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Types of Cookware Sets

I’m betting a chemical the food was washed in, not the food itself. Also, instead of stainless steel and cast iron, we now are bombarded with all sorts of new coatings on cookware. In addition, the the cookware could still have had soap residue. If you are looking for the best induction cookware, make sure it’s compatible with your cooktop.

Even worse , maybe stored in a cabinet where pesticides, cleaners or odorizers were placed or sprayed. Not long ago, an entire family was poisoned by the residual chemical gas that was not properly vented after the house was tented. Initially they thought allergies, but it was traced to the extremely toxic pesticide gas.

Allergic Reaction From Cooking Smell

I’m betting there’s more to this than just the fish. I’m not going to stop cooking and eating fish because of a one in a million freak incident, But I do check where the fish is from, what it was packed with ensure no chemicals, additives. If I think the market uses bleach, amonia, etc, I don’t buy.

My son is allergic to shrimp and lobster, most nuts, peas dogs that shed, some trees, mice, roaches.

It’s quite scary I always have two epi pens if we dine out prior to doing so he takes Zyrtec as instructed by the immunologist in case they are cooking shrimp in the restaurant which he is most allergic to that than lobster.

Teflon Induction Sets

We avoid all seafood places. I always tell the waiter or manager of the allergies so they don’t cook his food anywhere they have cooked shrimp or lobster if I see it on the menu. I also ask about peanut oil but exactly what the person is allergic to is key; the preservative/additive that the fish was packed with? Or any number of other things. Remember the old Teflon pans people were getting cancer and symptoms from and finally it was exposed that it was the manufactured Teflon product on the pots pans, not aluminum or the foods cooked that made them sick.

Turned out that at high heat, the Teflon emitted dangerous chemical byproducts of the Teflon coating, so an allergic reaction may not be an allergy to the obvious item but something else less obvious.