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Best portable air conditioners in 2020: Buying Guide

This page is a guide to buying the best portable air conditioners. Read on to find out further information, comparison charts and reviews of the devices to be taken into consideration when buying.

general Introduction

Summer is getting closer and therefore the days are becoming increasingly hot and sultry. If, now, the temperatures are not annoying, from June onwards we will start to see very hot climates, and that it also affects your body.

Especially in the case where very beating sun, there is the risk of not being able to bear the heat, creating situations such as headache, fatigue, loss of appetite and so on.

Although the fans are good devices to cool the surrounding air, the best undoubtedly have air conditioners, which allow to cool significantly even very large rooms and control the level of humidity in the air and health, which the fans can not help .

The portable air conditioners are the most recommended, both for the excellent features that have, both for the convenience of use and do not overcharge.

Let’s explore more about this device, how it works, the main features and what are the best currently on the market.

What is it and what is the portable air conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioners In 2020: Buying Guide

It is a particular electrical device with very small dimensions, often transportable by means of special wheels, which allows a refreshing environment also very aspect is especially useful during the summer season. Obviously, it also has the opposite effect, ie heating of the room, making it ideal for the winter.

Difference between mobile and fixed-conditioner

The big difference between the portable and the fixed ones conditioners lies in the fact that the latter require installation very complex, attached to the wall and with special devices outside, why it takes time and also a significant economic burden, which does not It takes to the type we are dealing with.

We must not forget, however, that even some portable air conditioners have a tube that goes placed outside, to expel the hot air sucked from the environment and also any toxic substances or harmful gases.

How does it work

Even in these models, such as the fixed ones, the operation is based on the thermodynamic cycle, using an appropriate fluid, in this case the gas.

The fixed models generally are structured into two main components, an internal drive, also called split, which can be more than one and determines the potency of the product, and an outdoor unit, or the engine itself.

The portable air conditioners, however, are composed of a single overall structure, which contains in its interior all the fundamental aspects to work, or the fan, of course, the engine and the heat exchanger.

But as is the case then the production of fresh air and the elimination of the hot water present in the environment?

The fan installed inside tends to push into the environment where it is placed the cold air generated inside, while the humidity is transformed into condensate, therefore practically in the water that accumulates in a container which is then emptied. By using the special pipe that leads outside, it is eliminated that the air is dispersed into the environment.

You can also use special adapters to facilitate this step, if you do not have pre-drilled holes for this tube.

Comparative table of the best portable air conditioners

This table compares the best portable air conditioners, choose one that’s right for you.

Best Penguin De Longhi

Best Penguin Electrolux

Best Penguin De Longhi

Best Penguin Electrolux

How to choose the best portable air conditioners

The following are the insights that will help you fully understand the technical characteristics and quality of a product to buy.

Structure, shape and dimensions

As mentioned above, the great advantage that differentiates the portable air conditioners from those fixed is that of a much smaller size, and therefore does not require complex installations and so do not even need special permits if you live in a condominium.

With regard to the shape and dimensions, generally they develop in height, however not exceeding one meter, and also at the base have special wheels to be dragged anywhere in the house for use in the various rooms. It can also be transported obviously raising it from the ground, using the handle that presents the device.

Aspects to consider when you want to use a portable air conditioner are also the length of the power wire and the exhaust pipe, to choose where to place it well. Both usually have a length of about 1.5 / 2 meters.

To conclude, this device is easily controllable via an infrared remote control, which presents all the main functions, such as turn on and off, select the temperature, set an automatic sleep timer and much more.

Power and Performance

Let us now turn to more technical data concerning the effectiveness of the device, or the power and performance they possess, certainly slightly lower than the fixed models, however also seen the very small size.

The generally very good performance, cools rapidly and evenly. A good portable air conditioner must have the engine power of at least 2 kW. As disadvantage of this, it can be quite noisy, at least at the beginning of operation.

A key technical aspect to consider when you want to buy this device is, however, the cooling power, expressed in BTU / h. This unit was initially popular only in America, but now it is spreading more and more in Europe and in our country.

This indicates the ratio between the quantity of heat exchanged and the time in which it occurred such exchange.

