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Best Laser Printer 2020: Buying Guide

In the following suggestions, you will find a buying guide that will be useful for choosing the best laser printer that best suits your needs, whether they are working or just domestic.

Need to print a large amount of paperwork and time does not is your friend?

In this case you should entrust your work to a laser printer: fast and effective, can be the solution you are looking for, can also provide a range of benefits, from an unquestionable print quality.

What is it and what is it

Best Laser Printer 2020: Buying Guide

The laser printing process finds its precedent in xerography: the latter retains the “dry” method, which makes use of a copying machine and a separate processing unit.

Before the affirmation of the laser printer, to dominate the market printers were “inkjet”, facilitated also by lower cost than the first laser printer prices.

Today, the world’s biggest helps the raising of laser printer models “low cost”, it is equally functional for use in office and home.

The first practical advantage that this type of printer offers is that by not using liquid ink cartridges (susceptible to drying out over time), can be left idle without fear of not being able to use as required.

But, basically, the speed and quality of execution of a laser printer are revealed, with use, much higher, especially when printing in black and white.

A laser printer is also able to sustain high work rates, while maintaining a constant optimizing functionality and, thus, also the processing time.

If you really want to find a flaw in the laser printer, we can refer to its size: usually it is rather cumbersome, and this can be a discomfort factor when choosing computer peripherals.

It is, however, a drawback resolvable logistically, definitely compensated by an indisputable efficiency.

How does it work

As in inkjet printers, even the laser printing technique involves the use of toner, a pigment composed of the mixture of coal dust and polymers; but, in this case, the toner acts in synergy with the action of a laser beam.

The image to be reproduced is indicated by the laser over a photosensitive selenium cylinder (called “magnetic roller” or “drum”).

To effect of light, the drum charging, acquires the image in negative and deposits the toner on the paper sheet, creating printing.

The result: a superior quality of execution, painstaking work quickly, even faster in monochrome. And, especially in the latter case, also the cost of charging will be lower.

Comparative table of the best laser printer

Use this chart to compare the best most interesting laser printer market.

monochrome multifunction

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n integrated

USB 2.0 high speed, 10/100 BaseTX (LAN) and 802.11 b / g / n (WLAN)

USB 2.0 high speed, 10/100 BaseTX (LAN) and 802.11 b / g / n (WLAN)

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, Ethernet 10/100 Base TX

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n integrated

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

USB 2.0 high speed, 10/100 BaseTX (LAN) and 802.11 b / g / n (WLAN)

monochrome multifunction

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

USB 2.0 high speed, 10/100 BaseTX (LAN) and 802.11 b / g / n (WLAN)

A4; A5; A6; envelopes (C5, DL); customized

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, Ethernet 10/100 Base TX

How to choose the best laser printer

If you read on you you will discover a number of tips on how to choose the best laser printer according to your personal or business needs. In detail, we deepen together the following aspects:

Print: quality and resolution

The first discriminating in choosing the best laser printer depends on the model ability to print only in black and white or in color. This is an important distinguishing feature because it has effects on the reproduction of the image quality.

With regard to the resolution and therefore the quality of printing, a standard laser printer is around 600 DPI, where the acronym stands for “dots per inches”, the value indicating the number of “dots per inch”, referring to ‘reproduced image or text.

Usually a printer “monochromatic” is more appropriate in case you should need to print a large amount of documents quickly.

But if the texts to be printed is not sufficient to use the gray scale, inevitably have to move towards the purchase (although more expensive) to a color printer, even inevitable decision when printing photos, brochures or posters .

With reference to the technology used, it is also possible to find LED laser printers on the market, with more and drum and toner, but working with different dynamics.

The LED printer, in fact, instead of the laser beam, to polarize the drum uses electrical diode; for this, having no moving parts inside it is less susceptible to faults and therefore more reliable in terms of duration and maintenance costs.

In contrast, however, the print quality with LED does not present the same level of the laser and this is because, technically, the playback images are illuminated by multiple sources, with the result of slight imperfections in the resolution.

