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Best washing machines in 2020: Buying Guide

The washing machine is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances in the modern home. Within this study will find out how to choose the best washing machines of 2020, understanding what parameters to consider and what to prefer model based on your needs. In the market there are many types of washing machines, which mainly differ in the type of charge, the number of programs and energy consumption: learning about these issues, you will find the machine that best suits your budget and your needs.

What is it and what is it

Best Washing Machines In 2020: Buying Guide

A new generation washing machine

When you think about the elements indispensable in the contemporary home, the washing machine is certainly one of the appliances that can not miss. Thanks to the washing machine, whose latest models boast remarkable innovations and a deepening user customization, you can get a perfectly clean laundry in a few hours.

The usefulness of this appliance is even clearer when you find yourself having to do without for a few days or weeks: wash by hand is laborious and does not allow the precision and the level of the washing machine sanitation. Although its operation seems rather simple, its evolution over the centuries shows that the underlying mechanism has become increasingly sophisticated and, with the help of special detergents, is now able to remove dirt from any type of fabric clothes and rinse it off.

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How does it work

Best Washing Machines In 2020: Buying Guide

A smart washing machine made by Samsung

On the surface, to understand how a machine looks easy: throw the clothes in the basket, which is filled with water and detergent and then turns quickly to remove the water and give you back some clean cloths. In fact, this is possible due to the delicate balance of different elements working together.

A washing machine comprises a mechanical level of two drums, of which the inner one is visible when the door is opened or the lid. In the case of a front-loading washing machine, the most common model on the national and European market, the drum is facing forward and rotates about a horizontal axis just as it happens for the wheel of a car. On the drum there are the holes, the function of which is to enter and exit the water.

In a top-loading washing machine, which is typical of the American market but also increasingly widespread in Italy, the door is opened and placed on top of the clothes are made inserted from above. In that case, the drum does not move to perform the work is a central shovel, or agitator, which continuously stirs the heads. The second drum, the outer one, is watertight and its role is to retain water inside the washing machine during all washing cycles.

Other important elements are the thermostat inside the washing machine, which checks the water temperature, which is then brought to the required temperature, and the electric pump, which removes the water from the drum once concluded the wash cycle.

Comparative table of the best washing machine

How to choose the best machine

Dimensions and loads

The dimensions of the washing machine are one of the main issues to be considered in relation to the space available.

In general, washing machines with front loading measuring 60 × 60 cm of side, with a height that does not exceed 90 centimeters. On the contrary, the washing machines with top loading differ for the width, which is limited in this case only 40 centimeters and is in fact suitable for all those apartments with little space available. A middle way, uncommon, is that represented by the washing machines with front loading in version “slim”.

It is important to note that the external dimensions do not affect the capacity, which can be understood in both cases between 6 and 9 pounds. Now explore in more detail the two types of charging, front or from above.

In the first case, in which includes the majority of models sold in Europe, the clothes are inserted by opening the door on the front side. The washing machines with top loading, however, spread to the United States and Asia, are becoming increasingly popular also in the domestic market since it fit perfectly in urban living contexts or those in which every centimeter of space is precious.

This model, in fact, is more compact and does not provide for the “blank” area to allow the opening of the door. The latter is placed on top and opens easily to allow you to put your clothes in the washing machine from above.

Traditional functions and smart

The washing machine features have evolved considerably, which has undergone an accelerated process in recent years here, then, that in the market there are both traditional models, however, have very good characteristics, both smart versions, adjusted by real computer and connected with the home automation systems in use.

Some of the models more “intelligent” in the market have an automatic detection of the load, which measures the weight of the laundry and makes the amount of water sufficient to reduce waste. Similarly, the smart washing machines apply the spin speed adjustment, to ensure adequate rotation of the drum in this delicate phase based on the volume and type of the laundry.

To obtain the most simple garments to handle after washing, modern washing machines also have the crease functionality, which uses the rotation of the drum so as not to excessively wrinkle the heads, and that of drying, mainly linked to the centrifuge. An important indicator to define the qualitative result of the laundry cleaning, both in the case of traditional washing machines both of those smart, is the number of revolutions per minute (rpm or rpm).

