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Best Smart TV 2020: Buying Guide

If you want the ability to choose what content they see on your TV, your old TV is not enough. Do you intend to buy the best smart TV market? Perfect, then read on to discover our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

On a Smart TV rather you have a world of possibilities, thanks to the compatibility of devices and formats that you can plug and play, and the addition of the internet connection through a Wi-Fi device. To find out more about what a Smart TV and want to know how it works and what it can offer you, please read on, so you can choose the model that best suits your needs.

Smart TV: what is and what is

Best Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

The term “Smart TV” means a category of products that offer different services and functions, accessible via the Internet, playing them on your TV.

The internet connection allows you to use these devices as if they were real computer, allowing navigation of web pages and social, software downloads, and multimedia content, streaming services and TV-called on-demand programs, or on demand, television broadcasts then can be watched whenever you wish.

The smart name comes from the same name made for the new generation phones now smartphones, devices that thanks to their intelligence may offer more additional services beyond those simple telephony.

The smart technology can be directly available on the TV, or you can turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV, thanks to the Android set-top boxes, external devices that work a bit ‘as the decoder, capable of implementing the smart functions on regular TV; or mini Windows computers that perform the same function. Lately, they have been placed on the market also TV sets compatible with Alexa, just to make it clear in which direction will this sector already technologically advanced.

In this case, however, the television must be predisposed to the addition of such devices.

The 10 most purchased smart tv

Best Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide
Best Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide
Best Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide
Best Smart Tv 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose a Smart TV

Choosing the best smart TV is not so simple: there are many parameters to be taken into consideration as the display type, the size of the panel (inches), the audio industry, the inputs and the operating system. We do not waste any more time and deepen every aspect that allows you to find the perfect model for you.

Type of Monitor

The Smart TV are basic analog TV and therefore subject to different technologies regarding the construction of the screen. The different screens also affect the image quality, especially the latest generation of screens, which are able to show very detailed images.

LCD panels: the surface of these panels is constituted by two layers, between which are contained the so-called liquid crystals. To transmit color images, the liquid crystals must be backlit. LCD technology is the basis of the displays, what changes is the system used to define the quality, LED, OLED and the latest QLED.

LED panels: this is a generic term which indicates that the backlight of the panel takes place via the presence of LED (Light Emitting Diode), ie the tiny light sources that generate an intense light that can vary in color, arranged in different points, based on the result and the quality to be obtained. The edge LED for example, consists of a two lines of LEDs on the top edges and bottom of the screen. This system, along with the full edge LED, which provides a row of LEDs also on the left and right edges, is an old technology, the first attempt with regard to the LED backlight, replaced later by Direct-lit, with scattered LEDs of different areas of the screen and finally, the Full-array, an LED network much more dense that covers the entire surface of the panel.

OLED: in OLED screens, however, no backlight is not necessary, since the diode that generates the light is organic, ie illuminating car. The precision and quality of the image in the OLED screens is markedly superior to LCD screens, because each pixel is capable of light with different colors and brightness and shut off completely in case of absolute black. Buying Guide to OLED TV.

QSD: the Quantum Dot Light Emitting is the direct evolution of LED-LCD and is the perfect competitor of OLED technology. Normally, LED screens that use the backlight emit a bluish light, reason why the diode is sprinkled with yellow phosphorus powder to generate white light, but generally cause problems when they have to reproduce colors through the green filters, red it’s blue. The QLED instead eliminates the phosphor layer and replaces it with the Quantum Dot, the microparticles that once affected by light, they emit a different color according to the dimension taken from the same point. This technology is able to generate more than a billion shades of color, to return more faithful images.

Panel dimensions (inches)

The screens of Smart TV have the same size of the classic TV in 16: 9, starting from the smallest 15-17 inches, up to giant 60-inch and above.

The choice of the screen size should be made according to different parameters such as the size of the wall on which is installed and the distance that you have the point where the screen is the person who looks at it.

This distance is calculated for the so-called theater effects, that is, the field coverage you have when you are looking at the screen in a cinema.

If you were to opt for a screen in Full HD, 2K or 4K, it is good to know that the difference between the various resolutions is only known in larger screens, more or less by 20-22 thumbs up, and enjoy the maximum of the resolution, the transmission or watched content, should be at the highest resolution.

That said, it is clear that the normal broadcast by TV antenna will be seen at the same resolution and quality of any television.


