Soundbar Best Of 2020: Complete Shopping Guide

Soundbar Best of 2020: Complete Shopping Guide

This page was created with the purpose to show the best soundbar 2020, delving into every aspect related to these audio devices much appreciated by users.

You’ve just purchased your new TV smart and sound leaves you puzzled? You want to retire the old system, replacing it with a powerful device, yet attractive design?

Then the soundbar is the product that truly reflects your needs. Just as mentioned, still reading this page you can find out how to choose the best models of 2020, what aspects to consider when buying and all the technical information you need.

What are the soundbar

Soundbar Best Of 2020: Complete Shopping Guide

The soundbar are audio devices that enhance the sound of the TV. Generally they have compact dimensions, are easy to configure and it is possible to reproduce a surround sound effect even cheaply.

Difference between the soundbar and home theater

Many users do not understand the difference between a soundbar and a home theater system.

Soundbar Best Of 2020: Complete Shopping Guide

The soundbar is a single device, the slim design and long almost like a television 40 inches. It is a very versatile device since it can be mounted to a wall, or it can be placed right in front of the TV. It connects to the TV via a single cable, so installation is very simple, even for those who do not know anything about the audio world.

Soundbar Best Of 2020: Complete Shopping Guide

The home theater is a term that represents a speaker system positioned in various locations in the room; in this case the assembly becomes more complex due to the presence of numerous wires to connect and bring back to the TV.

The home cinema offers a true surround sound, but at a higher price and with numerous cables and speakers, while the soundbar improves the sound of the TV, offers a virtual and does not need any cables or time to devote to mount surround.

Best soundbar: Comparison Matrix

This comparison table can help you choose the best soundbar: combining a number of features with functionality, price and other information is easier to find the perfect model for your needs.

How does a soundbar

Soundbar Best Of 2020: Complete Shopping Guide

Very often those who must choose an audio system to match your TV to try to understand the basic difference between the soundbar and a full home-theater system, for this functions wonders how a soundbar and what the term virtual surround “.”

A skilled engineering work led to the best technology companies to place about seven speakers in the soundbar.

The term “virtual surround” is born of psycho-acoustic effect that deceives our ears and our brains, making us believe that sounds actually come behind us. The acoustic effect shown by the soundbar is like an optical illusion.

Technically, the sound “bouncing” between the walls of a room, reaching the rear or side of the ear.

Most likely, audiophiles are able to tell the difference between a real surround system from the virtual one, but remember that the soundbar is a product accessible to everyone, both as regards the price range, which for mounting.

soundbar list of best-selling 2020

This list is updated in real time and shows the soundbar best and most sold on Amazon in Italy. Scroll down the list to find the perfect model for your individual needs and control the supply of Amazon.

Soundbar Best Of 2020: Complete Shopping Guide

How to choose the soundbar to suit your needs

Choosing the right soundbar for your needs is not easy: the patterns are so numerous that locate the perfect model becomes a real company.

For this reason I responded to 6 very important questions that enclose the essential questions for choosing the right soundbar.

Read them carefully, then compares your answers with your needs and then identifies the model according to the characteristics that are most important to you.

Where to Place a soundbar

We have already seen that a soundbar can be placed in two ways:

Each model can be placed either way, so the size is a very important feature to be taken into serious consideration.

Television is resting on a mobile? So it does not is to just take the measures of this mobile and evaluate all options available in the market.

Television is fixed to the wall via a support? Calculates the size and buy a model that includes a mounting kit. The installation of a soundbar is so simple that it can be done by anyone, especially if the bracket or support is included in the pack and then 100% compatible with the device.

The size is an important parameter?

Aesthetically speaking, the soundbar should never be longer than your TV. The size is an important parameter, but only to take measurements. The length is not a parameter that affects the actual sound quality.

What are the active soundbar? And those liabilities?

The active soundbar are complete audio devices, equipped with amplifiers, speakers, and signal processors included in the model. To use the product you only need to connect with the TV.

By purchasing an active soundbar you will not need anything else: just connect the power and you’re done. Choose an active soundbar has his reasons:

The passive soundbar is the preferred choice for audio enthusiasts since it can be built to suit your needs.

Inside the machine exclusively the speakers and the speakers are positioned: the power supply and electronics is excluded.

The work is quite complex and primarily aimed at experts; although it is more complex to provide a device of this kind, the quality is better.

What are the channels and which one to choose

The channel corresponds to the number of speakers, that in the case of a soundbar are represented virtually. Read more information: Multi-channel sound on Wikipedia.

This simple checklist can help:

What connections or ports I need?

Current soundbar are available in a wide range of connectivity options; the market is in fact full of soundbar Wireless, rather than Bluetooth and so on.

Before buying you should keep an eye on:

HDMI: Just connect the soundbar entrance to the Audio Return Channel (ARC) of the TV and you’re done. Tend is the connection most frequently chosen.

You are looking for a device capable of breeding the audio directly from your phone or tablet? Here are the features you should check:

The optical port provides the best connection between the soundbar and TV sempolice, reliable and always available. It has one defect: it transmits the 5.1 signal

As a rule, the USB inputs are integrated into each device to facilitate the update of the firmware. To date, all users update the software of your device via WiFi, so unless you have no need to play music from a USB key, you can not even consider this point.

How I will check the soundbar?

Are you willing to use a new remote control?

Depending on the model chosen, a soundbar can be controlled by voice (voice assistants) via the smartphone (smartphone app) or the classic remote control.

