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Locks smart wifi: buying guide

By reading this article, you will have a way to understand what they consist of smart wifi locks, what are the benefits arising from their use and some of the products most used currently.

So let’s start to explore this interesting product.

Locks Smart Wifi: what they are and what they do

Locks Smart Wifi: Buying Guide

We begin first with clarify what they consist of the smart locks (or smart lock).

These locks that do not require the use of keys and, in the latest version, can be controlled by means of convenient applications directly from your smartphone.

All this is possible thanks to technology and WiFi connectivity, connecting to precisely home router, thus making it possible to manage them remotely.

In some cases, smart wifi locks also require the installation of a bridge in conjunction with the true and proper lock.

Ultimately, then, the smart wifi locks allow to open or lock the door, in a simple and immediate, without it being necessary to use the keys.

The management of opening and closing can be made through the access codes to be set periodically or through the aforementioned app.

The main advantages

Locks Smart Wifi: Buying Guide

Who has not ever forget the keys to the house or, even worse, smarrirle?

In both cases, leaving out the stress that generates the situation, it must also experience an economic outlay for the professional who must call to reopen the lock and change it if you do not feel safe following the loss of keys.

All these drawbacks are overcome thanks to the installation of a lock smart wifi which simplifies the opening of the door.

This fact does not require the use of keys, which are often lost on the bottom of a bag, but it will be handled very simply via the access codes or smartphone.

Buying Guide for smart wifi locks

Locks Smart Wifi: Buying Guide

The smart wifi locks can be counted, without fear of making mistakes, in the wide range of home automation products and for this reason the market is still quite limited.

foreign or Italian products

In fact, the product catalog is large and offers different solutions according to customer needs, with most of the brands that are from the United Kingdom and the United States.

To be sure, however, not to make a wrong choice, the first advice we intend to provide is to possibly buy a lock smart wifi an Italian brand, so you can easily get help if born drawbacks.

The price of smart locks

One element that needs to be considered is related to the price of the lock.

This is because to make a qualitatively good product, that provides the proper security, we must not move towards an economic product.

On this point, in recent years we have seen a steady decline in prices compared with the level of quality that is maintained at a high standard.

Compatibility with the door

Probably the most important aspect to consider is the compatibility of the lock smart wifi you intend to purchase with the door on which it will be installed.

This is because some types of locks can be easily mounted on the door using the existing cylinder; for others, however, you will require the intervention of a specialized technician who must install the dedicated cylinder.

WiFi connectivity and smart features

A good choice of a lock smart wifi can not be separated even by the connectivity type of evaluation which is fitted which can be besides also wifi bluetooth or may have both types.

Very important it is also the presence of additional functions, such as, for example, the possibility of granting temporary authorizations, or to ensure that the door will unlock automatically when there is located in its vicinity.

Best models on the market

Reviews of smart locks

Below you’ll find reviews of the best smart locks on the market.

Without praise Souchion s

Locks Smart Wifi: Buying Guide

This lock is a great product because it has several features which ensure comfort and safety.

Once paired with your smartphone or smartwatch, the door will open automatically when you return home.

Similarly, the Lock & Go will automatically close the door behind her when you leave.

The remote control through the application let you know at any time who is at home, if the lock is open or closed, and so on.

Extremely fast assembly that takes place in just three minutes.

Technical features

Locks Smart Wifi: Buying Guide

Nuki, Home Solutions, 10116 Smart Electronic Lock, door lock with Bluetooth, 6 V, Black

Ultraloq UL3

This lock is emerging in an ever more on the Italian market by virtue of its excellent performance.

It is based on the use of Bluetooth technology and allows the opening of the door as well as with the access code even with fingerprints, recognition of which will be through the small OLED screen that is attached.

Made with good quality materials that ensure resistance to atmospheric agents, it is characterized primarily by an attractive and modern design that allows it to be installed on any type of door.

The installation is not particularly difficult but if not it is very handy with DIY is better to have it done by a specialist.

Among the main advantages of this lock is the possibility to open the door through different modes such as the previously mentioned fingerprints, the smartphone, the access codes and also the keys, to be used as a last resort.

Technical features

Smart Locks for armored doors

Looking smart locks to add to your security door? This is the list of the best devices that you can buy:

Conclusions and final considerations

The world of home security and no is changing, thanks to home automation and the ability to control various remote devices, the best companies are making some really interesting products at an affordable price.

Within this guide on the best smart wifi locks you’ve got to identify the main features to choose the perfect model for you.

Now do not you have left to find out more information about security cameras or alarm on the best smart to fully protect your home against theft or damage.

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