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If my baby is hungry, I am going to feed my baby. He’ll scream (and I really mean scream loudly) if his needs are not met promptly. He’s very demanding.
He does not like something over his head. He does not like not being able to see his mama.

When you think of the best baby food maker you might think of something like this image. Yet, Moms will take care of my baby’s needs.

Nursing Mom’s Advice

Baby food maker

Baby food maker

A nursing lounge would be great, but I have never (in all the 22 years I’ve been a mom) seen one in person…
Formula is expensive. Are you going to buy it for me? It’s also not quite as perfect for my baby as breastmilk is. Breastmilk has antibodies in it and helps keep my baby healthy, which is particularly important during cold & flu season.

Not all women can use a pump. I am one of those women. It takes me a day or two to hand express 1 eight ounce bottle. It’s frustrating and severely inconvenient to do and takes time away from my family.

CJ, have you ever held a screaming flailing baby in your arms while trying to hold a cover over them when all that baby wants to do is rip that cover off… and then try helping that baby latch on (some babies need help with it)… is that a NO? (of course it’s a no, you’re a guy)

When you have experienced it, than maybe you have an argument. Until then, your opinion does not count and my baby’s right to eat when he is hungry is protected by law.

Pump and Feed Bottle

Yes, you are right, women can choose to pump and bottle feed. However, breast milk should be used optimally before 4 hours at room temp. Now, you could put the milk in a cooler, but if you don’t have access to heat it up, that wouldn’t work either. If women are somewhere over the course of the day, breastfeeding is obviously the simpler choice.

This is all excellent except the suggestion (threat?) to put breast milk in someone else’s coffee or mashed potatoes. Please keep your bodily secretions to yourself & your nursing children.

Breastfeeding in public doesn’t bother me at all unless it includes your attempt to suggest that I consume your breast milk.

Mother’s demand to have their breastfeeding rights without having to suffer ridicule about feeding their infants – restaurant patrons are within their rights to demand that they be able to consume their food without having to suffer poor attempts at humor through depiction of their food being adulterated with uninspected, non-pasteurized (mother’s) milk