Why fill up with uncomfortable remote controls? Our advice is to look for a sound bar that features or smartphone or that it is compatible with most modern screen readers: Alexa, Google and Siri Assistant.

Reviews of the best soundbar 2020

This is the list of the best soundbar updated in May 2020:

In the area below you’ll find the individual reviews of the models clearly divided according to price range.

The reviews of the soundbar help people buy the right model according to a set of specifications or the price range. We have divided the reviews based on three particular price ranges: under 200 €, from 200 to 500 € and the top over 500 €.

Range of economic cost (max. 200 €)

In this band we will take into consideration only the devices with a price of less than two hundred euro.

The soundbar Samsung HW-K335 model is the # 1 best selling on Amazon. Undisputed queen of the low-price range, this soundbar offers features such as 2.1 channels, 130W, DTS 2.0, Dolby Digital 2.0 and can connect via HDMI or wireless. With over 2,000 positive reviews, the ability to take advantage of the offer of the day and the wall bracket included in the package, this product is the best-buy for all those who want to buy a soundbar to improve the sound of their current television.

Samsung HW-K335 Soundbar da 130W, a 1 Sanalla, GnRH

Labeled as Amazon’s Choice widely discussed in our review, the soundbar made by Sony is the rival par excellence of the process model previously. 2.1 channel, 300W wireless subwoofer included in the package, Bluetooth, NFC and HDMI: at a price like that it’s hard to get any better.

The soundbar ABOX is an inexpensive audio device designed to play solid and punchy bass and treble extended. The technology provides a complete and perfect sound for all who seek a product from one hundred euro that would replace the “flat” TV audio. Among the features: 120W, Bluetooth, WiFi or wired, 2.1 channels, remote control and subwoofer included.

Sound Bar with Subwoofer, Speaker ABOX 120W 2.1 Channel, Surround Sound Home Cinema System 110db …

This soundbar Yamaha YAS-109 made by faithfully reproduces a 7.1 surround quality. From the slim, elegant and beautiful to look at, this product is able to engage the user in a realistic sound field. The deep bass and rich are a very nice addition. 120 Watts of power, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and remote control included. Easily mountable, for both the brackets for light weight.

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar Speaker Case TV with Voice Control and Alexa Integrated Surround Sound …

Perhaps the cheapest soundbar on the market (our review here), but despite this it is full of very appreciated feature. 2.2 channels, 80 W, DTS 2.0, Dolby Digital 2.0 and Wireless connection, Bluetooth, and HDMI. On the web it is much appreciated and this is demonstrated by the number of positive reviews on Amazon or other marketplace. The Clear Voice effect works on the dialogue by providing the viewer a clear and unmistakable sound.

Samsung HW-J250 Soundbar 80W, 2.2 Channels, Black

middle price range (€ 200 – € 500)

We abandon the economic price range to deepen the media, in particular all devices between 200 € and 500 €.

The soundbar Bose Only 5 is the product purchased more midrange. Although the price is slightly higher than the models seen above, this device offers a totally better sound quality. It has various modes and effects to make out the words in the dialogues, it is easy to connect, has Bluetooth connectivity and has a single remote to control every function. Compared to models seen above, Bose Only 5 offers a truly superior to a more than fair price. You can read our review>

Only 5 TV Bose Audio System, Black

Samsung describes this product as “The perfect match for your TV.” In fact, the surround audio, excellent sound from all angles and quality 96kHz / 24-bit signal without downsampling make it one of the best soundbar on the market. Among the other characteristics of the multi-speaker control, the Wireless connection with Samsung TV, USB 2.0, Ethernet, and power output to 450W.

How he could miss an integrated soundbar with Alexa? This device, really beautiful design and “futuristic” is designed with extreme care, definitively marking the era of traditional soundbar from those 2.0. Integration with Alexa is the real strength of the Sonos Beam: “The sound that unites us” is the official slogan and defines the ability to perform music, TV and movies with only our voice. It can also be conensse with speakers in WiFi, making home automation really playing multimedia content. A cinema-quality audio, but you do pay.

TOP Price range (above 500 €)

It is time to talk about the soundbar top, the best on the market equipped with extremely high quality features.

The only soundbar Amazon Certifiec works with Alexa it is the Sonos Playbar. A deep sound that results from the processing of more than 24 million calculations per second provide the best sound ever heard of a soundbar. Six woofers, tweeters and three nine-D digital amplifiers class. Among the most interesting features definitely wins the “Night Mode”: a special technology that ensures the sleep of those who are sleeping. Both soundbar that music speaker, this soundbar is the best on the market: I advise you to discover the offers and read all of the functionality that is provided.

Sonos Playbar, TV-Soundbar and Wireless Audio System, controllable from Smartphone, Tablet and PC, Black

Designed to offer the best with the least impact, Bose Soundbar 500 ensures the top performance. The sound is great, almost like that of cinema. It is very much appreciated the opportunity to add other products, to gradually creating a Bose ecosystem is controlled from the App through the remote control Bose Soundbar Universal Remote (optional). The sound is classic Bose, we should rely on the upper model (700) for a broad sound, strong and deep.

Bose Soundbar 500, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, con Alexa integrata, 80 x 4,44 x 10,16 cm, Ingresso…

Choose the soundbar by brand

Best soundbar LG

Best Samsung soundbar

Best soundbar Yamaha

Best soundbar Bose


In this guide to choosing the best soundbar we took into account all possible aspects: you managed to find the product of your dreams? Alternatively, you can always find out more about the Audio section, the category that includes insights and reviews of individual models; or change the model so opting for bluetooth speakers.

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