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Best Robot of 2019 Kitchen

Need a hand in the kitchen? The best robot from 2020 kitchen are the appliances really useful that can help you prepare delicious dishes.

With the advance of technology in the kitchen, even robots, once the preserve of luxury and comfort appliance “tasty”, have now begun to show to singles, couples of workers and cooking enthusiasts alike, why and how a robot cooking is a valuable addition to the tools for the house.

Accomplice increasingly available online search to find recipes, tips and ideas to capture a video of a particularly elaborate preparation, but also the great typical food processor versatility, now the ‘automatic chefs “have a reputation for saving time, be efficient, able to program the preparation of certain things ( “Cooking Machine” models can cook pasta, rice and other and can also do it with a programmable timer, in order to save time when you are away from home) and of course be indispensable allies to manage in a single solution so many things that would otherwise require multiple devices.

What is it and what is it

Best Robot Of 2019 Kitchen

To explain easily what a food processor, just put next to a food processor, a blender, a mixer and, according to taste, a centrifuge or a planet. Once placed one row to another, think of being able to combine all in a single appliance, and here comes the food processor.

With all due respect the old traditions, the time available for “Pros” seasonal cooking speaking, because of work commitments, has been drastically reduced. This means for some to consume ready meals or pre-cooked, but other more demanding and they want to think bigger, to savings and the ability to prepare for more people, they often turn to the functions 3-in-1 or more robots kitchen.

In addition to saving time, many of these appliances accurately calculate the time of each operation and use the least possible energy to carry out their tasks. This translates to also save money and less stress on both the portfolio at the thought of cooking.

Some enthusiasts even have the capabilities of the most advanced models, called “Food Processor”, a real “robot Chef” with accessories to purchase and add gradually to the main base, so coming to be able to create complicated recipes in almost complete autonomy.

One of the greatest advantages of the food processor, finally, is that the cleaning and maintenance are very short times: most of the models on the market is designed to minimize the waste of water and time of the cleaning and provide integrated maintenance systems , able to notice right away if a problem occurs.

How does it work

Understanding the operation of a food processor as a whole is quite simple: in a base of work, with different speeds and modes of operation, it is usually attached to a container of several liters of capacity, where to do all the necessary preparations.

Depending on the model, to the main base it is also possible to connect other instruments, change the blades, mount a centrifuge, a juicer or turn it into a moment in a planetary.

Everything goes through more or less elaborate settings: Some products tend to have only one timer and different ways of working, while others are able to adapt their speed of operation in accordance with input foods, or operate mixer and at different speeds whips, even two at the same time.

Comparative table of the best food processor

Within this comparative table of the best food processor you can finally find the right model for you. Consult the various features and go to Amazon to discover the offers dedicated to you!

Trita, prepares, knead, bake, fry and steamed food

Monta, mince, crumble, cut, folded and crushes

Over 10 functions: bake, mix, chop, blend, etc.

Trita, prepares, knead, bake, fry and steamed food

Monta, mince, crumble, cut, folded and crushes

Over 10 functions: bake, mix, chop, blend, etc.

How to choose a food processor

What are all the factors to consider when you are buying a food processor?

If you read on you you will find all the basic information that will enable you to expand your knowledge about these great appliances.

Power and Wattage

Best Robot Of 2019 Kitchen

The power that has to get your food processor is one of the first factors to consider when we make a choice.

Apart from the classic chopper manual that we all have in the cupboard in the kitchen, depending on the type of use and functions we needed, we will opt for a more or less powerful robot.

The 3 in 1 multi-function robot, usually mixer, blender and food processor, no special powers (usually hover around 250-350 watts up to the 750W of the top performing models) and allow us to fulfill all the necessary operations without problems. If instead we want something with special features, such as the function that allows you to cook the food directly into the processor bowl, we should definitely consider a higher power, usually from 750W up.

In any case, all models are dotai speed selector that allows you to set the speed depending on the accessories and the result to be obtained.

Size and shape

Best Robot Of 2019 Kitchen

Dimensions, shape and capacity of the container depend on our needs and space we have available. If the kitchen we have limited space is better to opt for something compact and super functional.

Conversely, if we have a large kitchen we can indulge ourselves with the most models on the market, choosing the one that best suits our needs and our style. The market, the aesthetic side, offers models for every taste: compact size or a little ‘more generous, colored or steel, modern or vintage style, the choice is so wide as to be able to satisfy anyone. Even the size of the container must be evaluated according to our needs.

If you usually cook for two people we can consider models with storage capacities of around 1.5 / 2 liters; on the contrary if you have a large family and we want to cook risotto and creme we will direct our choice of containers for at least 4 liters.

