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Best of gaming monitors 2020: Buying Guide

Within this site you can find all manner of relating to gaming to monitor information.

If you read on you you will find all the information you’ll need to choose the perfect model for your individual needs.

What is a gaming monitor

Let’s start with a consideration that may seem obvious but necessary: ​​each monitor can be used for any purpose, in fact it is not uncommon that a gaming monitor is described as a normal screen for use on any PC.

However, this does not mean that each monitor can meet the needs of different users.

The market monitor for the average consumer, standard multimedia monitor can hardly find appreciation in the advanced player looking for experience and more involved as you sit in front of the game of the moment.

For this reason the monitors are designed for people who love to play, which is thought to be a professional or not, who monitor such features that distinguish it from all other screens available.

There are some features that make monitors for gaming other than the traditional ones, able to enrich the user’s gaming experience.

What is it for?

The answer to the question “what is a monitor for gaming” is less trivial than you can think.

Obviously it needs to play, but his aim toward, why choose it, resides in many different aspects, all of equal importance.

There is a first consideration: a player spends many hours in front of the monitor, which implies that the first quality of a monitor should be the one to affect as little as possible sull’affaticamento of view.

The games, with the passage of the years, have become incredibly realistic, we ask to a monitor in this case is to give support to this realism, guaranteeing us bright colors, as similar as possible to the real ones, and smooth movement of all graphic elements.

Then ask that there is depth in the scenes and that the parts are well contrasted, as well as send even stronger the feeling of something real, as if we were living that experience live.

These are some of the reasons why it is worth considering the purchase of a dedicated gaming monitor.

How does a gaming monitor

The operation of a gaming monitor does not differ much from a traditional although there are some characteristics that need to be particularly careful.

Certainly among the first things to consider are the size and resolution. If you aim to play live exciting experiences then the screen size should not fall below a certain value.

Let’s say that 27 inches is the perfect size. It is true that this entails some logistical problems, related to space management. If the room allows, you can also evaluate a magnitude greater, otherwise you should not fall below 24/25 inches. The size, however, it matters little if it is not balanced against the resolution.

Currently the market offers three main resolutions:

Full HD: 1920×1080 pixel resolution. This is the standard that allows you to control the quality / price ratio;

2K Monitor: Here the resolution is 2560×1440. It goes down a bit ‘but we are still at a good level;

Monitor 4K: the best, or 3840×2160 pixels, to which also associate a machine with excellent performance, in order to exploit to the fullest.

(Read on to find out the depth on the resolution)

Ranking of the best selling gaming monitor

Best Of Gaming Monitors 2020: Buying Guide
Best Of Gaming Monitors 2020: Buying Guide
Best Of Gaming Monitors 2020: Buying Guide
Best Of Gaming Monitors 2020: Buying Guide
Best Of Gaming Monitors 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose a gaming monitor

After deciding on the size and the relative resolution at this point we see in what way to make a choice that is as aware as possible.

In the following sections we will analyze the key features to watch out for choosing the most appropriate monitor model to fit your needs.

Panel Technology

The first feature is the panel technology. With the LCD monitor panels are commercially available 3 (TN, VA and IPS), each with its own strengths and its flaws.

The word is an acronym for TN Twisted Nematic. In this case we are dealing with a panel with a high response speed, low power consumption and high brightness, for this are also very cheap, but their defect is annoying color change when we look at it from a side angle.

The viewing angle is improved in VA panels, which are also characterized by a high yield black, which perhaps makes them better suited for movies. The IPS technology instead has a lower response time than others but the yield is higher on the colors, even when viewed from side angles.

response time and refresh rate

The response time is another very important factor, as the refresh rate (refresh rate).

The latter is expressed in HERTZ and it is good to remember that does not affect much on quality but on its fluidity.

Here we must be careful because the refresh rate value, which could be 120 or 140 Hz is measured to the performance of the graphics card. Not enough to have a high frequency if the graphics card is not able to process a number of frames per second appropriate to the monitor frequency.

The response time, however, is measured in milliseconds, and tells us the speed at which pixels change from black to white, in a more technical you say the time it takes to switch from one scale to another gray.

Ever heard ghosting effect?

