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Best robot mower 2020: Buying Guide

Within this buyer’s guide of the best robot mower you can find all the features you need to search for when purchasing such products. Read on to find out what they are, what they do, the complete guide to buying and reviews of individual models.

Without technological change, it does not go just anywhere. This maxim is today a fact of life in every sector, including that of gardening, where the mower robots have the task to simplify your life, making you rely on a lawn mowed to perfection.

They work and you rest. In the more you save the cost of calling a gardener. Convenient, is not it?

What are they and what are they

Best Robot Mower 2020: Buying Guide

The robot lawn mowers are real gems hi-tech, which are all the rage in homes where there is the classic green corner.

Italians love them, because they allow to keep the grass at the right height. A nice and compact lawn with a lawn healthy, in fact, give a considerable visual impact.

The beauty is that with the help of these tools, which are a technology focused high performance, you can take care of the lawn, without polluting.

Their ecological component is an important distinctive trait perspective of respect for the environment, because, unlike the gasoline machines, do not pollute. In addition, the total absence of strands in the product does not bother in any way.

How to choose a lawn mower robot

Best Robot Mower 2020: Buying Guide

Since the robot mower, some more than others, have a considerable price, prior to their purchase is a wise choice to make an assessment of the type of product that meets your needs.

This has certainly to do with the technical features, which will write short in depth, but especially with the size and scope of the meadow on which we must work.

An account is in fact dispose outside of the four walls of a green corner of dimensions equal to 5,000 square meters. Another, however, is to rely on a more limited space of 500 square meters.

Inevitably, in fact, in the first case study you will serve a much more powerful machine.

Discriminant relevant is also the slope of the garden, given that there are robot mower able to overcome gradients also higher than 50%.

That said, let’s start with general considerations about technical specifications for the evaluation of the best mowing robots.

Battery life

In the selection of this parameter, it counts much capacity.

A more powerful battery will be an added value for the green spaces in large companies, for the simple reason that you’ll lose less time to mow the lawn. Also quite common are the models with lithium because they offer longer terms.

Still referring to battery life, which is fundamental in the purchase guide variant of this product is the automatic component. Upstream of the evaluation of the product, in fact, many seek information on which model is better between an automatic and a semiautomatic.

The difference is that the first model is more convenient, because it is absolutely independent, because once the battery discharged, you can go to the charger and keep on working. In addition, it gives its best in a green space of large dimensions.

The second, however, when downloading the batteries, must be positioned manually within its charging station. The advantage of the latter is that it is cheaper and which offers a better yield in the presence of areas separated by concrete areas and paths that constitute a real barrier for automated versions.

Collision Sensors

More technological progress becomes effective, the more sophisticated products on the market are launched, able to meet the demands of the target audience. The mission of the fund is collision sensors that recognize irregularities in the soil.

So this feature is a must in the green spaces particularly rough.

Moreover, collision sensors mean that the people do not shock robots, animals and objects. In view of the minimal contact, you’ll see him back away, only to resume normal work.

Lawn Mapping

This technical feature is essential, because the mower robots are able to distinguish what are the parts of the grass already cut, from those still to be shaved.

The robot then will avoid to come back on the portions of land on which he has worked down. Even in cases in which you are forced to stop the work and then resume at a later time. In addition, it needs to take account of any liability, as in the presence of steep areas, models with four-wheel drive will reveal the ultimate, because more resistant.

The same applies to the safety function block blades in the face of a possible overturning of the robot. Considering these factors, map the surface of the lawn has its uses and will save you time and energy.

The icing on the cake that equips top of the range model is the multi-zone mapping, useful for gardens and lawns composed of various areas. In these cases, it becomes essential to assign different work settings.

Once the mower will have stored the different zones of the terrain, it will actuate the blades only in the presence of green.

Engine performance

When choosing a product, the engine is one of those components that plays a more decisive role.

First, because it is said that you need it a high-performance model, especially if you get is a small garden. We have to distinguish internal combustion engines, cheaper than electric, more performing.

The former have two or four-stroke, displacements greater than 125 cc. The seconds voice capacity of between 1,200 and 1,800 Watts. In the face of increased engine power, the mower will be able to carry out his work even in the most steep and on thicker turfs soils.


The blades of the mower robot must be efficient: the most used models are those double or triple blade. In reference to the shape of the lawn, then, it is possible to opt for curved or tilted versions.

In all these cases, the robot blades are not limited to cut, but the comminute. Are you that, by setting the appropriate parameters, set the cut in relation to your specific needs.

Still referring to the blades, or more precisely the type of cut, the more options that are all the models are fitted with bag for collecting grass and versions that are lacking.

There is a solution, characterized by mulching. What is it about? The grass is cut, shredded and then distributed evenly over the turf, without there being the collection. The point in favor of mulching is that all the clippings act as a fertilizer for your green space, increasing its resistance.

A special mention relates to the use of the blades, deserves certainly the function for cutting edges, so as to obtain an even more precise shave. To optimize the functioning of the blades, regardless of type, and avoids that wear out quickly.

In the presence of dry twigs, pine cones and fallen fruit on the ground, proceed to the manual collection. Prevents the robot blades come into contact with these objects otherwise the cutting performance will drop drastically.