There are also models with a capacity of over 6 liters and engines that allow you to work longer without overheating which can also be used in small restaurants, bakeries and bakery laboratories.

Best Robot Of 2019 Kitchen

The robot functions vary depending on the model and usage.

Starting from the basic chopper hand, complete sets of blades of various type, we come to the most common motorized, so-called 3-in-1, which lead to chopper kit with various discs, blender and mixer. With the latter you can accomplish most of the steps required in the kitchen, like slicing, chopping, grating, kneading, whisking, emulsifying and more.

For those who focuses primarily on bread, pasta and desserts are the planetary: food processor with more powerful engines and specific characteristics for this use, sold under different whips supplied, hook, care and flush, which allow you to knead, beating, creaming and emulsify effortlessly, obtaining creams and pastes perfect in a few minutes.

The Cooking Machine defined robots allow to cook pasta, rice, soups, velvety directly into the container. I can fry, bake, mix, chop, blend, steaming, emulsify and knead quickly and independently.

Among the range of Food Processor most famous it is also possible to subsequently expand the range of accessories by going to purchase as needed as it also compatible with older models.

In this case you can really indulge: grain mill, homogenizer, centrifuge, sheeter, dough drawing machine, juicer, blender, potato peelers, the cooker, etc.

For all models, including the accessories there is always an instruction manual and a recipe book that guarantee you a chance to prepare delicious recipes immediately able to amaze your family and friends.

Maintenance and Cleaning

When we choose a food processor, regardless of the cash investment we have made, we can not disregard the cleaning speed; together with the ease of disassembly can really make a difference between an appliance that uses regularly and what is stored in the most remote of the kitchen cabinet or collecting dust in the closet.

The market comes to us with food processor that can be disassembled in a very short time, with accessories and containers that can be washed in a moment or placed in the dishwasher, so as to be quickly stored without further encumbrance in the spaces dedicated or reused for the next preparation . For the outer part just passes a cloth moistened with a little ‘of detergent, taking care not to wet the electrical and the mechanical parts.

For the maintenance of these appliances often just a cleaning a bit ‘and to a more accurate control of the wearable parts such as gears and blades. Following the instruction booklet you can see which parts can be removed and which are not; once cleaned is carried out a general control, making sure that there are no cracks and intervening where necessary with a little ‘of lubricant.

In the event of overheating or damage to electrical or mechanical parts you need to call for service.

Soni so many factors that we must take into account when we choose our help in the kitchen. No doubt the possibility of having spare parts, an after-sales service and the ability to buy more compatible accessories at a later date, are all aspects to be considered.

Food processing and planetary: the main differences

Best Robot Of 2019 Kitchen

At first glance, it might be easy to confuse a robot for the kitchen with a planetary, but the two appliances play sometimes similar functions, but in very different manners, and especially with the substantial differences.

The planetary is an essential addition to the kitchen, since the capacity of kneading, but also that of many models to mount wire beaters and hook, as well as be able to add accessories, it is vital for those who follow preparations with large amounts of dough such as bread, cake, pastries or fresh pasta. However, it is a large instrument, not exactly multifunction, or rather limited skills, especially in environments where space is a serious problem.

The multifunctional robot, on the contrary, is very suitable for restricted areas and when the need to merge multiple appliances in one becomes a vital element in the choice of purchase.

Too many homes now, in fact, see shelves and pre-filled single-purpose appliances and, accordingly, the food processor becomes attractive for its versatility and ability to combine multiple functions, for example chopper and cutters, but also for the ability to program, ease of cleaning, and often it is the extra features such as weigh introduced ingredients and steaming definitely convince buyers that the investment in place is an improvement in their quality of life.

Essential however, always, to understand if a multifunction robot really offers many advantages compared to a planetary itself, as the work done by the latter certainly can not be completed with the same capacity and mode of a multifunction robot, which, however, can perform many more tasks that the “enemy” is not able to do.

How much does a food processor

But how much are these technological wonders of the kitchen? The price varies greatly depending on the type of robot. The simplest would be around € 100, while the Food Processor and the most advanced models and fitted with several accessories may even get to 300 and 400 euro.

There are also machines from even higher prices, but they are usually so-called “bundle” can become a 5-in-1 or offer programmable modes to have more preparations carried out autonomously by the robot by simply inserting the ingredients required in advance.

Thanks to this variability of price and features, you may be a good idea to consider purchasing something simpler if you do not think too big, or rather seriously start to consider that an investment of a few hundred Euros, in addition to save time, could really drastic way to reduce the need to take individual appliances to perform each function, concentrating all in one purchase.