It is to that effect which a moving image on the screen tends to leave the wake of itself. This depends on an excessively slow response time. Usually a value beyond which no rise is 8ms.

Video inputs and extra features

Finally, there are extra features, which in some cases can make a difference.

The first thing to watch out for are definitely the outputs available to the monitor, so you can get an idea depending on the device to which you will have to connect it.

In addition to traditional HDMI output, it could also affect output Dual Link or a DisplayPort.

Even the presence of at least one USB port is another aspect to be considered, in some cases it might be very useful. If you do not want to equip yourself with a sophisticated sound equipment, then it needs to also assess the presence of integrated multimedia speakers, and their quality.

Then there’s the matter anything but comfort secondary. Less than rely on impromptu inventions, it could be important to have a monitor that has any height and angle adjustment system.

Most of the standard monitor in circulation does not provide for this kind of optional, or do not allow movements particularly fluids, while a good height and angle adjustment of horizontal vision can affect much on the experience of the game.

Resolution of a gaming monitor

Starting from the source, a pixel is the smallest part of the display, so a tiny dot visible when you turn on the computer screen.

Then, once all these dots are joined to each other, form the image, the kind seen on the PC monitor.

At this point you can decipher the term resolution. It is a numbering system that is given by the multiplication of vertical pixels with the horizontal pixels. The more pixels, the higher the resolution.

HD (High Definition): this term, refers to a high-resolution monitor. It may be 1280×720 or 1920×1080. Often HD Ready law, but this happens when a monitor does not have the characteristic of high resolution, so it is always good to check before acquistarlo.I formats on the market today are 720p, 1080i and 1080p, where the letter “p” stands to indicate a real progressive resolution, while the letter “i” denotes a kind of computer system that has the aim of adding pixels to improve the image quality.

Full HD (Full High Definition) is an evolution of the HD format. The only thing is that, this resolution must have cells by at least 1920×1080 pixels, which means without any compression or reductions, as was the case for the previous resolution.

2K is an intermediary between the full HD and 4K. There are several monitors with this type of resolution (2048×1080), but few that are bought, because there are no commercially movies, games or programs on TV with the resolution, but pass directly to 4K or remain stable in Full HD.

4K: here it was made a huge leap in quality. The resolution is formed by horizontal and 2160 vertical pixels 3840 pixels. There are no television programs at this resolution, but you can find movie or TV series on some platform. Even DVDs have been commercialized to a graphic like that obviously have a higher cost.

Ranking of the best selling gaming monitor

Samsung C24F396

from gaming monitor designed just for PC from perfect resolution and flicker-free. It is ideal to have a panoramic view of videos, photos and programs. But we must keep in mind that, not being an IPS (in-plane switching), it has a color quality for those who does not use specific programs to edit photos.

The gaming is facilitated by the possibility of increasing the brightness significantly not to let escape even the smallest dettaglio.Grazie to the particular curvature of the screen, during the MMO games (multiplayer online mass), it is totally immersed within their atmosphere.

Samsung C24F396

Model easy to install even for inexperienced users: Just plug the included cable to the PC and install the driver.I discerning consumers can however customize the settings via the intuitive settings.

The Samsung S24F350 is not only perfect for gaming, but also to expand their workstation, since its colors are crisp, light weight (the power supply is external), has the right size and not fatiguing. The main drawbacks are the lack DVI input and significant difficulty hang, as it is necessary to disassemble the chassis to remove the protruding part of the joint.


Product with FULL HD panel which makes it suitable for any kind of gaming, especially those FPS competition, since almost no backlight bleeding. Ghosting is very light and is visible only if you activate the overdrive function.

In addition to being lightweight and compact, it has an elegant and simple design, which is well suited to any environment and decor.

Thanks to the designs used for the box easily and in a short time mounts, without feeling the need to consult the instruction of istruzioni.Parlando instead of his hand, the color quality is mediocre and to obtain good results you need to carve out the necessary time to adjust the settings properly.

AOC G2590VXQ Monitor da Gaming 24.5″, FHD 1920 x 1080 a 75 Hz, 1 ms, Speaker, D-SUB, 2 x HDMI, DP,…

Acer KG241Qbmiix

from gaming IPS Monitor equipped with little cumbersome power cord and rather long, which makes it much easier positioning. It has a very nice design, finished in every detail and equipped with thin frames that make the product even more elegant. The vesa attack presence facilitates fastening the device to the wall.

