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Best scrubbers 2020: Buying Guide

This buyer’s guide to the best floor cleaners you can discover all the information you need to choose the model that suits you.

Read on to find out what they are and what they are, how they work, a series of specific studies to identify the best model to suit your unique needs and reviews the models that we believe to be the best for quality and price.

initial Introduction

The floor cleaning devices are very useful in managing the daily cleaning of domestic environments, especially large ones, which keep walking surfaces clean is not always easy; if in the house there are more people, including children, and even pets, the support tool to wash and dry the floors is really appreciable.

In this guide, we will be taken into consideration some key elements of these domestic appliances, to guide in choosing the best floor cleaners, namely that which is most suited to their needs, both in terms of performance and handling and dimensions.

What is it and what is it

Best Scrubbers 2020: Buying Guide

The scrubber is an appliance that performs two domestic services deemed rather harsh: dust extraction and washing, with subsequent drying, floors, regardless of their composition. The floor cleaning machine, in fact, is suitable for different materials, from porcelain to the parquet, the terracotta and tiles.

The main advantage of the device is to manage effectively the effective removal of dirt, dander and hair from the floor, which is also washed and dried.

In the market there are several models of floor cleaners, which have different power and very heterogeneous design; for this reason, to try to identify the best and to move towards a weighted and satisfactory choice, it is essential to know this appliance closely, to understand the operation and indicate which elements are crucial in the assessment.

How does it work

Best Scrubbers 2020: Buying Guide

The operation of a scrubber is based on the presence of two reservoirs, which contain respectively the clean water, to which you can combine the preferred detergent for cleaning surfaces, and that dirty, resulting from the operation of washing the floor.

The movement to be performed is similar to that of a common vacuum cleaners, electric broom or tow; The mixture of water and detergent is distributed on the brush or rotating roller by means of a dispenser, usually placed in the central body of the appliance.

The brushes clean the floor and remove stains, without pressure or struggling with your hands.

To dry the surfaces, the scrubbers are equipped with special suction nozzles, positioned behind the brushes or rollers, to remove excess fluid, immediately after the washing operation.

Comparative table of the best floor cleaners

In this table we suggest the products that are distinguished according to their label, some are recommended by us, others are classified by Amazon as “Amazon’s Choice”.

How to choose the best floor cleaners

Let’s look at some insights that will be useful to consider only models perfect for you.

Design, use and type

Domestic floor cleaners are divided into two types: those in towing and towing.

The model that falls in the first category is presented, from an aesthetic point of view, similar to a normal vacuum cleaner with cable, central body with large wheels and suction hose which ends with the brush, with the difference that the scrubber has the two reservoirs, one for clean water, which in some models is heated by the device, and the other for dirty.

The electric broom model is modeled the size and design, also with regard to the presence or absence of the cable; also in this case, there are lavapavimenti with power supply or battery. The benefits of the battery-powered appliances is to ensure a greater freedom of movement, without the constraint of the cable length. In addition, they allow to clean surfaces even in the absence of electrical current in the vicinity; the disadvantages are found in the limited battery life compared to those with cable.

In any case, if the preference falls on a floor scrubbers for power supply, we must pay particular attention to the length of the cable, which must be long enough to ensure a continuity of work.

The size and dimensions of floor scrubbers are of considerable importance, since a towing appliance may have more capacious tanks but, at the same time, be more cumbersome; heavy machinery, which take up much space, it is complicated to use and store, especially in homes youngest can: the risk is to buy and use little or nothing, because it is not convenient to manage.

With regard to a scrubber to electric broom, this should be as same time to ensure good performance as light as possible, which will also result in the possibility to clean all the floors of the house with filling the tank once.

The size and weight of the product are of particular importance, since they are able to affect significantly on the experience of use and simplification of the daily cleaning activities.

Another element that deserves to be worked on is the handle of the floor cleaning because, depending on the type and design will ensure a more or less comfortable use during the washing operation.

The grip should be ergonomically positioned at the height of the average person and possibly adjustable body; in addition, the composition of material should ensure a firm grip, which prevents the hand from slipping, in order to avoid inconvenient to make the passage of the appliance from one room to another and in the space between furniture and furnishing accessories.

One factor not to be overlooked is constituted by the brush or, depending on the model, from the rollers to clean the floors: these accessories must be sufficiently soft to avoid damaging the most delicate surfaces, but at the same time efficient, to remove dirt and stains without leaving any residue after the passage of the scrubber. The rollers are made of microfiber, because it guarantees an optimal cleaning and remarkable softness.

Power and wattage

In the best floor cleaner evaluation we must also dwell on its power, because it helps to determine performance.

From a general point of view, the models with power supply are more powerful than those in the battery, but provide better performance in terms of washing and drying.

The unit of power is the watt; the wattage is reported in the technical details of the scrubber, in which the energy class is also shown.

