Best Ups In 2020: Buying Guide

Best UPS in 2020: Buying Guide

This buying guide will take you step by step to the choice of the best of UPS this year.

Today, at home, we all have a growing number of electronic devices, and some of these require electricity continuously, without interruption.

That is why UPS have become so popular, as they ensure, in fact, a continuous power supply, if the home delivery service should suddenly stop, or in case of power failure.

This will protect electrical equipment from power surges, which can be the cause of damage to hardware devices such as PCs, security cameras, NAS server, console, and more. A UPS control unit is the ideal solution to preserve these devices.

With this guide we will provide all necessary tips and advice in purchasing a UPS UPS, analyzing in detail the various features that differentiate the different models on the market.

What is it and what is it

Best Ups In 2020: Buying Guide

The uninterruptible power supply, also known as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) – technically called, static UPS – is a device that allows you to generate power so constant and continuous, by means of an alternating electric current, so as to deliver energy to the electrical equipment that requires to function without interruption.

Usually you install a UPS uninterruptible power supply, when there is the need for an additional power supply, in case of emergencies occur and black-outs, in such a way as to avoid that the electrical devices are turned off abnormally, then, without following a proper shutdown procedure.

All of UPS are composed of basic components, but the more you salt with the price range, the better the characteristics, which vary with respect to the complexity of the model.

How does it work

The operation of UPS devices, is a subject need to understand in order to proceed with the purchase of the model that best fits your needs.

Before focusing on what criteria you will need to consider when purchasing, do some ‘clarity on a UPS operation.

In professional devices are commercially available, but also smaller models for domestic use: both types, however, have the same principle of operation and componentistiche similar.

In particular they have:

The operation of a uninterruptible power supply operation is very intuitive: as long as the device is connected to electrical energy delivered by the plant home or office, the batteries of the UPS accumulate electricity, incamerandola.

If there is a power surge, with a peak, during a storm, or a sudden blackout of the system, the UPS comes into operation in a few milliseconds, while managing to keep turning on the device connected to it.

The objective is to avoid the incorrect switching off of the electronic devices connected to the UPS, for this reason, usually, the continuity of commercial groups, do not go beyond the 10 minutes of battery life, certainly enough time interval to save the work done, without losing it, and be able to turn off the device with a correct procedure, avoiding damage to the hardware.

Comparative table of the best of UPS

Use this chart to compare at a glance UPS most important commercially.

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 750

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 1100

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 900

APC Back-UPS BX – BX1400UI

2 output sockets schuko and 1 Schuko input cable

2 intakes schuko output, 1 Schuko input cable

2 output sockets Schuko and 1 Schuko input cable

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 750

2 output sockets schuko and 1 Schuko input cable

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 1100

2 intakes schuko output, 1 Schuko input cable

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 900

2 output sockets Schuko and 1 Schuko input cable

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APC Back-UPS BX – BX1400UI

How to choose the best uninterruptible power supply

Best Ups In 2020: Buying Guide

Well, now that you purchase more knowledge about the UPS, it is good to keep reading to find out how to choose the best models based on certain specifications.


Among the most important features to consider when choosing a UPS, you have to definitely pay attention to the power.

The different models of UPS, commercially, have different power measurement mode, depending on the producer. It often happens that you are using units of measurement that can be biased more easily in order to bring up a UPS model, more powerful than it really is. Caution, therefore, in the purchase phase, the type of services provided and the unit of measure power.

The advice is to commit yourself to this analysis:

The advice is to look for the information on the characteristics of the UPS power, possibly preferring Watt. If you can find models in VA or other units, they are Watt, should find more technical information in order to calculate the actual value in Watts, as you risk overloading and damage to both the UPS and for the devices connected to it .

Types of UPS

The models of UPS in commerce, from the outside, may seem all equal to each other, but it is not so: we must analyze the different characteristics and particularities of each uninterruptible power supply, so as to consider each well peculiarities of the products, before proceeding with the ‘purchase.

The types on the market, are divided into three large families UPS:

Inputs and doors

Appearance of fundamental importance in the evaluation of an uninterruptible power supply, before proceeding with the purchase, is the type of the doors and of available inputs.

The inputs present on the UPS, in fact, allow to properly connect with the devices that require the UPS, without the need for adapters.

The most frequent types of inputs are:


In this guide, we have seen how the autonomy of an uninterruptible power supply is generally 10 minutes, but this value may vary depending on the model.

The 10 minutes may seem few, but they are sufficient to save the work and shut down the device with a correct procedure, avoiding any damage by voltage overload and sudden shutdown.

If, however, you have devices moles connected to a normal UPS, it will take much more time to manage the shutdown: this is the case in which we recommend to choose a model that includes an input that it can connect to additional batteries, so as to expand the autonomy of a few minutes, and have the time to turn off all the devices connected with a consonant procedure.


The maintenance of the UPS is important, and should not be neglected, as it can make it more durable UPS.

One of the operations that must be performed after a year of purchase of a UPS, is the removal of the dust that settles on the fans and heatsink, and that causes a reduction in efficiency.

More rarely, however, it can also provide with the control of the state of the batteries and the voltage of the mains power input and output.

Ranking of the 10 best-selling models

Best Ups In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Ups In 2020: Buying Guide
Best Ups In 2020: Buying Guide

Reviews of the best of UPS

These are the best of UPS of 2020:

Tecnoware UPS UPS ERA PLUS 1100

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 1100 is a group of continuity that offers great power, from 1100 VA (Volt-Amps). This model also presents a technology Line Interactive Plus, which then improves the characteristics of resistance to voltage peaks, thus ensuring greater stability, as compared to off-line models standby, but not comparable to the models that exhibit an EMI filter.