The three presets specifically designed for gaming make the experience enjoyable and customizable depending on the type. If you want to ease eyestrain, you can adjust the blue light on several levels.

Acer KG241Qbii Monitor Gaming FreeSync, 23,6″, Display Full HD, 75 Hz, 16:9, 1 ms, VGA, HDMI, Lum…

Asus VS248HR

High Quality Monitor equipped with a TN panel which makes it particularly suitable for gaming. From the best of its performance during the esports games, where the response time is much more important than graphics. The colors are bright and the image quality is good, so it can also be used to watch movies or as a monitor for your computer.

The ghosting and flicker are virtually nil. As for design, we can say that the base is very stable and robust, while the ultra slim profile adds elegance and allows you to place in the tightest spaces.


Product superlative aesthetics you arrive at your destination fully assembled and should therefore only be connected and turned on. The monitors, although 25-inch, does not take up too much space, but it has a remarkable weight. In addition to housing the headphones positioned on the back it allows you to save space on your desk and keep it in order. A counter is instead the placement of the menu keys, since, being placed in the lower part of the monitor, do not facilitate visibility.

AOC C24G1 Monitor Gaming Curvo

The 144hz of this monitor guarantee a very quick response and exceptional fluidity of movement. Having a good visual quality, you can use the device not only to play but also to watch videos and movies.

Once you try the curvature, one can not do without, as you will find the images at the same distance and makes them look bigger. It can also be easily adjusted in angle of rotation, tilt and height, but also fixed to the wall.

Samsung Monitor C27JG52

Monitor elegantly aesthetic, but takes up very much space. Being a TN, is not suitable for working with the software, but only for the gaming.Un value of this product is the presence of two USB ports for charging devices plus another USB type B to turn the monitor on an HUB.

As regards the defects, are to be emphasized the base rather cumbersome, and the substantial weight. In order to fully enjoy its benefits, it is recommended to use with a PC, as provided with suitable video cards.

AOC G2590PX Monitor da Gaming 24.5

This product was very easy to assemble, but to settle properly the support necessary to ensure that face-click, otherwise would fall. It is a TN AUO suitable for any type of gaming, especially FPS from competition.

The response time is very fast, while the ghosting and backlight bleeding are almost absent. It is also important the presence of the multiple video outputs including VGA. As for the cons, the sound is poor, the quality of mediocre color and viewing angles rather limited.

AOC G2590PX Monitor da Gaming 24.5″, FHD 1920 x 1080 a 144 Hz, 1 ms, Speaker, D-SUB, 2 x HDMI, DP, 4…


Monitor 144 hz at affordable price with fluid images with sharply defined colors, but as TN type has the performance of blacks rather lacking, which does not affect the quality of gaming.

The cables are very long, they give a lot of freedom and do not require the use of extension cords. But we must point out that, if you turn off the PC and leaves the connected monitor, the power button blinks and could disturb the view, especially if the device is placed inside a bedroom.

Acer Predator XB271HU ABMIPRZ 4

from gaming monitor with excellent contrast and color quality. Not being provided with compensation for the uniformity, manifests the backlight bleed.

The 4k GSync feature allows you to fully enjoy both video games.

The panel with buttons on the screen mail offers convenience and visibility at all indifferent. In addition, both the base and the rod are made of aluminum, a material that guarantees stability and long life.


from gaming Monitor realized with good materials and allows the arm to position it as desired, even vertically. The navigation key and the buttons located on the back are very comfortable to use.

Since many gamer is considered to be the monitor for excellence, as provided with 2k format, refresh rate, g-sync, quick time of more functionality ROG response. To ensure that the product manifests the maximum of its performance, it is good to have a hardware with adequate power and quality.

Samsung U28H750

Great for gaming monitor as very solid, adjustable and with the possibility to adjust the height up to 13 cm. The presence of four video inputs allows you to connect to multiple devices.

This product is recommended for those who own a computer that supports content in 4K, or to those who use it to play with one x xbox, xbox One S and ps4 pro, because it is not worth lowering the resolution just 1080p. Although it has a refined design, it is very cumbersome.