Performance and technical characteristics

The first suggestion useful for evaluating the performance of a laser printer, is to be based on some objective parameters of the device you wish to purchase: we’re talking about RAM, the print speed, monthly duty cycle and function “front automatic duplex” .

We see, below, in detail.

Among the factors that contribute to determine the speed of a laser printer, the main role is assigned to the RAM, namely the memory installed in the device, always indicated in the technical specifications.

A given very important because, in practice, greater memory corresponds increased print speed, but also potentially a given “flexible”, because many laser printers can expand the RAM, increasing the speed of execution.

As a reference point, please note that a high-end must have a RAM of 130 MB laser printer, expandable to 350 MB: this is particularly important when you consider that the cheapest printers, although of acceptable quality, they have a memory with a range that goes from 2 to 6 MB.

This figure refers to the number of pages that a laser device is capable of printing per minute (PPM), as well as the seconds it takes to print the first page.

These guidelines vary, perhaps significantly, from one model to another printer, as they also depend on intrinsic factors, first of all the RAM.

You can, however, affirm -with sufficient approssimazione- that a good laser printer for home use or for a small office, will have a speed of 30 ppm and prints the first page in less than 15 seconds.

In very intuitive, the figure relating to the printer job monthly cycle is connected with its printing speed.

One thing, however, you agree not to neglect to observe, because it gives you an idea of ​​the printer and efficiency, a factor absolutely not secondary, also affect its price.

The definition of the monthly duty cycle refers to the number of pages in a guaranteed 30-day time frame: in principle, it is estimated that a good laser printer should have a maximum recommended cycle of 4000 pages per month.

Also in relation to the efficiency of the printer, it will also be good to consider the “front Automatic back” feature, which allows printing on both sides of the page without having to act manually to turn the paper over.

It is clear that such an opportunity, as well as speed up the printing process, also allows reduced use of paper.

If the printer you are looking at has this function, there is a well marked by the manufacturer in the technical specifications.

card management system

The first information to be taken concerning the format of the paper to be used: as many formats you can use, the higher will be the versatility and -of conseguenza- the printer value.

All models support the domestic standard A4, and some provide the option even for smaller sizes, such as for envelopes.

If the printer must also serve specific business uses, such as graphics, with the need for larger paper sizes such as A3, you agree to orient the choice towards a printer that requires it to use, although this It will result in a greater cost.

The weight, however, refers to the thickness of the sheet and is expressed in g / m². It is a value that detects especially in artwork or advertising / promotion, such as brochures, invitations or greeting.

In this case the aesthetic result will be increased by the greater thickness of the paper: in the presence of a similar need, you may wish to opt for a printer that includes a paper weight comprised in a range that goes from 64 to 300 g / m².

The management of the paper in laser printers also requires the use of drawers and trays for the entry and exit of sheets: it is appropriate, especially for one mole of an ongoing and important work, a good printer has a large in-tray (from about 300/500 sheets) and a sufficiently large tray (from about 150 sheets) at the output.

In this way, work can be organized before, with loading paper necessary for printing and, then, with a container that keeps the pages in order.

Dimensions and design

The practical / aesthetic laser printer, often overlooked, is rather significant. We refer to its size, the weight and pack total of the machine with respect to the working plane, as well as the presence of the display.

If the weight may seem irrelevant when choosing (after all, the printer is not a “portable device”), actually becomes significant when one refers to the plane on which the machine will be supported.

The weight of a laser printer from 5 to 20 kg: a printer “monochromatic” is usually less bulky, but today, however, are commercially available “compact” models and smaller, even color printers.

It remains to observe that, usually, the printer “LED” is smaller, even more so when “monochrome.”

Another element that affects the practical use is the presence or absence of the display: especially if you want a device that reads USB sticks, SD cards or external discs, will be very useful a laser printer equipped with a display, that allows you to select directly to the printer the different options and print mode, without having to access the computer.

Connectivity and ports

Some laser printer models enable the wireless connection (Wi-Fi), are equipped with USB ports and an entrance for inserting SD cards: These are opportunities that will hand getting very useful to practice a real interconnection system between different devices.

The “Wi-Fi Direct” access, for example, enables communication between the printer and PC without the use of the router; over the wireless connectivity you can send a document printed directly from a mobile device Android, iOS or Window, so without the help of computers.

