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Best slippers smart power strip 2020: Wifi and smart

The power strip smart power strips are nowadays a very useful and functional accessory. They in fact, unlike the traditional ones, are equipped with features that make it faster and easier each operation, plus the ability to perform transactions through our smartphone.

What is it and what is it

The smart power strip is a tool that allows you to connect their technological devices in an easy and intuitive.

This accessory allows you to manage the devices through applications on their smartphones or via voice. Alternatively, it is possible to turn off or turn on the power strip normally by means of the appropriate button.

You can check with your own voice a long line of home automation appliances, from intelligent light bulbs up to the soundbar.

The power strip smart slippers allow you to manage multiple devices simultaneously or individually, depending on the needs.

They are connected via the connection to the internet (so it is necessary to have a Wifi connection at home) and in most cases can be set in such a way as to act almost independently (for example, it is possible to determine the time of switching on and off during the day).

Ranking of the best-selling smart slippers

This is the ranking of the top selling device on Amazon Italy:

Best slippers smart power strip

Not all power strip smart power strips are equal. In trade there are in fact many different types which vary depending on the characteristics and functionality. That’s what the best on the market today.

Ciabatta Multipresa Smart Houzetek

Best Slippers Smart Power Strip 2020: Wifi And Smart

The power strip smart Houzetek is one of the best present in circulation.

It has a great value for money and is extremely safe in the house since it is made from tough materials.

Such a strip also can be used with any device since it works with IOS devices, Android but also Amazon Alexa.

This instrument is characterized by four outlets thereby allowing the connection to as many devices. Beyond that, there are three USB ports to charge various devices.

The power strip of Houzetek is characterized by many features that make using the faster electronic devices, simple and straightforward.

Best Slippers Smart Power Strip 2020: Wifi And Smart

Flip Strip, Strip Houzetek Ciabatta with Electrical Protection Supports Alexa / Google …

vertical Multipresa Hovnee

Best Slippers Smart Power Strip 2020: Wifi And Smart

Even the power strip vertical Hovnee is one of the best in class.

In fact, it is equipped with no less than eight sockets and four USB ports.

Thus with a single tool you can control all the devices in your home easily and fast. The design that extends vertically is also a great advantage for those who have a very big house since it is not bulky and does not occupy much space.

From an aesthetic point of view, then the result is extremely valuable.

Best Slippers Smart Power Strip 2020: Wifi And Smart

Vertical Strip, HOVNEE Tower Flip Strip 8 Outlets With 4 USB Slot 2500W 10A 6,56ft …

Multipresa smart GBLife

Best Slippers Smart Power Strip 2020: Wifi And Smart

The power strip smart GBLife is one of the most efficient commercially.

It is characterized by three jacks and four USB ports and connects to the Wifi network. It can also be controlled remotely by simply using your smartphone is compatible with Amazon and Alexa, Google and IFTTT Home.

Thanks to the timer function it is possible to select the ON and OFF times of each outlet individually in such a way as to consume less electricity.

GBlife Strip Intelligent Wifi, Flip Electric AC sockets with USB, Voice Control …

Buying Guide

Before you buy a smart power strip it is necessary to carefully evaluate all the features and functionality that has to be sure that it can fully meet its needs. Therefore it is appropriate to inquire before about what a device of this kind must have to be used in an optimal way.

Number of sockets and USB

One of the elements to consider when buying a power strip smart power strip is the number of outlets and USB ports.

In the market there are for all needs and generally start at a minimum of three plugs. Of course the number of outlets will be chosen according to the devices that must be connected.

Usually for professional use it is recommended to use a power strip with more than six outlets while at home will do three or four outlets.


The dimensions of intelligent wireless power strips are usually quite small.

The design varies according to the number of sockets and the functionality of the tool. For example, if a smart power strip has eight sockets, its shape will necessarily be larger compared to a power strip having three sockets.

If the strip has taken a large number is still advisable to pick one whose structure is vertical developments to avoid taking up space unnecessarily.


Before you buy a model you should test compatibility with the devices you have at home.

Therefore you should check that the power strip is compatible with the sockets of the CEI 23-50 regulations and with assistants that allow voice control (Alexa such as Amazon, Google or Apple). Generally, the label of the instrument are given all the necessary information.


The strips can be placed on the floor or wall.

The first case (the most used), however, is not advisable since the strip may come into contact with dirt and dust, or may cause untoward incidents.

The positioning wall instead is much more practical and functional because it occupies little space and not cluttered. It is also well also assess the intelligent power strip slippers table that can be arranged on a flat surface and have a smaller shape and compact than the other.

Types of slippers smart power strip

The types of smart power strip power strips are numerous, these rankings can help you to instantly locate the perfect model for those who are your needs.

Slippers strip compatible with Alexa

Flip smart compatible with Google

Flip smart power strip compatible with Homekit

Mules multipresa smart Meross


On this page you could find out all the information needed to buy a smart power strip. You can refer to individual models or charts to locate the perfect device for your needs; or you can opt for smart wifi outlets that may be for you.

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