Choose an air conditioner with a specific BTU depends very much on the use you want to do, depending on the size of the room you want to cool.

For example, at a room between 10 and 15 square meters of the surface, a device is required with BTU of at least 7000, for a while from 80 to 100 square meters room you need a minimum of at least 24500 BTU.

We have seen what is and the main features of this device very interesting and certainly useful in view of the arrival of more and more upcoming summer season.

Other functional very interesting extras are:

Consumption of portable air conditioner

The consumption of these devices are in general a point of disadvantage, which is why it is always convenient to choose a model with good energetic class.

The portable air conditioner consumption also vary according to the power technology.

We can find the on / off, or that the air conditioners are turned off reaches the set temperature and automatically on again when it is exceeded. Consumption is definitely medium-high.

The other type is the inverter mode, much more economical and energy-saving, that after having reached the desired temperature, makes the devices remain switched on at minimum power, as if they are in stand-by, ensuring a constant temperature.

These models are generally more expensive but in the long term make it possible to save on energy bills at home.

Ranking of the 10 best-selling portable air conditioners

Best Portable Air Conditioners In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Portable Air Conditioners In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Portable Air Conditioners In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Portable Air Conditioners In 2020: Buying Guide

Review of the best portable air conditioners

This is the list of the best portable air conditioners of 2020 updated May:

ARGO Relax Style Portable Air Conditioner

This proposal is a portable air conditioner Argo Energy Class A product, very practical and versatile thanks to the many types of services that you can offer, focusing on possibilities such as dehumidification cooling, as well as ventilation.

The only flaw of this model is the noise level, at least as reported by some of those who bought. Of course it is true that many reviews are always positive so probably it is the best side to prevail over negative ones.

It has also of the fins to modify the air flow that can be adjusted as much as on the vertical line on the horizontal one.

It can then be controlled with a convenient remote control and easy to use, but also from the multi-function display LED.

In addition to everything it is also transportable with ease due to the presence of wheels installed with the possibility of changing its direction.

In addition, the switching on and off are easily programmable with a daily plan, which includes the possibility of putting the air conditioner in the memory mode, sleep and self-diagnosis.

ARGO Relax Style, Portable Air Conditioner 10000 btu / h, 2.6 kW, natural gas R290, Great for …

SUNTEC local mobile air conditioner

The proposal to Suntec seems to be one of the best on the market including the three modes of dehumidification, ventilation and cooling, ideal for covering large areas even up to 60 cubic meters.

A similar product is ideal to adjust each room to the temperature you want to choose, noting also the ability to move comfortably and make sure to follow us wherever we go comfort for the many areas of our house.

If we want to stay in peace and quiet bed you can select the desired mode directly from relaxed thanks to a convenient remote control that is added to the functional LED display.

The special feature of this model is then in the fact that it is well equipped with a dust filter that purifies the air in your home.

DeLonghi Pinguino Portable PACN77ECO CLIMATE

For those looking for an Italian product with innovative design this proposed De Longhi PACN77ECO is probably ideal. An extremely powerful portable air conditioner that ensures the highest quality and innovation.

A penguin stands out from all the others for its ability to unite in harmony latest high technology generation and consumption reduced to a minimum, with a choice therefore also in line with the environmental needs of our day.

The technology De Longhi then uses a natural refrigerant gas, non-toxic, defined as “propane” which besides being ecological allows a considerable saving in the bill of the end of the month.

The two functions are available here ventilation and dehumidification, not the cooling of which other models are equipped.

Unlike normal, however, this model has also integrated a room thermostat connected to the LED display and the remote control which can easily adjust all the functions, programming them thanks to the presence of a daily timer.

This product despite the high Italian quality, however, is not always recommended by those who have experienced the performance.

This creation is quite noisy and possesses all the typical defects of the normal portable air conditioners, but at one stage just tolerable for the price: the tube becomes very hot and during the night it is therefore useless. A proposal is therefore to be evaluated carefully with its positive sides but also negative.

Electrolux EXP26U538HW ChillFlex Pro 10 A+

A product that stands out from everyone else to fall in energy class A +, confirming this product among the best for value for money, but also for low environmental impact in the face of the insured warranty service.

