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Best motion sensors 2020: Buying Guide

Safety is the key ingredient to a happy home and a viable business. The lights emitted from the movement sensors at the appropriate time are often a good deterrent to trespassers or intruders. Let’s find out what are the best motion sensors to buy.

It is well known that criminals attack more easily isolated private buildings or commercial, that have few sources of light, so as not to be caught in the act. In order to strengthen security and to improve the lifestyle of the inhabitants and workers, they are available on the market several models of motion sensors. We see below what are the best and what parameters to consider for an appropriate choice for the home or business.

What are they and what are they

Best Motion Sensors 2020: Buying Guide

Example of a motion sensor from internal Philips.

As can be guessed from its name, the motion sensors are products designed to ignite when warn any movements around a specific area, whose amplitude is variable depending on the individual model.

Among the main features that this great – and cheap – product performs gather those concerning the security of a property: the motion sensors, in fact, they can alert residents about the presence of intruders, which at the same time they are frightened by ‘ ignition of lights activated by the sensor.

In addition to being an effective support in helping to prevent break-ins by malicious, the motion sensor provides numerous other advantages. For example, these devices have considerable potential to make the best for those who want to contain their energy consumption and have a special focus on environmental sustainability. Many of the best models on the market in fact allow you to reduce energy costs, illuminating dark areas of the house only when necessary.

How do they work

Best Motion Sensors 2020: Buying Guide

Operation of a motion sensor.

The motion sensors are in the first instance a safety system, designed to detect the presence of unwanted people. They are based on different technologies, often combined within a single model, designed to detect movement within the area in which the sensor is installed.

Once the sensor has made a detection, the light turns on and illuminates the surrounding area and anyone who passes nearby. In addition to regulatory requirements, these objects are important to answer the needs of an increasingly intelligent home automation and designed for the modern lifestyle.

Comparative table of the best motion sensor

best selling motion sensors

Best Motion Sensors 2020: Buying Guide
Best Motion Sensors 2020: Buying Guide
Best Motion Sensors 2020: Buying Guide

How to choose a motion sensor

After I provided a general overview of these devices, it’s time to find out how to choose the best motion sensor for your needs. Read on to find out all the things to know before purchasing.


There are a number of sensors used to detect movement: among the most common ones are passive infrared, ultrasonic, microwave and vibration.

As evidence of the great strides being made to make these increasingly precise objects, were born of dual technology motion sensors, which combine two different to be able to reduce false alarms. Here, then, that in the case of these particular sensors, both types of detection must be activated to result in ignition of the lights or in any action.

For example, a vibration sensor may be activated by branches that move due to the wind, but with the dual technology, the light would not be activated because the infrared sensor would not disclose the heat coming from the branches. In addition to these types, for sure the most common, mention should be made of contact motion sensors, very cheap, and the reflections sensors. The latter, are employed exclusively in the supervision, LEDs emit a light beam which, if crossed, activates the sensor.

Response time

One of the aspects that most differentiates the various types of motion sensors is found in the reaction time, ie the seconds required for the sensor to be able to turn on the light starting from the moment in which it is detected for the first time the movement. Similarly, the reaction time can also be measured in the shutdown.

More than one sensor is sensitive, the lower the reaction time: this aspect is very important especially in the passage of environments, such as stairs or the corridors, where there is no time to wait and the light should light up as soon as possible.

Distance and bearing angle

The devices on the market also vary in a very sensitive with regard to the distance and the angle of the motion detection.

These two elements, in particular the scope of the survey, are useful parameters that guide in identifying the most suitable models. For example, those who have a radius smaller than can be applied inside, while in areas where it is difficult to follow the different movements is important to choose a sensor at 180 ° or even 360 °, that allow to illuminate the area at best.

Autonomy and battery

For ease of installation, battery power would seem the best option, especially for the outside: using rechargeable batteries is not necessary any wiring. The batteries will last about a year if you consider an average of ten activations per day, but the sensor is located in a busy area, the batteries will not last long.

The lighting with motion sensor wired is the most common and should not scare you: most of the systems includes detailed instructions and tutorials to which to refer. For those who want to reduce consumption and choose the most sustainable option, it may be worth investing in motion sensors to solar power, easy to install and use. They are perfect to ensure the use even during a power failure, as long as there is enough stored energy.

However, there are some downsides to this type of sensor. The solar energy lamps require about 6-8 hours of light per day to function properly and there are few areas where such a large amount of light is available. In addition, if the mounting position does not receive direct sunlight, the solar energy sensor may not be the best solution.

Best motion sensors

Philips Lighting Hue Motion Sensor Outdoor

This motion sensor manufactured by Philips is designed exclusively to be applied to the external environments. Battery powered and completely wireless, this product boasts features that are particularly appreciated, such as ease of installation, which eliminates any electrician interventions. For a truly affordable price, this sensor provides a very wide field of view, allowing it to detect within a significant radius all kinds of unwanted movements.

You can easily set via the app the lights even when you are not at home, so as to discourage the bad guys, but also to accommodate residents with the convenience of exterior lights when you fall. It is important to note that to operate the product you must connect it to a bridge Hue, not included in the package.

