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Best portable video projector 2020: Buying Guide

Within this page you will find the guide to buying the best portable projector: continue to browse to find out what they are, how they work, reviews of top models and all the information you need to choose the perfect model for you .

Your desire has always been to have a large 100-inch TV, but you do not have the financial ability to buy it? Through the use of the projector (portable or not), even a simple white wall can turn this desire into your reality. First things first.

What is it and what is the use

Best Portable Video Projector 2020: Buying Guide

This is a device that in fact, through its own lens system and an illuminator, transmits the video signal or the images from the source device (eg a computer), on a surface.

One such tool can be useful for several reasons: entertainment (see a movie), work (for power point presentations), gaming (connect PS4 and xBox), and much more.

Attention, in this guide are not talking about the traditional ones, the ones full size so to speak, whose sales are falling; those smaller, portable projectors which, unlike the former, are increasingly purchased, also due to the significant drop in prices.

The performance of these have improved considerably in recent years.

Comparative table of the best portable projectors

Compatible with each source

Compatible with each source

How to choose a portable projector

Best Portable Video Projector 2020: Buying Guide

Which one to choose? That is the question. We will try, through this guide, to dissolve the doubts and guide you through our directions towards the model that best suits you; all this in order to avoid the errors that are around the corner.

Logical is that a lot depends on the needs you want to satisfy, but at the end of a good buy, absolutely parameters to consider, besides the size, are: the resolution, brightness, connectivity.

Size, shape and weight

Best Portable Video Projector 2020: Buying Guide

More and smaller in size, as this too – like many other instruments – suffered the miniaturization process, some of them fit easily into a backpack or messenger bag, others are great as much as the palm of a hand. The latter are the SO-CALLED Pocket projectors.

The dimensions also depend on the battery of which these are fitted (inside them). The weight of the same is not an element to be overlooked for the choice.

Battery means appliance autonomy, many are able to work for hours, guarantee hours and hours of vision, without the need that they are connected to the socket, all of this, however, at the expense of performance, such as brightness, which is lower when using it through the internal battery.

It must also be considered, it is not trivial, even the noise emitted from the mini projector, during use in fact are in motion the vents, which serve to cool and / or keep at a constant temperature the same instrument. The hum of the fans while you see the film, or even more so while working, let’s face it, it is not the best. The noise level is measured in db, when it is below the value of 30db then okay.

Quality and Video Resolution

Best Portable Video Projector 2020: Buying Guide

The resolution, ie the number of pixels that the projector can handle is very important. This determines the sharpness of the projected image.

Today we talk, even off the projector industry, to:

That’s a kind of ascending classification of various resolutions. To date, fall below a 1920 x 1080 resolution (Full HD) is absolutely not recommended.

Lighting Technology

Best Portable Video Projector 2020: Buying Guide

The brightness, that is to say the image quality, is measured in Lumen – is the unit of measure – and depends on the power of the lamp that is located within each projector, the more the latter is smaller, it is likely that there are less powerful lamps.

The brightness of course also depends on the environment in which is located our apparatus, therefore, to avoid problems associated with this, the suggestion is to choose possibly a dark room or at least easily darkened.


The connectivity instead is the ability of the instrument to communicate with the video source device, it is important to understand so how many and which ports there are (Vga and also Hdmi now have become the bare minimum), logic is that, the more it has, the better it is .

Today almost all also have a USB port that enables connection to modern such as smartphones and many can even connect to wireless devices, the SO-CALLED wireless connection.

Here are some models that we mention, trying to list both the qualities that defects of each product. Trying also to balance the dimensions – performance ratio.

Best portable projectors

This is the list of the best portable projectors updated in May 2020:

After discovering together the basic features that every good portable projector should have, is the chance to discover the main models to buy.

For convenience we have differentiated products according to three different price categories:

Let’s find out the best portable projectors.

low range (below 79.99 €)

The # 1 best selling product in the category of portable projectors is the model apeman 4000, a device equipped with the advanced LCD projection technology 4.0 and a very recent LED light source. Thanks to a brightness of 4000 lumens, this product is brighter than 80% of their competitors.