BenQ EL2870U

Monitor ideal for competitive FPS, beautiful and powerful, but with Windows 10 may cause some problems when you insert the HDR. While gaming you experience any of the video jumps and is therefore not suitable for FPS Competitive. It is also important to point out two other drawbacks: it is free from built-in speakers and the location is standard, so it is not possible to customize the tilt.

BenQ EL2870U Monitor Gaming LED UHD-4K (risoluzione 3840 x 2160), 28”, 1 ms, HDR Eye-Care,…

The main technologies


Before explaining the function of these two technologies, it is good to introduce the significance of refresh rate, or refresh rate of the monitor which is measured in Hz (Hertz). This parameter is vital to monitor for gaming, it varies. The video card sends the frame to monitor and, if the frequency of the latter is 30 Hz, it means that the screen refreshes 30 times per second. Therefore it is important to have a good refresh rate, otherwise you experience jerky or smooth images, which is not very nice for gamers.

At this point you can talk about the two technologies. Both are based on a thanks to them refresh rate variable or adaptive, and the video card communicates with the monitor, launching a real synchronization to improve the image quality. However, there are differences between the due.Per example, the G-SYNC technology has been the first to be designed at the hardware level, that is managed by a particular module realized by NVIDIA characteristic materials. The advantage is that it prevents ghosting through better refresh rate. Ghosting is a replica of a part of the image that is transmitted, superimposed on the new frame.

Regarding FreeSync technology it is managed by the firmware of the monitor and video card drivers, and not proprietary components as they did for the previous technology. In fact, AMD FreeSync is based on open systems, and this is a benefit not to be underestimated. This technology is based on a link that takes the name of DisplayPort and implies a decrease in the price of the monitor.

In short, if you do not want to spend much, you can tack on AMD FreeSync choosing a video card and a compatible monitor; but if you want to aim at the highest quality, then it should tack on AMD G-SYNC, spending a little more.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

It is a very important technology because it improves the images in those areas where there is much or little illumination.

It makes them more realistic, increasing the level of detail in each luminous gradation. The HDR technology is not only found on the smart TV, but it is also available in from gaming monitors, because samples the variation of any dark tone or a transmitted light within the scene, avoiding overlap bright images or loss of detail for images dark.

The HDR is possible because it exploits a function of the electro-optical type common transfer, namely reproduces images on almost identical to reality monitor. The goal is to make sure that the human eye can not distinguish what he sees around the screen by what he sees off the screen, making everything smooth. So HDR technology is not a trace of doubt better than an SDR technology, common for older monitors.

Motion Blur Reduction Technology

This technology was created with the aim of reducing the motion blur on the monitor, thanks to a stroboscopic effect that requires activation and deactivation of the backlight at high frequencies.

This type of effect is very close to reality, or better, to that which is visible and perceptible to the human eye. The Motion Blur generates a kind of wake during a rapid change of visual, just what happens to all of us when we turn his head quickly while you are observing objects that have a minimum of its own light. The most classic examples are: a lighted lamp, the headlights of a car, a candle etc.

It does not cause any increase in the graphics, but it is only adopted to add that touch of augmented reality. Apart from the gaming monitor, you can turn it on professional photographic machines.

Screen flat or curved?

Between a flat screen and a curved screen, it does not change almost nothing, apart from their external structure. The monitors, in fact, have different resolutions (those described pocanzi), but there is a curved screen which possesses graphic best compared to a flat screen or vice versa. What changes is their constructive method.

What you will find a curved screen is a greater involvement and sense of immersion, because of the different angles with respect to a flat screen and offers a better view, only if the person is in a correct position respecting the focal point.

The contrast is more or less similar in the sense that it is obvious that the more we deviate from a central location and the picture quality appears lower.

From the aesthetic point of view you have to give a bonus to the curved screen that appears sleeker, more modern and avant-garde, and in fact assumes a certain charm even when turned off. There are big differences in quality between the two, because the resolutions are the same, but the price ballooned to curved screens.

final conclusions

Within this page you’ve finally been able to discover a complete buyer’s guide to the best gaming monitor. Have you found your ideal device? Seize one of the many offers of the day on Amazon and enjoy your new gaming experience.