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The best smart balance of 2020: WiFi and Bluetooth

On this page you will find the best smart balance of 2020. Read on to identify the perfect model for your needs and can ensure a regular weight control with all the smart features of the case.

The smart scales, or ‘intelligent’, are able to draw different bodily metrics in a manner such as to provide an accurate overall picture of our body.

In our list, we only selected the best scales available on Amazon in 2020, good read.

What is a smart balance and what is it?

Example of a smart balance

The Best Smart Balance Of 2020: Wifi And Bluetooth

The analog scales, ones with dials that turned repeatedly as she rose and fell, still exist but now, with the modern technology of smart scales, you can achieve greater precision and extra features.

The smart scales, or intelligent, has become an essential instrument for monitoring the daily well-being is no longer a simple matter of body weight, but an indispensable valuable tool for those looking for an ally to fitness and a great motivator to try to keep getting fit: to be aware of their progress will surely make easier the path to a healthy life.

In fact, thanks to it, trace the various data of our body is now within everyone’s reach: burned and calories consumed, muscle and bone mass, and much more.

In addition, many smart balances offer a specific mode for pregnant women, aimed to follow them throughout the course of gestation. And, in this regard, it could also be an option weighs-infant so as to satisfy the 360 ​​degrees the parental experience.

The price of a smart balance, which varies depending on the model, from a minimum of € 20.00 and can go up to € 179.00.

How does it work?

The Best Smart Balance Of 2020: Wifi And Bluetooth

After the first turn on the scale, the system provides for the inclusion of personal data manually: the practices are required age, height and sex. Depending on the model, there is a maximum number of users that the device can store (typically maximum archiving is expected to twelve different profiles) and for ease of identification can be recorded with the initials of his name.

After performing these steps, simply step on the scale for calculating the weight and to access additional smart features offered.

Comparative table of the best scales smart

By using the following comparison table you can identify at a glance the best smart scales on the market. Compare the features according to your needs and find the offer dedicated to you.

body weight, fat, fluids, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone and visceral fat mass.

Measure the weight, calculates the% of fat mass, the% of water retention,% of the skeletal muscles, the weight of the skeletal system, the basal metabolic rate, body mass index

The weight, BMI, body fat rate, visceral fat, moisture content, skeletal muscle rate, muscle mass, bone mass, proteins in the body, BMR and metabolic age.

Mass, water percentage, body fat, muscle and bone

body weight, fat, fluids, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone and visceral fat mass.

Measure the weight, calculates the% of fat mass, the% of water retention,% of the skeletal muscles, the weight of the skeletal system, the basal metabolic rate, body mass index

The weight, BMI, body fat rate, visceral fat, moisture content, skeletal muscle rate, muscle mass, bone mass, proteins in the body, BMR and metabolic age.

Mass, water percentage, body fat, muscle and bone

Smart Balance longer sold in 2020

The Best Smart Balance Of 2020: Wifi And Bluetooth

Libra 1byone smart, black.

The 1byone is the scale wireless digital diagnostic longer sold on Amazon in 2020. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and is perfect for those who have the need to monitor your weight, body fat, fluids, muscle mass, the BMI, BMR, bone and abdominal fat mass.

It is clearly marked with the banner “the # 1 best-selling” on Amazon, synonymous with reliability and dependability.

We we already reviewed the balance in this post, but if you do not need to read it then you can check this information.

It takes a few seconds to calculate the weight and 8 essential body values, so as to be updated to 100% on the precise state of health. The measurements of this smart balance pass immediately to the smartphone, where they are cataloged so that we can keep track of the progress with the passage of time.

The operation is really easy, just place both feet on the platform and wait for the results on the screen. Of course, before this ‘trivial’ operation, we install on our smartphone application that the officer, interfacing with Bluetooth, can communicate with the smart device. The application name is “1byoneHealth” and is available for both iOS and Android.

A major advantage of the scale is the ability to record users up to a maximum of 5. Thus, it is possible to control the weight of all the family members. Obviously it is the best-selling partly because the high precision sensors can weigh adult children for a range of weight from 5.00 kg to 181.00 kg.

The Best Smart Balance Of 2020: Wifi And Bluetooth

1byone Scale Digital Bathroom scales Bluetooth App for iOS and Android devices, Libra …

The cheaper and Amazon’s Choice

You are considering purchasing comparing the best smart scales and would you look at that more economical and its main characteristics?

The Best Smart Balance Of 2020: Wifi And Bluetooth

Libra Lay smart, PS7002 model, black color.

The Lay Ps7002 is the smart balance cheaper on Amazon and is also marked by the label “Amazon’s Choice”, which is a recommended product directly from Amazon because of the good reviews, competitive price and fast shipping.

Compatible with Android and IOS, this smart scales measure the weight, fat mass, skeletal muscle, basal metabolism, body mass index and many other parameters. All collected data is immediately synchronized with the application via Bluetooth and can be shared with third-party applications such as Apple Health.

We you’ll want to take a look at its key features on Amazon.

