Best Dehumidifier 2020: Buying Guide

Best dehumidifier 2020: Buying Guide

The buyer’s guide to the best dehumidifier will allow you to discover all the essential information to buy such devices. The main e-commerce offer a great choice with regard dehumidifiers, but choose one that is suitable to your home is often difficult.

If you read on you will become aware of all the technical features and functions that we must consider when buying.

What is it and what is it

Best Dehumidifier 2020: Buying Guide

Example of a dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier is a device that, as clarifies the word, removes moisture from the environment in which it is positioned. In practice the same condensation and transforms it into water, allowing the collection inside.

In the market there are many types of dehumidifiers, all have the same function but they may have a number of additional features (such as the cooling of the room, the laundry drying) and clearly performance and a power that can vary greatly.

The humidity is harmful and, especially those who live in particularly wetlands, it should provide to insert in their own home or in a business environment, a dehumidifier. Remove moisture from the air means to make it more healthful, improve breathing, eliminate allergy problems or asthma, fight colds and illnesses and avoid the onset of pain.

How does it work

Best Dehumidifier 2020: Buying Guide

The dehumidifier is very easy to use, it is placed in an environment and has an effect on the air. The system, through the circuit, transforms the percentage of moisture in the air into water, this is made to flow into the tank while the purified air exits from the apparatus.

The devices on the market obviously are of various types, the most simple ones have also typically a smaller tank and are perfect for closets or small environments.

The most expensive devices and therefore more complexes have many functions, specific filters for bacteria and mites, the possibility of determining the temperature of the room and also the humidity level that you want to delete. These are ideal for larger environments and dense humidity.

You should not confuse this device with air purifiers, as they perform essentially two different jobs.

Ranking of the top selling dehumidifiers

This ranking represents the most dehumidifiers sold on Amazon in Italy. The list is updated in real time.

Best Dehumidifier 2020: Buying Guide
Best Dehumidifier 2020: Buying Guide
Best Dehumidifier 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose a dehumidifier

Choosing the perfect dehumidifier for your needs is not easy: for this reason we compiled a list of components and features to which we must pay special attention.

Performance and capacity

One of the most important features in the choice of the dehumidifier regards its performance, obviously everyone has different needs for this reason the choice depends on the need for dehumidification of each.

To understand the actual capacity of the device must evaluate liter removable water and timing. These are usually expressed with a daily value. For a very wet or very large venue will need a product capable of absorbing at least 20 liters of water per day.

This value is also connected to the volume of air that the product is able to treat or to the actual ability to generate an air exchange useful for those who live in that space. An environment little need for a basic device, even with a minimum capacity but a great environment in which is positioned a dehumidifier for a small size will affect the exchange of air.

Another fundamental aspect is that of consumption, mainly because the dehumidifier is used for longer cycles and without waste must have a power consumption. You have to assess products that certify around 300 watts. The dehumidifiers ranging from 100 to over 600 but it is better to choose for homes an average consumption.

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Special features

When choosing the best dehumidifier it is also important to assess the additional features. In research it is possible to evaluate a number of advantages that can be very useful when using the device.

There are indeed very sophisticated dehumidifiers feature-rich, others added and with some very simple others who merely dehumidify the environment. Among the positive characteristics to consider there are definitely air filters. These in fact allow to completely clean up the environment from particulate matter, bacteria and harmful particles, optimal, especially in areas where there are smokers.

Some devices will then have a chance to dry your laundry, a very important drying system for those who live in cold and humid climatic zones. The most expensive offer the possibility to cool the environment thanks to the ecological gas (the one of the air conditioners) and are therefore an excellent investment for managing the temperature of their home.

Other features are those relating to security as the blocks when used by children. Useful wireless commands to manage everything from a distance or programmability of the device that can illuminate even when no one is home.

Maintenance and noise

The dehumidifiers are not all equal, this means that each requires a different type of maintenance. That routine is to simply empty the tank. In the simplest systems and economic emptying is manual, then you need to eliminate the water from the pan. In the most expensive devices there is a tube for emptying. Other aspects relate to the cleaning of the filter that needs to be done to keep its air cleaning capacity.

An element that is often underestimated, and instead is crucial is the noise of the appliance. Not all electrical systems are equal. The average dehumidifiers is about 45/50 dB, then find dehumidifiers about 30 dB means buying a product completely silent, while above 50 dB might be annoying if placed in the bedroom.

Design, materials and sizes

The design of each dehumidifier is different, the most simple and therefore cheaper usually have a very basic aspect. But there are also very beautiful and sophisticated dehumidifiers that required a particular design studio and are about to be real items of furniture.

In a purchase, however, it is good to evaluate the robustness of the product for its optimal duration, the weight if you intend to move it from one room to another, and then the presence of wheels. Usually in average expensive systems there are always casters also because these are heavy and would become unwieldy move.

Make sure, however, that these are scratch-proof and that there are also waves handles prevent accidents in the move. The recessed models then are the most expensive and have a different appearance as much more complex than those technicians and furniture.

Best dehumidifier

Now that you know fairly thorough manner the operation of a dehumidifier, and all the features you should possess, let’s focus on the best dehumidifiers on the market. On Amazon, the local store or any e-commerce online is difficult to accurately choose the product specifically for their needs.

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If you read on you will be able to identify various devices that we recommend to buy, divided by price range so as to orient yourself immediately to the product that suits you even considering the budget.

