Best Tv Oled Smart 4K 2020: Buying Guide

Best TV OLED smart 4k 2020: Buying Guide

We live in a golden age with regard to the world of smart TVs, thanks to this article you have the opportunity to explore and discover the best tv oled smart 4k to buy, thanks to a complete guide to buying any particular useful for locate the perfect model for every need and budget.

How many times happen to be looking for a smart TV top of the range with which to improve the visual enjoyment of media content? The screen OLED – short for organic light-emitting diode – is a technological innovation that has already attracted thousands of consumers all over the world; fluid, brilliant and contrasting able to totally revolutionize the vision of a film or a television program.

In this article we decided to delve into the interesting new hi-tech that has so passionate fans of the ultra-flat TV, slender and light, easy to move and capable of adapting to any lighting condition. The performances undeniably above average were the pride which allowed the market a growing number of OLED screens at increasingly competitive prices.


Best Tv Oled Smart 4K 2020: Buying Guide

Example of a smart TV OLED

A television OLED is substantially a smart TV equipped with an OLED panel, an acronym for Organic Light Emitting Diode or organic light emitting diode to light emission.

This technology differs from the others as it allows to realize the display capable of emitting its own light, unlike LCD or LED displays that require a number of additional components to be illuminated.

Comparative table of the best OLED TV

Philips 803 Smart OLED TV

tuner Technology

tuner Technology

Philips 803 Smart OLED TV

tuner Technology

tuner Technology

tuner Technology

How to choose the best OLED TV

We decided to open a short informative overview about the best items this year, so as to guarantee every consumer deserves the screen. But what are the characteristics of these products, and what benefits it can bring to entertainment-video customer?

Continue reading to discover how to choose the best OLED TV based on numerous technical information.


Best Tv Oled Smart 4K 2020: Buying Guide

Resolution of an OLED panel

The resolution is the real workhorse of an OLED screen: the market can be found on Full HD TVs – whose resolution is around 1920 × 1080 pixels – and UltraHD, with a quadruple resolution of around 3840 × 2160 pixels. The entertainment giants – and most of the contents available on your home screen – have now maximized their quality on the standard dell’UltraHD appreciated.

Invest on an OLED screen thus has a twofold advantage: on the one hand it is possible to enjoy a bright image and bright, capable of moving smoothly and on the dynamics of the screen background; on the other hand it is essential that the potential customer can buy a product to which you are directing the trends of all major television networks and entertainment platforms that are seen daily by millions of people.

The difference resides in the pixel peculiarities: each element of the luminous surface is capable of emitting a light source independently, and this allows you to have a deeper visual rendering in the black areas of the screen.

Dimensions, inch and design

Best Tv Oled Smart 4K 2020: Buying Guide

The TV is an appliance that should be placed obligatorily in a space of your own home: whether it’s a screen for the living room – or staying – or you prefer a TV to be placed in the bedroom, it should pay due attention the size of the item that you choose; for this reason we have written a guide for the TV small as 32 inches.

OLEDs are present on the market in a dual range of sizes, so suited to smaller spaces (55 inches) because the walls on which it is possible to install the screens that reach 65 inches. Beware, though: beyond its aesthetic and visual taste, one should pay due attention to the proper distance from which you will see the screen, so as to choose the best model for your needs.

And in terms of design and aesthetics? The OLED TV are meeting the needs of the consumer and allow you to enjoy smooth lines and modern, avant-garde and elegant. Having a very small frame, the screens become veritable wall windows on which to project their own audio-visual favorite content. The finishes are often made of glass and metal, unlike the plastic used massively in the previous models.

HDR (High dynamic range)

Best Tv Oled Smart 4K 2020: Buying Guide

HDR turned off HDR VS Active

HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range, and refers to the technology that has developed in the field of photo first and then the television. What you speak, and what is its function in the choice of an OLED TV? The purpose of the technology in question is to create a juxtaposition between the colors emitted from the television screen and those actually perceived by the human eye.

In other words, a television equipped with this function allows playback of content in HDR with an improvement in the quality of individual pixels. The goal is to manage the extremes of the tonal range, or all intermediate shades of light and darkness that exist in the real world and help to perceive reality as such.