It is also possible that a printer in mind the “smart” features to the cloud service, Google Print, Air Print, and other applications, developed by the same manufacturer for the management of the press even remotely or through tablets and smartphones, allowing in this way to work printer even when you may not be physically close to its location.

Ranking of the best laser printers

These are the 10 most laser printers sold on Amazon:

Best Laser Printer 2020: Buying Guide
Best Laser Printer 2020: Buying Guide
Best Laser Printer 2020: Buying Guide
Best Laser Printer 2020: Buying Guide

Review of the best laser printers

HP Laser Printer 137 FNW

The multifunction laser printer manufactured by HP has a compact and attractive design; the machine holds in a single all operations needed during a professional activity, such as monochrome printer, scanner and copier.

HP products are easy to install, thanks to the driver CD included in the package and in a very efficient web site, from which you can download the driver, if you do not have the CD.

The wireless function of the laser printer 137 FNW lets you launch from the PC prints, smartphone or device without using the cable, including through the app dedicated HP; This makes a lot of printing black and white, simple and fast both in more structured environments, where there are several PCs in the working group, as well as in the performance of smartworking laying down a station in house equipped with all the devices necessary to efficient and smooth management of work processes.

As regards the other printer positive elements, the falling speed of copies, 20 pages per minute and front loading, with the tray capacity of up to 150 A4 sheets. Even scanning, copying and faxing provide the ability to handle up to 40 sheets and good quality printing.

Factors that could not make it suitable for all concern only print in black and white, and that is not the copy function and duplex printing / automatic duplex; However, the value of this printer is considered by the vast majority of those who actually uses good.

HP Laser Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer MFP 137fnw, Print, Scan, Copy, …

DCPL2510D Brother Printer Multifunction Monochrome Laser 3 in 1

The multifunction laser printer Brother DCPL2510D is a cutting edge product, fast and easy to use. With the print speed of 30 pages per minute, it makes the work fluid and smooth, even when there are multiple users in the network work.

The USB interface connection allows you to connect multiple devices to the car to start printing directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC, so even easier by installing the dedicated app, available for both iOS and Android systems.

This printer is suited to a purely domestic use and to intensive professional use. Among the items considered very positive by those who use it at home, within the compact, space-saving design, the toner capacity to print 700 pages, and the ink does not dry out, even after long printing breaks.

Customers who liked the performance of Brother DCPL2510D in the professional stressed especially the compact and robust design, excellent print quality and the ability to process up to 30 pages per minute, effectively and quietly.

Even in this case, the device does not have the two-sided printing / automatic duplex, which must be performed in two successive sequences, changing the direction of A4 sheets.

Brother HL-1110 Laser Printer Black and White

The HL-1110 multifunction Brother model has a very compact structure and a pleasant and elegant design, from ice white color, able to fit discreetly in all environments: those who work in smart working and does not have a dedicated space will be able to install it in living without feeling the presence of too bulky devices.

The most significant elements of the printer reside in the weight content, less than 4 pounds and a half, at the excellent value for money and in good printing performance, with a speed of 20 pages per minute and a maximum resolution of 2400 × 1600 pixels.

Ideal for home and corporate environments, the multi-function allows you to scan and manage files with a dedicated app; through the USB interface, users can connect devices to the machine and print with ease and in very silent way from any part of the environment, without interfering with each other.

The degree of customer satisfaction and that have used that do not need to print in color also is quite high, since this multifunction Brother has many of the advantages of the most reliable printers and structured, but at the same time is easy to transport and install , with driver CD or via the dedicated website.

The size of the prints are different from those of the envelopes, flyers, to the classic A4 sheet.

HP Laser 107a (4ZB77A) Monochrome Laser Printer

The 107th model of the HP laser printer has a compact and sleek design; this multifunction is suitable for those looking for a simple product to use, which ensures excellent printability and has a good value for money.

Thanks to technology called RECP, ie Rendering Engine for Clean Page, a mechanism that increases the sharpness of characters, and the toner in polymers, the prints have excellent performance, even in the documents with dense and very small print.