Philips Lighting Hue Motion Sensor Outdoor Power On and Off for Smart Lights, IP54, …

Philips Lighting Hue Motion Sensor

Unlike the previous model, produced by Philips of this other motion sensor it is reserved exclusively for indoor environments. This is the object ideal for those who want to see their really smart home: through a simple setup, in fact, this small sensor detects movement within a room, turning on the connected lights when someone accesses it. One of the most noticeable things about this product is its durability: the battery can boast of a very long life.

Thanks to various types of detection (infrared, crepuscular and movement) are unable to customize the maximum use, exploiting the full potential. Also in this case it is necessary to connect the Hue system, which allows to connect up to twelve different sensors. With its excellent value for money, this is the motion sensor to be perfect interior for those who want a more modern home.

infrared motion sensor 360 °

This infrared motion detector is very versatile and has a very slim form factor, making it ideal for mounting on the ceiling or in the passageways as the stairs corridors. The detector lights in an automatic LED lights as well as bulbs or neon when detects motion nearby. Made of PVC resistant to UVA-rays, it has a decidedly low consumption, which allows to optimize the energy profile.

It is very easy to install and, once applied, where you want, perfectly complements the aesthetics of the site. Although not a motion sensor to be considered professional, this product can absolutely compete with the other of the range, especially given the modest price and the extreme sensitivity that allows to detect even very small displacements in a well 360 ° radius.

Sensor Infrared 360 ° – Ceiling motion – thin 24 mm – suitable for LED bulbs -…

For Infrared PIR Motion Sensor

There is definitely a reason why this is one of the most popular products from Amazon customers. With an angle of 180 ° and detection of small dimensions, this is the perfect sensor for those who have no special requirements in terms of design, but looking for a detector with high sensitivity. It is a major energy-saving product, which does not affect the consumption of home or company.

It is perfect for detecting the difference between day and night in a completely automatic manner, as well as movements within the environment in which it is installed at a maximum distance of about 10 meters. Thanks to its versatility and ease of installation can be applied in different contexts: from the domestic environment to the workplace, where it is valuable to automate processes.

Motion sensor camera SOAIY

This product consists of two pieces that are useful to manage home lighting during various situations. With a life of 50,000 hours, this motion sensor satisfies the night lighting needs in environments where it is particularly important.

These include the stairs, garage, bedroom and especially children’s rooms. The passive infrared motion sensor (PIR) is associated with the photoelectric cell with a light sensor. The detection angle is 120 ° and runs a distance of three meters. When it is in the ON mode, this motion sensor will always turn on in the dark, on the contrary, in AUTO mode, the lamp is switched on or off automatically by exploiting the motion sensor.

If necessary, you can set the OFF mode, for which the product is always off. Thanks to the warm light, this sensor creates a pleasant atmosphere during the night, an aspect which makes the sensor particularly suitable for children but also in all those situations where you do not want too light a bright light, that could wake up the other inhabitants of the House. Finally, the advantages worth noting the full warranty for replacement or refund and the price, particularly economical.

SOAIY 2 Pieces Light Night Light LED Motion Sensor Light Power Mode 3 ON / OFF / AUTO to …

Sebson Motion detector IP54 Outside

This motion detector is reserved exclusively for external use. With a maximum power consumption of 300 watts per LED lamps, it is emerging as a great product for those who want to keep control over their consumption. It is distinguished in particular for a wide detection range (15 meters) and a 180 ° angle. The sensor head can be adjusted to 300 ° in the vertical direction. During use it is possible to change the duration of ignition, which comprises between a minimum of 10 seconds up to 12 minutes.

Alternatively, you can set rules that allow to keep the light always on or off. Set in a very precise sensitivity that determines the activation of the device is simple and allows to obtain the best compared to the ambient brightness. It is a very cheap detector, yet able to perceive even the slightest movement in the area. Thanks to the very precise microprocessor, the light comes on even when the product detects movements through thin walls or sheets of glass.

SEBSON Motion detector IP54 Outdoor, Wall Mount, Suitable LEDs, programmable, HF …

How to place the motion sensors

Even in this case the internal or external positioning will be an important index to be taken into consideration to choose the best place. For internal motion sensors it is important to choose areas of transition and ensure that there are no obstructions that may interfere with the affected area by the sensor.

It is important in this case, try not to put sensors near windows, because any curtains that move could activate the sensor, and if there are pets, it is best to choose a sensor that does not detect their passes.

In the case instead of an external motion sensor, it should be positioned in difficult to access areas to prevent damage. It is crucial to consider the range of the sensor: placing too high, in fact, will not be able to effectively capture. Finally, attention should be paid to exposure to light or heat sources that could damage it.

Conclusions and final considerations

Within this study we examined all the parameters that can play an important role in the choice of a specific model of motion sensor. Some of these, such as autonomy, the angle of detection, the reaction time, are important, while others, such as the internal or external positioning, are really fundamental.

The motion sensor to choose for your residence or business will depend ultimately on the individual lifestyle needs and budget. Regardless of the model, the installation of one of these precious objects should not take too long and fail to deter potential thieves, while at the same time will make life easier for residents.

A motion sensor is a great product, on which it is worth investing to protect the environment, people and their valuables.

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