Thanks to the contrast 2000: 1, the image is sharp and easy on the eyes. Supports Full HD (1920 x 1080), dual integrated speakers offer an experience of high-level surround, the design is compact and designed to produce the least possible noise. The top post sales support, multiple connections and portable use the apeman 4000 crown the king of the category.

Apeman Projector 4500 Lumen Projector Mini Portable Speaker Dual LED to 50000 …

The mini projector Elephans is a really comfortable product that supports smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The real strong point of this device is the portability: the dimensions of 13.5 x 10 x 6 cm and a weight of 0.26 kg make mini, almost pocket!

The doors provide good access: there is an HDMI port, USB, Micro SD, audio and AV. The integrated speaker provides a fairly clear sound. Overall the product is not noisy, consequently watch movies, TV series or simple video is relaxing and enjoyable.

This product is also tops with regard to the after sales extended up to 18 months.

Elephas Mini Projector, LED Pico Projector, Mini Projector With USB HDMI, Supports Smartphone …

The portable projector XuanPad is one of the best in its price range is very bright and this feature makes it ideal for home entertainment. The new design has been designed exclusively to reduce fan noise: the user experience is far more enjoyable.

It is also compatible with TV Box, TV Stick, ChromeBook, Pc, Laptop, Tablet, DVD players, Blu-Ray, SD cards, USB flash drives, media players and Smartphones Android and iOS.

LCD display, LED light source, 2000: 1 contrast, native resolution of 800 * 480 (Support Full HD). After-sales warranty of two years.

XuanPad Mini Projector, 55,000 hours Portable Projector Home Theater Projectors

medium range: between € 80.00 and € 100.00

The portable projector ABOX A2 is the best mid-range. It features a brightness of 3000 lumens projection, that is, two times more than the other competitors.

The audio quality is top, especially when compared with other products in the same price range. It is compact and portable, but at the same time ideal for home entertainment thanks to the screen 32 “- 176”. The resolution is 1920 * 720p (at FULL HD support), it is compatible with Fire TV Stick, PS4 and many other devices such as smartphones, tablets and SD cards.

The guarantee is reliable, the team of professionals will be able to answer to all your problems even 24 months after purchase.

High-end: more than 100,00 €

This projector is equipped with the best features: 4000 lumens of brightness, display 200 “, Full HD resolution, compatibility with HDMI, VGA, USB, AV and all the technological products such as smartphones, tablet, TV box, and so forth.

It is a superior product, particularly recommended for all those who feel the need to create a home theater. The LED lighting, made of technologies of this year, provides the most accurate colors never seen on a projector.

The dimensions are portable (16:59 * 24.49 * 8.13cm – 1.25 kg) and the two built-in speakers offer a quality and crystal clear sound. The guarantee of 24 months makes it even more special this projector, which not coincidentally was chosen as Amazon’s Choice. Read the full review.

Projector, Portable Projector Vamvo 1280 * 720p, Display 200 “Full HD 1080p Supported …

Ranking of the best selling portable projectors

This ranking is the best-selling portable video projectors on Amazon. The ranking, generated directly from the colossus of Jeff Bezos, it is updated in real time and is based on sales in Italy.

mini portable projectors

You need to buy a portable mini projector? These are the best models, the most purchased and reviewed:

Portable Projector by brand

Many consumers believe the right to buy a particular technology product also depending on the brand: trust an industry leader can often prove to be a wise decision.

These are the best portable projector divided by the manufacturer.

Philips Portable Projector

Epson portable projector

Video projector Acer

Portable Projector Aiptek

Conclusions and final considerations

Within this buying guide you’ve finally been able to find any information on portable projectors. Reviews, comparative tables, offers, prices and more. If you need further information you can contact us via email: we’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

In any case, you can find out even more about the world of home theater: Read the study on Android TV box, the mini pc windows and the soundbar. Do you think buying a projector is spending too greedy? Then you can opt for the best smart TV.

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