In the market there are models that start at 800 and go up to 1,600 rpm, which often are too expensive compared to a little perceptible improvement. In addition, the greater the number of revolutions per minute, the higher the mechanical stress level here is, then, that 1200 is a good compromise.

Finally, smart models provide connectivity to the home network and remotely wi-fi, via the app. This feature, more and more demand, allows you to better manage your washing machine, setting the delayed start even when you’re out and monitoring at all times the status of the washing machine.

Programs and washing cycles

A washing machine generally has several types of programs, each of which may correspond to distinct depending on the type of laundry washing cycles. Even the cheapest models of washing machines count a day of at least eight programs today, that number reaches even duplicated in the case of the most advanced and innovative models.

The choice to do so should reflect your needs: if your clothing or that of the other inhabitants of the house needs close attention, you might want to bet on a washing machine with many possibilities of different washes. Among the most common, those that must absolutely not fail, there are cycles dedicated to cotton garments, delicates, wool, synthetic and finally to the combined cycle.

These types of programs are used to set the washing machine cycle based on the material of which they are composed mainly the heads: the general rule follows the principle according to which a material is more delicate, the lower the temperature. However, there are also programs for jeans, specific to maintain elasticity and color.

Similar reasoning also applies to the colors, which must be strictly managed separately. Modern washing machines provide programs dedicated to those blacks and coloreds, to maintain its shine. Finally, the programs also have an influence on the time factor: to get the heads already semi-dry you can set the spin rinse with, but if you have little time, better to choose washing machines have a quick wash option.

energy consumption and noise levels

Nowadays it is crucial to pay attention to energy consumption of a washing machine. To take such steps is important to evaluate the following abbreviations: A, A +, A ++ and A +++. These energy labels indicate the consumption of kilowatt per hour in a year based on standard usage.

The higher the “plus” signs assigned to the class A, will increase the drying performance. Often, this also corresponds to the water consumption level, an aspect on which we have made great strides over the years. A good use for a capacity of 6 pounds is around 50 liters.

Finally, the noise of the washing machines is an aspect to keep in mind, especially in case it is decided to enter the appliance in an area in contact with the walls of neighbors or with the bedrooms. In general, the models with top loading are slightly quieter, although the evolution of all modern washing machines allow you to start washing cycles, often also with the centrifuge, with a very modest noise level.

Maintenance of the washing machine

Keep your washing machine correctly will extend its life and prevents long-term damage associated with normal wear. For what concerns the ordinary maintenance, attention must be paid to the limestone, which often tends to be deposited on the resistance, on the pump and on the tubes. Also choose carefully the detergents can contribute to a smooth functioning of the washing machine, but in addition you can install some anti-scale devices inside the faucet and go on a regular basis to clean with natural softener.

Among these, the most effective are the vinegar, baking soda and citric acid. In addition, the detergent dispenser must be cleaned with the help of a toothbrush to remove the residual dirt. Similarly they must be cleaned with constancy the filter and the door (in the case of washing machine with front loading) to avoid the formation of molds.

bestselling Washing machines

Best Washing Machines In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Washing Machines In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Washing Machines In 2020: Buying Guide

best washing machines

Indesit IWC71253ECOEUM

With a price range that does not exceed € 230, this washing machine is in first place among the bestselling Amazon. With an all-Italian brand, Indesit washing machine has a drum able to wash up to seven pounds of dirty laundry with an energy class record, an A +++. Aesthetically itself as a classic washing machine with white numerals and commands shown in black.

The control panel has everything right where you can calibrate temperature, time and type of washing and on the left is placed the tray where to put detergent and fabric softener. A pity that this model does not have a digital display that makes them do, from a technological point of view, a big step back.

Candy CSS14102T3-01

The Candy has always been synonymous with quality and not even this model could not disprove. With a price range that does not exceed € 350, this machine has a load capacity of ten pounds and has more than four washing cycles of less than an hour! Its true revolution lies in its touch screen from which you can regulate the temperature and wash.

