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Best robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi 2020: Buying Guide

This guide to buying the best robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi will take you step by step to choosing the ideal device for your needs.

Deepening with any questions concerning these automatic devices for cleaning the house, starting from the history and philosophy of the company, up to the reviews of the best models and good advice to buy the right one

A general overview

The robot vacuum cleaners have become in recent years one of the most present appliances in our homes. These fundamental allies in the cleaning of the house have changed the lives of many users.

While it may seem an overstatement, it is true that the robot vacuum cleaner that helps us in the daily cleaning of our apartment is increasingly becoming an essential element for our maid everyday.

Of course the real difference in the purchase of a vacuum cleaner robot is undoubtedly date from the evaluation of all the factors that allow us to make a purchase tailored to our needs.

In this page we will talk only of devices produced by Xiaomi; if you need to read a more complete guide I invite you to read the guide to buying the best robot vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi, history

Xiaomi is a company that has denied many of the myths around the present Chinese multinationals. Chinese company that in recent years has undoubtedly redefined the concept of technology.

A company which over the years has created a real life concept, ranking of law among the most popular and well-known brands in the world in the field of technology, from smartphones to household appliances.

Xiaomi was founded in 2010, appeared on the market to offer the new smartphone of the future, a product that has forever marked then the mobile phone at the time. One of the cornerstones of the company philosophy of Xiaomi is undoubtedly excellent value for money, the fact prices, very competitive, its products, combined with the exceptional quality of the materials and technologies used, has made this company a leader in the field smart.

Xiaomi as we mentioned is not just smartphones, TV and computers but also in recent years more and more smart home, that is a whole range of products for the cleaning of the house, in which the field is causing a stir.

Why choose the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi

The Xiaomi vacuuming robots are mainly the products that enjoy great value for money, a special characteristic of the production of this brand.

The robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi offer safety and reliability, they can ensure high performance and excellent results in the cleaning of the house and of your floors and still be durable products.

Another great advantage of these products is the operating time, in fact, the robot will clean your floors around the house undisturbed while you can dedicate yourself to other commitments.

In addition to its autonomy and safety, the vacuum cleaner Xiaomi robots are equipped with floors of washing technology. The robot through intelligent planning of its functions performs one or more functions independently, or can be operated via app.

The Xiaomi brand is definitely in this pioneering field as equips its models of silent operation mechanisms, effective and smart.

All of these models in addition to the many already listed features and equipment, are programmable and can be managed via the app and smart systems, so any time you can monitor your robot and customize his work.

Comparison of Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

How to choose the best robot vacuum Xiaomi

Aspiration Quality and cleanliness

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi 2020: Buying Guide

The suction power of a Xiaomi robot, is one of the most important characteristics in that it represents the force with which the dust is sucked.

It is a hugely important component, Xiaomi equip the robots with a high power of about 2000Pa, able to suck up the dust so much as pet dander or other residues such as crumbs and other impurities.

At high power is combined with an efficiency of suction that ensures maximum cleanliness at the slightest disturbance or noise. An efficient and intelligent product that combines quality cleaning and safety of use.

Cleans independently all your mapping them rooms and identifying the most optimal path, preferable from the point of view of consumption.

It can clean floors down, regardless of the material they are made, ensuring a level of cleanliness and sanitation of your home higher.

HEPA filters dust, animal dander and allergies

When it comes to suction always refers to the filtration and air purification, but with Xiaomi robot can be assured because they are equipped with HEPA filters.

The small size of these products do not allow large purification steps but are in each case equipped with a HEPA filter, composed of glass fibers and sizes that are around 0.5-2 microns.

This type of filters allows to retain all types of pollutant particles also of larger size. Moreover, the passage of air through these filters allows a mechanical purification of the air and consequently a more healthy lifestyle, for those who suffer from allergies to dust or animal dander.

Functionality and smart control

The functions assigned to this type of devices are numerous and generally all manageable via the app I’m Home.

