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Best scrubber 2020: Buying Guide

Best scrubber join the washing machine and the dryer functions, combining within a single appliance, perfectly adapted to the needs of those who have limited space.

Below a buyers guide that will come in handy when you evaluate different types of scrubbers, providing all the essential information to make optimal purchase.

What is it and what is it

The washer-dryer is to all intents and purposes a mix between a washing machine and a dryer that, in addition to optimally wash clothes according to fabric and color, it is equipped with the ability to perfectly dry the garments at the end of washing.

It combines the actions of washing machine and dryer, saving in terms of space for those who do not have the ability or the intention to buy both appliances.

From the point of view of the size and types, floor scrubbers are available in two versions:

The latter has larger dimensions are more compact, but often involves slightly longer drying times. Instead, the washer-dryer models have front loading washing time will be longer, but shorter drying times.

It is no coincidence that this type of scrubber is more prevalent in Europe, where the dryer is not as common as it happens overseas.

How does it work

At operating level, the washer-dryer could be defined as a complex machine, even if the end user does not change much in use.

Once you select the program, the washer-dryer responds to a set of pre-determined and activates the closing of the door sensor settings, without which it is not possible to safely start the wash cycle.

If the door is sealed, the solenoid valve does get the necessary water for the wash cycle and the detergent drawer are picked up the inserted products: the whole is mixed inside the drum.

In the case of washes that require a high temperature resistance it is activated, which is locked when the water reaches the temperature indicated to avoid damaging the heads.

Concluded the washing, the dirty water is eliminated and the cycle may optionally continue with the centrifuge, which removes the excess water.

Here we conclude the similarities with the washing machine, since the washer-dryer also allows to obtain perfectly dry garments. But we must pay attention to, since the load difference between stage washing and drying may result in the need to divide the laundry into two parts.

Washer best selling

Best Scrubber 2020: Buying Guide
Best Scrubber 2020: Buying Guide
Best Scrubber 2020: Buying Guide
Best Scrubber 2020: Buying Guide
Best Scrubber 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose the best scrubber

Function and technology

In the market there are several models of scrubbers, each of which differs in functionality, number of programs and additional features related to the specific brand.

Either way, two important categories to know refer to different drying technology used: the scrubber condensing and those to expulsion.

Let us examine the first, ie the condensing scrubber, which implies the presence inside the appliance to a tank where it is collected the steam produced during the drying process. The vapor is condensed through a duct, inside which is cold water spray. The excess water resulting from this process is collected inside a pan, which will need to proceed to empty at regular intervals. It is a scrubbing machine is extremely easy to install, just as a normal washing machine. The only aspect to which attention is constantly monitoring the water in the reservoir. However, in the most innovative versions of the tank it is connected to a signal indicating the filling level for ease of use.

The other technology that can adjust the scrubber is that the expulsion: in these models is not present a capacitor, since the steam is expelled through a tube. In this case there will be no pan to be emptied, but there may be problems related to an excess of humidity. Here, then, that the expulsion scrubber should be placed in a room very airy, how can it be a garage or a covered balcony, but absolutely not inside the house.

The big difference between the two models, condensing expulsion, he finds himself, therefore, in the method in which the excess steam is removed.

Load Capacity

The capacity is an important aspect when considering the purchase of a washer-dryer: it indicates the quantity of garments, wet or dry, which can be inserted inside the drum for optimal operation.

In the case of a washer-dryer is essential to keep in mind that two values ​​are indicated, one relative to the capacity of the washing and the other to the capacity in the drying phase.

The first is always higher than the second: very often for a washer dryer with 9 kg of washing capacity is has a maximum of 6 kg for drying.

This results in the necessity of having to frequently empty the basket to dry the laundry in two phases. The element of capacity must therefore be carefully considered for a weighted acquisition.

Power and energy consumption

Choose a washer dryer with an optimal energy consumption is one of the aspects that most ensure your satisfaction after purchase.

