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The 8 best mini segways 2020

Anyone who has walked the streets of a big city will have noticed mini segways. This innovative transport system is slowly changing the way in which pedestrians moving through the main streets of the city.

Segways are mini electric scooters with two wheels and a handlebar. It is easy to fly and zip around town at a maximum speed of 25km / h!

Innovative vehicles are perfect for those who must travel a large number of kilometers on the street every day, as the price has dropped significantly in recent times, we have written this page to review and provide you with the best products available today.

On the page we have divided the best mini segways into two groups: those for children and those for adults. The main difference relates to the maximum speed and security. In particular, we sought innovation, speed, battery life and maintenance.

Without ado, let’s begin!

The mini segways Bestsellers of 2020

Segway i2 Personal Transporter Scooter

The 8 Best Mini Segways 2020

It is without a doubt the best model available. This Segway is an innovative invention that has then shaped the market. Equipped with two 19.5-inch self-balancing tires, this machine is able to deal with all types of terrain without losing speed.

It reaches a maximum speed of 20 km / h and travels over 40 kilometers on a single charge. About the latter: the batteries must be recharged for 4 hours, thus reaching the maximum capacity.

The steering uses a patented control system and owner of the company, which gives the Segway an unprecedented reactivity.

ξ mysteries nine bot

The 8 Best Mini Segways 2020

Vanguard. This is the perfect word to describe in one word the Xiaomi Ninebot. It’s a mini Segway self-balancing two-wheeled velicita which reaches a maximum of 18 km / h.

It is designed mainly for adults, but strangely supports a maximum weight of 90 kg. The controls are positioned too low, so very tall people might have problems.

The main feature is the battery: with only 3.5 hours of charging reaches a maximum distance of 30 km. Pesa “only 12 kg”, so it is easily transportable (by car).

Xiaomi Ninebot: technical specifications

Segway X2 X2SE Off Road Mini Segway

The 8 Best Mini Segways 2020

The off-road Segway X2 is designed for the extreme hobbyist. With its 21 “wheels and tires ensure smooth mobility of hills, countryside and beaches. The engine 4000W perfect surf climbs to 45 ° without any kind of problem.

The maximum speed is 18 km / h, although the real drawback is the weight: less than 51 kg!

Segway Mini Pro

The 8 Best Mini Segways 2020

Unlike other products presented so far, this is really a mini-segway which weighs 9 kg. You can remove the pad of the knee to insert it in the trunk of a car. Do not be fooled by lascimoci (reduced) size: the Segway can travel over 40 miles at a constant speed of 16 km / h.

The two tires from 10.5 Pollicini are able to absorb the shocks of the most difficult surfaces. Like all Segways, the steering is controlled by a patented tilt system. The price is really affordable and opens this world to just about everyone.

No products found.

Degree fever Dareway Revolution

The 8 Best Mini Segways 2020

This mini-Segway is designed for children although it has a design similar to his older brother. Unfortunately, there is the same build quality of the adult model. The maximum speed, reduced by the manufacturer, is 7km / h and can withstand a maximum weight of 40 kg.

The product is intended for children, and so we hope that the change to full speed satisfied the most anxious parents! The only weak note is the charging time: more than 10 hours for 40 minutes of driving. In any case, the Feber Dareway has some fun and innovative features to entertain children at most.

AI on mini S eg way

The mini-segway most “mysterious” of this list. We know that has similar characteristics to Ninebot, although it boasts of the largest wheel. It weighs only 28 pounds and batteries 250W provide a great power. The company has implemented the Bluetooth to see battery life and other factors directly from an app on your smartphone.

The peculiarity is that the parent company did not indicate the technical features such as building materials, valocita maximum or optimal range. Although this is one of the most purchased products ever.

The criteria that we used for this review

We are proud to offer quality reviews and they can really be a good starting point for a purchase made wisely. For this we’ll want to keep reading to find out what we looked at during our reviews.

Adults or children?

The Segway has emerged in 2002. Unfortunately, it has not captured the imagination of the public in general and for the price for the various regulations in the world. Earlier these products were marketed as children’s toys, while today they can conquer even the adults.

The segway children are primarily designed to meet various safety standards. If you purchase one for your child, you want a product that goes flat and is stable. Segways for adults instead have a higher price but performance is significantly better. Among the many features that we looked at could not miss the weight limit and the maximum distance achieved on a single charge of battery.


Innovation is a feature we look for in each product. Innovation, as we see it, is a unique feature that distinguishes one model. One particular feature that designers have realized thought outside the box to create something really useful.


Performance is the combination of maximum speed with the distance that can be covered. Often we also checked how does a product on various surfaces and inclinations. An adult will need a powerful segway. On the other hand if you bought this means to a child you do not want anything that might undermine their security.


The battery life is vital when choosing a segway. The less powerful batteries take a long time to load, which can ruin the driving experience. Finally, it always pays to check that the batteries are replaceable.


Generally, mini segways are easy to carry, but not all: Some weigh so much to be a real space!


In the list of reviews of fitting every kind of budget, so as to meet any budget. Certainly outside of this list there are better models, but their price is so high that it is reserved for an exclusive and private elite group of acquistatori.

Other important things to consider

The brand

Opt for a less known brand can save us a lot of money without compromising the quality of the product. But in some cases an unknown brand can be synonymous with poor quality. Before making a purchase, you always do a little ‘research to make sure the vendor is fully certified and that the product has passed all the safety tests required.


If you’re buying a product online, it always pays to check that the seller is authorized to sell the product. If a price seems too low to be true, in some cases it may be true.

Online stores like Amazon or Ebay are almost always reliable, although we recommend you take a look at their dealers.

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