Reviews of the best food processor

This is the list of the best food processor 2020 updated May:

Below you rather find out the individual reviews.

Ariete 1779 Metal Robomix

This multifunction robot Ram home, silver white, has 2.1 liters and 1.75 liters per cup to the blender; It comes with accessories for chopping, beating, kneading, slicing and emulsifying.

Among the accessories are a spatula, a plastic blade to knead, chopper blade of stainless steel, hard to mount and blade disc for different types of cuts ie slice fine and thick, julienne fine and thick and stick.

It is therefore a complete robot, made of plastic and metal, with cup blender and blades for chopping, kneading and chop each type of ingredient.

As regards the technical specifications has 800 W of power and measuring 26 x 26 x 40 cm with a weight of 4.82 kg.

The speed of the blades is variable depending on the aesthetically necessario.L’elettrodomestico program is very beautiful, but is too noisy, the price is certainly advantageous with respect to others of the same end products because it is also equipped with a blender.

The blade does not mince perfectly everything that is inserted as it is placed high in comparison to the base of the cup.

Bosch MCM3501M Multitalent 3-Mixer Compact

Robot from complete kitchen, made of black / silver color, plastic and stainless steel. The plastic is devoid of bisphenol, and the accessories are provided with signs that facilitate the assembly as well as being easily washable in a dishwasher.

The MultiLevel6 blade, equipped with three double stainless steel blades, allows to cut and mix perfectly each ingredient, in addition also allows the grinder and coffee grains function. You can choose between 50 functions for grating, slicing, mixing, grinding and emulsify.

The robot includes a 2.3-liter plastic bowl, suitable to mix 500 grams of the ingredients flour until a maximum range of 800 grams. The lid has a funnel-shaped hole for placing the food also in function; the glass blender has a capacity of one liter and is equipped with measuring cup for liquids.

The MultiLevel6 blade, if mounted on the chopper can easily crush herbs, spices, nuts, garlic and onion, as well as grind harsh ingredients such as cheese, ice and coffee.

It also comes with blade for mixing, disc for whipping cream and egg whites, slicing disc with dual output, thick and thin, and hard to reverse grated coarse or fine.

This Bosch robot is very versatile, thanks to the numerous accessories that allow a 360 degree use, is compact, it weighs only 3.70 kg and measuring 21,99 x 25,99 x 37,49 cm.

The lid is equipped with a safety closure, and the robot has the rubber feet to ensure a better stability during use. The motor is 800 watts and has two speed programs and Moment function.

The Bosch Multitalent 3 robot is a valuable help in the kitchen, powerful, practical, multifunctional and equipped, however the maximum speed has a slight oscillation, but good with excellent value for money.

Kenwood – Robot da Cucina MultiPro Compact FDM301SS

Multifunction Robot, brushed stainless color, with direct drive motor, the bowl, with stainless steel blades, has 2.1 liters of capacity, while the blender is from 1.2 liters, equipped with three different blades. Included are two reversible discs to chop and slice fine and coarse, a disc for grating, steel blade, blade for kneading, blender, juicer, mixer with double whisk and spatula.

The motor direct drive, with system In Bowl Drive System makes the most immediate use by simplifying the working operations, also it allows to increase the capacity of the compound workable in the bowl that has no obstacle shaft motor.

The robot works in two different speeds, also has the Kenwood MultiPro pulse.Questo key has quite compact dimensions, in fact measuring 22.99 x 19.99 x 36.49 cm, and weighs 4.90 kg with 800W of power, this also makes it ideal for machining small amounts of foods, for use everyday.

Robot versatile, elegant in design, the parts are dishwasher safe and is equipped with non-slip feet for a better stability during operation.

It follows a well-made product, made with materials of excellent quality, even if from a name like that Kenwood you can expect that the blade body is made entirely of steel.

Braun 3030 FX Mixer

House Braun has achieved this food processor, white in color, with clever bowl “side by side” system, it is a single system with twin containers, so there are always two bowls ready for use, side by side, even if one is in the dishwasher, you can use the other.

The universal container has capacity of 2 liters, while the chopper of 0.75 liters, ideal for small preparations. It also comes with for citrus press to make excellent juices, cutting disc, saw blade for slicing and blending, kneading tool, a stainless steel insert for grating, one for slicing and another for shredding.

The processing speed is controllable second 15 variable levels, to better control the work and thus obtain accurate results. The pre-set speed function will allow you to directly choose the desired speed, without having to come gradually.