The Smart TV can play audio not only the built-in speakers, now ever more efficient and even be able to create powerful bass and 2.1 surround sound, but also from external audio devices, such as speakers, sound bar and surround sound systems.

Doors and entrances

The Smart TV offer different doors and entrances to be able to play content from other devices such as external HDD, USB keys and receive the signal from HDMI devices such as Blu-ray players and consoles.

Operating system

The Smart TV have different operating systems according to their manufacturer. Just like for smartphones, which is equivalent to Apple iOS and Android to Samsung, the Smart TVs also have their own operating system based on the brand.

The Smart TV Sony, Sharp and Philips use the Android operating system or owner, depending on the model. Panasonic is based on Firefox OS, Samsung SmartHub and on Tizen OS, and LG on WebOS.

Best Smart TV

This is the list of the best Smart TV 2020 updated May.

Read on to find out the reviews of the individual devices divided by price.

TV smart economic (€ 250 – € 350)

This smart TV Hisense is the cheapest that you will find in this page: an entry-level TV 32 “HD Ready and comes with an operating system that lets you download the latest entertainment applications and more.

This TV Sharp 40 “and Full HD features all the functionality of the smart you need: it is equipped with Wi-Fi that allows you to connect to the Internet with their home and access popular apps like Netflix or YouTube. It is equipped with a Harman Kardon sound system that plays cinematrografica experience.

The undisputed king of the economy segment is the Samsung UE43NU7090UXZT 43 “. The resolution of the panel is 4K (3840 x 2160) with HDR certification, which ensures unsurpassed color fidelity. The series of 7 thickness has been reduced, as well as the frames that appear more subtle and elegant. The Tizen operating system allows you to access multimedia content with ease and with good usability. It is the most purchased for this price range.

TV smart mid-range (up to 500 €)

The smart televisions midrange refer to devices with dimensions of upper panels 45 “, with a 4K resolution and equipped with a more powerful audio sector compared to the previous band. We find the best models.

The Samsung UE50NU7400U is one of the most purchased on Amazon: a television on the quality of definitive and clear image. The Crystal Dynamic Control technology makes the most vivid and real colors. The HDR technology, the UHD Dimming and a stable operating system and easy to use come together to provide a device to buy absolutely.

No products found.

One of the most popular smart TVs from Philips is 49PUS7503 model. Panel 49 “4K resolution HDR enhanced by Micro Dimming Pro technology for incredible contrast. We can define the audio as a professional: crisp, powerful and it does not need to be further enhanced.

The best of the midrange panel is that of Sony KD43XF7004. The HDR technology 4K X-Reality PRO delivers outstanding sharpness. If you are looking for a gaming TV at a fair price this is the model that suits you. The Sony TVs are optimized for gaming on PS4 PS4 and PRO. The audio is enhanced by ClearAudio + technology.

High-end smart TV (over 500 €)

The Samsung QE49Q60RATXZT is one of the best smart TV market. Released in 2019, this device boasts the best technical features currently available. The QSD innovative Samsung technology can undoubtedly provide a very superior visual experience than the competition. A device like this is smart and intelligent: adjusts the brightness and the volume according to the surrounding environment, but not only. All extra features such as AI Upscaling, the Quantum Quantum processor and 4K HDR technology make this one of the best smart TV of 2019-2020.

The Samsung TV UE49LS03NAUXZT: when it’s on TV, art work when it is off. It is through this description that Samsung describes the “frame” TV. One of the best TV on the market for technical and resolution characteristics. Easily it hangs on the wall, without bracket. It integrates seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Samsung UE49LS03NAUXZT The Frame Cornice TV 4K UHD 49″ / 124 cm DVB-T2CS2, 3840 x 2160 Pixels, Nero,…

Choose the resolution for TV

Best Smart TV 4K

Best Smart TV Full HD

Best Smart TV HD

Choose the TV according to the inch

Smart TV 24 inches

Smart TV 32 inches

Smart TV 40 inches

Smart TV 43 Inch

Smart TV 55 inches

Smart TV 65 inches

Smart Tv 75 Inches

Our buying guides

Choose the smart tv is simple thanks to our buying guides:

Conclusions and final considerations

Within this page, you could discover the buyer’s guide to the best smart TV this year. Were you able to locate the perfect model for you and your family?

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