Who bought the multifunction of this model and appreciated, along with the print quality, ease of use, with 3 the commands related to ignition, cancels and state toner, seats on the upper part and therefore easily accessible, even while you’re working.

The printing speed is 20 pages per minute in A4, considered more than enough in domestic or professional studies regarding small areas.

The 307th model has no functionality to the mobile or wireless printing so who believes this method of critical access should consider other models of the same line.

HP Laser Monochrome Laser Printer 107th, with Safety Functionality Dynamic, White

HP LaserJet Pro M15W Stampante Wireless

The HP LaserJet Pro printer M15W design is pleasant and attractive; the device is ideal for those who have space problems, both for situations where carrying a printer is quite frequent.

The extracompatte measures will place it anywhere with a small footprint and maximum performance and quiet, with a print speed in black and white up to 19 pages per minute.

The LED control panel on the left side at the top, it is very intuitive and easy to read; HP products are characterized by the simplicity of installation and configuration; in this case the printer is available as a wireless version with USB adapter.

The HP smart application lets you launch prints in just a few taps even from your smartphone, proving versatile and easy to use, even for those who are not very experienced.

Finally, the automatic on / off function provides for automatic shutdown of the machine after a prolonged inactivity, significantly contributing to energy saving.

Among the positive elements that customers reported in the reviews, there is also the presence of a toner from 700 prints in A4 format, included in the package.

Samsung SL-M2026 Xpress Stampante a Laser

Weighing in at less than four pounds and a svelte design, the Samsung SL-M2026 laser printer is a high-level, which guarantees the printing quality black and white product, with a speed of 20 pages per minute.

The resolution reaches 1200 pixels, and the advanced features make the machine different from many others in that category, especially for the presence of the print screen button, placed on the front, to launch the printing of files placed on the screen.

This printer combines high print made in black and white high-volume, revealing a very valuable support in professional studies and in contexts where multiple devices are connected to the printer.

The connectivity of the Samsung SL-M2026 occurs with the High Speed ​​USB 2.0 mode; the recp technology ensures optimum quality, with characters defined and precise.

Those who use this device to work enhance its performance, both in terms of speed and energy saving; the less positive factors relate to the absence of the wireless system for connection and the fact that the center front / back is not present.

In most cases, the latter is not considered relevant, but only by those who use this print mode frequently.

Samsung Xpress SL-M2026 Monochrome Laser Printer

Samsung M2675F Multifunction Xpress

Compact and aesthetically very appealing, the multifunction Xpress made by Samsung includes four products in one, as it prints, scans, copies and faxes.

Ideal for small to medium production environments, the model M2675F has a USB connection to another device and boasts very low power consumption.

The printing speed is 26 pages per minute, with high-resolution results, which reach the 4800 × 600 effective pixels.

A valid reason for choosing this printer resides in RAM memory up to 128 GB, which together with Samsung’s advanced processor, provides a volume print speeds also very high for documents in various sizes up to A4.

The printer delivers ultra-professional results even in the case of printing on stiff paper or card stock, revealing an excellent support for the creation of brochures, advertising or promotional tickets.

As for scanning, Easy Document Creator feature allows processing of documents quickly and in different formats, including e-Pub, and sharing them via email, fax or social networks.

the laser printer by brand Choice

Best HP laser printer

Best Samsung laser printer

Best Brother laser printer

Best Epson laser printer

Laser Printer Selection by type

Best Multifunction Laser Printer

Best Color Laser Printer

Best laser printer in black and white

Conclusions and final considerations

A laser printer is therefore preferable to an inkjet? In the past, the classic objective distinction indicating the printer inkjet as most suitable for the house, while the laser was the solution for the office and work.

Today, with the marketing of printers for use “moderate” and the most affordable, the two fields are physically overlapping, so the choice refers almost exclusively to subjective needs.

Much depends, therefore, by your own pace / volume of work: indeed, if you need a versatile, fast and efficient “no ifs, ands or buts”, you agree to choose a laser printer, also considering that some “multifunctional models” integrating other devices (like your scanner or copier and, sometimes, even the fax), will allow you to obtain, with a single combination, a true equipped workstation.

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