Smart Functionality

In the era of technology, smart features are also essential in the case of robot mower.

It is true that their primary purpose is to cut the lawn at best. However, integration with tablets and smartphones, with which you can also remotely control, optimization of the way during the shaving operations of the turf and the battery life monitoring are undoubtedly an added value of the final choice of the product.

The ability to receive notifications via SMS, if the mower robot were to go out from the perimeter of the mapping indicated, is another benefit smart.

Finishing touches include intelligent capabilities of the child lock caliber, anti-theft alarm, the return path and finally the cutting schedule planning, fundamentally useful because it allows you to decide which days of the week to go to the garden maintenance . Even in your absence.

Result? You can count on a grassy always mowed and manicured to perfection. Thanks to the robot mower, the grass will never grow wilder.

Best robot mower

Robot mower low range (below 750 €)

Within this category you will find reviews of mowing robots belonging to the low-end. Of course, given the high price it is difficult to call it “low end,” but let’s not waste any more time and find the best products for this price category.

Best Robot Mower 2020: Buying Guide

The robot lawn mower top seller on Amazon is the model Worx WR141E. Designed to work on a maximum area of ​​500 square meters, this device is sold with a charging cradle to death, a series of programmable Wi-Fi technologies from smartphones and tablets, a brushless motor ready for use and the charger Worx from upgradable functionality .

The blade is positioned in the lateral part of the robot: this feature allows to obtain excellent results in cutting grass near the edge.

In addition, the Worx WR141E is rain-proof, guarantees excellent results on all types of terrain, is able to automatically delimit the garden, avoid obstacles on its own, it is really very quiet and safe by automatically stop.

Best Robot Mower 2020: Buying Guide

Worx Lawn Mower Robot Garden Landroid WR141E, Battery Electric Lawnmower 20 V, Mowers 3 …

Best Robot Mower 2020: Buying Guide

The “younger brother” of the Worx WR141E model is sold at a significantly lower price, also because of the reduction of the area managed, which descends in this case to 300 square meters.

The features are very similar and the difference between the two models is minimal, in fact, this device is recommended only for those who must manage a lawn / garden size of less than 300 square meters.

Worx wr095s Landroid lawn maehroboter S Basic up to 300 MQ, 38 W, 240 V, Gray

The mower YardForce amiro 400 robot This is the cheapest on the market.

It is sold ready for use: just unpack and press a button to see him at work.

It is a safe product thanks to ultrasonic sensors that detect obstacles well in advance you can avoid collisions and damage to property and people.

There are numerous accessories included in the package: in addition to the lawnmower robot and the charging station is located in the charging cable, the fixing nails, blades and spare screws, connectors and a ruler to be used as a spacer.

Yard Force amiro400 Robot short grass

The AL-KO robot mower works thanks to the perimeter wire, which determines a defined area. Ideal for 500sqm, this device is equipped with a technology that will allow natural fertilization of the lawn: thanks to this will not be necessary to dispose of grass clippings.

In the complex it is easy to install and thanks to program: the smart capabilities allow the controls to be remote and the return to the charging station when the battery falls below a tot. percentage is automatic.

A highly recommended inexpensive product.

AL-KO Robotic Mowers Robolinho® 500E.Pendenza maximum 45%, two-blade system, cutting width …

Robot mower medium range and high (above 800 €)

Let us now consider only the lawnmower robot with a price higher than the € 800.00.

The robot Ambrogio Robot AM060D0K8Z is a very popular product by users who have purchased on Amazon. The reviews are positive, it is regularly put on offer (over 100 € discount) and enjoys the Prime shipping in one working day.

It needs no special installation, it works perfectly without perimeter wire and is suitable especially for small gardens (200 square meters).

It is the perfect robot for those looking for a perfect cut and an unprecedented ease of installation. It is lightweight, it can work even on gradients of 50% and has four-wheel drive to avoid any navigation problem.

The many smart features, the fair price and features that owns it one of the best on the market.

The Bosch Indego S + 350 robotic lawnmower is small, efficient and provides excellent results on lawns up to 350 m².

Thanks to Logicut proprietary technology, the navigation system makes quick and very precise cut. Recognition smart obstacles avoids any problem with things, animals and people.

A good product that requires a minimum of attention during the first installation with the perimeter wire.

Do you have a small garden in the city? This 15001-20 Gardena robot is the perfect model for your needs. Small, able to work up to an area of ​​250sqm and nimble in working in narrow aisles.

The recognition of the obstacles is really excellent. Overall it is a very silent device, which automatically returns to the charging station and programmable / controllable via smartphone.

It is the number one small green spaces.

Ranking of the best selling robot mower

This ranking shows the ranking of the best selling lawnmower robot can help you to choose the most purchased by the Italian model.

Robot lawn mowers by brand

We have collected the top three brands: discover their devices.

Robot mower Husqvarna

Robot mower Honda

Robot mower Worx

Without perimeter wire

The perimeter wire can be a real obstacle in some gardens. Precisely for this reason, some devices have been designed to automatically recognize the perimeters of the garden and work on a very specific surface.

Discover the best models without perimeter wire:

Conclusions and final considerations

This guide purchase to better mower robot ends here. You could find the right model? For any questions, comments or information please write to our e-mail: you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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