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Best smart bulbs 2020 rankings and reviews

The easiest and cheapest way to immerse yourself in home automation is to buy and use smart bulbs. In this article you will the main uses of the product, the reviews of the best smart bulbs in 2020 and the products are compatible with most popular screen readers.

What are

Smart bulbs have increased significantly in popularity in recent years. Today you can find many different models on the market, cheap enough to replace traditional incandescent bulbs; The variety of solutions can be controlled via smartphone, tablet and also through the voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

The question is: “Specifically, what are the smart bulbs?”.

A smart bulb, from the English “Smart Light Bulbs”, is a LED lamp having the ability to connect to the Internet, which can be customized, programmed and remote controlled. These devices, in combination with the smart plug, are the most popular products in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

To connect to the Internet can take advantage of different channels:

Comparative table of the best smart bulbs

This table compares each type of smart bulb on Amazon: See the table to see at a glance the perfect product for you, or keep reading to find out all the information you need if you do not know anything about this kind of devices.

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Google Home

How do they work

Best Smart Bulbs 2020 Rankings And Reviews

Smart bulbs guarantee perfect lighting of a room or an entire apartment. Compared to the ‘standard’ models, these smart light bulbs can be programmed and operated fully remotely.

The lighting of a bulb is operated at 100%, in fact depending on the model purchased is possible:

The ranking of the best smart bulbs

This is the list of the best smart bulbs of 2020:

the order of the products has been chosen based on the quality of the product, the reviews on Amazon, priced and also according to the time of delivery.

Best Smart Bulbs 2020 Rankings And Reviews
Best Smart Bulbs 2020 Rankings And Reviews
Best Smart Bulbs 2020 Rankings And Reviews
Best Smart Bulbs 2020 Rankings And Reviews

Philips Hue White

The Philips Hue White are the model # 1 top seller on Amazon. With this model you can immediately make the smart home: to control that device with the app of our phone is easy, fast and secure. Relying on Philips, and in particular to Hue line, it is synonymous with guarantee and security. The app on Android or iOS phones is one of the best: stable and equipped with unique features in its kind. The light they emit is just perfect: neither too strong, nor too dim; also it is totally customizable even at a distance. It is compatible with all screen readers.

Philips Lighting E27 LED bulbs, 9 W, Warm Light, White, 2 Pieces

Teckin E27 Multicolored

The smart bulb of Teckin Led is Amazon’s Choice product. Fully controllable with the app Smart Life, it is easy to configure and support, both in planning and in the various programs. You may even create a group to manage them simultaneously from a single panel. It is compatible with all screen readers: Alexa, Google and Siri Assistant. You can choose from over 16 million colors and shades of white; perfect for those who want to control the lighting and atmosphere of their rooms. Energy saving is guaranteed, both the remote control for the LED technology that consumes 50% less energy than conventional bulbs.

TECKIN Bulb Wifi Intelligent Smart Soft Light With 2800k-6200k + RGBW, E27 WiFi multicolored …

ΞΎ mysteries Y ee light

Even Xiaomi has entered in the smart bulbs market and did so with a very respectable product. Cheap price, many features, control via the app (very well done) and over 1600 colors and shades to choose from. It allows simultaneous control of multiple Xiaomi bulbs connected to a Hub and the duration is over 11 years. A product best buy for those who want to try this type of product and want to spend very little: the value for money is excellent. Here you can discover other products for home automation produced by Xiaomi.

Philips Hue White Starter Kit

The starter kit offered by Philips is indisputably one of the most purchased on Amazon. The package contains 3 bulbs E27 White, a remote control dimmer switch and a Philips Hue Bridge. Buy a kit like this is convenient: in addition to rely on the best home automation lighting system, you save on the price of the components if purchased individually. It is the best method to make your home automation, without spending much. Check out our full review>

Philips Hue Go

The Philips Hue Go is a portable smart lamp, then totally controlled by the most well-known voice servers. We wrote a full review, you may be interested in this kind of lamp.

Bulbs compatible with Alexa

That’s smart bulbs compatible with Alexa:

Bulbs are compatible with Google Home

Those below are all the bulbs are compatible with Google Home:

Bulbs compatible with Apple Home

Your ecosystem is Apple? Do not worry, that’s all compatible models:

The Philips models

Philips is the # 1 brand to buy: quality, reliability and features that are unmatched. Here are the models:

The cheaper models

This is the ranking of economic smart bulbs:

How to choose a bulb Smart

At this point we will deal with drawing up a list of the main features to consider when you are about to buy the Smart bulbs. The aspects to which we must pay attention to are different.

We see in detail the types of attack, the hue of the color that light can assume, the power, the brightness, the necessity or otherwise of a bridge and compatibility with the various vowels assistants.

Types of attack

The first feature to take when you are about to buy the Smart bulbs is definitely the type of attack.

