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The widespread use of pesticides and GMO crops started many years ago as corporate farming bought out the family owned farms. Unfortunately companies like Monsanto, Bayer and Dow have bought lots of politicians on both sides to expand their profits.

But you know it’s hopeless when science is overruled and the proof is just pushed aside. If we don’t continue to raise hell with Both GOP & Dem leaders and let them know we won’t support these agendas then it will just continue to get worse. Also, we as consumers can make change by being informed about what we buy.

Just had a conversation yesterday with someone about how I believe the reason why many people have trouble reasoning and recognizing the deceptions they are bombarded with is bc most are malnourished and have malfunctioning brains/frontal lobes from toxic overload in our food. (And that such practice is an intentional form of mind & population control).

Waiting for someone to give me one half of a good reason why they would willfully consume nerve agents or elect anyone who approves of this practice.

Because some of us have a basic understanding of how toxicology and dosage work. The concern with this one is the exposure of applicators and those living around the fields—not food residue.

When I was a teenager, I used to mix this product as fly spray for my horses and didn’t use PPE for mixing or application. Yet here I am in my 40s, still healthy.

We have been Ingesting all kinds of things that would scare the crap out of you if you knew exactly what they were. But we eat it any way. Have you ever read the ingredients on boxes of cereal your kids eat. But USDA says it’s safe so eat em up.

The medicine we take when we are sick the over the counter stuff probably isn’t that great but they say it does more good then harm. If you haven’t noticed the shelf life of milk is just a little bit longer the it use to be.. I really don’t know how many of you have been where they produce and package animal food but the ones I have been in were cleaner than the ones for people food. Then were have our meats being glued together by who knows what, they make it look pretty darn good Huh.

And the farmers are being replaced by Corporations that pump who knows what just to keep up with demand.

It’s really hard to find anything that doesn’t have some kind of chemical on it or in it.