This application along with a number of amenities Xiaomi allows these products to be real smart products managed in a smart. Obviously the intelligence and the number of possible functions grow in proportion to the purchase price of the product.

This application allows you to program your robot, choose the areas of the house to be cleaned and the cleaning cycles, select the type of cleaning and locate your device during its use.

In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi possess anti-rollover sensors that allow it to recognize scales, gradients and avoid them easily without getting stuck. The sensor itself is also used by the robot to avoid obstacles such as rugs or other encumbrances, detected by the infrared system.

The intelligence of the system which are equipped with these small allies of cleaning, allows the robot to recognize the type of floor that is about to be cleaned and to modulate accordingly its operation on the basis of it.

This function becomes especially important if you want to use the robot on delicate surfaces such as hardwood floors, rugs or carpets. One of the important functions of the Xiaomi robot is the ability to map the entire house. By mapping the dwelling via a built-in camera, the robot will store the surface of the house and avoid mobile and fixed obstacles, recognizing the spatial location.

One of the most important characteristics especially the ability to manage the operation of the robot via app is certainly connected with the compatibility of the latter with smart speaker, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home or other platforms like IFTTT.

By connecting via the robot app to our voice assistant it will be possible to control and manage the voice only way robots.

Design and autonomy

Often it is believed that the shape or design of a robotic vacuum cleaner is an irrelevant factor for its purchase. They were wrong. In fact, the design chosen and designed for the Xiaomi robot is functional and very modern.

Its round shape gives it agility and ease of movement, enabling you to reach tight spaces even under the very low furniture.

The slim design of only 96 mm allows the robot to vacuum even in the tightest corners of the house without bumping into your furniture.

Generally from the round shape and the transparent and elegant design, the Xiaomi robots are modern and functional, made of resistant materials and of excellent quality. Another key element in this type of devices is their autonomy. In fact, like all batteries in devices when the same is exhausted the device stops working.

If we do not find ourselves with unloading robots and therefore unusable for our homemade cleaning, we must keep in mind that the Xiaomi robots are equipped with batteries from 2600 to 5200mAH and being durable enable the robot to complete its cleaning cycle up to 250 square meters of environment.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance of these devices is fairly intuitive, in fact at the end of the cleaning cycle will empty the collecting tray.

The Xiaomi models are equipped with fairly large drawers, also with respect to its competitors, as well as easily cleanable. In addition, these devices are equipped with sensors that communicate via notification app the need to empty the drawer or to change the air filters.

It will be constantly updated on the status of your robot maintenance and the potential need for a drawer cleaning or changing filters.

Ranking of the robot vacuum cleaner Bestsellers Xiaomi

This ranking is the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi best sellers on Amazon:

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi 2020: Buying Guide
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi 2020: Buying Guide
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi 2020: Buying Guide
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi 2020: Buying Guide

Reviews of the best robot vacuum Xiaomi

This is the list of the best robot vacuum Xiaomi updated in May 2020:

Xiaomi SDJQR02RR Mi Robot Aspirapolvere

The robot Xiaomi SDJQR02RR is definitely one of the best models offered by the Chinese. It has numerous features at a fair price – quality ratio. In fact, this product is able to guarantee excellent performance at a cost affordable to all.

The robot thanks to its laser turret is perfectly able to map all areas of the house and consequently program the most optimal route to be performed for cleaning. The mapping in addition to allowing the choice of route for cleaning enables the robot to avoid colliding with obstacles such as furniture, carpets or other along the way.

The technology used by the robot is designed for a cleaning in parallel lines which organizes the cleaning and not the place at random. Despite the presence of the mapping system, before you start cleaning by robot, you need to prepare the room to be cleaned, or removing electrical cables in the ground, rugs with fringes or other objects randomly on the floor. The preparation of the room should be carried out to allow the robot to not get stuck in wires or various impediments.

