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Best Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

This guide will help you figure out what are the best vacuum cleaners of 2020, broken down by different categories and usages. No matter the size or type of your home: from small apartments to large villa, by rugs or pets and children, we find out right away what are the perfect products for your individual needs.

A Brief Introduction

Looking for a modern vacuum cleaner and avant-garde with which to accomplish with ease household chores?

Whatever the type of your home, the best home appliances of this 2020 were able to speed up the cleaning routine and ensure the ultimate in quiet operation, speed and good value for money; the reason? The increasing commercialization of vacuum cleaners and electric brooms of each type, shape and size allows to choose between a wide range of products, suitable for all needs of the consumer.

In this article we opened a short informative overview about, so as to follow step-by-step in choosing a tool that is able to meet your expectations in the short and long term.

In any case, this is the list of the best of 2020 vacuum cleaner:

Comparative table of the best vacuum cleaners

Use this simple comparison chart to choose at a glance the best vacuum cleaner that is right for you! The prices represent the current value of the product at Amazon.

Best Cylinder Vac

Best Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

Example of a towing vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is a classic and timeless, present in homes of all consumers who want to speed up and ensure impeccable cleanliness of their housing units. What are the winning features of this article? First, the vacuum cleaner in tow allows to count at any time on a very high suction power, which is closely connected to the engine of unparalleled level that allows to intervene in a performance on all types of surface, including carpets and hard floors.

The size of this article are usually medium-degrees and are closely linked all’accessoristica that is sold in the Official box at the time of purchase: heads of all types and sizes can provide added value in the case of treatments for sofas, curtains and fabrics in general.

Among the most valuable products – which have earned a sales boom only in the current year – remember the Dyson 228688-01 Ball Stubborn 2, whose central steering mechanism makes it possible to enhance the maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner in every movement that it You will be able to take to deal in depth corners, walls and areas that are difficult to access in your home.

In addition, for those who are looking for a traditional model that can effectively maintain its characteristics over time, Dyson has specially developed a patented technology in its labs – 2 Tier Radical – which use two different cyclones that work simultaneously in order to strengthening the forces that influence the intake flow.

The container of Dyson, for example, allows you to finish with a winning your home routines without having to interrupt the process to empty the bag: roomy and durable, it is closely linked to an operable mechanism with a simple button. In addition, the product “Stubborn Ball 2” takes into account the needs of those who are looking for a product to be used at any time of the day, no matter what time of cleaning you decide to take care of your home.

Are you looking for an occasional helper for your home routine? If the product Dyson does not fall within your budget, consider buying a cheaper counterpart, the Hoover Te 75, whose moderate energy consumption definitely worth the initial expense. An accessory kit sold at purchase are also a great way to customize the product in question, so as to make it more powerful depending on the type of flooring or tissue to be treated.

Best Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

Vacuum Bestsellers tow

This ranking is the most sold vacuum cleaners towing on Amazon.

Best Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide
Best Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide
Best Vacuum Cleaner 2020: Buying Guide

Best vacuum cleaner

The model Dyson 228688-01

Without a doubt the best vacuum cleaner is Dyson 228688-01 Stubborn Ball 2.

This Dyson was carried out with a principle of central steering mechanism, which allows to increase handling bypassing any obstacles you meet in your home. The air flow is increased thanks to the patented 2 Tier Radical: thanks to two cyclones files that run in parallel are generated centrifiche forces that increase the flow.

The container is large and allows you to collect all the dust and dirt around the house; Once finished cleaning operations just a button to clean the container full of dirt. This particular model has been designed taking into consideration all those who would like to reduce noise to a minimum during use: for this reason we recommend it for those who have special needs in terms of noise.

By clicking on the box below you you can find out more information and consult the reviews of the buyers, or you can read the review of best compact vacuum cleaner.

economic aspirator: the Hoover Te 75

The previous model is too expensive and far exceeds your budget? No problem, the Hoover Te 75 is the economic driver in vacuum cleaner designed for you.

Affordable always on Amazon at a price of € 99.99, this product has over 186 customer reviews on Amazon, most of them with more than great outcome.

Compared to the model described above, this is slightly noisy and lose some features such as ease of handling and battery life.

But it is by no means a poor quality product is designed to achieve maximum results in every area with a very low energy consumption! [Energy efficiency Class A]

It is sold with the built-in accessories like the Telios Plus, ideal for saving time and space. It is an integrated accessories compartment in the cleaner very accessible. In this space it is possible inseirre the dusting brush, that for upholstered and the nozzle for the cracks!

Scope electric or upright vacuum cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaners are the new frontier in terms of speed, strength and excellent performance. The first question we asked ourselves is this: what is the winning feature of this appliance? To find an answer is important to emphasize that the electric broom allows to combine the method of operation of a normal vacuum cleaner with the efficiency of a normal broom, able to operate without carrying the tool for home.

