Best Smart Thermostatic Valves 2020: Buying Guide

Best smart thermostatic valves 2020: Buying Guide

The purchase guide of the best smart thermostatic valves will help you find the product tailored for you, one that best suits your thermal comfort requirements and ideal for the environment in which you live.

The thermal preferences are different within a family, or in the workplace, and often need different types temperatures in different rooms of the house. For example, rooms as the bathroom generally need to be adjusted with higher temperatures to make more comfortable the exit from the shower or a hot bath.

To manage the radiators in an accurate and timely manner of the valves are commercially available thermostatic smart: optimum devices to replace the classic thermostatic valves, so as to control the temperature in an intelligent way and without further waste on the bill.

What is it and what is a smart thermostat valve

Best Smart Thermostatic Valves 2020: Buying Guide

Example of a thermostat valve smart Netatmo.

The smart thermostatic valves, also called intelligent thermostatic heads, are installed on the radiators, and allow you to adjust remotely, with use of a software, the hot water flow which heats the thermal device.

Usually it is used to see radiators installed in the traditional thermostatic valves, which allow to manage the temperature in a static way, ie they are not capable of changing their behavior to change the climate and environment. The classical thermostatic valves, therefore, once set manually, through the graduated ring, are “septate” at a certain temperature, until it reciprocates the setting.

Otherwise, the innovative smart thermostatic valves, offer you the possibility of managing the temperature of the radiators in an innovative manner; in this way by means of a specific software or an app created ad hoc, you can set different temperatures based on different areas of the house and you will be able to ask the smart thermostat valve to turn on, turn off or change temperature, depending on the time of day or other environmental factors.

How does it work

The thermostatic valve smart, acts by means of a motor, which contains a particular thermostatic liquid, and it can also be managed remotely in complete autonomy. Once the settings have been adjusted with respect to your specific needs, the valve will do everything alone, without having to adjust it each time manually.

These devices are connected to the home automation system can be managed remotely via smartphones, tablets and personal computers; the goal of the manufacturers of these devices is to place on the market of products capable of meeting the specific needs of each, containing the waste of energy and the income that you have with the classical thermostatic valves.

The thermostatic valve management software smart monitors all energy consumption, providing you the opportunity to view waste with details and simplified graphics. The valve system also sends you notifications, via smartphone and email, to notify in the event of attainment of a critical temperature, or if the heater has failed or is malfunctioning.

Some commercially available products are supplied in a kit that also includes a smart wifi thermostat.

Comparative table of the best thermostatic valves

How to choose the best thermostatic valve smart

Choose the best smart thermostat valve seems difficult, but it does not. Through this guide, you will be more knowledgeable and experienced, and see how to find the most suitable device for your requirements.

Types of thermostatic valves

The thermostatic valves on the market is of two types: those classic or traditional thermostatic valves, and those smart, innovative products that allow the autonomous and remote management.

This intelligent control drastically reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the air, with a considerable advantage for both your wallet and the environment. In addition, they are usually integrated in the humidity sensors, in order to monitor and adjust the latter according to the different rooms of the apartment.

Functionality and remote control

A lot of the features and controls remotely on these smart devices, discover them all.

The smart thermostatic valves, extremely quiet (about 30% more than the traditional model), they are equipped with a special protection against the limestone and feature an antifreeze technology, which automatically detects a sudden reduction in temperature. In fact, they respond intelligently to events such as the opening of a window, sensing the sudden drop in temperature; in this way it becomes active so you burn less gas in the boiler, since trying to heat a room with the windows open is an unnecessary waste of resources.

The smart thermostatic valves also possess a detection of the presence of persons within the system, by means of a technology that is based on the “geofencing”, finding your phone through geolocation.

The boost function, created to allow the device to heat one in a very short space of time, is truly innovative. Activating this mode, the radiator, independently emits a higher heat for the first few minutes, so as to heat the environment immediately, then return to a normal temperature; great for heating rooms like the bathroom before going to take a shower.

Among the functions can be managed remotely you can find on most models, the “break” or “Party” mode: activating it will ask the thermostatic valve to bypass the usual power-cycling of devices, thus reducing wastage if you it is away from home for a short or long time.

The software and applications available can be managed in real time, with the possibility to send temporary or permanent changes even from your smartphone or tablet: if, for example, one day, you’re overwhelmed by the job and get out later, you can postpone the time ignition of the thermostatic valves, directly from the office.

