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How to turn a TV into a Smart TV

This article was created with the intention of explaining how to turn a TV into a smart TV: read on to discover all the devices that allow you to bring any streaming services on your old television.

In recent years, smart TV are increasingly in demand, that’s because now we prefer to watch movies and TV series online or streaming.

With smart TV it has resulted in a product that will finally answer the needs of new consumers. As you know, through such devices you can watch streamed directly from the TV.

Surely you know what we’re talking, I’m sure you also have a favorite series and would like to look at it comfortably on your couch every time you want. Well, I want help, I’ll explain how to turn a TV into Smart TV, so you can finally enjoy your moments of relaxation watching what you want.

But We start from a premise: of course you can buy a smart TV ready-made but with a much lower cost, you can make smart a normal TV, or, if you already have a TV there is no need to buy it again: you just buy a special device that allows you this operation, if you keep reading you will discover the best tools on the market.

Device List

This is the official list of devices that allow you to bring your wireless connection, or any and all services you want. Some devices like the Google Chromecasts are really easy to configure and especially economic, but read all the devices to get an overall picture of the product that can meet without a doubt your needs.

This is the list of devices that allow you to turn a TV into a smart TV:

Google Chromecast

How To Turn A Tv Into A Smart Tv

Recently, Google launched a truly exceptional device on the market. It is a media streaming accessory to be connected via the HDMI port to your TV.

Chromecast was designed to broadcast TV programs, movies, music, social, and their favorite games, not only with this TV at home, but also on other household devices.

The novelty lies in the fact that the execution and the video programming is made directly from the device and not from a smartphone, which can be use it for other actions.

Google Chromecasts has similar functions of the latest smart-tv, but has a much lower cost. With only 39 euro you can enjoy the same services offered by an ordinary smart TV even on older televisions.

So that you can fully enjoy the benefits of this device, you must have an internet WiFi and Chromecast. There are connectivity problems: The device is compatible with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Android (smartphones and tablets), Windows and Chromebooks.

Google Chromecast available in two versions. The most economical version can be purchased Chromecasts 39 euro and its resolution comes to HD.

Moreover, there is also the Ultra version at a price of 70 Euros which transmits content from the resolution of up to 4K Ultra HD. Both versions can be purchased in retail chains, or online at the Google Store.

Some of the products that you will discover below are sold together with a remote control while Chromecast can be controlled directly from your phone or a tablet. that allow you to turn a TV into a smart TV.

Official product page>

Tv Box Android

How To Turn A Tv Into A Smart Tv

Of these devices, there are many different models of different brands. Substantially they have a main factor in common: they are devices to be put close to the TV to be able to use almost all of the Android App directly on the TV screen, with some limitation depending also on the type of application, which could not be arranged to be connected to a tv. We must be careful not to confuse these devices with Mini PC Windows, which are more complex machines even if suitable for the same purpose.

Fear not, the main App for video, TV series and sports are easily accessible. You do not be surprised if I stress -like dovere- of which it is a specific product for Android smartphones.

With Android TV Box simply connect to the TV device via the supplied cable and start the simple configuration, even helping with the remote control that usually accompanies these devices. In this way it will seem to have a perfect smart TV.

Check out the buyer’s guide to Android TV box, or flick to see offers of the best models.

Apple TV

How To Turn A Tv Into A Smart Tv

Counter response to the TV Box is undoubtedly the Apple TV, with which you can watch your movies and your favorite programs even 4K. With this device you will be able to access via television to many online applications for watching your content, even sports.

In recent years Apple, one of the most well-known computer companies, proposes a new device called Apple TV.

This device turns out to be truly revolutionary in Apple because it allows customers to turn their TV into a smart TV in all respects.

The product comes in the form of a small box, which is a small box that connects to the TV with an HDMI cable and use the WiFi network. The new box has a new operating system, the TVOS, ie a variant of the iOS system used in tablets and smartphones Apple signed. From the iTunes store can be downloaded apps like Netflix to watch TV series streaming or you can see the Podcast, usually free.

The Apple TV compatibility is very limited. In fact, with the Apple TV you can watch movies, videos or you can listen to music only from Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac.

By synchronizing your Apple devices, you can, for example, play safely using the screen and the resolution of the TV, while mobile devices are the real controllers.

The Apple TV models currently on sale are only two: Apple TV 4K HDR, the fifth-generation model launched last September and the Apple TV 4. The main difference is in the quality of video streaming content.

If the first type allows you to watch movies and TV series to a very high video resolution (Ultra HD and HDR), the Apple TV 4 allows you to watch only HD content.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

How To Turn A Tv Into A Smart Tv

It is a key to be connected directly to the TV using the HDMI port. That may give the impression of being a simple stick, but what we can do is really unique.

The novelty in the Amazon house has a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and 8 GB of memory that allow data to be transferred at a breathtaking speed favoring excellent audio and video quality.

Amazon Fire TV Stick allows the user to enjoy many activities. In fact, you can look super-fast streaming content by Prime Video and Netflix, listen to music on Amazon Prime Music or even from other platforms, navigate to different applications and social networks.