In addition to mapping the room and then to be autonomous in its cleaning, the device has, like almost all Xiaomi robots, management functions via app, which is also possible to connect to modern screen readers. Thus in addition to cleaning convenience autonomously, the robot can be customized in all its functionality.

High power of approximately 55 W and the suction efficiency, the benefits are most appreciated by users, but at the expense of excessive noise of about 68 dB. Also good battery life of around 2 hours and 30 minutes, allowing the cleaning of at least 250 square meters of floor.

The robot in a single cleaning session is able to complete the extraction or washing the floors of the house and return to base to recharge. At the end of the cleaning cycle it is easy to clean and looks as easily change filters to be done quite often. The height of the tower unfortunately does not allow the robot to reach the underlying parts of some furniture, thus preventing a complete cleaning of floors. Another disadvantage is the inability to pass on the carpets and therefore it is necessary to lift the carpet to allow cleaning in that the floor area.

This is the complete review.

Xiaomi 1C Robot Aspirapolvere

The vacuum cleaner Xiaomi 1C robot is equipped with an innovative system of visual navigation that promises many advantages compared to the tested laser system that is present in every robot vacuum cleaner.

Aesthetically does not appear different from the vast majority of devices for the cleaning of the house, it is not present the classic turret charging, making the lowest robots and hence easier to reach the most uncomfortable parts of the house.

The mapping of the house is made from SLAM system that is joined to a dynamic and visual system of the robot navigation. This system allows to acquire survey data of the house and once processed by the robot, they can be employed to stable the optimal path for the cleaning of the environment. Equipped with the obstacle detection system that allows the robot to not collide with any objects or obstacles. It turns out to be of great efficiency of the air filtering system that allows to retain the dust and any other impurities present in the air.

The cleaning is effective and homogeneous, thanks to the 2500 power Pa, complies with the delicacy of the surfaces and fits at any level of dirt. The washing system of the robot and suction occurs easy and fast, it is also possible to remove the drawer and the filter at the end of each cleaning.

The robot moves smoothly without any problems, even if the obstacle detection system does not always turns out to be effective. The path chosen and processed turns out to be an intelligent path that trace straight lines and ordered on the floor thus offering a homogeneous cleaning. It has recognized the room, so it may happen that developments accidentally cleaning a bit ‘random rooms. Despite these minor drawbacks it must be said that the cleaning is completed properly in each case.

You can only manage some of the robot’s functionality through apps and this does not allow an optimal management. In fact it is impossible to check the status of advancement cleaning or its collation and also lacks the ability to store the mapping. Thanks to the app, however, you can plan the cleaning of the house, schedule them for days or weeks.

Its autonomy is an advantage to be reported, thanks to the 2400 mAh battery. The robot then returns to the base in case the level of autonomy falls below 25% and autonomously resumes the cleaning charge is completed. Excellent value for money even if there are many features that we hope will improve with future updates of the robot.

Xiaomi 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop Water Intelligent Control with capacity …

Roborock Xiaowa E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner sweeps and Lava

Roborock Xiaowa E20 is not the usual robots for home cleaning but it is a real hygiene ally. The device has excellent capabilities of its management through the app, I’m Home is available in English only.

Through the app it is in fact possible to start, manage, program, customize, and stop the operation of the robot. The present technology is efficient and easy to use, also thanks to the double gyroscope and to the sensors that are present. These sensors allow the detection of obstacles, such as carpets, and stairs, avoiding the robot falling, collision or blocks.

The management system via app allows you to monitor the path that the robot performs for cleaning, plan the days in which maintain it and the rooms to be cleaned. The suction power of about 1800 Pa, is one of the advantages of this model that optimizes the cleaning of every room in the house.

It has a tank of water and a cloth for washing floors, even if it remains in any case an accessory function and can not be compared in terms of results to the usual washing floors, but only at one of their sanitation. The cleaning and emptying of the water collection tank operations are facilitated by the size of the same, so as to reduce the frequency of emptying.