In the best smart thermostatic valves is also present the voice command: via the voice will be possible to manage the information on start and stop times, or ask to change the desired temperature.

Best smart thermostatic valves

Netatmo Valves Termotatiche WiFi

Best Smart Thermostatic Valves 2020: Buying Guide

The valves termotatiche Netatmo, with WiFi technology, are real accessories of a smart thermostat. Thanks to these valves have the ability to control the home temperature in a precise manner and to the occult, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and dispersions. The way of very simple use, since these valves offer the possibility to decide the temperature of each room in the house.

Thanks to the technology with which they were produced, you have the possibility to choose between two heating modes: Comfort Priority mode, which allows the valves to be active and to heat several rooms of the house at a temperature higher than that imposed by the thermostat; Priority mode Economy, which imposes on the valves, the activation restricting different temperatures from those of the central thermostat. These valves avoid any unnecessary waste of heat and current, also thanks to the Detection Window Open function, which automatically switches off the heaters when a window is opened.

Another strength is the ability to refer to the Annual Report on Energy Saving, so as to set a default plan according to your home needs. These valves are compatible with popular external programming systems like Alexa Amazon, Google and Apple-Home Kit Assistant so that you can manage with ease heating directly with the voice or with the use of smartphones, tablets and computers.

Best Smart Thermostatic Valves 2020: Buying Guide

Netatmo Valves Termotatiche Wifi Intelligent, additional module for Smart Thermostats …

Meross intelligent Thermostatic Valve WiFi

Best Smart Thermostatic Valves 2020: Buying Guide

With the intelligent thermostatic valve Meross you have the chance to live a smart life, based on programming which would mark his life, avoiding unnecessary waste and avoiding cold days as it becomes difficult to get out. The important thing is to replace the traditional thermostats with a thermostat that can control each radiator according to the needs of those who install them.

With these valves and their WiFi technology you have the ability to manage from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone the temperature in any room of their home, being with App perfectly compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Only needs two AA batteries to be applied to the new thermostat and Meross of these valves to be applied to each radiator.

The convenience of the new thermostat lies in the possibility of being able to simultaneously manage up to 16 valves. The saving of energy and the hot air convoy it will be noted from the outset, thanks also to the open window detection function, which automatically stops the heating in the case where a valve were to detect an open window.

Best Smart Thermostatic Valves 2020: Buying Guide

Thermostatic Valve Intelligent Access LCD Display, Including Hub, Programmable via APP …

Eqiva CC-RT-Ble-EQ

This thermostat for radiator with Bluetooth technology is very useful in the field of regulation of the temperature of a specific area of ​​your home, in response to the needs of the home lives. With compatible application with iOS and Android operating system, offers the possibility to control up to ten valve at any time and from the comfort of your smartphone. At the sight and touch it looks like a very compact tool and very quiet operation.

Thanks to the automatic function of temperature control, when the windows are open, ensures a very high energy saving, since it makes avoidance waste his own strength. Equipped with lock function for children it provides security in case of nosy guys who believe it is just a toy. The mounting takes place directly on the radiator without the need to bleed the radiator, without the use of special tools, but in total simplicity and security.

Thanks also to the anti-frost function, prevent the environment in which this valve is located, to fall below five degrees centigrade. Another strength is that the temperature adjustment can be done directly on the device, without having to force through the use of the app and smartphone. It is a cutting-edge product that has won the prize awarded by Stiftun Warentest, which does research and compare products and services to consumers, due to both ease of use, long battery life and reliable control of the heat.

Eqiva eQ-3 CC-RT-BLE-EQ – Intelligent thermostat for radiator with Bluetooth

Tado ° Intelligent Thermostatic Head Basic Kit V3 +

The V3 + Base kit offered by Tado ° is ready to become the assistant climate for who is going to have a firm control of the temperature of your home. This control mode will offer the opportunity to increase their comfort of their lifestyle. Thanks app to which the valve is equipped Tado °, you have the ability to control the heating from any point where the user is located.

With its functions you will be able to intelligently programmed, integrating also the weather data, the heating session of his home, thus allowing to reduce costs in the bill. This also happens thanks to the function of an open window detection which avoids unnecessary energy waste. All this happens in a very simple because it is Tado ° is fully compatible with all smart home applications like Amazon Alexa, Apple-Home Kit and Assistant Google.