The basket has a weight system of calculation of cloths, so as to adjust the washing on the basis of mole. Thanks to the NFC connection system compatible with a smartphone you can start the wash programs, display usage tips and check the resolutions of the washing machine problems directly from your phone.

Beko WTX51021W Slim

One of the best brands of appliances in circulation is selling this beautiful model in a slim, practical, aesthetically impeccable and easy to use. This machine has a maximum load of five pounds, a lot for its size. With an energy class among the highest in circulation, a nice A ++, with Beko we can choose the temperature and set the spin speed that reach up to 1,000 rpm. Overall, the model is very quiet during the wash, but a little flaw ‘during the spin cycle in which it is more noisy.

Candy CS4 1272D3/1-S

This washing machine dall’intramontabile brand presents itself as one of the jewels of its kind. With one of the highest energy classes, an A +++, this Candy washing machine has a maximum load of seven pounds and a delayed start of up to 24h. Like many modern washing machines that also has a detection system of the weight of the shoes so adapting the right water and electricity to wash. It has the NFC connection, through which we can program washing making Starting directly from our smartphone! The only flaw is the digital control panel but not the touch screen.

Candy CST 372L-S load washer Angle

This top loading washing machine with Candy is the square of the best washing machines of the kind in the low to middle price range coming to cost no more than € 300. With this model you can delay the wash up to 24 hours and can be loaded into the shoes up to a maximum of seven pounds. This, too, like others of the same brand models, has the NFC connection can program washing directly from your smartphone! The only flaw lies in having to choose between cleaning programs already set.

Bosch Series 6 WAT24439IT

This magnificent model of Bosch you square in the middle price range with a high cost that can touch the € 450. The washing machine has a maximum load of nine pounds and the centrifugal get to make 1200 rpm giving the clothes clean practically dry! During the washing cycle the system checks the load balancing and keeps under control the foam. Among its many indisputable technical quality this model possesses the “inverter motor” mode, a veritable revolution that allows you to adjust the engine as a result of having less power consumption, more noise and a higher quality of washes.

Indesit BWE 91284XWSSS

With a price range that does not exceed € 260, this model is the square of the best in terms of price. With a maximum load of nine pounds, an unbeatable energy class as A +++ and a centrifuge that rises to an impressive 12,000 rpm can not not like one of the best washing machines in 2020. As if that was not enough, buying this model can also be used the “inverter motor” that will guarantee us washes of higher quality, less consumption and more silent than other washing machines on the market.

Candy CS 1292D3-01

Another gorgeous model with a great value for money. This washing machine has a capacity of no less than nine pounds, an energy class of high-end, an A +++ and less than 1200 revolutions per minute of the centrifuge. E ‘it equipped with the connection “smart touch” system usable with smartphones compatible with the NFC connection. By installing the app simply-fi you can add more washing programs and operating the washing machine directly with our phone. This model is in addition equipped with the weight detector that guarantees a reduced waste of water and power thanks to its dispensing according to load requirements. All these functions can be achieved at a cost that does not exceed € 300, a bargain!

Samsung WW90K4430YW/ET

Innovation is the word that perfectly describes this new model of Samsung. With a load of nine pounds, an energy class A +++ and well 14000 rpm spin has managed to earn a reputation as one of the best washing machines in its price range that does not exceed 400/430 €.

This washing machine has the “inverter motor” able to ensure less waste of energy and more quietness and quality of washes. Thanks to this innovation, every penny spent more will be paid off, because this new technology ensures less wear of the components and therefore greater durability. This model has in’oltre a component called “add wash”, a kind of second porthole inlet of the washing machine that allows us to add soiled forgotten earlier while the washing program has already been started.

Samsung Washing WW90K4430YW AddWash 9 kg, 1400 rpm, White with White Porthole

Conclusions and final considerations

A reliable machine that gently cleans clothes is an indispensable ally for everyday life. Taking into account the aspects seen in this study you can orient yourself on the model that best suits your needs, using it to the best of its potential and keeping it carefully: this will allow you to enjoy a more perfect wash for a long time.

The buyer’s guide to the best washing machine ends here: now do not hesitate to discover great deals on Amazon!

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