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From the very small size, 10 x 14 x 28 cm and only 4.5 kg of weight, guarantees an autonomy of 10 minutes, as most of the models on the market. The UPS Tecnoware UPS group ERA PLUS 1100 also has two Schuko / Italian ports and a USB interface that allows control and programming.

Overall the device is cheap, but excellent considering its features; It is making it ideal for home use.

Tecnoware UPS was 1100 Plus UPS, Power 1100 VA, 2 outputs Schuko

APC Back-UPS BX – BX1400U-GR

APC Back-UPS BX – BX1400U-GR is a UPS model that is an ideal choice if your goal is to have higher performance, both in terms of power and security.

Through this UPS, you have a device with 1400VA power, that is, 700 Watt, Line Interactive, which safeguard your devices from power surges.

With this UPS will be able to connect up to 4 devices at once, since it has four doors Schuko / Italian, and a technology Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) able to adjust the tension in order to safeguard the battery life.

It also has a USB port that connects to the PC to control the settings and configurations. To be a midrange device, presents an excellent value for money, and fits perfectly with those in need of an uninterruptible power supply to connect and protect more than one device, while ensuring higher quality time with respect to economic models, without being too expensive as professional models online.

APC Back-UPS ES 700 – UPS (UPS) 700VA

The UPS APC Back-UPS ES 700 has a peculiarity with respect to the others, its price remains in a mid-range, at the expense of power that is not high, because of 405 watts (ie 700 Volt-Amps), but has on its side the possibility to connect 8 inputs to this uninterruptible power supply.

APC Back-UPS ES 700 is therefore very versatile, and adjusts itself to a use of more than one device, provided that these are domestic, and not sensitive corporate servers. The 8 outputs are Schuko / Italian, 4 have the battery backup and overvoltage protection and 4 with one overvoltage protection.

This UPS is perfect for managing multiple PCs, printers and other devices, in the case of small offices or management of household electronics. Another feature that makes APC Back-UPS ES 700 a winning solution, is the presence of RJ45 connectors, RJ11, which also protect against surges running through the telephone lines, devices such as telephones, fax and modem router.

APC Back-UPS ES 400 – UPS (UPS) 400VA

APC Back-UPS ES 400 is the less powerful version of the previous model reviewed, namely the APC Back-UPS ES 700. This UPS, is great because it guarantees the 8 Schuko / Italian outputs, 4 always with the backup battery and overvoltage protection and 4 with one overvoltage protection. What changes is the power of the electric current supply, which is 400 Volt-Amps, or about 240W.

Even having 8 outputs, its reduced power predisposes to the use of small electronic devices simultaneously, so printers and less powerful PC. They can not be connected, for example, 8 very powerful PC at the same time, since it would not guarantee effective protection.

This model is interesting because it arises at a very competitive price range, ensuring excellent value compared to its characteristics: it is possible to connect, secure, and small computer devices, such as printers, fax machines and routers.

The advice is to focus on this APC Back-UPS ES 400 if you are looking for a good UPS for use at home.

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Trust Oxxtron UPS 1000VA

Very compact and quite versatile, model Trust Oxxtron, is a UPS 1000 VA, with integrated battery and 3 IEC sockets, used in the most efficient models, and better in performance, compared to Schuko / Italian. The IEC sockets are protected against overvoltage, preventing surges and power fluctuations, which could be harmful.

The price range is very low, considering the excellent quality of the product; those who buy the model Oxxtron 1000 VA of the Trust, is a bargain.

Its characteristics allow it to be performed for about 10 minutes the electricity, during a black-out, avoiding data loss and cause damage to the hardware of the devices connected to it.

If you need to install an uninterruptible power supply in your home or small office, this model is ideal, presenting a really cheap and competitive price, considering the excellent quality of materials, with outer metal frame and the good capacity in terms of power and performance.

VulTech UPS2000VA-PRO Line Interactive

The UPS VulTech UPS2000VA-PRO is the perfect model for most business needs, at a very low price for the quality of the product.

In fact, the uninterruptible power supply VulTech UPS2000VA-PRO, has 2000 VA of output power and a Line Interactive technology, which ensures a greater protection of peripheral, with respect to the current sudden surges caused by lightning or other atmospheric agents.

Another feature that makes this UPS model, among the best on the market, is the possibility of having five electrical outlets, 4 with shock-proof model and a model with IEC13, so as to increase performance in case you need to connect a more powerful device.

In this way, if you need of having to connect PCs, monitors, external hardisk, modems, and other important peripherals, you can manage them depending on the sockets and the power of the device.

The VulTech UPS2000VA-PRO design is unique: very elegant and refined, has an LCD screen for control of UPS information, without necessarily being forced to having to connect via USB.

FAQs and FAQs

How much does an uninterruptible power supply?

The price of an uninterruptible power supply is variable depending on the actual power of the device. The starting cost for a 750 VA product is approximately 40.00, the price rising to 70,00 € for a 1000 to 1100 VA model that can get up to € 130.00 for those from 1400VA.

Where can I buy a UPS group?

You can buy the UPS anywhere in the electronics store near his home, in the IT department of multinational chains, or on Amazon, where service to the customer is the best in the world and the prices are ultra-competitive, with specific reserved offered to customers Prime or not.

Owning this device is critical?

Buy a UPS for your home is more or less superfluous to the needs of those who work with a computer. We say that a lot depends on the number of connected devices, the specific requirements (working or entertainment). In general it is advisable to simply buy also to avoid damage due to power surges, and not only to a failure to rescue.

Conclusions and final considerations

Within this buyer’s guide of the best UPS, we analyzed all the features and information you need to choose the perfect UPS for you.

Now that you’ve considered every aspect valuable to keep in mind in mind, you are ready to proceed with the purchase of the model that responds in the best way your requirements.

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