The wattage is certainly a useful element in the assessment of the scrubber power, although this is considered as a whole, it is the result of several interacting components: structure, brushes movement or rollers, presence of accessories and advanced operation technologies, thermostat interior to heat water.

A further criterion that should affect adequately in choosing the best scrubber is made by technology and any additional features.

The first point concerns, in particular, the tanks; the more they will be roomy, especially as the working autonomy will be high. In some models, the ability of the floor cleaner to complete the washing operations is expressed in square meters: this is an important indicator that can help you understand if the appliance that you are going to buy corresponds to their needs and size to be covered.

Even the use of hot water inside the tank constitutes an interesting element: in fact, while in all the scrubber it is possible to insert hot water, there are some that the warm, bringing autonomously at the perfect temperature, with truly excellent results.

The more advanced models, from a technological point of view, require the presence of LED signs, with the function of indicating the remaining battery capacity or the remaining level of liquid in the clean water tank. Other LED lights can report any problems, such as the obstruction of the suction channel, which prevents the proper functioning of microfibre rollers.

As regards the vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to go on forever before washing surfaces, the best lavapavimenti models have filtering system, to protect the engine from the residues and separates the dust from the air cleaner; This element is very important in general, and particularly in domestic contexts where there are allergies.

Bundled and not

Even the included accessories can make a difference for the practical operation of the scrubber; In fact, it is very important to choose between a wide variety of accessories, to clean most surfaces, different in composition and size.

The products belonging to the lower middle price range usually have a few accessories in the package and, therefore, only allow you to perform basic operations.

For those who have carpets of different materials and floors that require special treatment, the advice is to move towards scrubbers that have specific equipment for cleaning of different surfaces, such as rollers, brushes and vents to suck up dirt from fabric or suede materials .

Ranking of the purchased floor cleaners

Best Scrubbers 2020: Buying Guide
Best Scrubbers 2020: Buying Guide
Best Scrubbers 2020: Buying Guide

Reviews of the best floor cleaners

This is the list of the best floor cleaners 2020 updated May:

Vileda mop Steam Steam

Designed specifically to achieve deep hygiene of the floors, this steam mop produced by Vileda is able to effectively remove dirt from the surfaces of both particles and dust that also harmful microorganisms.

few simple operations are needed to put the unit into operation. First you have to fill the tank with water, the capacity of which is 400 milliliters, and then connect the broom with the electrical outlet: after 15 seconds the steam begins to come out and it is possible to use the appliance.

Thanks to the presence of a suitable regulator, is it possible to calibrate the jet of steam in relation to different floor types. The microfiber cloth (which are offered two parts) is able to effectively absorb dirt and bacteria, which are removed without leaving streaks or striations.

It is precisely the combined action of microfiber and water vapor that acts synergistically eliminating up to 99.9% of the pathogens, without the need to resort to the use of chemical products. The microfiber is in fact made up of millions of synthetic filaments, able to electrostatically attract the particles, which then remain well adherent.

The triangular structure of the base station has been specially designed to achieve any angle, and its articulated plate allows you to get to clean under very low furniture, such as sofas, beds and libraries. Excellent value for money.

Rowenta RY 7557 Clean & Steam

This product perfectly combines the typical requirements of an electric broom with those of a steam, allowing optimum performance and a considerable saving of time. Thanks to the innovative cyclonic technology capable of sucking the dirt only by vortices of air, dust and dirt particles are effectively separated, by introducing the first into the container and issuing outside the latter.

Brush Dual Clean & Steam can work with 3 options: issue the steam vacuuming the same time, emitting only steam or only aspire. You can adjust the level of steam in relation to the different nature of the floor and also both the tank for the water that the powder container are removable and therefore easily sanitized.

The microfiber cloth, which can be washed in the washing machine without any problems, is characterized by a significant attraction to the molecules to be eliminated then that remain attached to its filaments.

The ability to use only tap water without adding any chemicals, as well as offering excellent guarantees for the health, it also enables effective cost savings.

Being quite lightweight (just over 5 pounds), the broom is particularly handy and can be used without problems for up to 40 minutes. It is a device belonging to a mid-range of products.

Vileda Jet Clean 3 in 1

The characteristic “3 in 1” (suction-washing-drying) of this apparatus consists in its operation which provides a dual function of washing and aspiration when it is pushed forward and again a double washing and drying while it is moved in the opposite direction . In this way the washing (present in both directions of travel) is joined to the suction or drying.

Thanks to the presence of a utility tray to be inserted inferiorly, Jet Clean can also be used for self-cleaning operations. Provided there is a double filter that captures dust and dirt, without leaving any traces on the floor; Moreover the fact of having two separate reservoirs for the water, which prevents that dirt enters into contact with clean water.

The broom is provided with a 7 m long cable that allows you to clean large spaces, coming to cleanse up to 70 square meters with a single cycle of operation.

The sanitizing performance of this device make it particularly suitable for those who live with domestic animals, whose hairs are completely eliminated from any type of pavimento.Ottimo quality / price ratio.