The engine has power of 600W, and is quite silent, in fact has 35 dB of sound emission, ensuring at the same time a low power consumption. The accessories are all dishwasher safe, also the robot is provided with a compartment for the rolling of the cable.

It is a product made of high quality plastic, robust and powerful. Simple and functional, the only drawback mixer hook does not seem to be very suitable for whipping cream and egg whites.

Braun 3030 FX Mixer, 800 W, 35 Decibel, White

Kenwood FDM780BA

Food processor with powerful 1000 W motor, 3-liter plastic bowl to work even large quantities of ingredients.

The structure is made of die-cast metal, it is included a 1.5-liter blender, mixer double metal whisk, stainless steel reversible discs for slicing and dicing coarse and fine and kneading blade. This robot therefore allows different functions to save time in the kitchen.

Offering innovative Dual Drive speed system, with a single attack can work with two different speeds: high and low for blending to cut or chop. Also you can choose between eight different speed, the more the pulse to control perfectly each preparation.

The design of this robot, black and stainless steel, extends vertically, in order to occupy less space, it measures 21.89 x 38.69 cm x 21:29 to 5:40 kg, also the shape of the base allows a better grip.

The motor is realized with system In Bowl Drive System, direct drive: the blades are attached directly to the engine intake by increasing the capacity of the compound workable in the bowl, the robot is resistant to thermal shock, you can work interchangeably hot and cold foods. In case of bad positioning of the bowl or blender intervenes the safety interlock system that stops the operation.

Kenwood is always a guarantee, sturdy material, large amount of accessories to achieve doughs, cakes, ice cream, milkshakes. Powerful and versatile, maybe a little ‘noisy. Kenwood might think about adding a manual of recipes to best explain how to use all the accessories shown.

Ninja Nutri BL682EU2 Mixer with Auto-iQ Technology

Robot 3 in 1: food processors, blenders, and nutri ninja mini blender equipped with Auto-iQ technology with preset programs to better use every accessory. Pressing the button the appliance proceeds autonomously in mixing sequences, pauses and speed depending on the recipe to prepare.

Equipped with bowl for food and 2.1 L jug and two glasses feed ninja with lid, it has a recipe to prepare sauces, mixes, smoothies, desserts and more.

Engine 1500 W, equipped with different types of blades and discs for cutting, slicing and grating, you can choose between eight speeds to prepare soups, desserts, milkshakes, cocktails and much more.

As regards the technical specifications of the article weighs 9.46 kg and measuring 41 x 40 x 27.5 cm.

Excellent product with a fair value for money, good materials and control systems, care must be taken in handling the blades because they are extremely sharp.

Moulinex HF802AA1

The product that won the award for best of 2020 food processor is without a doubt the Moulinex HF802AA1.

This multifunction robot offers a number of very convenient features: minced, prepared, knead, bake, fry and steamed food. Generally it is used for those who must prepare a lunch, or dinner, for up to 6 people.

Discover now our review>

Thou shalt have no problem to prepare sauces, soups, stews, steamed dishes or homemade cakes and pastries. The 6 automatic programs react according to the preparation and ranging from the most delicate to the stronger. The cooking is adjustable and ranges from a minimum of 30 ° C to a maximum of 130 ° C.

It is also sold with a 5 toolkit:

There are 3 variants compared to its original shape: it can be purchased along with a mini bowl, along with a vegetable size or together with steam. Its up to you to identify the functionality that you prefer more or is more comfortable!

And also included in the price, even a cookbook that includes more than 300 recipes that guarantee you a chance to prepare up to 1 million different menus.

What about the Moulinex food processor HF802AA1 is the number one!

Philips HR7761 / 00 Food processor 3 in 1

The Philips HR7761 / 00 is a very inexpensive food processor, that absolutely deserves to get into this list.

It features the PowerChop technology and the set of 28 features and more than 10 accessories, already included in the package, make it valid mate kitchen for any cook or chef.

It is 3 in 1, in fact also comes with a 2-liter vessel, a blender and a food processor. How Not to mention the 5 stainless steel blades that chop and prepare all kinds of food?

The engine is 750W and guarantees a sufficient power for all kinds of plate or dish to be served; in addition there is the speed regulator can be set on two different types of adjustments.

Let’s talk accessories. All already included in the package, provide over 28 functions. These are:

It costs less than any other food processor, but provides the same excellent results in all areas, ranging from appetizers up to the desserts! Check out the full review>

Imetec Cuko

The Imetec Cuko is a good food processor for each course of a lunch or dinner, is able to prepare a full menu ranging from appetizers to desserts. Read our review now>

Do not call it robot, call automatically chef. With three automatic programs can guarantee a serious hand to prepare recipes that call for each ingredient.

