone oven, in fact, it is quite possible to choose the microwave model suitable for all uses that they will go to do so resulting in a net investment lasting.

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