Tado ° Head Thermostatic Base Kit + V3 Intelligent, Intelligent Management of Heating, …

Eve Thermo Thermostatic Valve Connesa

The daily routine of the heating of the home can become even more cadenced thanks to Eve Thermo valves. With them, you will have the possibility to create autonomous programming to adapt to day heating their dwelling, by automating the control of the temperature according to the needs of those who live in a certain environment.

It equipped with Bluetooth technology adapts to all the devices you have in the house: from the smartphone, the smart watch to the PC. Equipped with function of window open detection, avoids unnecessary power and energy waste when a window opens. Easy to install, directly on the radiator, it does not need special tools, but you just need to apply it on its own radiator valve.

These valves offer the ability to easily increase the level of comfort of living that the user uses, thanks to its full compatibility with apps like Alexa smart home of Amazon, Apple and Google Assistant Home-Kit. These valves are sold complete with adapters Danfoss Ra, RAV and RAVL so as to adapt to each radiator.

Honeywell Electronic thermostatic valve

The electronic thermostatic valve for a radiator evohome system proposed by Honeywell is a kit composed of four thermostatic valves for use solely with the evohome system. Simple to assemble and without the need to resort to professional tools, these valves are attached directly to the radiator, so as to manage the heat emitted by everyone without any difficulty. Equipped with a backlit display with adjustable inclination, it allows to easily see the set temperature of the radiator. In addition, thanks to the knob of which are equipped it is possible to change the temperature without changing the time program set previously. These valves operate the waste of energy thanks also to the window detection function starts, which lead the valves to shut down in case of sudden change of the local internal temperature in which they are used. The convenience of these valves is due to their use even in the case of encased or covered radiator, thanks to wireless thermostat sold separately, which serves as a temperature sensor, while the valve will only work as an actuator.

Honeywell Home THR0924HRT electronic thermostatic valve for a radiator system evohome, 4 kits …

Homexpert by Honeywell TRH4M30WGE

This thermostat knob, energy efficiency class A, offers the possibility to adjust the temperature of each radiator on which it is applied. Equipped with mechanical-electronic operation, it is applied directly on the radiator, allowing the environment in which it is applied to arrive up to a temperature of 28 degrees centigrade. It equipped with an anti-frost function prevents the space in which is located the valve falls below 5 degrees centigrade. Due to its small size, approximately 16 centimeters long by 11 wide, and its weight negligible, less than 100 grams, can be placed on any type of radiator, without the need to require too large spaces.

10 Thermostatic valves smart most sold

Thermostatic valves smart: how much you save

With the smart thermostatic valves on the gas and the energy savings are considerable, we analyze in detail how much you save with these devices.

The traditional costs about 13/16 € thermostatic valve, while buying a smart thermostat valve means spending from 43 Euros up. But it is worth spending money failures, because the savings that help ensure smart thermostatic valves are outstanding, and will allow you to quickly return the initial expense.

From a careful analysis on the comparison between these two types of valves, it is highlighted that the energy savings achievable through the installation of smart thermostatic valves, as compared to the traditional ones, is about 30-40%. In fact avoid waste due to switching on the radiators when no one is home.

With traditional thermostatic valves there is forced to have to manually manage the temperature levels in different areas of the house. In addition, the traditional thermostatic valves remain lit throughout the day (even if set to a minimum), and then be manually reset at higher temperatures while inside the apartment.

Otherwise, with thermostatic valves smart you can adjust the heat flux of each environment with respect to the return times at home. This allows to significantly cut costs on utility bills.

To give a practical example: assumed to have a house of 70 square meters, with 5 radiators installed in the house, and a central plant, with an annual cost of around 1200 €. If you are installing the thermostatic valves smart this would happen: the initial fee of five valves would be about 250 € and, with an estimated saving of 35% on their energy bills, you ritroveresti to pay 780 euro or 420 euro less per year. After just over six months rientreresti the initial expenses and would you start to gain on the wastes of old thermostatic valves.

To save money, the ideal would, therefore, have a thermostatic valve on each radiator, but initially you can also choose to start in the most used rooms and causing more waste.

Conclusions and final considerations

If you do not have time to devote to the radiators and valve timing, no problem! They will think for you the thermostatic valves smart, able to analyze your preferences and habits and to heat the home environment in all autonomy. These intelligent valves allow you to go on vacation or go home later with peace of mind, saving considerable sums on the bill.

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