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The best electric skateboard 2020

Electric skateboards are gaining popularity glorious, for this inside this page you will find the ranking of the best models, best sellers and reviews of individual models.

In the present day just visit the larger metropolitan cities – and not – in the world, to realize that all of whizzing with their electric skateboards or their vehicles smart. Skate like that are the fashion of the moment, so I wrote this review for you to help you buy the best model.

The most sold electric skateboard

The Best Electric Skateboard 2020
The Best Electric Skateboard 2020
The Best Electric Skateboard 2020
The Best Electric Skateboard 2020
The Best Electric Skateboard 2020

If you try your product tailored to your needs, then you have to ask yourself these questions:

To help you find the best electric skateboard for your budget, I created a list with all the most popular products in several different categories.

So if you need an entry level product or a high-end, do not worry: read more to find the best electric skateboard to your needs!

Boosted G2 Electric Skateboard – The best electric skateboard

The G2 is the enhanced version of the first model. Unlike the previous all predecessor problems have been resolved. This table is one of the fastest on the market and has a clean design and incredibly smooth, comfortable ride.

The two engines 1000W accompany you climb without problems. Replacement parts are available and also at a fairly inexpensive price.

Regarding the features, this model can boast of the innovative functions such as regenerative braking, the transmission belt and the quick-change battery. The enhancements over the previous model made this table the best of 2020.

No products found.

Booster G2: Key Features

Maximum weight: 113.00 kg Maximum distance: Min. 11 km – 19 km Max Maximum speed: 35 km / h Charging time: 2-4 hours

Electric skateboard M1

The M1 electric skateboard is known to be very similar to the ‘cousin’ traditional skateboard. In this product you can find everything you want from a skate whatever, but with the possibility of being controlled electronically.

There is nothing to say with regard to innovation and design is so light as to be carried in her arms, it has USB ports and the batteries can be replaced in seconds.

It seems that the company has really figured out how to produce quality skate: in any case the purchase of a product like this is an excellent investment especially given the high quality.

M1: Main features

The design is fantastic: there are no wires and seems While seemingly traditional The driving experience is excellent Batteries can be replaced quickly Regenerative braking recharges the batteries during braking Ability to travel manually without any resistance

Skateboard Maxfind 360

The electric skateboard Double Motor Maxfind is a light board and compact that offers buyers a high quality with all the features that have much more expensive models. The measuring table 96 cm long and weighs less than 6 kg.

Just as the name suggests, the two engines provide a thrust equal to 360 watts of power; the motor is mounted on top of a wheel and is made by Samsung.

The lithium-ion battery enables a full charge of one hour: this allows the pilot to lead his small vehicle at a speed of 27 km / h for a total of 16 km.

The table has the polyurethane wheels from 83mm to travel on most surfaces in a fluid and silent. The wireless remote easily controls acceleration and braking. The paittaforma in 8-ply maple wood and an aluminum table reassure the driver: security is a standard to which companies like these have accustomed us.

If you want an electric skateboard and you’re willing to spend more than € 1000,00 to take it one at home, then this is the model you need to buy!

Maxfind: Main technical

Pure energy – Best longboard midrange

An electric skateboard with high performance that stands out for its excellent battery life and low price. Spending almost always means sacrificing quality.

The electric skate of Pure Energy is built to perfection, customer service is also very active and helps all consumers should anything go wrong.

There are two separate training programs to help beginners to become familiar with their balance.

The table is very light enough to be carried under the arm.

The USB port adds an extra touch, which also allows us to charge your phone when you are around.

Pure Energy: key features

Maximum weight: 113.00 kg Maximum Distance: 32 km Maximum speed: 21 km / h


This electric skateboard model does not disappoint at all. The Haitral is 48 cm long and weighs 11.5 kg. It alimnetato by a hub motor 150W. What seemingly looks like a handsome little engine instead it succeeds in providing a performance similar to top-end models.

The maximum speed is 14 km / h and has a range of 20 km.

These characteristics put it in competition with the previous model – the Maxfind, but at a very less price.

Haitral offers a maple floor to 9 layers and wheels coated in polyurethane. The charging time of the lithium-ion battery (included) is approximately 2 hours.

The manufacturer recommends a maximum weight of about 90,00kg, making this sturdy table even for an adult of average size.

Haitral: Key Features

Maximum weight: 90,00 kg Maximum Distance: 20 km Maximum speed: 25 km / h Charging time: 2 hours

LiftBoard Motorized

This skate is the black sheep of the entire market. It is the only tape but provides more torque and power when climbing hills. The outstanding features of Liftboard have maximum speed and distance guaranteed. The engine is sheer power: he can to emit more than 900 W.

Aesthetically, the Liftboard differs from others with its black paint finish. The lithium-ion battery requires 2-3 hours for charging. Structurally this skate seems much more robust than others, and in fact can guarantee total safety even with a maximum of 120 kg weight.

Maximum weight: 120.00 kg Maximum Distance: 25 km Maximum speed: 26 km / h Charging time: 2-3 hours

Swagtron NG-1 – The best electric skateboard entry level

Here is another entry level skate, the Swagtron NG-1. With its 81 centimeters in length, and weighs less than 5 kg, this table is perfect for not very high adolescents and adults.

The engine of 100W wheel hub provides more power than expected, in fact reaches a speed of 17 km / h. The maximum distance is not the best: barely 17 km.

The lithium-ion battery requires an initial charging of 3 hours, but subsequently requires only 90 minutes to fully recharge. The charging time is one of the best around.