Best dehumidifier low end (under 100 €)

The Omasi dehumidifier is designed specifically for the home environment. It has a remarkable capacity able to remove up to 300 ml of moisture per day, thanks to the capacity of the tank that can hold up to 600 ml of water.

Very important to the provision of an automatic extinguishing system that makes it durable and safe. In fact, when the tank is being filled, the unit automatically shuts down while preserving the security of all and recovering to operate only when carefully emptied. This dehumidifier is characterized by low power consumption, works with great performance without requiring energy waste.

Thanks to its compact size is pleasing to the eye and can be positioned in any environment, easy to move in all rooms and can cover up to 15 square meters. The cleaning required is basic and the container is very easy to remove and empty.

Omasi dehumidifier 600ml homes, Portable dehumidifiers Absorb water 300ml / 24h, …

Hysure is an electric dehumidifier with removable tank, equipped with a large capacity and capable of retaining up to 750 ml of moisture per day. This allows you to get a fresh and clean environment, without unpleasant odors.

Its design has a handle that makes it perfect for the shipping, also the winning design differentiates it from other products, making it modern and graceful. It is easy to start, equipped with a button for the control and automatic shutdown that triggers when the compartment is full of water. Of particular importance is the noise with its 30dB This dehumidifier is virtually no noisy so can also be used in the bedroom.

Its efficiency is perfect for any environment, from the rooms of an apartment, the cellar, to wider areas such as a garage. It reduces pollution and absorbs all the harmful substances in the air, purifying the air and improving environmental quality.

Hysure – 2000 ml electric dehumidifier for the basement, apartment, garage, trailer, black

Pro Breeze is a 12 liter dehumidifier with a fully digitized display. Its capacity is rather high and is able to collect up to 12 liters of moisture every day, so it is ideal for people who live in particularly dense mold environment.

With his work is capable of drying by removing the condensate which is created, thanks to the sophisticated compressor that operates continuously with an appropriate drainage. The tank is equipped in fact of a long-term exhaust pipe, thanks to its dimensions is able to remove 80% of moisture from any environment.

It equipped with automatic humidity sensor, defrost system and three different modes of operation. The automatic fire extinguishing system in the event of filling makes it perfectly safe, its weight and its size makes it suitable for all even smaller environments.

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier 12L / Day with digital display of, Sleep mode, drainage …

Best dehumidifier mid-range (between 150 € and 170 €)

An innovative model for the home that boasts some of the best in the market products. The dehumidifier Inventor EVA II PRO ION is very elegant and robust at the same time, designed to reduce the noise impact during operation.

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Thanks to the practical wheels can be placed anywhere, even on sensitive floors. The dehumidification capacity is 20 liters per day, with a front reservoir that accumulates all the unpleasant smells present in the environment. The control panel is digitized, indicates the percentage of air humidity, and also the result in function.

It is possible to set custom parameters such as moisture level from which the machine starts to work. Equipped with an energy saving system, it entails a significant cost savings.

Inventor EVA II PRO ION, Compact Portable Dehumidifier, ionizer, DRY …

Trotec dehumidifier has realized a very pleasant from the aesthetic point of view and extremely functional. Its features make it perfect for any environment, especially for those who live with children and seniors. The air is perfectly cleaned and dehumidified thanks to continuous operation.

It is equipped with a system for drying the laundry and automatic defrosting. Control is through display that allows you to view all the parameters useful as the need to clean the filter, the setting for the night, the child lock, ventilation, flow directionality, the 24-hour timer. The dehumidifier has a perfect appearance for all environments, with small wheels for transport in all rooms and a link to the external exhaust.

The tank once reached its maximum level, by means of indicator light indicates the need of emptying and stops working to ensure high performance and maximum safety.

Best dehumidifier high-end (More than 250 €)

This Mitsubishi Electric model is made with high-quality systems that make it silent, low consumption and with great power. The system is equipped with intelligent drying of the laundry, able to maintain a very low moisture value. The dehumidifier capacity reaches up to 80%, with a reservoir capable of holding up to 3.8 liters.

Also ideal for very large surfaces. The system detects the outside temperature and, according to the chosen program, establishes the level of humidity required. Maximum security designed for children, thanks to an operation that is prohibited if a child unfortunately insert their hands inside.

The filter allows you to store all the mites and bacteria, to release perfectly clean air, ideal even those who live with small children and elderly people, or difficulty breathing.

A dehumidifier with 30 liters of capacity, an extremely large and transparent tank that allows easy viewing of the water level from the outside. The system of elimination of patented condensation allows to achieve an adequate level of humidity to every environment, setting timing and the operating limits.

The Heavy Duty pump allows to comfortably handle the levels, the supplied tube of 5 meters allows to eliminate the water easily. With the addition of ecological gas, this dehumidifier De’Longhi Ariadry Ariadry is able to freshen the air, without freeze you. It equipped with humidity control system, the temperature and a practical electronic timer for the time.

One of the best systems on the market, with the exhaust system and large LCD screen to adjust all the functions of the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier brand

Dehumidifier Mitsubishi

Dehumidifier Delonghi

Dehumidifier Trotec

Dehumidifier type

quiet Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier electric

conditioner dehumidifier

Conclusions and final considerations

Follow these steps can be very useful in understanding for what its price range is the product that best meets their needs and stands to be the best dehumidifier.

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