It is important to note that, thanks to the evolution of the models on the market, consumption of these appliances are comparable to those of a normal washing machine.

Even though one of the scrubber there are many differences: the energy label is an indicator to navigate and understand what will be efficient the appliance. In the case of washer-dryer the energy label part from A to arrive at A +++, according to indicate consumption in terms of kw per hour plus reduced and a greater efficiency.

There are also concerns water use, usually 50-60 liters per cycle and power, which is around an average of 1.5 kWh.

To ensure a good use overcome this power level would result in significantly higher power consumption, which would prevent the use in conjunction with other appliances.

Programs and Features

The washer-dryer has a considerable amount of programs that, in the case of the most innovative models, can reach up to 16: the higher the number of programs for the washing and drying, the more profound the degree of customization in the use of this appliance .

With regard to the washing programs, they do not differ from those of a more innovative washing machine. A washer-dryer, in fact, has programs dedicated to washing of cottons, synthetics, wool, denim and generally to the cleaning of all materials, the most resistant to the most delicate. Similarly, you can set programs divided by color, suitable for whites, blacks and colored.

Together with each program can operate the pre-wash mode, ideal for the removal of a particularly stubborn dirt. In contrast, for items that are to be cooled, most of the scrubber provides washing cycles expressed or reduced, allowing in just over half an hour to get dressed perfectly clean. In addition, modern scrubbers are equipped with Eco programs that translate into real savings of energy but often take a little ‘more time.

Finally, we particularly appreciated the programs that help in the ironing step. Many scrubber can customize the degree of drying of the garments depending on the intended use: those that must be perfectly dry, such as terry cloth, to those that need to be considered instead of a higher degree of humidity.


Being an appliance that must respond to two very distinct functions, the washing and drying, it follows that it has an increased complexity compared to a washing machine. That’s why, even during maintenance, you have to pay special attention to how you take care of the dryer, in order to preserve the components most subject to wear or damage.

The maintenance interventions must not be particularly burdensome unless it’s own real failures; in which case you will have to necessarily refer to the support specialist.

A good routine maintenance includes actions such as the removal and cleaning of the filter, a very important aspect in order to ensure a long lifetime of the appliance and reach at the same time efficient performance. To follow a correct procedure, the filter must be removed in an accurate, washed under running water, dried and finally repositioned correctly.

In order to prevent the formation of scale, you may even use some anti-scale industrial or natural, such as white vinegar and baking soda. Generally maintaining optimal scrubber means your program of cleaning work on a regular basis, making sure you follow the instructions in the operating instructions of the appliance.

Among the parts most subject to get dirty there are the basket and the detergent drawer: both could in fact retain residues which in the long run end up with the cause of the damage. That’s why after each use is important to ensure they are not left traces of detergent or fabric.

By following these steps, you allungherai the life of this gentle, but very useful, household appliance.

Best scrubber 2020

Candy CSWS40 364D-01 6/4 Kg

This scrubber by Candy, characterized by an attractive design and compact size, it is one of the most popular models by consumers and the experts, to the point that Amazon has assigned the qualification Amazon’s Choice, a term used to identify products that boast excellent value ratios and high-level technical characteristics.

It is equipped with all the most important features, including the steam function, the ability to perform rapid programs with a duration of 14, 30,44 or 59 minutes, as well as a specific program for wool, approved by an important point of reference as Wollmark.

Through the use of the app Simpli-fy you can access many additional programs and remote management. As part of a smart home this scrubbing machine can in fact play a leading role, through connectivity via NFC system.

Indesit – Washer XWDE 861280X 8/6 kg

With a washing capacity of up to 8 pounds, drying up to 6 pounds and a high energy class, this product is considered a good choice for those seeking a truly complete scrubber.

From the mechanical point of view, it is characterized by an ability to front load and the free installation. Among the strengths that are most praised by consumers we find the functionality Express Wash and Dry, ideal to be able to refresh and dry in just over half an hour a load of lightly soiled garments.