This table has a wood deck maple and polyurethane wheels. The manufacturer recommends a maximum weight of 80 kg, but it is essentially a weight dictated by the engine design.

Among the various characteristics stands out the automatic speed control: once it reaches a speed X you can press a button to proceed at a constant speed. The swagtron NG-1 includes a portable remote control that controls the movement of the table and shows the total duration of the battery.

NG-1: Key Features

Maximum weight: 80,00 kg Maximum Distance: 17 km Maximum speed: 17 km / h Charging time: 3 hours the first – 1.5 hours after

Action Blink Lite – Reliable table

This model is the lightest and smallest available on the market. Long only 73 cm, has a weight of 3 kilograms. Basically it is perfect for commuters and students!

The small size also make using this skate in most air companie. Although it is compact, skateboarding traveling at 10km of polyurethane wheels 70mm. The engine is 450W alimnetato by a lithium-ion battery and has a recharging time of about 2 hours.

Blink Acton has some LED safety lights mounted at the bow and stern, which improve the driver’s visibility.

A compact wireless remote control makes the acceleration and braking really a breeze.

There is also an app iOS and Android that tracks delli mileage and time. This skate is great for those looking for value for money. It offers numerous features of expensive boards, but at a price accessible to all.

Action Blink Lite: Key Features


No products found.

Dynacraft Surge – cheaper Electric Skateboard

The Dynacraft surge skate is the cheapest you’ll find in this list, although generally gets bad reviews. It has no special features, in fact, the only reason why you should prefer this model to any other is cost.

It weighs almost 9 pounds, the upper floor is covered with maple to 7 layers and the polyurethane wheels. The engine is 150W, but can reach – on a flat surface – the maximum speed of 9 km / h.

The maximum weight recommended for the pilot is 65 kg and the battery charging employs more than 8 hours. The remote control is inconvenient and slow to respond to commands.

In any case, this product is sold for beginners and children; although the manufacturer recommends you have at least 8 years.

Dynacraft Surge: Key Features

Maximum weight: 65,00 kg Maximum Distance: 12 km Maximum speed: 9 km / h Charging time: 8 hours

Bull E-Go2

Sleek and sporty, the Yuneec E-Go2 is a table of 91 centimeters able to do really great things.

Available in four color models is fully capable to meet any teenager or adult!

The hub motor is 400W and can travel more than 28 km before being recharged again.

The maximum speed is 24.5 km / h, the tavoal is coated with maple wood to 8 layers and the polyurethane swiveled ein 90mm offer a particularly smooth ride.

The classic shaped table squale with a slight tail: This skate is really easy to maneuver above a curve.

The lithium-ion battery requires a total charging time of 2 hours. The remote control Bluethooth is rechargeable and is necessary both for the acceleration for braking. There is also an app that makes optional display persori km, time and so on.

Yuneec E-Go2: Key Features

Maximum weight: 115.00 kg Maximum Distance: 28 km Maximum speed: 24.5 km / h Charging time: 4-5 hours

The criteria used in our evaluation

We hope that the information we presented you have been useful and will help you make a wise decision based on your individual needs. Buy an electric skateboard is not like buying a conventional one. There are many additional factors to consider, including the speed, range, size and engine power.

We have compiled this list to introduce some of the most popular skateboard market. Our recommendations are not intended to influence you to buy a particular brand. Rather, we strive to inform you of the last few models and the benefits of each.

In our research we analyzed the websites of manufacturers, users reviews and articles reported by consumers. We tried to be the best value for money, it’s a great product quality. After searching over 40 skateabord available, we focused on those who were going to meet several requirements: the commuter, the teenager, the sportsman, the neophyte and the like.

The user reviews

The reviews of the pilots have been instrumental in our research, because each manufacturer can be said of the information potentially inflated on both quality and product performance. Truth comes only by those who buy and use the skateboard. We read rivieste, forums and consumer reports to find out if indeed a skateboard deserved to be on the list or not.

The manufacturers’ websites and manuals have been read carefully to determine which facilitated each table could be used, as well as service availability, and the potential search of spare parts.

Quality construction

To make sure you get a high quality product, we have had time to examine how much data as possible about the construction problems as the resistance of the bridge, the engine power and wheel composition.

Even some mechanical characteristics such as speed and extent have been taken into consideration in our decision, as they are the main things that most buyers look online. Even the battery life and charging options have been carefully considered. Each of the tabs examined had the same type of lithium ions and the timing of similar charging.

The quality, reliability and ease of use of the remote control have been another important factor in determining the best tables. A long-life remote control, well-made and responsive is essential for rider safety. A fact sheet on our list had many of the remote failure reports, and only this factor removed him from our first three choices.

Now that you are informed, we hope that you find it easier to decide what to buy electric skateboard. With so many models on the market, the options are confusing. The purpose of this article is to narrow the key features and provide a parallel comparison.

Other important things to consider before purchasing

Electric skateboards are relatively new to our culture. As they evolve, there will certainly be improvements in battery life, speed, autonomy and security. Before you rush out to buy one, there is some information you should know. Alternatively you could opt for the electric scooters.

Where mainly you are using the table?

Are you planning to run on a sidewalk or a bike path? Are you planning to go to the local skate park ramps and conquer? A recreational skater will take a board with more maneuverability, replaceable parts and customization options.

What size should I buy?

As above, also in this case “it depends” on how you use the skate. If you are a commuter and you have to be able to take your board and bring it to the office or on the subway, you could try one of the boards of 76 cm.

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