Really important for this model is the recognition carpets function that allows the robot to operate an extra suction function for optimally aspirate the carpet without avoid it. Efficient and effective in cleaning, caring and gentle, the robot slows down when it comes close to furniture or obstacles. One flaw excessive noise during operation, which does not make it invisible as required instead to a device of this type.

roborock Xiaowa E20 Vacuum Cleaner Robot with sweeps and Lava Floor Control App, High capacity …

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners and Scrubbers

Xiaomi Roborock S5 is one of the best models presented on the Chinese market by the company Xiaomi. Practical, smart and efficient these are the main advantages of Xiaomi Roborock S5. In fact, this device is easily manageable through the app, allowing to plan the cleaning of the house, divide for dirty areas, monitor at all times the position and operation of the robot. The app is intuitive and easy to use.

Excellent the presence of the dual-function washer aspires floors, in fact, the Xiaomi Roborock S5 not only draws your surfaces with efficiency and power, but wash your floors without leaving annoying stains on the floors. The suction is provided by a power of about 200 Pa, the motor drives a rotating brush that will allow you to clean floors and skirting boards in a single pass.

The structural quality of the robot is great, durable and design ensuring a longer life of the product. The high power of the engine does not go to the detriment of autonomy of the robot. In fact, with a range of about 2 hours and 30 minutes, the robot is able to suck the whole surface of the house. Its range is reduced if it is also operated the flooring washing system.

Once the washing or suction cycle, the system returns in an intelligent manner the robot to the base to be recharged. With Spot Clean Zone Clean up the system and you can decide whether to focus on cleaning a specific area or on a specific room.

Simple in its use, intuitive in its customization and efficient in the results this robot has only flaw as the noise produced by the aspiration set to maximum power and no effective cleaning of consistent stains.

roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Wash Function: Powerful suction 2000Pa and Movement …

Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max

The Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max is a robot for the cleaning of the house, equipped with a smart system, it remains in any case also manageable by the presence of some physical buttons on the robot display. They are excluded from the physical management of some functions such as setting the power level, the amount of water and planning of cleaning.

One of the biggest advantages is the presence of a water tank that allows to wash about 300 square meters of surfaces. The robot map your home so you do not run into bumps or collisions that can damage the furniture or the various objects. You can store up to 3 mappings, perfect solution for those who, for example, has a house on several levels. The motion system is obviously a gyroscope, the robot is equipped with sensors fall, collision and orientation for better management of the cleaning paths.

The washing system is quite good, with only two passes you can remove crumbs or lint. Really advantageous is the possibility to program, operate and manage the remote robot with the app installed on your smartphone. The mapping of the house is carried out quite precisely in fact the robot in the presence of obstacles can easily dodge and carry out the cleaning. Any obstacle encounters that does not exceed 2 cm in height can be safely passed and clean (carpets, wires).

Very sensitive to the material they are made of the floors, once set or delicate areas on which you do not want to use water, the robot recognizes and adjusts itself accordingly. Easy to clean and filter and water tank maintenance. Excellent autonomy of 2 hours and 30 minutes, in any case if the robot vacuum cleaner can not finish cleaning returns to base to recharge and regain self-cleaning.

Satisfactory value for money and also very popular with its design and its functionality.

roborock S5MAX Robot vacuum cleaner with electric Water tank and virtual zone with ban …

Roborock S6 Pure

Roborock S6 Xiaomi Pure is a robot, which is equipped with a LIDAR laser system for the mapping of the rooms that is quite accurate. The mapping of the rooms is manageable through an app, through which you can also store the mappings of the house.

Equipped with 13 sensors, the Roborock S6 Pure has a very fluid navigation, prevents falls, obstacles and slopes. Functional recognition special carpets and floors on which you can customize the actions or washing methods of our Roborock S6 Pure. In addition to the vacuum dust Roborock S6 Pure also integrates a damp cloth to wash our floors.

