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The best 10 hoverboard 2020

The hoverboard is undoubtedly the means of the coolest transport. The hoverboard (also known by the term self scooter balanced) entered forcefully into the market and have gained unprecedented popularity. Since there are very many models on the market, we wrote this review to help you choose the one that suits you.

We reported on this page the best hoverboard thus giving you our top ten of the best models of 2020!

Best hoverboard 2020: best sellers

1. Halo Rover – The Best of 2020

The Best 10 Hoverboard 2020

When a product is based on the popular video game Halo, it’s hard to find an item that does not like it. This Hoverboard is marketed as “unbreakable” as its frame of strong aluminum. It is powered by two motors 400W which transmit all their power to the wheels by 8.5 “that do not have a minimum of problem to also cover more specific roads.

This balanced car scooter reaches a maximum speed of 16km / h and has the ability to support a maximum weight of 102 kg without reducing performance. The steering is responsive and can also control the unit from a mobile app, which makes the experience really interesting use.

2. Hoverboard Tomoloo – The best quality / price

The Best 10 Hoverboard 2020

Tomoloo is a Chinese manufacturer entered in this field since 2013. The Chinese products tend to be faster than American competitors. The maximum speed is 18 km / h and the battery resists for over 12 km. The two motors are 300W.

You can download the official app that shows you a number of device information, including speed, battery status and allows us to set various lighting effects. It is also equipped with front and rear LED lights and bluetooth speakers.

3. SagaPlay F1 Hoverboard

The Best 10 Hoverboard 2020

It’s not every day that you see such a device with the mark of Silicon Valley. The technological center of San Francisco is home to some of the most advanced technologies in the world. The SagaPlay F1 is the Silicon offer of the hoverboard world. Use two motors 250W mediated by gyroscopes connected directly to the motherboard. This process favors the driving experience. It supports a maximum weight of 100 kg and the maximum walking distance on a single charge is about 15 km.

It has three different training modes that help the new driver to become familiar with the medium before leading him on more complex paths.

4. Swagtron T1 Hoverboard – The cheapest

The Best 10 Hoverboard 2020

The company Swagtron has managed to resist the collapse of electric scooters in 2016 and now offers customers a hoverboard model really high quality at a very low price.

The maximum speed of this vehicle is slightly lower than the competition, but was sacrificed to improve overall stability. However hurtling over 12 km / h and also travels well on steep 30 °. Particular attention is paid to the descents: automatically the hoverboard fails to tilt in order to maintain the balance to the pilot.

5. Epikgo Sports Balance Board – The most powerful

The Best 10 Hoverboard 2020

The Sport Epikgo is a hoverboard directed exclusively to adults, both for performance and for the selling price. It is a self-balancing scooter high performance leading top speed of over 17 km / h. Despite the strong shock, Sport Epikgo has no maximum speed problem, even uphill.

It is equipped with tires 8.5 “that make it able to travel on smooth sidewalks or on rougher surfaces such as gravel. The ground clearance is excellent as well as the construction and final design.

It has a degree of water resistance IP56 which means that there is no problem to go over puddles and so on.

6. Razor Hovertrax DLX – The smart

The Razor is the biggest competitor of Swagtron in this area. The Razor Hovertrax DLX is perfect for all children. It is slightly heavier than the competition (12 kg), but the power delivered by dual motor 350W never causes problems with the couple.

The engines are smart and sort energy is to conserve battery power, is to travel more smoothly. The logic board uses the Ever-balance technology patented technology that provides a very smooth ride.

The preferred feature by users is the rapid replacement of the battery system, which allows you to travel longer. Currently it is the only hoverboard to offer this possibility.

7. Swagtron T6 Series – The best off-road

The series of Swagtron T6 is the only hoverboard devoted and designed exclusively to the off-road world. The wheels 10 “give adequate ground clearance that will not make you touch any obstacles. The two 300W motors can reach a speed of 16 km / h. The battery is excellent and allows you to reach more than 20 km on a single charge.