Looking for a smart way to limit annoianti wires that often prevent the movements and are difficult to manage? The types we have selected for you allows you to limit the power consumption, easy to handle and can be reached while providing a way to use smart and fast, the most hidden areas of your unit. The handle is often ergonomic, while the tool body is articulated, ie able to intervene on the dirt that accumulates under the sofa, under the bed or in the vicinity of the furniture. In the market there are two types of different electric broom:

The first makes it possible to contain a higher amount of dust, although it must be cyclically changed. The second, on the contrary, does not require an additional expenditure for the purchase of maintenance accessories, although the price on the market is often higher than the counterpart with conventional operating mechanism. Looking for vertical vacuum cleaner with all the trimmings? The top of the range in 2020 is undoubtedly the H. Koenig UP 600, an Amazon’s Choice who needs no introduction.

Reliable and able to count on a rechargeable battery quickly and easily, it has an autonomous operation of more than 40 minutes without interruption. In addition, the ergonomic shape of the handle allows to carry out the cleaning in an easy manner, without having to bend to move the tool connected to the power outlet. One tank of nearly 1 liter is cleverly mixed with a high-quality accessory kit, the result of the experiment that the brand has conducted over the years.

best-selling electric brooms

Want to know what the electric brooms (or upright vacuum cleaners, ed) the best selling? Then the rankings below will take away all your doubts.

Best electric brooms

H.Koenig UP600 in uso

The H.Koenig UP600 is the best upright vacuum cleaner that you can buy on Amazon; It is in fact also a product that is within the Amazon’s Choice, which is a product that it Amazon may want to buy based on the ratio of positive reviews, competitive price and reliable reviews.

Going back to our upright vacuum cleaner, the Koenig UP600 is a perfect wireless vacuum cleaner to clean every floor of your home. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for over 40 minutes. Easy right?

Overall it is very easy to maneuver, thanks to the handle which makes it lighter when you go to deep clean in tight spaces.

H.Koenig UP600 in use of small spaces

It is handling the strong point of this vacuum cleaner: it is possible to get to anywhere in the home. Whether shelves, cabinets or under the corners, with the UP600 will never have problems to clean.

To summarize: it is powerful, it has a large reservoir of almost 1L, the battery lasts up to 40 minutes, it is compact and easy to use and is being sold with the charging station, the round brush and a crevice tool.

We wrote the full review of this product, click here to read it, but alternatively you can find out the buyer’s guide to the best vacuum cleaner.

Do not hesitate, if you’re interested / or then discover further information:

Dyson 227608-01: A demonstration image on the dirt.

The Dyson 227608-01 V7 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is unrivaled in its field and therefore can be considered the best vacuum cleaner on the market.

These are some features:

Just as mentioned above, the engine of this vacuum cleaner is the number one, both with regard to efficiency, which for the separation of the powder in appropriate bags.

The battery provides up to 30 minutes of battery life, but it does remain constant both in the power and intensity. And if the dirt is really hostile, then you can activate the power mode: 6 minutes suction to full power you will be able to give you a serious hand in the most delicate moments!

And when you’ve finished using the best vacuum cleaner on the market, you can place it in its charging station with all its add-ons.

You can read our review, find out the review of the V8 model Absolute, read that the Dyson V10 Absolute or check the complete features and extras and all additional accessories:

Dyson 227608-01 V7 Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner

Best robot vacuum cleaner

Example of a robotic vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner have found a technology that has seen tremendous success.

The vacuum cleaner of this type are not perfect and precise as those described previously, but they have the advantage of being totally independent from the moment that can be remote-controlled, performing the cleaning of each room of the house in total autonomy and return even to their station charging in a totally automatic.

The models that we recommend are those fully compatible with screen readers such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant: they are new generation and, in addition a number of smart features already implemented, have technical features that provide people with more and better cleaning of domestic environments .

You should prefer a robot vacuum cleaner if you find yourself in one of these categories of persons:

Still does not reflect you full? So here are some more information before you buy one:

We have already mentioned two particular models, the most valuable and sold: the Roomba 960 and Roomba 980, but you can always read our guide to buying the robot vacuum cleaner.

If you are interested in a robot vacuum cleaner we’ll want to:

Robot vacuum cleaner Bestsellers

Best robot floor cleaners

lavapavimenti robot Example

The floor cleaning robots are designed to offer 360 degrees of cleaning experience, which is based on a functioning automation technology. What is the most interesting feature of these products? First, it is good to consider the total independence of the models in question: they travel independently to the charging station, they are often controlled using your smartphone and make it possible to provide a mapping 360 degrees of your home in order to avoid obstacles and to sneak – having the thin thickness – under furniture and sofas.