To ensure that they are working it is necessary that their physical form is consistent with the support to which will be connected. The lamps and the ceiling chandeliers are not all equal, so one must control the shape of the compartment in which to insert the bulb.

To be certain to make the right choice (and avoid confusion for a possible ambiguous form) is sufficient to note the statement indicating the attack: this must correspond to the symbol shown on the bulb box purchased.

At a more general level, the types of attack on substantially divided into three main categories:

At home, the most widespread types of attack belong to the category of the bulbs screw and the bulbs are to e14 and e27 attack.

The difference between the two is essentially the size of the screw: the higher the number, the more the latter is wide.

The bulbs to block and pin base are mostly used in spotlights (G4, G9, G10, etc.). In addition to those listed above then there are other types of attacks such as those less used in Plug, the R7S and SMD.

Color temperature

Another very important feature to take into account in order to have satisfactory Smart bulbs is the color temperature.

This will depend on the type of room to be illuminated by the needs and your personal taste. It is a parameter measured in degrees Kelvin, which is to indicate the hue of the light emitted from the bulb.

It is essentially divided into three basic colors:

The cold light is indicated by a value of 6500 K and has a shade of blue. Natural light has a value of 4000 K and is the closest to pure white. Finally, the warm light has a value of 2800 K and has a hue which tends to yellow / rosy.

The choice, in terms of aesthetics, must be adapted to the size of the environment and to the color of the walls.

On a personal level, not everyone knows this, but the tone of the color emitted by the light of a bulb can have on mood influences. You will have to direct your choice even according to personal aptitudes and special feelings that each of these colors might aroused.

Generally those cold give a feeling of freshness and relaxation, while those warm bring joy and exaltation.

Electrical power and brightness

The Smart bulbs generally utilize LED technology, for which consumption is still quite modest.

In all the cases the consumptions are around 3 W and 11 W times.

In addition, the brightness provided by light bulbs of this type can be equal to that of the old incandescent lights that exploited a power of 100/200 W per hour!

However it is a parameter to be reckoned with because the bulbs do not have all the same light capacity: there are those from the soft lights and those looking more dazzling, so you have to adjust to the choice according to their specific needs. The Watt consumed are practically the same between one and the other type ones.

The absorbed power and energy consumption are expressed on the package at the time of purchase.

In any case, once got hold of Smart bulbs, you can independently take effective efficiency vision using a wattmeter or simply by calculating the energy consumed by a single light bulb according to the price of future bills.

As regards instead the brightness produced, this will be expressed in Lumen: the more the corresponding indicated value is high, the higher the brightness of the light bulb.

I need a bridge?

Based on the choices bulbs and connection system or connection that you will use, you’ll enjoy whether certain advantages.

There are some devices that do not need to create a working bridge lighting network. This can happen due to the presence of an integrated hub directly in the control device.

They are fundamentally based on a particular wireless communications protocol called Zigbee.

This incorporates in itself two other details under protocols: the ZLL and the ZHA, which deal precisely to manage the communication between the central device and all the others in a manner more effective. Exploiting an advantage of this type can be very convenient not only at the level of comfort, but also from an economic point of view.

A bridge can have a fairly high price at which, in order to create a complete lighting network, you have to add the cost of all other components.

Whenever possible it is therefore always advisable to opt for devices equipped with this technology.

Compatibility with screen readers

Last parameters to be taken into account when you proceed to purchase Smart bulbs is its compatibility with the voice assistant that you have on hand or that you’re going to choose.

The Smart bulbs can be controlled in various ways, but through a voice assistant is definitely faster, intelligent and technologically advanced. You will have the option to choose the intensity, change color, turn on or off the light bulbs using only your voice.

Basically it’s like having a virtual butler who performs countless actions in your place, facilitating your life on many occasions.

The problem is that not everything is connected with everything, but we must always check the compatibility, otherwise everything will be possible.

There are several ways to do this: in general the compatibility with various home automation devices should be stated on the label or in the data sheet.

Otherwise you can check the listings on the network bearing apparatus compatible with a certain device.

At this point verify that the series to which they belong Smart bulbs of your interest recorded in its voice to the server list to which you would like to match them.

Are the products safe?

For some time, the entire building automation industry has been under fire, why? The security. Researchers, developers and manufacturers have worked together to ensure the end user the best possible security.

Equip your home Wi-Fi equipment can be an easy access point for hackers and malicious, but only if the products purchased are of low quality (or simply if you leave the default password).

The products you find on this page, by ranking the individual reviews, are known brands with years of experience in the electrical industry, IT or technology in general. Precisely for this reason are equipped with modern security systems that provide greater protection against possible attacks.

Relying on prestigious companies means putting their privacy, and that of your family, safe from any attacks.


Smart bulbs definitely represent the most purchased model in 2020. In this article we have included charts, reviews and products compatible with various screen readers. Were you able to find the perfect model for your needs? You can always find out the LED strips, smart One alternative to bulbs to illuminate different parts of your home or you can rely on the best of smart table lamps.

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