Panel curved or flat?

Best Tv Oled Smart 4K 2020: Buying Guide

viewing angle comparison between flat screen and curved

To understand the pros and cons of a flat or curved screen is necessary to evaluate the main characteristics that distinguish it. The curved panel is conceived from the need to maximize the vision of the observer at the focal point, which is the central area that was reproduced on the video surface.

The limit angle is 20 degrees, the value beyond which the quality begins to deteriorate. In the flat panels, by contrast, there is no maximization of the visual rendering of the subject which is decentralized with respect to the focal point of the image. As a result, in both cases with increasing angle the qualitative yield of TV tends to worsen, regardless of the curvature of the panel.

Choosing between the two types of panels depends on the location where you decide to install the television and aesthetic preference that the consumer wants to give to his corner to relax. The curved screen offers an aspect definitely more original, ideal for those looking for an item that does not go unnoticed. In contrast, the flat solution is ideal for those who do not have behind light beams – like windows – and want to save on the purchase budget.

Connectivity and ports

Inputs connectivity and a smart OLED TV

Most OLED TV on the market are smart, that is equipped with internet access via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable classic. The idea is a winner for those consumers who are looking for a quick way to connect to their favorite smartphone apps, so you always have on hand the serial catalog TV and sports you want to project.

Also – despite the OLED panel is slim and ultra-slim – no shortage doors and useful inputs for connection of its hi-tech devices. In general, the recently marketed products come with two USB rooms and two HDMI ports, so as to ensure a wide range of customizations television.


A soundbar that improves a smart TV sound

Given the limited thickness of OLED panels, it is natural that the audio system’s quality is often slightly subdued compared to the sublime rendering of the video image.

For those who want to dive even more engaging content that you decide to project, you should think about buying a classic home theater system to more channels, or a soundbar. If the first – as evidenced by the term itself – replicates sounds similar to those of a movie theater, the second is a viable alternative because of its excellent value for money and its easy handling, easy to move and take with you anywhere you want.

Operating system

Most mountain OLED screens a classic Android operating system, WebOS alternative to the famous, still very popular. In general, each brand manufacturer of a base of functionality that has different features and technical specifications.

LG relies on WebOS – graphically excellent compared to its competitors – while Tizen is the choice of Samsung, excellent compromise because of its versatility. Panasonic has mounted a My Home Screen, which improved its performance as a result of the new update 2.0. Finally, Sony has supported the traditional Android TV, the operating system for smart TV perhaps more complete and easy to update because of its strong presence in the smartphone world.


As we have already had occasion to write in our article, the OLED screen is investing more and more appreciated by those consumers who plan to follow trends and revolutions media and television world.

With competitive prices – partly due to the continuous trading of a wide range of TV – the choice of an OLED panel is a good starting point from which to enjoy a view of content even more powerful.

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Migliori OLED TV

At this point the buyer’s guide have acquired a discrete body of knowledge that allows you to better extricate yourself from the many models and products that characterize this burgeoning market.

Here you have a chance to read some reviews of the best TV OLED according to our editorial staff, models that were chosen based on as much information including the price, the technical characteristics, the views of users and other criteria that you will find reading.

Philips 803 Smart TV OLED 4K UHD en 55 ”

Philips OLED803 is a great product. The design is minimalist and very attractive with two small feet with shiny metallic finish. The frame is very thin, which makes the product very modern style. There is the now famous Ambilight technology, so dear to the manufacturer as to the Philips TV lovers.

While it can be attached to the wall, you should leave between it and the back of your TV a little space for the beautiful visual effects that Ambilight technology has to offer. Connectivity is excellent, as is the excellent viewing experience: being an OLED, the blacks are perfect and the contrast is excellent.

The panel is well done, thus ensuring the same contrast and the same brightness over the entire surface. The viewing angle is very good, certainly better than that of LCD televisions, making this device also suitable for many large salons. One of the pitfalls common to many OLED products, is a small delay in moving images, not making this TV suitable for video games. Even from the viewpoint of this smart television it has some defects: in the menu management and content you always have the impression that this is slower than that of other competitors.