Ideal for very demanding consumers who want to have on hand an item capable of working even 3-4 times per day, the floor cleaning robots have to contend with the undeniable limitations: they can not climb stairs, require constant maintenance and can be an obstacle for those who have pets at home small.

Among the most interesting choices in this 2020 we can only remember ECOVACS Robotics Deebot 605 and iRobot Braava 390T, both equipped with HEPA purification filter for the recovery of approximately 97% of the microscopic dust that rise into the air when cleaning routine. The first version has a range of 110 minutes, offering an experience that is part of law among the longest-lived that there are currently on the market. With a weight of 3.3 kg and a smartphone or tablet connectivity directly viewable through the appropriate App iRobot HOME, the Braava boasts a lithium battery of excellent durability and a body in an elegant gray.

And what about the upgraded version? A great value for money for more than two hours of operation and precise mapping and immediate enough of your domestic units through vSLAM patented technology. From improving the application controls and the lack of maneuverability of the cables.

Robot floor cleaner Bestsellers

Best Vac or portable vacuum cleaners

Black & Decker VJ325J-QW Dustbuster in uso.

The Mini Vac is undoubtedly the best choice for those who are looking for an affordable, easy to handle, capable of reaching more easily elevated surfaces. The ergonomic handle is directly connected to the hard plastic shell to which the nozzle is attached, which works with a variable suction power.

Whether you want to deal in depth spaces between pillows, curtains or kitchen corners, the portable vacuum cleaner is the best choice. The model we have selected exclusively for you? The Black & Decker Dustbuster VJ325J-QW is the # 1 best selling on Amazon, with its container 610 milliliters and the excellent value for money; a tool smart and fast, to be activated to be immediately operational, despite the noise level slightly higher than the average.

Aspirabriciole Bestsellers

Vacuum cleaners for car

The car vacuum cleaner is a tool particularly suitable for removing pebbles, crumbs and pet hair from your car; powerful and efficient, it usually occurs in the form of a light appliance and of reduced dimensions, so as to reach every corner with due caution, even those present under the seats.

The hard plastic body will follow you in your displacements by means of wheels which connect the spout to the bag body. Some models also are equipped with HEPA purification filter, able to remove the micro dust that rise into the air during the cleaning phase.

Vacuum cleaners for the most sold car

Choosing vacuum by type

Vacuum cleaners for pet hair

Robot vacuum cleaner iRoomba in use on a carpet.

Any vacuum cleaner is able to pick up pet hair, in fact there is a real appliance designed exclusively for this purpose. Whenever you read “pet” in the data sheets of these products, it is because that model is sold with a tool that makes it easier to collect the hair of animals.

There is a small exception: If you have many animals, such as two or three golden retrievers or three or four cats, then you should keep an eye on the cost of non-reusable bags!

Although it is true that all vacuum cleaners can clean up animal hairs, no one does this job better than the robot vacuum cleaner.

To find out more, here are the three best models, or read the review dell’iRobot Roomba 605.

Best vacuum cleaner for carpets

Miele Vacuum C3, green.

If you pile carpets, you have to pay close attention because the fibers can become tangled around the brush and thus block the inlet.

There is a model created especially for carpets? It depends. If you want to be really sure, Buy one with an adjustable cleaning head height. You can adjust the height depending on the area rug and its type.

In any case, this is the model that we feel we advise:

Best Vacuum for mite allergy

Honey C3, perfect to suck up pet hair.

If you suffer from allergies, such as dust mites, or if you suffer from asthma, then air quality can positively or negatively affect your health. The market of products designed exclusively to clean more effectively killing dust mites and bacteria that cause allergies.

Honey Complete C3 is the best model for people suffering from such problems:

Canister vacuum cleaner

Example aspiratutto bin

The anti-rust are top of the line in terms of power to achieve an impeccable cleanliness. Their function is closely linked to the industrial sphere, in that they are able to cover large surfaces in a quick and efficient.

In recent years, however, an increasing number of articles have been marketed with less size. How does the canister vacuum cleaner? Much like the model in tow, it is not very compact and very capacious, able to employ a rich extra accessories in order to masterfully adapt to the situation in which it must be used.

Canister vacuum cleaner Bestsellers

Ranking top-selling vacuum cleaner

The following ranking is the best-selling vacuum cleaner on Amazon. Discover the offer dedicated to you or read on to continue the buying guide.


On this page we have listed all the best vacuum cleaner of this 2020 Looking for a convenient and secure way to buy directly online with a few simple clicks? Amazon is the world’s number one e-commerce: to do is add your domestic helper to virtual shopping cart! We hope to have satisfied your every need or request.

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