Amazon, in addition to the stick, provides the customer with the remote control to access various functions: just synchronize it with the official app Fire TV. However, you can also configure your smartphone (Apple or Android that is) to get the same functionality of the remote control .

The official app Fire Tv (Android – IOS) is available for tablet fire by the fourth generation onwards, Android operating system devices with equal or superior to 4.0.3 and, finally, IOS devices with version greater than 7.0.

Amazon Fire TV Stick turns out to be the most economical solution with a really excellent value for money. Great services at a super price advantage. This innovative flash drive reaches its maximum efficiency with a fast Internet connection.

The official versions are two: the Basic Edition that allows you to reach a resolution up to 1080p Full HD, and 4K version that allows you to reach the highest resolution available today.

Finally, Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great way to turn your TV into a great Smart TV which will allow the user to make the most of the applications that allow you to view streaming video and movies like Prime Video, Netflix and Youtube .

Here are two variants:

How To Turn A Tv Into A Smart Tv

Fire TV Stick with remote voice Alexa | media player

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with the latest Alexa voice remote control | media player

Now TV Box e Smart Stick

The Now TV Box and Smart TV Stick Now the products are able to turn a TV into a Smart TV.

It is a key produced by Roku that allows to transform the television into a smart TV. Take advantage of the connection to the HDMI port for access to content belonging to NOW TV subscription, or other apps like YouTube, Vevo and Vimeo.

You can configure the remote control as supplied or use their smartphone to decide what to watch on TV.

The stick is very compact and ideal for those who travel and do not want perdrsi their favorite series.

In the device packaging are present NOW Smart TV Stick, the remote control and a pair of batteries insert, the USB cable to recharge the Smart Stick, the power supply, the quick start guide and, finally, a card with a coupon code that offers 3 months vision of a ticket to be chosen from Cinema or TV series and more entertainment or a month of the ticket Sport.

The innovative device only requires an Internet connection via WiFi and is able to play video on the resolution of up to Full HD 1080p.

In order to fully enjoy this experience from home you need a connection, an HDMI port and a credit card or a PayPal account to account activation NOW TV.

By downloading the official app of NOW TV (Android – iOS), you can operate the smart TV from the comfort of your smartphone, it’s Apple or Android.

However, it remembers that the ticket can be canceled at any time without incurring any costs. Moreover, thanks to the activation of Option +, will enable the ticket Cinema Vision, Entertainment and TV series in full HD to be seen simultaneously on two devices.

The available categories are indeed numerous and suitable for all: talent, shows, documentaries, TV series and programs for toddlers. Moreover, prior to the physical connection of NOW TV Smart Stick to your TV, you must create an account on the platform, or if you are already registered, log in and enter the redemption code found in the package to take advantage of the benefits offered.

Blu-Ray Players smart

Besides the basic functions that the Blu-Ray offers as displaying content in 4K UltraHD with the help of HDMI ports and compatibility with the HDR format with its related standards such as HDR10, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, readers exist on the market today Blu-Ray with smart features that can turn their TV into a smart TV.

A central role in this player is the ability to connect to the Internet, so you can use tools such as a web browser to take advantage of on-demand content.

To make sure you buy a player of this type is sufficient to ensure that the product possesses a wired or wireless connection.

This is the buyer’s guide of the best Blu-Ray players>


Recently, TIM has launched a true “magic box” that lets you turn your TV into a Smart TV.

More precisely it is a television decoder equipped with the Android operating system that allows the user to take advantage of many services, including TV On-Demand TIM, TIMVISION, TIMGAMES, TIMMUSIC, Dazn, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

With the TV guide, you can learn the channel programming and choose what you want to do with the voice search feature, which is activated by simply pressing a button on the remote control. No more interruptions in the schedule changes! Tim box allows a smart zapping, or learn about available programs without changing the channel.

Tim Box can be used with or without TIMVISION subscription. In the latter case, however, you will not have access to confidential content TIM customers.

In addition to the decoder, in the package are a power supply, a remote control Bluetooth, an HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable, a USB stick SmartHome Z-Wave, and a quick start guide. TIM Box is equipped with operating system Android TV, 32 GB of memory, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

In addition, the definition offered is really amazing! TimBOX supports resolutions up to 4K. In order to increase the fun, you can download directly from Google Play games and applications that most prefer.

Raspberry Pi

In this case we speak of a totally different instrument than previous which were made on purpose in order to transform the TV in the smart TV.

The Raspberry Pi has plenty of opportunity to use one of these allows you to use for your intention, without exceeding the scope of this product, which may be too complex here, we see how to use it to make your own smart TV.

Premise that it is a longer process and more complex than the previous.

If you are experienced you can use the Raspberry Pi for added support and to be able to watch any online program you want, you can also use your smartphone as a controller also connecting to the Raspberry Pi.

final Thoughts

This guide on how to turn a TV into a smart TV end there: you managed to find the perfect model for you? If you still have questions or want to find out more information please contact us and remember that you can buy a blue ray player, even if it is a device that we do not recommend to buy for its current price compared to alternative proposals on this page.

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