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Best skill Alexa in Italian

Alexa, the intelligent voice assistant designed by Amazon, it becomes more innovative thanks to the best skill for Alexa in Italian for all the requirements that make it fun to make use of your home and add a touch of originality to the daily lifestyle.

In addition to monitoring and enable more intelligent devices and be a very effective tool in the management of domestic home automation, Alexa is an opportunity to enjoy listening to music, interacting with the voice and playing music, or you can be updated on the daily news, the conditions weather or the most delicious recipes for an impromptu dinner with friends.

Inspired by the computerized voice of the Enterprise of Star Trek, Alexa is enriched with new applications to make life easier everyday and make it less monotonous everyday life.

As I add skill on Alexa

Add a new voice application on Amazon Alexa is very simple, just go to the App dedicated or visit the Skill Store.

Once you have found a skill that you like, simply click on the “active”, or ask directly to Alexa opening the app, saying “Alexa, open” (plus the skill name).

Then, simply say “Alexa, launches” (plus the skill name) and you’re done.

Skill for every need

On Store can find applications of all kinds, both for the automation of the house (turn on and turn off the lights, control heating) and for entertainment, recreation and leisure.

Radio and entertainment

Best Skill Alexa In Italian

With the Amazon Hub Echo Plus you can enjoy listening to music and the best radio stations, in their own voice.

For example, you can try the new skills connected with Virgin Radio, Radio 105 to RDS: Alexa recognizes your voice and with a simple voice command can dribble between your favorite radio programs, maybe while you’re tidying the house or cooking.

This is your chance to create a musical carpet during a dinner with friends, or simply enjoy a relaxing moment on the couch.

With Alexa can have fun playing with new applications linked to Akinator, Frisbee and Clem Quiz Quiz: with your voice you can directly control these games and have fun with friends for a night out.

Games and quizzes

For the category quiz games and we would like to report that there is a new skill created by an Italian boys really smart team, we are talking about Double Pass. Double Pass is a quiz for all those who love football, it is possible to challenge another of Alexa user in a football quiz. Very fun game that shows how the study of Vocalime can ride this sector thanks to real games to Alexa.

Food, cooking and TV

Best Skill Alexa In Italian

You have arranged a special dinner with friends and colleagues or a romantic date with your loved one?

With new skills in Italian Alexa you can cook step by step listening to the ingredients and the preparation of a given recipe, simply by connecting to the application of Saffron Yellow.

No desire to stay in the kitchen? No problem, with the skill of Just Eat Alexa puts you directly in touch with the home restaurant of your city and you will directly home your favorite dish, a tasty pizza as a serving of succulent Japanese sushi.

Saying “Alexa, launches IMDb”, you will find all in new movie coming out, or saying “Alexa, what’s on TV tonight” you will be connected to the application of Super Guide, to spend a pleasant evening at home on the couch and enjoy a good movie or television series of your heart.

Another new very funny skill proposed by Alexa is dedicated to radio Milk and Honey, where you can discover the horoscope and the performance of your zodiac sign, with the valuable advice of the astrologer Paul Fox.

Taking advantage of the skill Musement also get access to the best site dedicated to art exhibitions, shows and especially in discounts and promotions to grasp for a weekend of culture and a trip out of town, at affordable prices.


Best Skill Alexa In Italian

Alexa is the best smart speaker of 2020 that allows you not only to have fun with your voice, but also to be informed about the latest news from the world.

With the newest applied skill, in fact, it is quick and easy to connect digital devices Tgcom24, the daily La Repubblica and ANSA.

In addition, you have the opportunity to know the results of matches in real time, contacting directly with your voice to the skill of Sky Sports.

To enable the function of your personal daily summary, just follow these simple steps: open the application Alexa and select “Settings”, then “daily summary”. Select still “get more content for your daily summary”, choose the skill that most interests you, including those mentioned above, and click on “active.”

With a simple voice command Alexa keeps you updated on everything that happens in the world, in a simple and fun way.

Home Automation

Best Skill Alexa In Italian

With skill in Italian that you can download easily on the Store, Alexa gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy many amenities, monitoring outside the home commands of lights, heating and electricity in general.

Launching the app Netatmo can lower or raise the room temperature, or make your bedroom comfortable activating the skill Philips Hue.

By Alexa Amazon and the best skills in Italian dedicated you have different choices to optimize the comfort and to fully enjoy a moment of well-earned relaxation, perhaps after a hard day at work.

With the tone of your voice, you can change the room temperature and set the degrees you prefer, dim the lights, prepare a hot bath or heat in the microwave in a single gesture.

To delve into this single topic we should read the best applications for home automation.


In this article you could finally find out the best skill for Alexa in Italian. Now you do is to just set up your voice assistant as you like and remember, by clicking on the various links on this page you can activate the skill with a simple touch!