8. Skque X1 Self Balancing Scooter – The most innovative

The Skque X1 is a hoverboard that provides greater ground clearance compared to all its competitors. The two motors of 350W making it one of the best performing on the square. The only annoying thing is that the maximum speed is limited to only 12 km / h: with these engines could push even more.

Maneuverability is excellent and smooth at all times. The engines are always synchronized with the gyroscope and make it a true standard for the industry. It’s a good buy for children.

9. Surfus S-Series Hoverboard

Surfus is a Californian brand that bases its economy entirely around the building vehicles like hoverboard. The S series is one of the cheapest boards and that is why we decided to include it in our review. A problem may be the speed limit set to 10 km / h, however, it travels to more than 20 km on a single charge. It weighs less than 10 kg and supports a maximum of 100kg weight.

The S series is primarily a children’s Toy, in fact the company had made a real training model for all those who rise for the first time. It is handy and very easy to fly, also the panels where to put your feet are comfortable and spacious and make driving a real breeze.

10. Smart Balance 6.5 Hoverboard – no longer available

This model is no longer available.

We have added to this list just to remember how it changed the market: this is one of the first economic hoverboard marketed. It has many faults: the battery provides only 14 km and the distribution of power in the engines is really bad. You have the continuing imbalances caused by a poor diet.

Fortunately product like this is just an old and bad memory!

The criteria used in this review

When it comes to reviewing of products like hoverboard it is hard to find credible sources. Very few of these products are present on independent review sites. The list you see is the result of a calculation based on sales and popularity of articles. Then we narrowed our list of hoverboard focusing mainly on established brands.

Here’s what we’ve really taken into account.

Hoverboard Children

The hoverboard are made taking into account these categories: vehicles and vehicles for children and adults. A lower center of gravity, combined with less weight makes the children of the ideal means for pilots like that. From the point of view of a parent, though, there might be some things to consider before giving up a missile 1000W.

If you’re buying a hoverboard for a child, you probably want a budget. On the market there are many hoverboard variants available for € 250.00 and € 300.00. These models do not last forever and do not have the qualities that children want. In any case, we advise you not to spend under € 200.00, so as to make a vehicle that meets certain stan dard.

Hoverboard Some are faster than others. If you’re buying a vehicle for a child, you should purchase a model that has several buttons to limit speed or a training system can not be modified in the running.

15 km / h may seem few, but really on to a means of this kind is not a joke. In addition to speed it is important to check that the vehicle is stable. Some models have the patented technologies which prevent sudden movements and change the center of gravity falls and avoiding pain.

Undoubtedly the main concern for parents is the safety of the hoverboard. Fortunately in 2016, all models sold on Amazon and the main store must comply with UL22772 certified. UL22772 The certificate states that the product has been subjected to 159 security checks – distinct – to ensure that all features are 100% secure.

Hoverboard per adulti

You are buying a hoverboard for yourself or for an adult? Here’s what you should consider.

If you want to buy a reliable hoverboard for those who, for example, is a commuter, then you should spend a little ‘more. The hoverboard children are lighter, less powerful and have a number of features that the models for adults instead possess. Indicatively, you should opt for a model with an engine of at least 600W, spending from € 350.00 to € 500.00 and over.

One feature that few control is the height above the ground. When you go to work, you will encounter many different surfaces. Some are smooth, others rough and ruined. That’s why the ride height is a factor to be considered absolutely. Opt for models with wheels 6.5 “or 8”: in this way bumps and potholes will not be certainly a problem.

The hoverboard for commuters are much heavier, so you can hardly bring them under his arm. Find something you recharge quickly (2-3 hours) and which ensures an autonomy of at least 20km.

A large number of hoverboard models support a maximum weight of 90/100 kg. Depending on your weight, you should always consider and control the hoverboard technical specifications the maximum weight it can support. And be careful: some vehicles often slow down because you have exceeded the maximum amount of weight!

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