Laica PS7002 Smart Bodyscale Electronic, 10+ iOS / Android 6.0+

Xiaomi Mi smart Libra Scale

Xiaomi Mi Libra Scale, white coloration.

The scale produced by Xiaomi is a perfect blend of design, elegance and technology that manages without a doubt to execute bearings correctly. Obviously the official application is available for both iOS and Android and between the main features affirm that it is able to carry out measurements of the risk of heart disease and the weighing range is between 5,00 kg up to a maximum of 150, 00KG.

This smart scale is perfect for all those who feel the need to periodically check their state of fitness and want to do it through a cheap but innovative product. The Xiaomi Mi Scale design is clean and elegant and can be placed anywhere, and for those with limited space available, both for those in search of a technological product with a sophisticated design.

This is our official review>

smart scale with excellent value for money

Libra Hamswan, blue and black.

Libra digital bathroom scale Hamswan identifies up to a maximum of 8 physical data to provide a ‘scientific management’ of body weight.

Just like all other balances in question, this can be purchased and used both to those who own one iOS smartphone Android.

Among the most appreciated features is the management of multiple users, up to a maximum of 10 people at once. Also, you can share your data with Fitbit, Apple and Google Health Fit.

The modern and minimalist design, the super-affordable price and incredible ease of use make it one of the most purchased on Amazon.

HAMSWAN Impedenziometrica Libra Scale Weighs Person Digital Body Fat Measurement Bluetooth …

How to choose a smart balance

We selected some of the best smart scales on the market, but read on you you will find out how to choose a smart balance based on other information such as the measurement data, and compatibility with various phone applications.

provided for user information

At first glance the smart balance appear as commonplace digital scales: they have the standard size and have a square shape, sometimes rectangular, and their thickness not exceeding almost never the 2/4 cm.

In these smart scales of the latest generation it is applied to an LCD display, generally backlit to best fit in environments with poor light, where it is possible to display not only the weight, the water content, fat and lean mass, BMI (ie l ‘ index of weight that a person should keep depending on your age and height).

Most models guarantee a good stability on the surface thanks to the four side legs and have a good battery powered, as a rule, by two or three AAA batteries model.

Ease of use and compatibility with the app

Like any art electronic device is usually configured by downloading a dedicated app for their mobile phones and connecting to a Wi-Fi router compatible.

With multiple connectivity options, you can always have your progress at your smartphone and connecting them to some applications dedicated to fitness, it will be easy to get advice that optimize the user experience interested in keeping in check as much as possible their physical activity.

And for lovers of the company it is an option to share their results on the various networks.

In addition to smartphones, it will be possible to associate the balance, by means of the bluetooth, to a variety of devices for training purposes: fitTracker, such as bracelets and clocks, which keep under constant observation the number of daily steps and mileage; or intelligent water bottles to regulate water use properly.

All of these third-party devices will send the recorded data to the scale so you can get a full body scan.

The classic scales of the best of 2020

This is the ranking of the best smart balance of 2020 is currently available on Amazon.

How to use smart scales

The main task of a scale of this kind is to record the weight and other metrics in an app and then to analyze the weight changes over time.

Generally it helps families maintain a certain rigor food, since many models can handle more users together, up to a maximum of 10 members. Having a weight under control historicity is very useful, both for weight loss and to achieve a certain goal.

The benefits of a smart balance

Let’s explore together what are the benefits of those who use this kind of tool.

more precise measurements

The immediate sending of the metrics to the smartphone allows you to stay straight and in place until the end of the survey. Using a smart stairs you can not look down and wait for the synchronization of values ​​directly to your smartphone.

Monitoring got pregnant

Many pregnant women love to buy a smart scales to monitor their weight and that of their child. Having a history of the surveys can be vital to any controls or problems, but the right considerations must be performed only by doctors or competent persons.

Increased motivation

If more members of the family love technology, these tools can be a fun way to motivate yourself and thus lose weight or stay fit for longer.

Children can learn new habits

Creating new habits is the key to proper mental and physical health. Teach children to control their weight and their diet is a good thing.

impedenziometrica Libra: You Need to Know

As has already been mentioned, some of these scales, in addition to normally calculate the weight, have a impedenzionametrico system. In turn, the scales that have this feature can be divided into two categories: with and without electrodes.

The Body Composition without electrodes are considered less reliable and for this reason are the cheapest; those with electrodes, however, appear definitely more accurate. However, even the latter can be unsatisfactory to satisfy the needs of a more sophisticated user.

For correct use of a balance with this technology it is preferable to follow certain precautions, such as:

The results produced by measuring the impedenziometrica balance must then be compared with that of the tables, as a rule, are attached in the manual of the product instructions. This way, you can read the result in the proper order.

A discrete impedenzionametrica scale can be very reliable, but, at the same time, there is a risk of incurring a margin of error that could make a comparison of results more complicated.


Buy an electronic scale smart and can help many people to control their weight is, that their power. On this page we have analyzed the best on the market, now it is not nothing but make the right choice and start now to monitor your weight!

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