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Xiaomi Home Automation: The best for a home smart

Xiaomi has just opened the doors to the marketing of home automation devices in the Western world ever since that day, a large number of users have had the opportunity to buy high quality products to put inside of your home, making it the He made smart and intelligent.

The long stroke of the Hi-Tech companies to grab a slice in the home automation market seems to never end: after the Chinese company has announced the arrival of Xiao AI, voice assistant signed Xiaomi and intended only to the Eastern world, of course He has started to design and put into the market a range of smart devices controllable via your smartphone or tablet.

On this page you will find the best Xiaomi products targeting home automation.

Best Xiaomi home automation products

We find all the best products aimed at the automation and produced by Xiaomi. If the list you seemed quite “thin”, remember that in the East you can purchase a flood of Chinese products company; within this list we put the products to be purchased on Amazon. [Continuously updated list]


These are all products related to the world of lighting and made by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Home Automation: The Best For A Home Smart

Smart bulbs are purchased home automation gadgets much because of the simplicity of installation and configuration, which joins the economical price and affordable for all budgets.

This smart bulb produced by Xiaomi is very appreciated on Amazon, because of that boasts with over 100 positive reviews. The point of the Beijing company’s strength is the quality / price ratio, which in this case plays the part of consumers.

This lamp does not require a smart hub to function properly (unlike the Philips Hue system), but offering all the features of known brand. Fully compatible with Yeelight and Mi Home, as well as through the IFTTT application. The manufacturer confirms the long life of these products’ life: over 11 years.

Xiaomi Home Automation: The Best For A Home Smart

This table lamp Yeelight license plate Xiaomi is a product carefully designed and equipped with smart functionality.

Fully compatible with Alexa and Siri, this lamp can be controlled either by voice or through the app I Home Yeelight.

Among the main functionality is impossible not to mention the possibility of programming the switching on or off, with both timer that connecting the device to Alexa. You can finally wake up gently with a soft light!

Xiaomi has made more products related to lighting that you can see below:

Xiaomi Home Automation: The Best For A Home Smart

6 million color RGB RGB Strip for Mi casa APP, Smart Phone Control, Compatible with Alexa, …

Xiaomi Home Automation: The Best For A Home Smart

Security and surveillance

The world of CCTV is changing rapidly, more and more companies are engaged in the implementation of smart surveillance systems and is completely controllable by voice through the smartphone. Xiaomi has not been certainly watching, these are the best cameras made from Chinese company:

Xiaomi Home Automation: The Best For A Home Smart

The camera produced by Xiaomi with its brand “YI” a label of Amazon’s Choice due to the high number of positive reviews, a price lower than competitors and a one day delivery time with Amazon Prime.

With this IP camera of a dwelling security becomes 360 °: the goal to 112 ° wide angle is combined with 345 ° horizontal and 115 ° vertical lens rotation. It can be used as a baby monitor via the built-in anti-noise filter which makes very clear two-way audio.

Night vision can be activated to control their home although dark: infrared LED noninvasive not cause the slightest damage or discomfort to children or pets. Other features such as the YI Cloud and the motion tracking camera Xiaomi make this one of the most appreciated and purchased.

YI IP Camera Surveillance Camera 720p IP camera surveillance wifi Room 360 with Audio …

You need an outdoor surveillance camera? This can be realized by YI your waterproof watch, day and night. Among the main features: waterproof, deterrent alarm, 1080p Full HD, YI Cloud, Night Vision, three meters and YI Home App cord.

The reception of the WiFi signal is very good, some users do not complain despite problems 40 meters away from the modem or from the wireless receiver. Small, discreet and functional.

YI 1080p surveillance camera for exterior, IP65, Full HD, Movement Detection, View …

These are other models made by Xiaomi:

YI IP Camera Surveillance Camera 720p Wireless Indoor Security Camera WiFi -…

YI Surveillance Camera 1080p Internal Ip Camera Wifi Compatible with Alexa, Push notifications for …

YI 1080p FHD Surveillance Camera for External Compatible with Alexa, IP65, Push Notifications with …

Robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaners are very popular devices, especially those made by Xiaomi. We find out more for each model.

Most likely this is the robot vacuum cleaner on Amazon to have a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, a real record. A large number of users left reviews that read: “The best robot vacuum cleaner ever owned.”

Key features include: Intelligent route planning to clean, technological LDS that scans the mapping surface of the interior of the house, powerful suction can suck dust and a large number of debris, controlled via apps, custom cleaning area, in battery super long.

Check out the full review>

The robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner Xiaomi Roborock combines the technical features and the SDJQR02RR model features, but also adds the ability to wash the floors. Again, the reviews are all positive: customers who try this product really appreciate the ability to map a specific area of ​​the house and long battery life.

No products found.

Robot vacuum Xiaomi Roborock S50 (dust remover, sweeper, cleaning function, LDS sensors, …

App Xiaomi Mi Home

The app I Home allows you to manage all smart devices from Xiaomi in a single panel. Easily configurable, questa’applicazione makes it possible to supplement the Alexa and Google Assistant on (almost) any smart device.

Ranking of the best Xiaomi home automation products

This is the ranking of the best devices for home automation produced by Xiaomi.


The Chinese company Xiaomi has entered the building automation industry with respectable products. Currently, the price of the various smart devices is very high and for this purchase Xiaomi models will save many money. Obviously, the quality / price ratio is the strong point on which pivots an Empire Chinese ground-floor that is conquering the world.

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