It also alerts you when the dish is ready!

In the menu of this robot chef you can range from pasta, risotto and velvety to the pastries. He can do everything and is compact and easy to use. The keys are touch, just like those on your phone. And of course it’s easy to clean!

Compared to the more expensive models, the limit of this robot is that it “works” with an amount of ingredients just enough for 4 people.

And with regard to the various accessories? In the box they are already included:

And also gift a recipe to impress your friends or relatives with the fantastic and delicious recipes!

Kenwood KM096

The Kenwood KM096 is one of the best food processor available. The price is high, but the features that owns justify every cent spent.

The technology that owns this cooking chef is definitive as “The excellence in the preparation and cooking of food.” The real “kitchen machine” Kenwood is able to mix, chop, blend, chop, mix, squeeze and, above all, thanks to cook induction cooking system.

It possesses 20 equipments and various adjustments, making it in fact one of the best food processor.

Cooking makes it really easy to prepare every meal and lowers the cooking time compared to which we are all accustomed. The engine takes care of the mixture produces an output of 1500W, 1100W while what concerns the cooking: in any case it is sufficient to cook each dish or dish. The results from this innovative food processor are amazing and even astonish the most professional chef.

The temperatures that can reach range from 20 ° C up to 140 ° C: you choose what is best for your dish. You can also set various speed and work with the endless recipes Kenwood Club!

Cecotec Food processor Mambo 7090

Food processor with a stylish and modern design, black and stainless steel, with a 3.3-liter stainless steel jug capacity, 30 functions, programmable up to 12 hours, 10 speed. It allows you to customize the parameters to fit the needs in the kitchen.

Equipped with numerous accessories for different creations, can cook prepared in the steamer in a healthy and tasty way, adjustable temperature from 37 to 120 ° C.

The mug is washable in a dishwasher, the motor is to be 1700W, measuring 32.99 x 39.49 x 24.99 cm to 9.05 Kg.

It is equipped with cookbook, the system avoids that during the heating foods from sticking to the walls, also the large capacity of the jug allows kneading god to 2.5 kg of flour.

Great food processor that has nothing less than the most renowned brands.

Cecotec Robod cooking Mambo (Mambo 7090)

Ranking of the top selling food processor

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You are looking for the hottest food processor to a single brand? Read on to find out the rankings of Kenwood products, Moulinex and many more!

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Cheaper robots

This is a list of the cheapest food processor in circulation, which you can buy directly from Amazon:

Mixer, Aicok 1.8 Liters Mixer Multifunction, 3 speed adjustable from Chopper …

Philips HR7627 / 00 Food processors Daily Collection, Multifunction, 650 W, 6 accessories, 15 functions

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

What factors to consider when choosing?

There are many factors to be taken into serious consideration when choosing the best food processor. As analyzed in our complete guide to buying, you must consider the following factors: power and wattage, size and shape, functionality and extra accessories, maintenance and cleaning of the device.

How much does a food processor: offers and prices

One of the most popular questions is: “How much does a food processor?”. The answer of course depends on a long list of factors; tendentially greater the features and capabilities offered by the device, the greater will be its final cost. To cite some examples, the Food processors Ariete 1779 Metal Robomix costs € 66,89 in the offer of the day on Amazon. As however the Bosch MultiTalente 3 costs € 121.47, but compared to the first has more features and many more accessories. The price of a food processor ranges from approximately € 70.00 to € 150.00 for a medium model and more than 200,00 € to the top of the industry range.

Differences between kitchen and planetary robots

Although at first glance these two appliances appear similar, the functions they perform are different. The planet is thought to achieve certain types of dough, while the food processor are multifunction machines, real all-rounder in the kitchen, which combine several features: will mix, chop, blend and so on.

What are the best brands in the industry?

The companies that make the best food processor are: Kenwood, Ariete, Bosch, Imetec, Moulinex and Philips.

Conclusions and final considerations

If the indecision of choice is a whole series of questions like “but it’s worth it?”, “Should I take individual appliances?”, “I’ll know it use?” and the usual questions follow that make the first purchase of a food processor, the is clear market once proven the convenience and versatility of an automated system designed to reduce the time of daily preparations, both domestic and professional, is almost impossible to go back, to have dozens of accessories belonging to different equipment to wash and constantly having to play Tetris to find the right place to store anything.

If there is only the curiosity and the desire to try, it’s easily done: just look like every professional kitchen has a multifunction robot, right next to a planetary perhaps, on their counters. When an instrument is essential and worth the investment, there is no expense to keep saving on future consumption and saving time.

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