Even the jeans, denim fabrics for specific program is especially attractive to wash and dry the fabric without compromising color and elasticity. In addition, the automatic levels help to set the drying level you want: board, for leaders who need to be ironed; hanger, for all those leaders who do not need to dry completely; closet for clothes that can be stowed in the closet after being dried and finally the extra program, which allows you to get the perfect level of drying for the spongy tissues, which do not leave moisture space.

Hoover washer dryer 9kg

This scrubber signed by Hoover is equipped with WiFi and NFC connection, two characteristics that allow it to interact via the dedicated technology and customize as much as possible their own level of use, thus ensuring a perfect washing results in any situation, even remotely.

With a load of washing to drying and 9 pounds to 6 pounds, this scrubbing machine is ideally suited to meet the needs of a family. It protects the leaders, especially delicate ones, as well as certificate of approval given by Woolmark, the consortium in charge of the protection of wool garments.

From a technical point of view, it is important to note that the excellent engine mounts Inverter and its energy class is AAA.

Candy Bianca BWD 596PH3/5-S 9/6 kg

Thanks to the excellent zoom function, this scrubbing machine allows to wash any fabric with any kind of program in just 59 minutes. It is a really smart product that, through the Smart Ring interface, allows you to interact with a real computer under which you can customize many combinations of use to determine the appropriate package based on individual needs.

In addition to the 8 predefined programs and 4 wash mode and drying that are at most used, through the app Candy Simpli-fy the White scrubber will be able to respond to any doubts to the consumer, offering support about which washing is more suited to a specific leader.

In addition, always through the app, it is possible to operate and control the White scrubber remotely.

Candy White BWD 596PH3 / 5-S Washer 9 + 6 kg, 1500 rev / min, AAA [Energy efficiency class …

Washer Candy CSWS485D5

With energy washing class A and of front loading system, this scrubbing machine Candy from load capacity of 8 kilos is an ideal product for those seeking a ‘simple alternative to use but with all the most important functionalities.

This product is perfectly suited to the needs of the modern home, thanks to its slim design and digit display with touch control combined the knob. On the display you can check the time remaining to complete the current cycle and manage all settings, such as choosing between one of as many as 16 programs available.

The delayed start is manageable up to 24 hours to ensure the best planning capacity of its domestic life. Finally, as regards the aspects relating to safety, it is important to note that this product is equipped with an anti-flooding system particularly effective.

LG Washer F4J6VY1W 9kg

If the main strength of this product is undoubtedly the energy class A +++, this scrubbing machine by the front-loading ensures very high performance over the entire line.

It is ideal especially for those who wish to pay particular attention to energy saving. Thanks to the wide customization capabilities, those who choose this scrubbing machine can adjust all settings, such as the revolutions of the centrifuge, through the intuitive display.

This LG model comes with all the features that consumers find in a smart product, such as 14 programs for all types of washing and drying and the ability to set a delayed start.

Washer-dryer AEG L9WEC169K

This front loading washer-dryer and free installation is characterized by a particular design and attractive, which makes it unique among the products taken into consideration so far. Thanks to the depth and the capacity of drying, it allows to obtain a completely dry laundry at one time.

Leveraging Sensidry technology, this device is perfect for a truly smart home, because their rule according to the fabrics in the washing system, depending on whether there is need to dry delicates, wool, or more resistant clothing.

The heat pump precisely controls the temperature and the same accuracy is reflected in the movements of the basket, resulting in a washed and dried laundry in a uniform manner, a very important aspect for evaluating the quality of a washer dryer.

Conclusions and final considerations

For those who do not have enough space to be able to purchase either a washer or dryer, the washer-dryer is the perfect compromise.

Settling of price ranges slightly higher than a washing machine, the best models on the market respond in a timely manner to the demands of the modern lifestyle, especially for those who want to comprehensively furnish a mini / midi apartment or a second home to sea ​​or mountains.

By combining the functionality of the washing machine and dryer, in fact, this product is ideal for a perfectly clean laundry and dry properly in every situation.

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