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I have had a water less, urine separating composting toilet in my house for 15 years. It cost me less than a thousand dollars and saved me about $15,000 in costs not putting in a septic system building the house. The compost then goes on ornamental trees and shrubs. Never any smell.

I wouldn’t ever risk drinking that water, call me crazy but you need to be crazy to drink out of that, even if you did run it through the best countertop water filter I’m not tasting it.

With these kind of toilets guys have to sit to pee. Some guys have a problem with that. I live alone, so I just keep hospital urinals in the bathroom and empty those on the compost pile each evening. If some one is using antibiotics they will kill the composting action in the toilet. I keep a porta-potti on standby if some one is ill and taking medication. I have a separate compost bin for the toilet. I then let that compost for one year before using it on trees and shrubs. They say it is safe to use in the garden, but I won’t chance it.

here are better altenatives using well,rain,wind turbine even overnight dew. Why we always want to give other human beings raw sewer to drink. That is just We can do a whole lot better with todays tenechnology.