The HISENSE H55O8BE can be a good compromise for those who do not want to spend huge numbers, but still want to have a good smart TV OLED 55 inch. Although the TVs of most renowned brands are able to ensure the best performance, the strong point of this product is definitely value for money.

Beautiful design with a thin frame and excellent functionality of smart management, ensuring the truly excellent user experience. The OLED screen offers the usual benefits: deeper blacks, good contrast and good viewing angle. There are, however, some technologies offered by other top products of competitors range, which make the colors less brilliant than those of other television stations.

Overall still a good product that also lends no problems at resolutions 4K UHD.

LG OLED AI ThinQ 55B8 Smart TV 55 ”

The design is also for the LG OLED AI ThinQ very nice and modern 55B8: Similar to the previous model (LG C8), presents in contrast to the closer base, making it more comfortable to position the TV.

The picture quality is excellent and has all the advantages of OLED products, there is only a defect in the reproduction of static images, visible only with test image and an expert eye. For a normal play, however, the results are excellent. The blacks are perfect, as in many OLED televisions, and, thanks to 10-bit panel, also supports Dolby Vision technology.

This advice, however, a color calibration, since the set of default is not optimal. Managing images on the move is good, in this case it is recommended to activate the True Motion feature to increase the fluidity of the contents. The response time management is very good, although it is not part of the elite, but it gets this device suitable for videogame purposes.

On average the quality of the sound output and the smart functionality, to note here the excellent functioning of the voice commands. Last note: This TV does not support 1440p resolution, so if you plan to connect a PC to the TV, make sure that it can handle 4K, under penalty of having to resort to 1080p.

LG OLED AI ThinQ 55B8 Smart TV 55” 4K Cinema Vision, HDR, Dolby Atmos

Philips 65OLED754, 7 series Smart TV OLED 4K UHD

The design of this product is excellent: in a frontal view almost see a simple plate from which sprout two supporting legs, assembly and the materials are of excellent quality. As we saw in the first product proposed in Philips (Philips 803), this TV is equipped with the Ambilight technology, with all the consequent advantages.

This model, however, the TV Philips more affordable as the price of OLEDs, but not the user experience is not enough: Ambilight on three sides with different color settings with possible combination of these with images or play sounds, excellent visual experience and image processing (which gives the best of itself with the resolution 4K) on the input lag improvements compared to previous models, even if not yet at levels of other competitors.

The cuts that Philips had to do to reduce the price, however are almost all in the field of smart functions: here is not like the other models, the Android TV system, but SaphiOS, which of course involves some sacrifice, but these are almost exclusively on marginal functions: the absence of animations and fewer apps available are the most obvious. The store, however you will find the most frequently used applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video, making the user experience still acceptable. This TV is also compatible with Alexa thanks to the built-in microphone in the remote control.

OLED vs QLED: The main differences

Comparison between OLEDs and QLED

The panel technology is the pride of your purchase: what are the differences between OLED system and QLED? In strictly technical terms, the panels belonging to the first category are characterized by organic components – the pixels – that light up individually in order to make the image brighter and rich in tonal shades.

Thanks to this versatility, when an OLED pixel is turned off, appears completely black, there is no light source behind you enlighten him as to the LED TV. In contrast, an LED screen TV QLED is based on Quantum Dot technology, which consists of many semiconductor nanocrystals. These act as a filter that produces a purer light than traditional LED TVs.

If OLED panels are preferable by virtue of the quality of blacks and grays, and about the response time of reproduction of moving images, the QLED maximize the visual quality at a lower price and definitely competitive. By contrast, the first remain the undisputed winners in terms of angle of vision, smart connection and multifunctionality.

Conclusions and final considerations

The OLED Smart TV is a winning approach to the world of multimedia playback: it not only manages to create a carefully balanced mix of technical and refinement of design specifications.

It is also a viable economic alternative by virtue of the increasingly competitive price that you can buy with little effort a visual revolution that will be hard to give up! Able to excite and create an unprecedented immersion size, OLED TV is the new frontier of made-at-home.

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