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Best 2020 led strips RGB, Monochrome, and Wifi

Within this article you will discover the best LED strips – or smart LED strip – on the market. Devices like these are riding the market as full of intelligent features, in addition to being inexpensive and easy to install.

The LED system is an illumination method with many advantages and belongs to the sustainable energy project, as it aims to obtain more energy efficient while at the same time the least possible environmental impact.

This system was born precisely in 1962 and, over time, has made strides that have certainly improved its quality than ever before.

The reasons for choosing the LEDs are many, for example:

What is a LED strip

Best 2020 Led Strips Rgb, Monochrome, And Wifi

The LED can be purchased in various forms, this depends on the use internal or external, and by its position. An example of these could be the so-called strip Led or Led Strip.

It is an innovative, very practical and comfortable. Those who choose to use the LED strip has the ability to illuminate certain parts of the house or a room, in a simplified manner compared to any other conventional system.

In addition, the LED strips are especially suited to the modern style so, those who have chosen to adopt such a design, it can easily opt for this particularly pleasant strips from an aesthetic point of view.

The LED strips are sold by the meter, usually no more than 5 meters but if the person in question needs a higher length, can safely buy what he needs to then join the ends of the strips.

Contrary to what you might think, you can even cut the strip every 3 LEDs and for those who are not aware of this, it must be stressed that it is always visible on the cut point, just put greater care.

This allows you to understand how such a versatile and flexible system because it can be shaped at will and used to create the creative and very special light sources.

Ranking of the best LED strips

This is the ranking of the 10 best LED strips on the market: the ranking is updated in real time based on the number of sales on Amazon IT.

Best 2020 Led Strips Rgb, Monochrome, And Wifi
Best 2020 Led Strips Rgb, Monochrome, And Wifi
Best 2020 Led Strips Rgb, Monochrome, And Wifi
Best 2020 Led Strips Rgb, Monochrome, And Wifi

LED strips Types

The LED strips are divided into two types: the multicolored strip and those monochrome.

The first is based on the RGB model, then emit different colors such as green, red, blue and many more. This type is the one that appears to be more widespread and used.

The monochrome strip instead gives off a single color. The choice between the two depends certainly on personal taste and on whether you have regarding their use.

Most of the time, it is not only a light source but turns into a real piece of furniture.

The best LEDs on the market strips

The strips led proposals on the market are so many, and anyone planning to install a lighting system using the strips, should know what are the most popular and beloved products.

If you do not have a deep understanding or want more information, you should ask for opinions to an expert in the field, or search on the Internet, in particular can be of great help Amazon’s official site.

Just at Amazon there is a set of LED strips, considered the best on the market.

Philips Hue Lightstrip

It definitely represents the best strip LED Wifi, is available in various sizes and it is also possible to connect it to other strips up to a maximum length of 10 meters.

Its main features are:

For the light control through the Wifi, it is necessary to connect it to Bridge Philips Hue which is sold separately.

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Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

The strip allows you to install ambient lighting very personal: you can create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. It is a flexible LED strip which can be attached in any corner of the house; in addition, this version can be extended well up to 10 meters, as opposed to previous models. In this model it is possible Wifi that allows to choose from 16 million colors and have a special control directly on their smartphone.

Technical features

Yeelight LightStrip Plus, 10 meters stretchable, WiFi RGB strip for me Home app, compatible with …

Koogeek – smart LED Strip compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Another very popular model is the Koogeek Wireless Smart LED strip. Its peculiarity consists in the operation through the apple HomeKit. Such a system constitutes a simple and secure way to turn the LED strip by changing the colors, decreasing or increasing the brightness and so on. It is therefore fully compatible with various screen readers.

Technical features

Wifi LED Strip, Koogeek Smart Strip light, Compatible with Apple HomeKit / Alexa / Google …

Duractron Strip Led

There is talk of a high quality model with 5050 RGB SMD ultra-light and 44 keys remote control with 20 colors available. It is ideal for interior and exterior decoration of bars, shopping malls, festivals and more like rooms, rooms, taverns etc. Find a quality product and especially durable, Duractron is the best choice.

Technical features

RGB LED Strip 5M 5050, Duractron for Christmas led strip 150 LEDs, Parties, Decorations. (Not …

Buying Guide of led strip

You have plenty of choice regarding such systems with LED strips, each with different characteristics and price ranges. So that we may speak of an optimal choice, you need to carefully assess their own needs and specific use of the strip.

There are many aspects to be taken into consideration, but there are elements that are essential for driving the purchase, namely:


When you plan to use the LED strip, we must note the length of this plant and where to place it. The advantage of flexibility makes it such an important factor but not binding for the choice.

As mentioned earlier, most of the models can be added with one another to achieve the desired length. The footage of the sale does not affect so much the purchase, also because the individual concerned can stretch or cut the strip at specific points.


This factor should be weighed carefully: there are strips that emit a single color while others are including more colors.

The decision apparently could fall over the images for the simple fact that are more versatile and therefore more exploitable.

In reality, however, we must keep in mind what you want to light: large environments? One corner in particular? Everyone needs to reflect on the use of the strip and choose the color that best suits the environment.


No less important is the power regarding these strips.

Generally, the electrical connection must be made with a transformer of energy: in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the polarity because the diodes support the passage of current in one direction only. Just pay attention to the negative and positive pole reported by the strips and the process will be easier than expected.

Once this is done, we must then connect a switch with the existing system to be able to turn on or off the strip. Those who are not expert in the field, has no reason to worry because the market there are switches and power supplies involving installation quite simple.


In this article you’ve finally been able to identify all the features and qualities that must have a LED strip. As you’ve observed, the best LED strips on the market are numerous, so I hope this article will be a help for choosing the perfect model for you.

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