BISSEL Cross Wave Device multisurface 3 in 1

Ideal for those who want to maximize the time spent on cleaning, this appliance can be aspirated, wash and dry both floors and carpets with a single pass. The innovative and patented hybrid rotary brush is able to perform all the operations very quickly and with an optimal yield.

The wet-dry vacuum cleaner Cross Wave is ideal for wood surfaces (parquet), plastic laminate, tiles, terracotta, but also tissues. There are two separate tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty, in order to avoid any contamination.

The broom operation is controlled by touch digital controls that allow you to change very easily setting. The product weighs just over 5 pounds and can therefore also be used for a long time without straining muscles.

The rotating suction nozzle has been designed in such a way to get even in hard to reach areas, such as corners or parts at low furniture.

Thanks to the ergonomic and high quality constituent materials, Cross Wave BISSEL does not create any problem during use. Price very convenient for its strong performance.

BISSELL CrossWave, multisurface device 3-in-1, Aspira, Lava & Dries, Cleans & Floor …

JASHEN M12 Lavapavimenti Wireless

Characterized by an ergonomic and functional design, this device is provided with a quiet motor with high speed, based on the wireless mode, it does not foresee the use of wires but a lithium battery with excellent performance.

The reservoir, of 300 milliliters capacity, must be filled with a mixture of water and a detergent product (acid or alkaline), preferably non-foaming. Thanks to the innovative drainage function it is possible to improve the cleaning efficiency, saving time and without leaving streaks or stains from moisture.

Upon completion of the cleansing operations, the device can be inserted into the storage station, consisting of a vessel containing clean water can eliminate the dirt from the roller, to make it ready to new uses.

The motorized roller, which rotates at a speed of 600 revolutions per minute, is equipped with extremely absorbent microfiber fabric, whose characteristic is that of perfectly clean also the spaces between the tiles and to eliminate even the most stubborn stains (using option sprinkles-water).

Being a wireless appliance can be used freely throughout the house, thanks to the limited noise emissions that do not create any disturbance.

The battery life is approximately 40 minutes and requires a recharge of at least 4 hours. Its cost stands in a medium-high, but still absolutely compatible to the excellent performance.

JASHEN M12 Lavapavimenti Wireless Broom, mop Electric Wireless, self-cleaning, water tank, …

Karcher New Scrubbers FC 5

The Karcher scrubber is characterized by a high detergent power, which, in case of use with disinfectants specific products, it is also able to sanitize the floors.

Its function involves effective suction of dust and dirt particles, with subsequent placing in a special tank. The rollers are wetted with a mixture of water and detergent that leave perfectly dry surfaces and walkable in a few minutes.

In a single pass this device is able to aspirate and wash, using special self-cleaning roller made of microfiber.

The model predicts the presence of two distinct tanks, one for the rear clean water and the other earlier for that dirty, in such a way as to avoid any contamination.

Thanks to the innovative squeezing-roller system, the amount of liquid that comes in contact with the floor is properly calibrated, and then drying the surfaces are usually done in a few minutes.

The Karcher professional technology ensures high functional performance to the appliance, whose weight is about 4.5 pounds. Excellent quality / price ratio for those in search of a product to medium-high.

Hoover FL 700 011 Floormate

Extraction, washing and drying are the three functional characteristics of this device that Hoover has designed and marketed for those who want to clean the floors quickly and with excellent risultati.Ideale for any type of surface, Floormate confirms a perfect device even for hard substrates such as marble , terracotta and ceramics.

Thanks to 6 patented rotating brushes “soft-touch” it is possible to obtain a thorough cleaning even in areas difficult to treat, such as the spaces between tiles and tiles.

A considerable advantage of the device is related to the capacity of the tank that arrives to contain up to 1 liter of liquid, thereby enabling to clean large surfaces without the need for recharging.

Even the container for dirty water is very capable in that it contains up to 2.5 liters; at the moment when it is full, the appliance is locked in automatico.Un’altra peculiar characteristic of Floormate is that of the folding handle, which enables storing the appliance in confined spaces.

The length of the cable (8 meters) allows you to clean large areas, reaching even in corners and areas that are difficult to treat. The outstanding performance of this scrubber justify its slightly higher cost to others, which however is entirely compatible with an appropriate quality / price ratio.

Scrubbers by brand

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Scrubbers by type

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floor cleaning robot

We have written a guide to buying the best floor cleaning robot.

Conclusions and final considerations

Choose a scrubber means evaluating different aspects; those on which focus mainly concern the size and maneuverability of the appliance, as well as the availability of accessories, which allows you to use the appliance in different environments.

There are many brands which market scrubber; However, the recommendation is to focus on the brands for many years dedicated to the production of appliances of this type, they are specialized with the passage of time and provide a dedicated customer service, should arise problems or if you need to find a piece replacement.

Considering that the market there are products in all price ranges, choosing the best floor cleaners to clean the house surfaces could report the result of a compromise between quality of performance and cost of the appliance.

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