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Videophone smart wifi: Buying Guide 2020

More and more people are moving towards a house that is known to be always more smart, that is characterized by the presence of devices that make it possible to manage several remote functions. Today we address videophones smart wifi, the networked controls that ensure we know who is ringing the doorbell just looking smartphone, interacting with a possible visitor opened his door and much more.

We will analyze below the main features, advantages and a few models on the market, and of course the reviews of the best models and offerings on the market.

Videophones smart wifi: what they consist of and utilities

Videophone Smart Wifi: Buying Guide 2020

A ring bell connected to a smart videophone

The appearance of a smart wifi videophone is quite similar to that of a common videophone to which, however, are added to the functions of a modern intelligent device.

Once connected to your home network will make it possible to talk to the person who rang the bell and open the same directly from a device that can be a smartphone or a tablet; in some cases you can interact with the device through our favorite personal assistant, Alexa or Google Assistant.

These functions are also insured in case you are away from home and then remotely. It follows that a smart WiFi videophone is particularly useful if, for example, a family member has forgotten the keys and requires the door opening or uploads the courier making a delivery and there is not nobody home.

Comparative table of the best smart videocitofoni

What are the advantages of?

Videophone Smart Wifi: Buying Guide 2020

At a time when you decide to install at his home a videophone smart wifi derive several advantages for the user.

First, the convenience of remote management that allows, simply by taking a look at smartphones, who is knocking at your home even if you are not physically present in the home.

Soon after, we must consider the increased safety factor that is provided. It can in fact know, at any time, those working around near the house: the most advanced models are also equipped with motion sensors that allow the activation of the video as soon as someone moves near the home.

Finally, another aspect not to be overlooked is the ease of installation of these devices. Being equipped with wireless technology does not require the passage of wires but may still need the help of a skilled technician to adjust the opening of the door.

Best videophones smart

Videophone Smart Wifi: Buying Guide 2020

Answering this question is not simple because the market there are different solutions for different brands that stand out for some features and functionality specific.

Summarizing, it is necessary to evaluate well some aspects such as flow rate, ie the coverage of the distance between the external device and the internal one, the sound quality, the presence of an LCD screen and so on.

Is also crucial to ensure that a system of care that is available to intervene quickly when it presents some difficulties. We analyze together some the most sought after models.

Videocitofoni smart bticino

Videocitofoni smart comelit

Videocitofoni smart vimar

Reviews of videophones smart

Bticino 363911 Kit Speakerphone

Videophone Smart Wifi: Buying Guide 2020

The product of which we speak is currently one of the best models on the market.

It has first of all a touch screen 7-inch display that has among its strengths the high quality and the speakerphone. Another very important characteristic is given by telephone and answering machine functions that allows storage of video messages and review them later.

Obviously, as a common videophone, presents the control keys for the opening and closing of the door. It also ensures the management remotely via smartphone or tablet, thanks to a convenient app “Door Entry”, available for Android or iOS, which is intuitive and very easy to use.

The design is attractive and modern and it makes the video easily matched with every kind of furniture that you choose for your home. By linking of security cameras it is possible to realize a small domestic video surveillance system.

Videophone Smart Wifi: Buying Guide 2020

Bticino 363911 Handsfree Kits Single Family, White

Ring Video Doorbell

Most of the Ring brand products are sold worldwide leader of online sales, Amazon, and this means first quality.

Even this videophone can be considered one of the best products currently on the market, thanks to Full HD resolution and locations that are performed with an opening angle of 160 degrees.

Thanks to the built-in motion sensors, when you are away from home you can receive on your smartphone notifications that alert you to the presence of people at the door. The Ring mark also allows, through a paid service, you can save the videos made on a dedicated cloud.

The installation is very simple while feeding can be carried out directly via the mains or by batteries. The two different fronts, easily interchangeable, ensure the combination of this videophone to any kind of furnishing.


A real flagship product is the smart wifi Tmezon videophone.

It has a great display touch screen 7-inch and a really attractive design. Made with high quality materials, offers high resistance to weathering and atmospheric agents.

Once connected to your home network, all functions can be controlled remotely through a simple and intuitive application to control who rings the bell even when you are away from home.

TMEZON Wifi video door entry system with intercom, Wireless Monitor 7-Inch With Camera …


This guide to buying the best video wifi smart place at the end: I hope you have been of help to choose the perfect model according to your ideal use. To improve the security of your home you can read the security section or to the surveillance cameras.

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