The washing system is optimal though not comparable to the manual. Both the suction and the washing are developed on paths to Z, which are functional, though not always ensure a homogeneous cleaning the room. The suction power of approximately 2000 Pa ensures complete and effective aspiration of the powder, also thanks to the presence of HEPA filters. The cleaning autonomy is quite lasting about 3 hours with a battery of 5200 Mah, a cleaning of 300 square meters.

Once the mapping, the rooms are automatically recognized, thus allowing a selection and scheduling of cleaning differentiated for individual rooms. You can also indicate which areas are off-limits for the robot, because of their delicacy or simply because they do not want to clean them with this system.

The robot is able to calibrate the flow of water under the floor that is about to wash and also based on the level of dirt they encounter. Outstanding noise level, in fact, the robot is silent but powerful in maximum suction phase.

Really convenient can also manage it through screen readers such as Alexa and Google Home, monitoring it every function and action.

Roborock S6 – Robot vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 (aspires and rubs), with mapping and app, battery up to 3 …

ξ AO Mimi home robot aspirant E

Xiaomi Mijia is the latest generation of Xiaomi robot, which allows you to manage the cleaning of your floors while comfortably sitting on your couch. The robot is in fact fully customizable via app or voice servers to which it is connected.

Numerous its all capabilities fully trackable. The robot Xiaomi Mijia is equipped with a guidance system and mapping that makes it easy and precise in the cleaning path. Numerous fall sensors, anti-skid, anti-collision, enable the robot to have an excellent stability during aspiration and washing.

Thanks to the app, the robot performs a mapping of the house or single room to manage its range of action and identify its spatial limits. The robot can be started, operated or off via the app, so even when we are away from home you can start cleaning floors or discontinue it at any time.

Excellent guidance system and its management. Very useful is the automatic recognition of the rooms and the precision of the cleaning robot, it is also possible to set no-go areas where the robot can not act. Excellent battery life, approximately 2 hours of battery life during operation. If cleaning is not completed, the robot returns to the base to recharge and then resumes the cleaning from where he had stopped.

Unfortunately, the height of the robot does not allow the cleaning of some areas of the house too low, as the underlying part of the furniture. The suction is satisfactory thanks to the high power of the motor, this adds us a great air filtration. Easy to use and also in the maintenance, the robot Xiaomi Mijia enjoys an excellent value for money.

The only drawback is the language of the app and the instruction manual that are not supplied in Italian but anyway you to select English.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot vacuum cleaner sweeping me 1C for automatic household dust …

FAQs and FAQs

Why choose a robotic vacuum Xiaomi?

The Chinese company has always designed and manufactured products with a great basic feature: the quality / price ratio. In general, the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi offer the features of a top product, but at a lower price than the competition.

They are compatible with iPhone and voice commands?

Yes, nearly all vacuum cleaners made by Xiaomi robots are compatible with the app that allows you to manage many features – basic or more advanced – the devices. The app is compatible with iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, while the voice controls are warranted on Alexa or Google Assistant.

What features do they offer?

There are two different robot vacuum modalli: those that provide only the intake and those who have two or more features, which can aspirarare and wash the floors. In Xiaomi we are also in cheaper models scrubber operation, more and more appreciated by those who want a more thorough cleaning of the rooms.

They manage to map the room?

Yes, many vacuum cleaner Xiaomi robots are equipped with a feature for mapping one or more rooms (depending on the product), they are also equipped with collision avoidance sensors, fall protection and automatic detection of carpets or more difficult to wash floors.

Conclusions and final considerations

We can say with certainty that these devices are becoming indispensable elements in our homes. In fact, apart from being good allies in house cleaning, they give us independence and possibility of our free time management by the thought of cleaning the house.

Having an object that is responsible for cleaning the floors of our house, mind we take care of each other, it is an unmissable opportunity.

In particular then the Xiaomi robots combine to product quality and affordable, thus accessible to anyone. non-negligible element is the ability to customize each element or function of the robot to adapt it to our cleaning requirements.

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