A product that resets emissions to a minimum and which also presents an innovative integrated Self evaporative system which ensures automatic and immediate disposal of condensate.

A large LCD screen allows you to adjust all the functions together with a convenient remote control, and the sale also includes everything you need (corrugated pipe and other) to adapt it to a closed window.

An object very in line with the latest trends in design with its innovative forms is able to adapt perfectly to all spaces of residences and workplaces. Negative aspects are for this very rare model, you can only lie in some problems related to shipping or the confusion in the arrival of the model with sometimes some substitutions.

Either way does not seem to worry about it: if you look for a model with exceptional line that you do not give any problem about the performance this is the object that will save your summers as a warm too insistent during the night and beyond.

Electrolux EXP26U338CW Chillflex Pro 11

If what you want is instead a product that gives you excellent quality and function warranties on all fronts and all kinds of performance this creation class A Electrolux may be the optimal choice.

It recommended especially for the fact that turns out to be much less noisy than the normal penguins, a basic element that you have to take into account at the time of your purchase if what you are looking for is to assure you of sleep cool and quiet even during the summer.

Very quiet even at full power this product is certainly one of the best on the market and comes with a simple design and all obvious that it will be able to give your home a touch of sophistication and innovation. Adjustable via a convenient remote control, it has all of the latest generation technologies.

Of all the offers made by Electrolux you can trust, then it must be prevented that probably the noise could sometimes be too intense and not align with your expectations.

The elegant line, however, is really unparalleled and gives the home during the day a whole different type of environment and comfort, will therefore be necessary to properly evaluate the pros and cons and especially think well about what the user you want to make to choose permanently if this is the right offer for you.

Portable Air Conditioner ARGO MILTON

This Argo Portable Air Conditioner is distinguished by the slender figure of the bright white tones used for its creation. A product easily transportable by wheels comfortable.

A product that fits with excellent versatility for all types of environments. The relief for those without an integrated cooling system in your home.

One flaw the fact that the exhaust air hose, often connected to the windows, overheats inevitably not a little and is therefore risky for example, for children who play between the spaces of the home and those of the terrace.

What, however, makes this extremely unique offering and unparalleled compared to all the others is the rich variety of functions.

His ventilator can in fact set on three different speeds, while the intelligent ventilation system includes the mode “Sleep” able to assure the maximum comfort during the nighttime hours, the auto-restart mode in case the energy jump, and also the X-FAN function, a technology that no other model presents, in a position to prevent any formation of dangerous molds or hostile bacteria.

1210002021 TROTEC PAC 2610 AND 9000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner

Trotec has developed its own proposal to the maximum of innovation which is perhaps one of the best portable air conditioners on the market now.

This conditioner PAC 2610 And in fact presents a variety of functions, and is therefore the best solution for all those who purchase one product want to secure the best quality in all types of modes, so then for cooling as for the dehumidification and ventilation. The latter is also automatic, making the air conditioner capable of making all the rooms of your home always fresh.

The intelligent system that this air conditioner has integrated itself regulates its activities without necessitating any kind of effort or control. The most suitable cooling will simply be found by the computer in this condition, whatever the level of heat present in your rooms.

More than 85 cubic meters will be covered by the activity of this condition, which soon will make all the cool rooms to the level of your heart’s content.

The dehumidification function can also get to subtract from the air up to 1.4 liters per hour, creating an environment in supreme comfort.

In the case where the air conditioner is not used for a rather prolonged period of time only this model has a function of which no one else has. A ready mode to self-defined set itself of “self-cleaning” independently remove condensation from the inside of the air conditioner.

If you are looking for a conditioner that no disturbances during sleep this could be the most suitable model because innovation efforts have been concentrated here just to ensure maximum performance to the absolute minimum possible noise.

TROTEC 1210002021 PAC 2610 AND 9000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner Local …

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Conclusions and final considerations

Finally, portable air conditioners are great devices to refresh your home or even your office, without having to waste a lot of time in the installation, as opposed to fixed ones, and without having to spend a lot economically.

They have several features that allow the cooling (or heating) very quickly and uniformly throughout the junk room, allowing you to continue to perform their duties without being adversely affected by the heat typical of the period which is coming soon.

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